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Where to stay in Ibiza

This is such an exciting island, not only for the world-famous nightlife but also for all it has to offer, even a tranquil and peaceful time.

The question is not only where to stay in Ibiza to party wildly, but also what are the best areas for couples, or with great beaches and for families too.

The island is small but it delivers big time, there are towns for everyone and most importantly for any budget.

You may be surprised by how relaxed and “bohemian” can be your stay in Ibiza, if you desire so.

Without further ado, let’s jump into the best areas

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Where to stay in Ibiza for nightlife, couples and beaches [at any budget] – in a nutshell

Best place to stay in Ibiza
Best place to stay in Ibiza
  • Where to stay in Ibiza to party: Playa d’en Bossa is the most popular area to stay on the island. Here you will find the most iconic nightclubs as Bora Bora, Space, Ushuaia, or DC10 (to name a few). The beach is also amazing, 3km long and with nice turquoise water. DJs play nice cool sexy lounge music during the day to pump up the volume and the beat frequency late in the evening. The Old Town of Ibiza (called La Vila) is also a popular place, with probably a more mature tourism, looking for some nightlife (the famous Pacha is here) but also cultural events. The last famous spot for nightlife is the town of San Antonio, located in a beautiful bay with some nice beaches around. This area is more popular with trips on a budget and the very young crowd. Here you will find also the world-famous Cafe Del Mar. Read more below on these nightlife places.
  • Where to stay in Ibiza for couples: if you are looking for a nice small town with nice restaurants, great shopping, a relaxing walking area and cool bars then Santa Eulalia is the place to be. It has also a great choice of beautiful and pristine beaches around, perfect for a day of sunbathing. However, if you are more after a quiet, secluded and romantic place then Portinatx would work better. Located on the very peaceful north coast, this small town has some pristine beach with plenty of nature all around. Read more below for a couple stay.
  • Best area to stay in Ibiza for beaches: Cala Talamanca can be a great choice not only for its turquoise water but also for the proximity to the Old Town if you are planning to have some nights out. Santa Eulalia is also a good option, especially considering the many beautiful beaches and coves around town. Every day you can visit a different one. Read more below on a beach stay.
  • Cheap places to stay in Ibiza: San Antonio has some of the cheapest accommodations on the island. You can decide to stay in town if you are after partying the whole holiday, or south of it if you want a quiet stay with, of course, the possibility to access the “movida” in 5-10 minutes by taxi.
  • Where to stay in Ibiza for families: Cala Llonga is a perfect spot for families with kids looking for a quiet town with a nice wide beach and shallow water. You are also only 10km from the old town which means you can always plan a half-day trip to experience the more historical part of the island, with plenty of charm around. Cala Tarida is another good spot with a long and wide beach, perfect for families. It’s also 10 minutes by car north of San Antonio, for an easy half-day excursion. Read more below for a family stay.
  • Best place to stay for the first time: if you are undecided about all of the above options then I would suggest staying either in the Old Town, in case you are after a charming place with a few nice beaches around. Alternatively, if you are on a budget, you may consider staying south of San Antonio (a quieter place) or in the centre itself (more action).
  • Where to stay for clubs: if you are on a budget then stay in San Antonio; plenty of nightlife and you can always reach Playa d’en Bossa and all its famous clubs with a 20 minutes bus or taxi ride. Vice versa if you are easy with your budget then Playa d’en Bossa is the place to be.
  • Best place to stay in Ibiza for 40 years old: the Old Town is a great choice because of its many cultural events, low key drinking options (open till late but not loud), nice restaurants and boutique accommodations. The area itself is so beautiful with a maze of lanes and old buildings. And if you are off for a long night then the Pacha Club is within walking distance.
  • Best place to stay in Ibiza for older couples: for a peaceful and relaxed place then Portinatx, on the north coast, is a great choice, you will not believe you are actually in Ibiza. Santa Eulalia is another great option because of its great restaurants (recognised as the best in Ibiza) and access to many fantastic beaches. The town vibe is also very relaxed with a few drinking options open till late (but not too late 🙂 )
  • Which side of Ibiza is the quiet one: the most peaceful and bohemian part of the island is the north. This is where you can still experience Ibiza as it used to be without clubs. If this is what you are looking for then book your stay on this side of Ibiza to relax and make some yoga (there are a few cool places offering a “detox stay)
  • How long to stay in Ibiza: to experience the island you would need at least a week. Rent the car for 1 or 2 days to explore the north and east coast, less touristy but still with beautiful beaches and cove around. If you are after clubbing then a long weekend may be all you need but, again, one week will give you the possibility to explore all the famous places, including beach clubs and party boats.
  • Where to stay in Ibiza in April: April is considered to be the end of the winter season, most of the resorts and hotels are still closed and it is usually too cold to go to the beach. The Old Town has still a nice vibe, with mostly locals around, a different kind of experience than in summer.
  • Where to stay in Ibiza in May: this is the start of the summer season, especially in the last 2 weeks. There are still not many tourists around and in this respect, I would suggest again the Old Town and also Playa d’en Bossa. The great thing is that the hotels have great discount in this period and you will be able to fish some great bargains around.
  • Best Tours and activities: Once in Ibiza, you should book a 5-hours Beach Hopping Cruise, a really great way to explore some of the best beaches and coves in Ibiza. For some amazing snorkelling, you should join this Snorkeling and SUP boat, really a unique experience. And lastly, if you are after some amazing parties then buy a ticket for the Mambo Sunset Cruise (no drinks included) or the Oceanbeat Boat Party (open bar, all-inclusive). In both cases, you will have a few hours navigating the sea in a big boat party, amazing fun!

