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Where to stay in Formentera

Formentera is a dream destination if you are a beach and nature lover, surely one of the best in the whole of the Mediterranean sea.

It’s a small island, however, it can be confusing to decide where to stay in Formentera.


Because there are places that work best for families, others for couples, or even for the night owls.

This guide will help you to find the best area to stay in Formentera based on the type of holiday you are looking for (and your budget too)

Without further ado, let’s get into it.

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Where to stay in Formentera for couples, families and beach lovers – in a nutshell

Map with the best areas to stay in Formentera
Map with the best areas to stay in Formentera
  • Cheap places to stay in Formentera: it’s probably not the most charming area of Formentera, however, La Savina has the cheapest prices on the island. This is the town where the ferry arrives from Ibiza, so it is quite a practical destination and you can always rent a scooter to visit all the beaches that Formentera has to offer. Another alternative is Sant Ferran de Ses Roques, a town in the middle of the island, again not as charming as other spots, but it won’t break your bank account either. Read more if you travel on a budget.
  • Best place to stay in Formentera for couples: there are two places that are popular with couples. The first one is Es Caló, with a few boutique accommodations, lovely restaurants and a very relaxed vibe. It’s a great spot to be based if you are planning a romantic and secluded trip. The other place is Es Pujols, the town with more life in Formentera. This is where you will find not only lovely beaches but also a good range of restaurants and bars for a late-night drink. Read more below on Formentera for couples.
  • Where to stay in Formentera for families: Playa de Migjorn, on the south coast, is very popular with families. Why? The beach is lovely and very long. There are many apartments and houses for rent, so It won’t be difficult to find the right one if you book well in advance. Moreover, it’s a really peaceful and quiet area. There is no nightlife or even bars for late drinks. Cala Saona is another destination, on the west coast. The beach is lovely with sand dunes and a nice pine forest on the back. There is however a limited choice in the accommodations and it’s more for a day trip than a long stay. Read more below on Formentera for families
  • Best place to stay in Formentera for the beach: Playa de Migjorn has the longest stretch of beach in Formentera, around 6km long. Expect white sand and turquoise water of course. This is where you will also find probably the widest choice of accommodation, however, it won’t be cheap. Read more on Playa de Migjorn below.
  • Best area to stay in Formentera for nightlife: let me be honest with you. Do not go to Formentera for the nightlife. Go instead to Ibiza or Mallorca, the islands well known for night clubs and the “movida”. In saying that, if you are looking for a nice night vibe, with late opening bars and good selections of restaurants then book your accommodation in Es Pujols, the only “lively” destination in Formentera. Read more on Es Pujols below.
  • Best boutique stay in Formentera: There are beautiful accommodations spread on the whole island. Es Caló, however, has also a good selection of boutique and romantic restaurants, besides having a great relaxed Spanish vibe. The adults-only Gaviota Apartments are one of the most beautiful boutique accommodations on the island (see photos here). In Es Caló try out the Es Calo Restaurant for the magnificent view and the Can Pasqual Restaurant for the best paella. Outside of Es Caló I like to highlight two accommodations that are more in the centre of the island, however, they do really stand out for the interior and exterior design: La Masía de Formentera and Hotel Es Marès
  • How long to stay:  a week is really the minimum stay I would say. Keep in mind you need to fly to Ibiza and from there it’s a ferry ride to the island. It does take some time and effort to arrive in Formentera. If you are already in Ibiza then it would be different. Even 2-3 days would give you a good idea of the island, however, plan 4-5 to discover all the little beach gems around. From Ibiza, you can also organise a day trip. Simply take a fast ferry (see tickets prices here) and enjoy your day.
  • What is the easiest way to arrive in Formentera: The quick way is to fly to Ibiza. From the airport take a bus to the port and from there the ferry to Formentera. Check out this package that organises all you need for you: a shuttle bus from the Terminal to the Ibiza port where you will find the ferry waiting to go to Formentera. A good start without any stress.

Ferry Day-trip from Ibiza  No stress transfer from Ibiza Airport 

My biggest tip about Formentera: book well in advance as accommodation is very limited on the island. Keep in mind that most of the hotels/apartments have a free cancellation policy up to a few weeks prior to your stay. This will give you more peace of mind in case you change the plan later. Read, however, carefully the cancellation policies, there are always exceptions.

Cheap places to stay in Formentera

Formentera is well known for the amazing and pristine beaches, however, it is also well known to be an expensive destination.

There are two towns where you can still find good prices. And they are not too far from the beaches too.

La Savina (practical)

La Savina is the small port town where your ferry from Ibiza will dock. It’s the gateway to Formentera.

The town itself is not that charming but still quite active during the day with people coming and going.

It tends then to be much quieter after sunset when most of the people either leave back to Ibiza or to their own accommodation on the island.

At the marina (and around) you can also rent scooters, cars and bikes which can be very handy to explore the island during your stay.

Keep in mind that the island is small. The distance from La Savina to the Far de la Mola, the easternmost point of the island, is just 20km.

Every afternoon you will also find a tiny hippie market that can be interesting to spend some time browsing around.

La Savina has some of the cheapest accommodations on the island of which the Casitas Rurales Ca’s Carabiners are a real bargain.

