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About & Contributors is a project started in 2011, an inspirational website dedicated to travel photography. Made in Melbourne and around the globe.

Stefano Ferro Profile photo2Hi, my name is Stef and I am the founder of MEL365. My background is in IT and Travel Distribution Systems. After 20 years of travelling for work I decide to take my passion to a professional level and leave my first career behind me. I like to call it first half of my life.
In 2013 I re-branded and took it from a photography website dedicated to the Melbourne area, to a travel & photography website dedicated to the globe.
I have not visited 50 countries in the last 2 years (that’s a stunning 2 weeks/country by the way LOL). I love to settle and live the country with long trips, I like to call the new country home and try to learn the local language (that proofed to be difficult in few occasions though).
But sometime this is not possible and the trips last for just few weeks, unfortunately 🙁 I may have visited almost 100 countries, but in the last 25 years. And honestly it is hard to remember the ones I spent just 1 or 2 weeks but surely I have lots of fantastic episodes from every single one.
Photography has been my passion for a long while and it was just matter of time before taking it to a professional level. My most memorable experience was following the Tour De France for a cycling magazine and a famous cycling website 2015. Being riding my second passion I really had the best of all.
I had such a great time with cycling photography for 2 years, although the 16hours/day workload was really intensive. You come really to appreciate the sport photographers 😉
From 2015 I am full time dedicated to MEL365 as editor and gear reviewer
What does MEL365 provide you:
  • Photo journeys. Photography is our visual representation of the trip. Our articles are made of thousands of words with many stunning photos made by us.
  • Tutorials to help improving every aspect of the travel photography
  • Guides to help you selecting the best gear for your kind of trip
  • Cameras and lenses reviews, testing and looking at the characteristics requested by the travellers
  • Best locations to take photos in the world
  • Inspiring interviews with some of the most interesting photographers and artists
How do we do all this?
We have been working and cooperating with the most famous camera manufacturers that help us providing gear and tons of great suggestions. Please note that we DO NOT receive any kind of compensation or free products in exchange. They are genuine reviews, suggestions and tips.
We love travelling and we always write with our most honest and spontaneous view.
Do you want to work or collaborate with us? Are you a tourism board, a gear maker or you just have a new idea? Contact me directly
By the way, why the name MEL365? Because it all started in MELbourne. We wanted to document this city 365 days a year. Great concept, now expanded.

The Team

Stef - Founder/Contributor
After studying Computer Science in Milan, in 1995 Stefano migrated and worked in different countries in Europe and South America, eventually moving to Melbourne in 2006. The impact with the city was great and he is still living in Australia, making the longest time he has spent in a place since he left his home town. He has been developing his work and understanding of art and photography for the last 10 years.
Check Stef’s Portfolio website for more info about him, his projects and his featured work
Jacky The Tecky - Technical Contributor
Photography is taking me everywhere in the world. I love the technical side of it, how to create my photos minimizing the post-production side of it. More time on the field and less time on the computer.
Ten years of experience and counting. Is it enough? Never! I learn new things everyday.  

Other travel photographers that contributed in previous years : Remi Lesueur, Simon Long, Victor Rodriguez, Tania Nallathamby, Stephanie Chew, Lola Vierse