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Where to stay in Capri

Capri is a world-famous island for celebrities, with some unique and luxurious hotels. However, it’s not all about money, in fact, you can still find areas that are very affordable.

In this post, we talk about where to stay in Capri, what town works best, based on your budget and type of holiday, this may be with family and kids, partner or just as a single looking for a relaxed experience and some SPA time.

And here comes the best. This guide has been just updated (no old stuff as closed restaurants or hotels in real need of refurbishment)

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The main port of Marina Grande
The main port of Marina Grande

Where to stay in Capri for any budget – in a nutshell

Best areas to stay in Capri
Best areas to stay in Capri
  • Capri vs Anacapri: they are both amazing places to stay, however so different. Capri is more opulent meanwhile Anacapri is laidback. Read more below on the differences.
  • Where to stay in Capri on a budget: Anacapri is a great option for mid-low budget trips on the Island of Capri. Despite being a popular tourist hub, it still maintains a quaint small-town vibe. The best part is that it is home to a lot of awesome sights so you don’t have to venture out too far to make memories. Read more on Anacapri below.
  • Where to stay in Capri for a honeymoon: the most memorable location is close to the Villa San Michele, the area with the best view on the island. From here, on a clear day, you can see Naples and the whole Bay. The Hotel Caesar Augustus is the quintessential choice, including also a Turkish bath and Hammam (see photos here). Read more below for honeymoon
  • Best place to stay for families: Capri is a really family-friendly island but no neighbourhood beats the Marina Grande when it comes to ideal kid-friendly destinations. One thing the little ones will enjoy is the beach access and all the water sports fun that comes with it as this is the only part of the island with a wide beach. Read more for families below
  • Best area for adults and nightlife: The Town of Capri is ideal if you are looking for some grownup fun and an active night scene. It is everything from a shopping and tourist hub to a cultural hotspot. So if you truly want to enjoy the island in its most authentic form then Capri Town is the perfect place for you. Read more on the town below
  • Where do celebrities stay in Capri: Marina Piccola has a reputation for being the perfect place to visit if you want to rub shoulders with global celebrities. The beautiful marina is popular with the rich and famous for its awesome eateries, beautiful views and the marina for their luxury yachts. The place simply oozes luxury. Read more below
  • Capri VS Anacapri: The Capri vs. Anacapri debate is a real battle of the coasts. Locals and visitors alike all have their strong opinions and preferences. After all is said and done, Capri just might objectively be the better choice. But Anacapri also has a lot to offer. Stick around and we will finally put this to rest.
  • How long to stay in Capri: to enjoy the whole island I would suggest at least a 3 full days stay. In this way, you will be able to explore Capri, Anacapri, the beaches and coves and drive to the many hidden corners this island has to offer (rent a scooter or a car for 1 day). If you are after a more relaxing stay, with some SPA time then at least one week.
  • Is it expensive to stay in Capri: surely it is not the cheapest destination you can find in Italy. In saying that, you have the choice to treat yourself to a majestic and luxurious stay (with included SPA) or a more budget-oriented trip (staying on the western side of the island, in Anacapri and around)
  • When is the best time to visit Capri: late spring and early autumn are the best time to stay on the island. The weather is usually sunny and mild, but not too hot. You will not find big crowds of tourists too. Summer, from June to early September, is the most popular time, because of the great weather and the Italian holiday time, it tends to be more expensive and it will be harder to find accommodations. Winter can be an option if you are after a relaxed time, with lots of SPA time. It will be really inexpensive, however, the weather can be cold.
  • Once in Capri, I suggest joining this boutique 2-Hour Boat Tour around the island with drinks included, the perfect way to experience the coast in style. If you want to see the amazing Blue Grotto then join this inexpensive 2-hours tour. Just keep in mind that sometimes the sea is too rough to go, however, you can cancel this trip free of charge up to 24 hours in advance. 

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Capri or Anacapri

We started by vouching for Capri over Anacapri and here is the proof to back it up.

Capri is a town that truly has it all for you as a tourist.

It is home to some of the most iconic attractions including the Villa Jovis Ruins and Arco Naturale just to name a few.

It also has some of the most amazing scenic trails and views of the water which make those casual days out truly magical.

Capri also stands out as there is never a shortage of things to do in the busy town.

From shopping and restaurant hopping by day and clubbing by night, you will never have a dull moment on the East Coast.

Anacapri, on the other hand, is a pretty laid back town on the West Coast of the island.

It also has some cool attractions you might enjoy including The Church of San Michele.

The town also offers breathtaking panoramic views which you can enjoy from one of their laid back restaurants or while taking a walk.

All in all, it is a lovely place that is definitely a winner if you want a truly chill and laid back trip.

Small cove in Capri
Small cove in Capri

Where to stay in Capri on a budget 

As a rule of thumb, the westernmost you go on the island, the cheaper it becomes

Anacapri, in this respect, tends to be much cheaper than anywhere else.

Anacapri (not as popular but still very nice)

Anacapri has more affordable accommodation options including B&Bs as well as hostels. You also have more craft shops for your retail therapy than high-end stores.

