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Where to stay in Skopelos

Skopelos is one of those Greek islands that are still to be fully discovered.

It does not get packed, even in peak season, and there are beaches that you may be able to share with just a bunch of people. 

It’s not a small island though and there are two ports town: Skopelos Town and Loutraki.

It comes to no surprise that it’s hard to decide where to stay in Skopelos, what village works best for a holiday with family, or as a couple, for a quiet time or for activities.

If you keep reading, you will see a map with the best villages to stay, a few key-points and a longer description of the destinations, with suggestions on the best experiences to have.

And if you have not found what you are looking for, just leave a comment. I usually reply in no time.

But without further ado, let’s dig into it

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The lovely east coast of Skopelos made of winding roads and hidden coves
The lovely east coast of Skopelos made of winding roads and hidden coves

Best place to stay in Skopelos – in a nutshell

The best way to reach Skopelos is to fly to the island of Skiathos and take a ferry from there (about 1 hour trip).

This is one of the few Greek islands with two ports of arrival: Loutraki in the north and Skopelos Town in the south.

I would suggest disembarking in Loutraki only if you want to stay there or the nearby Glossa, otherwise, go to Skopelos Town and from there it’s much quicker and easier to take the bus to your final destination (if don’t stay in the town itself).

Here below is a map of the best villages to stay. 

Best areas to stay in Skopelos
Best areas to stay in Skopelos – Check & Download the full resolution map here

Following are a few key points on where to stay in Skopelos

  • Where to stay in Skopelos for families: the easiest option of all is Skopelos Town. This is where you will arrive, very practical. The town is nice to wander around with kids, especially when you start walking into the maze of lanes of the old town. The beach is quite shallow and sandy, mostly organised with inexpensive sunbeds (you typically have to drink something from the bar). It’s not the most lovely beach on the island but still beautiful. There is also a mini-market closeby, in case you need something to play in the sand. Another good option is Panormos, a beach village with a nice old Greek-style vibe. The water is so turquoise and transparent. It’s a pebble beach and you will need sandals for the little ones. Read more below on a family trip
  • Best area to stay in Skopelos for couples: it mostly depends on what are you really looking for. You may as well break your holiday staying in two villages. Skopelos Town is the best option if you are looking for a lively place with plenty of charm and character. The old town is so romantic. Many interesting restaurants and a few bars for after-dinner drinks. Loutraki-Glossa on the opposite side of the island has also plenty of charm but it’s much quieter, it’s much more secluded. The last possibility, if you want a real romantic place at the beach, is Stafylos with an amazing bay and a lovely sandy beach. Read more below on a trip with your partner
  • Coolest place to stay in Skopelos: the coolest areas to stay are Skopelos Town and Loutraki-Glossa, the two oldest towns and ports in the island, with the typical Sporades houses perched on the hill. Both so beautiful. Loutraki is much calmer and quieter, relaxed and chilled-out. This is also where you find one of the most beautiful boutique accommodations in the Sporades, the Natura Luxury Boutique. The infinity pool with the view of the Mediterranean sea is just unique. Alternatively, get a room with your own private pool (see photos here). I may add that it’s a great value for money hotel.
  • Best place to stay in Skopelos for sunset: the best location is Glossa, a village just above Loutraki. Go to the P’tharakia Cocktail Bar for the best viewpoint. 
  • Best place for nightlife: this is not an island where you can find much partying. For that, you should go to the nearby Skiathos. Skopelos Town is the only place in Skopelos with some nightlife, which means a few bars with some music and cocktails till late, without the loud part of it.
  • Where to stay in Skopelos for the beach: One of the beaches I liked the most is Stafylos and that’s where I would suggest staying. The main sandy beach is so picturesque, between high cliffs, long but not so wide. There is also a back beach, not as busy but it can be windy. Besides day-trippers, Stafylos is such a calming chill-out place to stay, especially in the evening. The alternative is Panormos, a small village built along a beach in a wide repaired bay. I loved the water there, so amazingly turquoise and transparent. The vibe is really Greek with tavernas and bars facing the beach. It’s busier than Stafylos but not that much. The only drawback is that this is a pebble beach (you may prefer sand). 
  • Best area on a budget: This is a great value for money island, one of the best in Greece in my opinion. Skopelos Town has a few cheap accommodations, especially once you are out of the old town (the least economical area) on route to Stafylos. Another option is Neo Klima, more remote, quieter and overall cheaper, even with restaurants. but it’s not as charming as the Skopelos Town.
  • Best place without a car: Any place is good. There is only one main road and the bus does regular runs with stops in the villages along the route. Just keep in mind that not all the busses reach Glossa from Skopelos Town. The service is very good and on time. The cost of the ticket is based on the length of your trip. Kids do not pay if they can seat on your laps (just in case the bus becomes full)
  • Best area to stay in Skopelos for trekking: Skopelos Town is a great place to be based, with some nice walks starting from there, like the one going to Glysteri Beach (2 hours return). Glossa is another great option and a great starting point. You can easily walk down to Loutraki or up to an old Byzantine monastery in the middle of the forest (1 hour return).
  • Best time to visit Skopelos: this is a very quiet island. My last time there was in the first week of August, it was busy, but nothing like other Greek island in the Cyclades. It’s peak season everywhere in Greece but still very relaxed in Skopelos. July is probably the best month if you are looking for a lively place but not at its peak. June and September are very quiet.
  • Which month works best for Skopelos: in June and September, I would suggest staying in Skopelos Town, the only place with some travellers around. July and August it’s down to personal preference, based on your type of trip. Just a reminder to book your accommodation very well in advance if you plan your trip in August and the last 2 weeks of July.

