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Welcome to my website/blog,

my name is Stefano and I am the founder of MEL365, a leading travel website started in 2011 with traffic across 6 continents.

My background is in IT, starting with 4 important years at Amadeus Travel Distribution System where I gained invaluable insights into travel technologies, from content creation to digital networking.

My focus is on detailed travel guides to help you find the best places to stay and enjoy your holiday.

I have not visited 100 countries in the last 2 years. I prefer to settle and experience the country with long travel plans, and not “tapas” trips. I recently had an amazing year in Costa Rica, in Florida, the Keys & Miami, in the Cyclades & the Dodecanese Islands in Greece.

I then rented a car in Italy to experience the entire country, from Sicily to Tuscany, the Alps area and finally Milan. I am now back in Australia after a few weeks’ stopover in Thailand editing new videos, publishing new content and planning the next adventures.

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