    Book the Beach Hopping Cruise  Snorkeling and SUP  Mambo Cruise  All-Inclusive Boat Party

The great thing about these tours is that they have a free cancellation policy (up to 1 or 2 days before the activity starts). You can plan in advance without worries in case you change your mind 🙂

I highly suggest renting a car, even for just a few days. This will open up so many adventures. 

You will be able to explore beautiful remote beaches, hidden coves and off the beaten path villages, hardly reachable by public transportation.

I usually rent my cars on, a website that compares the offers from all the major rental companies providing the best prices (read bargain prices).

The main town of Ibiza
The main town of Ibiza

Best places to stay in Ibiza for nightlife

Ibiza is world-known for its amazing nightlife and you will not be disappointed.

There are 3 great areas to stay in Ibiza to party, which differ based on crowd age as well as the available budget.

San Antonio (young crowd and more budget-oriented)

San Antonio is arguably one of the liveliest places in all of Ibiza which is saying a lot given the island’s party central status.

This hub offers a lot in terms of fun nightspots to visit while enjoying the infectious youthful energy in the air.

It is also a great option if you want an active night scene without exhausting your travel budget.

The best way to start your night is without a doubt by visiting the Sunset Strip for a glimpse of the famous and magical Ibiza sunset.

Then head over to Cafe del Mar for your pre-clubbing meal and cocktails.

If you are looking for a chill night this might also be the perfect spot as they stay open late and you get to enjoy live music with your food, drinks and views.

If you really want to be a part of the electric party scene then the clubs and discos are where these vibes are strongest.

One of the best in the area is the Eden Ibiza Nightclub. It is popular for its high energy disco ambience, awesome music and affordable drinks. It is ideal if you want a fun night out as a group of friends.

While here consider staying at Hostal Tarba if you want great value from low budget accommodations.

The small hotel offers beautiful views (see photos here) and a pool.

You will also have easy and quick access to the beach. The bus station is just meters away, very convenient for those days you want to explore San Antonio and around.

Check price at Tarba

For a quieter night try to book south of the town centre and the main beach.

This is where you still can find a peaceful night.

The Hotel San Marino is, for example, great accommodation, even with a nice pool (see photos here)

The best is that it is very affordable, really a great price for what you get.

Check bargain at San Marino

Cafe Mambo and Cafe del Mar in San Antonio
Cafe Mambo and Cafe del Mar in San Antonio

Playa d’en Bossa (coolest, a bit upmarket and with a long lovely beach)

Playa d’en Bossa is what most people visualize the Ibiza party scene to be.

They have it all from the beachside raves to world-renowned DJs.

With all this and the abundance of night clubs and discos, the party truly never ends in the “fiesta” district of Ibiza.

One of the most popular of these night clubs is Ushiaia.

This elite spot might be a little expensive but it is more than worth it for the electric vibes and a chance to dance with the tones of the most famous DJs on the planet.

Another awesome club you should definitely check out is DC10 right next to D’Eivissa airport.

This famous club is set in what used to be a former aeroplane hangar with awesome lighting and great music for a truly memorable night.

In addition to all the night scene fun in store for you, this upmarket location is perfect if you want to spend some time bumming out on the beach as you recover from your nighttime escapades.

With the long beachy shoreline, you have a lot of spots to choose from including rave beaches where the party never stops and quiet secluded spots for a nice and relaxing day of low key fun in the sun.

The Hotel Tropicana is the best place to stay in Playa d’en Bossa for luxury and convenience.

The beautiful hotel (see photos here) has amazing boutique vibes both inside and outside.

The rooms come with free Wi-Fi, air conditioning, a full kitchenette and a TV. That way when you want a break from the night scene you have plenty to keep you busy in your room.

Check availability at Tropicana

Partying in Playa d'en Bossa
Partying in Playa d’en Bossa

Old Town of Ibiza (mature crowd, cultural events and lovely ancient buildings)

The Old Town of Ibiza is not technically a party hub on the island.

