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I have spent two weeks in the island and I took almost 1600 photos. Could I build a small Photos Gallery out of so many pictures of Mauritius? I deleted over 300 images after a first review and tagged all of the others. I went through a 2 steps selection process marking with 1 star the photos I liked, reviewing them and marking with 2 stars the ones I liked the most.

I worked the 2 stars photo in post production and when happy with the result I gave a 3 stars. It took a long while but very happy with the Mauritius images selection.

Pictures of Mauritius – What gear

I usually take with me few lenses to cover the most of the circumstances. See the free Travel Photography Gear Guide for more information. I knew I wanted to visit at least two local markets and the low light could have been a problem (I do not like to use flashes in public environments, they scare people). I knew I would do lots of photos on sunset/sunrise along the coast and a zoom lens is in several cases a life saver.

For my picture of Mauritius I ended up taking:

  • Nikon D600

my old lady with a new sensor of the D610, no more dust problems

  • Nikkor lens 24-120mm 1:4

it would cover most of the photo opportunities although the two lenses below do a better job in some cases

  • Nikkor 50mm 1:1.8

a Mauritius photos gallery must include images of the local life, especially the local markets. It is mandatory to have a quick lens in this cases. I like the Nikkor 50mm also because it is a small one and people are actually less worried of the photographer

  • Sigma 12-24 1:4.5-5.6

the wide angle comes handy in closed space and landscape photography to create a bit of drama. Adding a big object in the foreground (a boat as an example) helps to create this dramatic effect

Mauritius photos gallery – What subjects

I would probably say everything. Inspiration is easy to find in this island, no wonder you may end up like me, with thousands of pictures of Mauritius

Just walk in the street and talk with the local shop owners and opportunities may always arise. I was even invited to a local wedding and I was a spectator of a local motorbike race in a secluded parking area. I must have token picture of at least 15 sunsets/sunrises and I have driven at least 4 times around the island.

The day can be used for the markets and the interior, the sunrises and sunsets for the coast.

Enjoy this beautiful island


One thing you can easily find in Mauritius is an organised resort. At first I was looking into it as an option and I found that Hotels Combined offered the best packages. In saying that, at the end I decided to go for 2 bed and breakfast because they both gave me more freedom with my timing and my photography. I did not really want to be stressed when out on a sunset (usually at the same time of dinner).

I decided to spend the first week on the south-west coast. From there I could see the southern part of the island, the Black River Gorges National Park, Grand Bassin and the capital of Mauritius, Port Louis.

After some investigation I decided to book Marlin Creek in Riviere Noire. Cristophe and Ingrid, the owners, were just two stars on earth. Super friendly and always providing advices on things to do and discover. It is in the middle of the Riviere Noir village where I could find few restaurants for the night. Freshly cooked breakfast was waiting in the morning, which was a great plus 😀

The room I had was spacious and really well cleaned. Difficult to find anything that did not work. Great experience

Check availability now at Marlin Creek

The second week I was up north where I believe you can find the best beaches of Mauritius. From there I could also visit the north route up to Grand Gaube and the Grand Baie area.

I booked at the Bleu De Toi Boutique Guest House in Pereybere. It was a real heaven. I stayed in the Hope room, in front of the garden and the swimming pool (I love my early morning swim) and it was just awesome. Great big breakfast too, anything you want just ask. I really liked the décor all around the guest house, I felt like in the perfect creole place. It’s not really located in the centre of Pereybere. You need a 10 minutes walk for either the public beach or the restaurants which was not a big deal to me anyway.

Check the best price at Bleu De Toi

I personally suggest to book the accommodation in Mauritius in advance. Too hard to get around and on-line you get the best deals

Please note that I do not have any affiliations with both guest house owners, I just had a great stay

Photo Gallery Mauritius

More info about Mauritius


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