You can book a typical island studio or bungalow with a lovely interior (see photos here).

They are in a very quiet location, walking distance to the town centre, the marina, the restaurants and the supermarket.

Check price at the Casitas

Platja de Ses Illetes in the north coast, between La Savina and Es Pujols
Platja de Ses Illetes in the north coast, between La Savina and Es Pujols

El Marino is a nice local restaurant open from breakfast to dinner. It’s probably the place with the cheapest menu in town, very simple, however, providing always good food

Sant Ferran de Ses Roques (not as charming)

This town may be not that charming as other places on the island, however, it’s here that you will find the almost-nightly Sant Ferran Art & Craft Market that runs from May to October.

Every night (except Wednesday and Sunday) at 9 pm you will have besides the markets also live music and a nice arty vibe around.

For lunch or dinner go to the Bar Ortega, a real Spanish basic menu at a great price, one of the best local experiences in Formentera, as it used to be many years ago.

The Hostal Pepe is probably the cheapest place to stay in Formentera and it has also a pool! (see photos here)

The rooms are spacious but basic. However, at this price, you can’t ask for more.

Check price at Pepe

Cycling around the island is a great option, being everything so close-by
Cycling around the island is a great option, being everything so close-by

Best place to stay in Formentera for couples

This is such a small and beautiful island that anywhere close to a beach can be the best place to stay in Formentera for couples.

In saying that two areas probably work better than anywhere else.

Es Caló (romantic and secluded)

Es Caló is a traditional fishing village where you will find still the boats under wooden shelters, typical of the old days.

The village is located in a well-protected cove, a very fascinating area, today part of the Spanish Heritage List.

Once there, you should take the Camí de Sa Pujada for one of the most beautiful walks on the island (amazing views).

If you want to stay in style then the adults-only Gaviota Apartments are one of the most beautiful boutique accommodations on the island (see photos here).

You will feel in paradise, a dream come true experience.

Check availability at Gaviota

View over El Calo
View over El Calo

For the best paella in Formentera head to the Can Pasqual Restaurant. Really a great culinary Spanish experience.

For a lovely view, a great vibe and a boutique dinner go to the Es Calo Restaurant. Food may be not as spectacular as in Can Pasqual but everything else will exceed anyone’s expectation.

Es Pujols (beaches, restaurants and bars)

This is the most lively town in Formentera, where you will have plenty of options for restaurants and bars open till late.

In saying that, do not expect to have a crazy nightlife as in the nearby Ibiza, far from it.

Es Pujols has grown up to a tourist destination only in the last few years and it offers a great mixed experience of unique beaches and town facilities.

There are also enough shops for a nice evening walk and some shopping.

During the summer evenings, you will also have a flea market, the perfect spot to buy locally made products.

Es Pujols has a great selection of accommodations, arguably the best on the island.

The Hotel Sa Volta is a fantastic spot for couples. The interior design is very beachy style and the pool on the rooftop just perfect (see photos here)

It’s also a great value, considering how nice the hotel is.

Check price at Sa Volta

Beach close to Es Pujols
Beach close to Es Pujols

For a few drinks after dinner go to 54 Formentera, probably the best place for a cocktail on the island with a lovely beach vibe.

Where to stay in Formentera for families

Formentera is an ideal place for families with kids if you are looking for a quiet place to spend your holiday.

The beaches are all fantastic. There are two areas that stand out if travelling with children

The first one is Cala Saona. the beach is wide and shallow, ideal with small kids.

However, the area does not have really much choice for accommodations and in this respect, it’s more suggested for a day trip

Playa de Migjorn (long beach)

Located on the south coast, Playa de Migjorn has the longest beach on the island, over 6km.

You will find here a good choice of accommodations, mostly immersed in nature.

This is one of the quietest places in Formentera, perfect if you have toddlers or small kids that like to sleep early in the evening

Once in the area, you should dine at the family-run Restaurante Barbarroja for the lovely paella.

The Talaya Formentera is an amazing house, just meters from the beach (see photos here). 

The place is beautifully decorated and so quiet too. Really a great place to stay.

The only problem is that it’s quite often booked out. It’s indeed very popular. Book well in advance

Check availability at Talaya

SUP in the marvelous water of Formentera
SUP in the marvellous water of Formentera

Best area to stay in Formentera for nightlife

As I already mentioned before, Es Pujols is the only “lively” destination in Formentera.

The beach is white with crystal clear water, which is absolutely a great plus.

There are a few bars around like the beach-style 54 Formentera, famous for the great cocktail.

The Pachanka is another famous spot for a drink, open till late, it does not have an entrance fee even when the music and dance start rolling. Open till late in the night.

The Pineta Club is the only disco club in Formentera. It can be really great on a good night, however, it does not come cheap. 

For a late dinner go to Casa Carmen, open till 2am. You will find mostly Spanish food, of which the paella and the sangria should not be missed.

The Hotel Voramar is a great accommodation and it comes at a fantastic price. Lovely view from the terrace too.

The interior has been recently renovated, and you will have a nice size pool (see photos here)

A great value place

Check price at Voramar

Sunset on Formentera, really magical
Sunset on Formentera, really magical

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