It is a true cultural and historic hub with a lot of fun attractions to check out. These include Castell d’Evissia and Casa de la Curia Museum.

A stroll down the charming town taking in all the beautiful old buildings could also be enough for those lasting memories.

When it comes to the night scene, it may not be as lively as San Antonio or Playa d’en Bossa but it still has a lot to offer.

You could check out one of the many awesome late-night restaurants including Peter Pan Ibiza. This spot is known for having the best seafood in the area and a really awesome wine list to keep you lively all night.

You could also check out the famous Club Pacha in the area for a night of wilder fun.

The disco has great music and amazing ambience and will definitely have you in that party mood.

The best part is that if you feel like you need a little bit more variety then you can simply take a 5-10 minutes taxi to the disco clubs in Playa d’en Bossa.

Hotel 105 Suites is the ideal place to stay in Old Town Ibiza if you are looking for boutique accommodations to match the charming vibes of the rest of the town (see photos here).

The hotel is cosy and quiet, with complimentary Wi-Fi and a pool.

The location is perfect as you will have access to many of the town’s attractions and nightlife hotspots.

Check availability at 105 suites

A more budget-oriented accommodation is the Hostal Juanita with clean and spacious rooms (see photos here) right in the centre of the town.

The building itself is not that inspiring but inside you will find a nicely designed environment with lovely people running it.

Check price at Juanita

Old Town of Ibiza
Old Town of Ibiza

Where to stay in Ibiza for couples

In true honesty, there are so many places that it is really difficult to make a choice.

The Old Town can be a great choice if you are after a stay in a historical place, with buildings, houses and small lanes built in Renaissance architecture.

So beautiful to be included in the World Heritage List.

However, if you are more after a relaxing stay, with plenty of beaches around then these two towns below may be a better choice.

Santa Eulalia (great restaurants and shopping, lovely beaches)

Santa Eulalia is a truly magical place with everything to offer you and your partner on your romantic getaway.

It is ideal for the couple that wants to be in the heart of all the action with loads of activities to try out, including some nice restaurants and cool bars for a few drinks, and of course, some beach bumming.

The coastal town also has a lot to offer in terms of bucket-list attractions for the two of you to explore.

Of these, make sure to check out Pont Vell for the great scenery and photo souvenirs as well as the Museu Etnològic de Santa EulĂ ria des Riu for a little taste of history.

Babylon Beach Bar is a must-visit gem on this part of the island. The beachfront restaurant serves amazing food including traditional Italian dishes and fresh seafood spreads. It would be perfect for a nice lunch date or a romantic night out.

Another great spot if you want to explore the town’s night scene is Project Social. They serve amazing craft cocktails. They also serve really great bar food with burgers being their specialty.

Hotel Ca’s Catala is the ideal place to stay while here if you want a boutique experience.

It features unique décor and architecture that just ooze tropical vibes (see photos here).

The best part is that it is beautifully isolated and adults-only.

Check availability at Ca’s Catala

The walk along Santa Eulalia coastline
The walk along Santa Eulalia coastline

Portinatx (secluded and romantic)

Portinatx is a chill little fishing town on the northern part of the island.

It is a pretty relaxed place which makes it ideal for couples who want to get away from all the noise and hassle of tourist hubs.

It is also a great place for couples who want to explore nature while on their trip.

You could take a nice little adventurous stroll along the rocky Playa S’Arenal Petit Beach as you take in the beautiful views of the water, rocky cliffs and green hills.

You could also have a fun day at the beach with swimming, water sports or even a fun little beach picnic.

One of the best beaches, in this case, is Cala Portinatx. It is a beautiful spot with clear water, clean sand and enough seclusion that you truly get to enjoy each other’s company.

For those romantic dinner dates out, you have 2 great options to choose from.

For something cosy and casual then Re-Brots would be the best choice. If on the other hand, you want a fancier night out then check out Grill Tapas La Torre.

While here, Grupotel Beach Resort would be the best place to stay as a couple (see photos here).

The adults-only hotel offers a lot of amenities for you to enjoy as a couple including the bar, breakfast buffet, beach, pool and spa facilities.

Check availability at Grupotel

Dining out in Ibiza
Dining out in Ibiza

Best area to stay in Ibiza for beaches

Ibiza is well known for its nightlife, however, besides the party time, it is also an island with amazing beaches.

Some of them, like Playa d’en Bossa, offer also a unique nightlife, beside a gorgeous beach.

Others are more remote.

For this reason, I find it very challenging to select only a couple of places.

However, the two towns below have some great advantages

Cala Talamanca (beautiful, relaxed and close to the Old Town)

Cala Talamanca is a great long beach with a few organised sections with sunbeds and music.

The great advantage is the proximity to the Old Town, literally 5-10 minutes by taxi (or a 20-30minutes walk).

