Where to stay in Da Nang – 3 GREAT AREAS and 1 to AVOID

Where to stay in Da Nang - Vietnam

Where to stay in Da Nang – Best 3 areas and 1 to avoid Deciding where to stay in Da Nang can be a daunting task, given the city’s diverse neighbourhoods and wide range of accommodation options. This vibrant Vietnamese city offers everything from bustling city centres to tranquil beachside retreats, each with its unique … Read more

Getting‌ ‌Around‌ ‌Vietnam‌ [pros&cons of buses, trains, boats and flights]

Getting around Vietnam

Getting around Vietnam and how to enter the country Let me tell you straight away that you will be surprised at how easy is to get around Vietnam. You can simply opt for the quick bus network or the awesome trains with unique coastline views. You can also hire a vehicle or taxi, use motorbikes, … Read more

Best 55 Vietnam images [beautiful pictures from a travel experience]

Most Beautiful Vietnam images and photos

My most beautiful Vietnam images In this space I have collected my most beautiful Vietnam images to remind myself how gorgeous is this land. In true honesty, there are countries where it’s hard not to get inspired, it’s impossible to take a bad photo. I am thinking here of Cuba for example. I feel like … Read more

Two days of photography in Hoi An [what and where]

Photography in Hoi An

Just south of Da Nang lies the amazing Hoi An, a proud little old town made of enchanting yellow walls and old bridges. Photography in Hoi An has been one of my highlights in the country, a unique experience that starts at sunrise and finishes in the romantic lights of the night. This post has … Read more

Reference guide to Phong Nha [with maps and multi-day plan]

Guide to Phong Nha

Are you still debating if you should visit Phong Nha in Vietnam? Is it worth the extra mile? I decided to write this guide to Phòng Nha to show how this unique location has something for everyone – big caves, amazing scenery, adventure, rural countryside, great food, community feel, and local participation.  And you know … Read more

Best places to stay in Vietnam [top areas with itinerary 2 weeks and 10 days]

Where to stay in Vietnam

This guide will assist you in answering the important question of where to stay in Vietnam. The best part? It covers not just the beach and Halong Bay but also the best places to stay in Vietnam to enjoy those amazing attractions as trekking, motorbiking through incredible mountains and valleys, snorkelling and diving, street and … Read more