For more details on the destinations keep reading below

Paralia Kastani - The "Mamma Mia!" movie Beach
Paralia Kastani – The “Mamma Mia!” movie Beach, the most famous and popular spot on the island

Where to stay in Skopelos for families

Skopelos is a great Greek island for families, quiet and relaxed, perfect for a chill-out stay.

If you are travelling with kids, I would focus on staying in Skopelos Town or Panormos.

Skopelos Town (practical with shallow beach)

It’s the most practical destination, especially if you travel with big bags.

Your accommodation will be just off the ferry. This island is still old style, and your host will quite likely wait for you just outside the ferry, as it used to be.

The town is big enough to wander around with kids and have good fun in the maze of small lanes of whitewashed house.

The walk along the port area is closed to the cars in the evening and it becomes a large pedestrian area, very safe for the daily stroll after dinner.

You will also find a small playground for the little ones in front of the bus station, next to the pier.

The transportation system is very efficient and quite cheap too (you buy the ticket on the bus)

There are frequent runs from Skopelos Town to all of the beautiful beaches on the east coast.

Skopelos beach is certainly not the best on the island but it’s sandy and shallow, total heaven for kids.

For a souvlaki night, you should go to the Magali restaurant in the lovely and characteristic small square dominated by a big typical Greek platane tree.

My favourite Greed food is however at the Finikas Restaurant, a family-run place with delicious mezedes and main dishes.

A great place to stay for families is the Asterias Accommodation, a lovely traditional house with plenty of space (see photos here).

The interior has been recently renovated with a brand new kitchen. All so beautiful.

Check availability at Asterias

Walking through the maze of Skopelos Town
Walking through the maze of Skopelos Town

Panormos (better family beach, but)

This is a tiny village with plenty of Greek beach vibe.

The water is so turquoise and transparent, one of my favourite spots for a swim.

The only downside is that it’s a pebble beach, with some stones too, so you may need plastic sandals to go around, or just flip-flops to the water (my little one got used to it so quickly).

Here I definitely suggest having lunch or dinner, or both, at the Taverna Vasiliki, family-run, with amazing local food and at a bargain price.

If you have grown-up kids then you should head to the Pan Bar, on the northernmost point of the beach. 

This is a great beach club with a pool and chill-out music throughout the day.

For a family stay, you should check out Niki’s Place, a fabulous apartment just meters from the beach

The view from the balcony is all you need for a relaxing and chill-out stay (see photos here)

The apartment is very spacious, with two bedrooms.

Check availability at Niki’s

Swimming in the amazing water of the beach
Swimming in the amazing water of the beach

Best area to stay in Skopelos for couples

If you are after a chill-out stay with your partner, then Skopelos is the place to be.

In this respect, I always highly suggest this island to middle-aged couples or young couples that are not after the nightlife part of a holiday (go to Skiathos for that, much better)

In Skopelos, you will find great restaurants and nice bars for after-dinner drinks, in a chill-out environment, no loud music.

Skopelos Town (the most lively place)

I already talked in the family section of how practical is this destination.

In Skopelos Town, you can find many places to have a chill-out drink to complement the night, plenty of shopping and a nice walk along the port.

Moreover, exploring the old town by night is an experience by itself with the warm lights illuminating the charming houses

I also want to suggest a couple of restaurants that you should not miss.

The first one is Anna’S Restaurant, a small gem with a secret garden, up in the old town famous for its fish dishes.

The other option is Ampeliki Restaurant, especially on those hot days. You will be right in front of the beach, with a nice sea breeze and great Greek home-made food.