You can decide to stay in Cala Talamanca for the whole stay and have a relaxed and peaceful time.

However, you have also the choice to spend the evening, and night, in the more lively and charming old town.

The Restaurante Bellamar is the perfect place for lunch, with your feet still in the sand and the great view of the water.

The Bodega Talamanca is a must-visit for dinner for the amazing food, the great price and the superb view, to the entire bay.

For your stay, try to book at the Lux Isla, such a great value for money accommodation.

The hotel is very stylish, in the boutique way, with beautifully decorated rooms (see photos here)

Located close to the beach, the Lux Isla is a real bargain, if you find it available.

Check bargain Lux Isla

As amazing as unexpected beach in Ibiza
As amazing as unexpected beach in Ibiza

Santa Eulalia (great choice of nearby beaches and coves)

I already talked about Santa Eulalia above, in the section on great places for couples.

Here I would like to expand a bit with a list of the beaches you can visit

  • Main Town Beach: it’s a long and wide beach of white sand. The water tends to be quite shallow and perfect for less experienced swimmers. The local council also decided to make it smoke-free, to preserve the colour of the white sand, besides being cleaner.
  • Babylon Beach: small and quiet rocky beach, perfect for a relaxed time
  • Playa Niu Blau: another very quiet beach, popular with families
  • Playa Cala Pada: connected to Santa Eulalia by ferry, this small beach has also a couple of restaurants to have lunch
  • Mariner’s beach: close to the Santa Eulalia River, it can be seen as an extension of the main beach, however, it has its own character. There are a few cool bars to have a sunset drink

If you are travelling as a couple then you should check out the previously mentioned boutique stay Ca´s Catala (check out the photos, gorgeous)

Check price at Ca´s Catala

Otherwise, if travelling in a group or with kids, the Apartamentos Ros could be the perfect fit (up to 5 people). 

The view of the beach from the balcony is so great (see photos here)

The location is excellent, minutes away from the beach, the town centre and all you need.

Check availability at Ros

The main lovely beach of Santa Eulalia
The main lovely beach of Santa Eulalia

Best area to stay in Ibiza for families

Both areas below cater more for family-oriented tourism, thanks also to the relatively shallow and wide beach.

They are both very quiet at night, which works perfect, especially if you have young kids and toddlers.

Apartments and villas take the biggest slice of accommodations

Cala Llonga (grown-up kids)

Cala Llonga is second in charm only to the Old Town of Ibiza.

It is a pretty quiet and laid back town that would be perfect for travelling with older children.

It is also conveniently close to other popular Ibiza towns including Old Town for you to explore together.

One of the best things about this part of the island is the abundance of water sports facilities available.

From snorkelling and paddle boating to surf lessons and jet skiing, there is no doubt that your family will have fun.

The place also has a lot of awesome restaurants that the kids will definitely enjoy.

One of these is Restaurante Valentino which sells arguably some of the best pizzas on the island. 

Another awesome restaurant in town is Restaurante SOS. The Mediterranean spot has a wide range of menu options for you as a family to try with their seafood spreads being some of the most popular menu items.   

The Cana SofĂ­a Apartments is perfect for families with 2 to 3 older kids.

The youngsters will definitely enjoy amenities like the pool and free Wi-Fi.

The rooms also come with outdoor eating spaces on the balcony for a nice view (see photos here) as you enjoy your fun family night in.

Check availability at Cana Sofia

Sunbathing in Ibiza in the amazing turquoise water
Sunbathing in Ibiza in the amazing turquoise water

Cala Tarida (small children and toddlers)

When travelling with younger kids to Ibiza, it is best to find a place that is super quiet mellow to help keep them calm and cooperative.

Cala Tarida is without a doubt one of the best locations in this case.

In addition to the laid back ambience of the town in general, Tarida has beautiful beaches with clear shallow water for your kids to enjoy their fun beach day out safely.

The sand is also super fine and clean, perfect for building sandcastles

It’s also 10 minutes by taxi north of San Antonio, if you want a change of scenery for one night.

When it comes to eating out, RincĂłn De Tarida is a great option for families. They have a wide range of meals including child-friendly options like rice and meatballs or French fries.

The seafood platter would also be a great option for a shared meal.

Ses Eufabies is another great restaurant to consider. In addition to the awesome food and chill ambience, you will have a beautiful view of the water to take in as you enjoy your meal.

For this trip Chalet Tarida would be the perfect place to stay with small children especially if you have a big family of up to 6.

This picturesque holiday home (see photos here) screams Spanish getaway from a mile away with the beautiful décor themes and breathtaking views.

The kids will definitely enjoy the pool and complimentary Wi-Fi.

Check availability at Chalet Tarida

Amazing colors of Ibiza
Amazing colours of Ibiza

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