Best time to visit the Bahamas

Best time to visit the Bahamas

Best Time To Visit Bahamas The Bahamas has been publicized worldwide as the ultimate location to spend a holiday.  Its Caribbean beaches show the contrasting colors of white fine sand with the turquoise water of the ocean that melts with the shocking clear blue sky. However, when is the best time to visit Bahamas? When … Read more

Best places to stay in the Bahamas [BEST 9 ISLANDS for couples, families and kids]

Where to stay in The Bahamas

Where to stay in the Bahamas Are you traveling to this amazing heaven and you are not sure about where to stay in the Bahamas? What is the best island in the Bahamas? No wonder, this is an archipelago with 700 islands, some of them not even inhabited. And they all differ from each other. … Read more

Vacationing in Cuba [how to plan your trip]

Vacationing in Cuba

Many things have changed in the last years of the Cuban-US relationship. Both countries have new presidents, Trump and Miguel Díaz-Canel. Is vacationing in Cuba still an option? What are the new restrictions? Can you travel to Cuba with a US passport? What if you have different nationality’s passport? I am just back from another trip … Read more

55 Photos of Cuba [discover Havana, the beaches and the countryside]

Best photos of Cuba and Havana

Why 55 photos of Cuba and not 100 or 200? Well, my first trip to this beautiful island was in 1997. That was probably my real first travel photography trip. I had a film SLR and lots of energy (and I still do 🙂 ). I wanted originally to post Cuba images from that trip … Read more

Best places to stay in Cuba 2020 [Havana, Trinidad and much more for 1, 2 or 4 weeks]

Best places to stay in Cuba

My first time in Cuba was 20 years ago. Not many options were given on where to stay in Cuba back then. Things have changed dramatically in the last few years. Officially you could stay only in state-run hotels, it’s not anymore the case now, which is great. Travelling was challenging back then. Now it … Read more

5 Tips for great photography in Cuba with Przemek Strzelecki

In October 2014 one of my favorite photographer died. His name was Rene’ Burri. He has died aged 81 and he had the great honour to photograph incredible iconic people as Che Guevara and Pablo Picasso. He documented the Cuban life as nobody else. I still remember his photography tips for Cuba which I followed in my … Read more