The 25 best photos of Astypalaia [beaches, landscape and Chora]

Best Photos of Astypalaia

Best photos of Astypalaia Island, from the beaches to the Chora (Old Town) I had such a gorgeous time photographing Astypalaia, such a photogenic island. The best tip I can give is to rent either a scooter or a car and explore the island at your pace. The local bus runs only 4-5 times a … Read more

The 33 best photos of Alonnisos [beaches, landscape and towns]

Best photos of Alonnisos Island - Greece

Best photos of Alonnisos Island, from the beaches to the old town If you follow my website you may already know how much I love travel photography. In this trip I have decided, for the first time ever, to take only the mobile camera with me and leave behind my Sony A7R and A7 cameras. … Read more

Best 55 Vietnam images [beautiful pictures from a travel experience]

Most Beautiful Vietnam images and photos

My most beautiful Vietnam images In this space I have collected my most beautiful Vietnam images to remind myself how gorgeous is this land. In true honesty, there are countries where it’s hard not to get inspired, it’s impossible to take a bad photo. I am thinking here of Cuba for example. I feel like … Read more

Reunion island pictures, a photography guide with the best images, maps and tips

Reunion island pictures : best 72 images, maps and suggestions

I have spent some time in the island with the idea to do lots of trekking and hiking. The Reunion Island is a real paradise for these activities. I took always with me my camera and, although on the heavy side, it was a great companion during my day and, most important, I was able to … Read more

43 featured pictures of Mauritius in 2020 [beach and cities]

Pictures of Mauritius - Featured photo

How hard is to select only a small set of pictures of Mauritius island?  It’s very difficult as this is heaven with many hidden gems.  I have included photos of beaches as well as cities and special moments too, like a religious procession and a wedding Following the gallery of Mauritius pictures, I have added … Read more

Most iconic photos of the Vietnam War – 40 years later

Most iconic photos of the Vietnam War - 40 years later

There are cases where a photo says more than a thousand words. It is definitely the case of this series

Forty years ago, the Vietnam war officially ended with the fall of Saigon (30th of April 1975).  

The Associated Press Saigon bureau was the main hub for sharing the photos and articles in those dark years.

Some of these photos were released by AP and an incredible book was published: Vietnam: the real war

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