It’s just a five minute from the old town.

The Cute House, is one of the most charming and romantic places in Skopelos, located in the perfect position with a great view (see photos here).

The interior design is outstanding. If available, you should book it straight away, really magic.

Check availability at Cute House

In Skopelos Town, you can also find the cheapest accommodations on the island, like the Aggela Guesthouse.

The rooms are spacious, simple and spotlessly clean. The view from the common balcony is the real plus (see photos here)

The price is unbeatable, almost unreal.

Check price at Aggela

The small port of Skopelo Town
The small port of Skopelos Town

Stafylos (on the beach, secluded)

This is, in my opinion, the most beautiful bay and beach of Skopelos.

It’s the little gem of the Sporadic Islands. It is so picture perfect.

The narrow sandy beach is surrounded by high cliffs, with a sports club just below the stairs that take you down to the water.

Walk to the end of the beach to find, hidden behind a small green area, a second beach called Velanio Beach, more lively with music but also with more wind.

Snorkelling is amazing. It’s also the spot used by the diving centres. And if you look around enough you may find the drone I lost there 🙁 (no drama, it was insured 🙂 )

There are only a couple of restaurants, both very good, one at the beach and one back on the main road, and that’s pretty much it.

It’s popular with day-trippers, but they all leave in the late afternoon and you will have the bay for a lovely romantic night.

Here you should book your stay at Mando Beachfront, one of the most charming places in Skopelos, with lovely rooms and a great view (see photos here), so romantic.

You will be also surprised by the low price of the rooms, such a great value for money.

Check price at Mando

The romantic Stafylos Beach
The romantic Stafylos Beach

Loutraki-Glossa (quiet and secluded characteristic stay)

These are two separated towns, however, you can easily walk between the two in 30 minutes or so.

Loutraki is the port area, where the ferry arrives, with a good beach, however not the most beautiful one, and a small square. 

There is a bunch of restaurants around and that is pretty much it.

The area tends to get busy just when the ferry arrives, otherwise super quiet.

Glossa is the old town above Loutraki, much more charming and characteristic.

Here you have also the best sunset on the island.

The P’tharakia Cocktail Bar has probably the best viewpoint and certainly fantastic cocktails.

They are both great villages if you are travelling as a couple or you just want a very quiet stay.

If you get too relaxed, you can always decide to do some trekking around, into the forest, like the 2 hours return to the old Byzantine monastery.

Glossa does not offer much accommodation, however, in Loutraki, you will find the amazing Natura Luxury Boutique stay with an infinity pool to die for.

And for a secluded stay you can also decide to book a room with a private pool (see photos here). 

The best news is that the rooms have a real bargain price

Check price at Natura

I loved the colour contrast of the old towns
I loved the colour contrast of the old towns
A hidden square in the old town
A hidden square in the old town


Wandering through the hidden corners of this old town
Wandering through the hidden corners of this old town

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  1. hello! I am travelling in JULY with a 15 & 16 year old. We are spending 4 days on Alonissos Island then heading to Skopelos. Daughter loves sunsets and we are hoping to get some boat trips etc
    can you advise. Ive read Glossa is best for sunsets but worried the teens will be bored. And I would like to stay at Skopelos port for a few days too. what do you advise? Thanks

    • Hey Rachael, thanks for your message. Indeed, Glossa is the place to be for sunset but as you suspected there is not much going on. Skopelos is a much better town for your kids I believe.
      From Skopelos you can easily take a bus to Agnontas for sunset. The beach is lovely too with a couple of characteristic restaurants right on the water. Don’t stay overnight though. The village is made of just a few houses and it’s perfect for a laid-back holiday but certainly not for teenagers.
      Enjoy your trip

  2. Hello!
    Thank you for the great review of the island. We are plannig to travel with 1 year old kid. Would tou say the island is stroller friendly? Are there a lot of stairs or anything else that would be difficult for a stroller? Thank you!

    • If travelling end of MAy I would highly suggest staying in Skopelos Town, just off the ferry pier.
      The beach there is not the best in the island, however, catch the bus and you will be in no time at the lovely Stafilos Beach or add a bit more for other beaches. Plenty of options.
      End of May, Skopelos Town is not as busy but still alive. All the other towns are still opening for tourists.
      I hope I was able to help
      Cheers and have a great trip!!

  3. Hello, have been reading all, thank you, but I am still not sure where to stay. I am a 50 year old woman, travelling alone, like to have calm, lovely beaches with sunbeds, good snorkeling and for the evening, tavernas on the sea front. Also would like to do boat trips and some hiking…
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