Anacapri also has a few attractions for you to explore, mostly within walking distance from the town centre.

This will further help you save on transport. Some of these must-see sights include Casa Rosa Museum, the iconic Parco Fontanelle Anacapri and the absolutely bucket-list-worthy Grotta Azzurra swimming hole.

What about the food?

Being on a budget trip doesn’t mean that you have to miss out on the island’s culinary delights. 

L’Angolo del Gusto is a great idea if you are looking for a nice local place on a budget.

They serve amazing Italian classics from authentic pasta dishes and pizza to seafood.

When you are done with your awesome dinner, just head over to Capri Crema Café just a short walk away for some dessert.

Their homemade gelato is a crowd favourite and their portions are amazing. It is truly the best way to end the day or to start it because every hour is a dessert hour.

If you are wondering where you should stay while in Anacapri, the Casetta Minghitto Bed and Breakfast is definitely a great option if you are on a budget.

You will have a lot of awesome amenities to look forward to in addition to the beautiful rooms including free Wi-Fi, air conditioning and a beautiful garden (see photos here).

Check bargain at Minghitto

Lovely houses in Anacapri, far from the crowd
Lovely houses in Anacapri, far from the crowd

Best area for adults and nightlife in Capri

There is no doubt that the main centre on the island is the town of Capri.

It can get quite crowded during the day, also because of the day-trippers from Naples, Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast.

In saying that, Capri Town still retains something magical, especially after sunset

Capri Town (bars, restaurants and lifestyle)

Everything about the town at night will just draw you out from the night lights to the infectious vibes.

If you want to truly party like the locals, you need to start your night on a full stomach.

One place you could try to fuel up for your nightly escapades is Panorama. This high-end spot is known for awesome food, desserts and wine which you get to enjoy while taking in the breathtaking views of the town.  

Pane and Champagne is another great gem if you are looking to start your night of fun the right way.

In addition to their awesome food, they have awesome craft cocktails and a great beer and wine list for that pre-gaming buzz.

With your stomach full and your head slightly buzzy, you can now truly begin a night of fun.

Capri Town has a lot of awesome boutique nightclubs for you and your pose to hit up.

One of the best of these is VV Club Capri. It has a very youthful vibe and is one of those places you must hit up if you love loud music and great drinks. 

When it comes to enjoying the night scene, you need to be very strategic in terms of where you choose to stay.

Quietness and accessibility are paramount in which case the below 2 hotels are ideal.

The Aldarogi B&B has it all from easy walking distance access to the town to the beautiful panoramic views (see photos here) of the water that you get to admire from most rooms.

The place also offers convenient amenities like free Wi-Fi and breakfast to re-energize after a wild night.

Check availability at Aldarogi

Suite Belvedere Capri Home Design & Spa is another great option in the area with amazing views (see photos here) and walking proximity to a lot of restaurants and clubs.

The beautiful Mediterranean style bed and breakfast also comes with a wellness spa.

Trust me, you will need a massage and sauna detox after exploring Capri’s night scene.

Check availability at Belvedere

View to Capri Island from the peak
View to Capri Island from the peak

Best place to stay for families

It may come as a surprise to know that Capri Island does not have tremendous beaches. It does have amazing cliffs but it lacks in swimming areas with sand.

The exception is Marina Grande, where the boats arrive.

You will find here a nice beach where you can spend some time with the kids when you are not around sightseeing.

Marina Grande (beach time)

There is a lot more for you to do as a family in Marina Grande in addition to beach bumming and water sports.

You can start by doing some sightseeing in which case Museo Ignazio Cerio would be a great start especially if you have older kids who are interested in art, history and culture.

The Castello Barbarossa is another great option with amazing views which will form the perfect backdrop for those family photos.

When you are not sightseeing, you could just have a relaxed day exploring the beautiful area.

You will find a lot of shops from craft shops to luxury stores which would be great for a little family shopping time. For those matching t-shirts or trinket souvenirs of your trip.

Finally, make sure to have some gelato tasting on your to-do list when travelling to Marina Grande with children.

Il Gelato Al Limone and Ristorante Augusto, in this case, are the best in the area.

In terms of where to stay, you have 2 amazing options.

The B&B Casa Pamela is a great option for families with 2 to 3 young kids. You will have a lot to enjoy indoors on those days you are not exploring.

These include a beautiful balcony, a flat-screen TV, free Wi-Fi and air conditioning.

When you do choose to go out, you will also enjoy the convenience of accessibility to restaurants, shops and so much more. 

Check price at Casa Pamela

Villa Capri Marina Grande is ideal for larger families or those with older kids.

The holiday home can accommodate up to 6 people and offers amenities like free Wi-Fi, private parking, air conditioning and even laundry.

The highlights of the Villa are however the Jacuzzi and the amazing views from the terrace (see photos here).

Check availability at Villa Capri

Colourful houses of Marina Grande
Colourful houses of Marina Grande

Where to stay in Capri for a honeymoon

In the late 19th century, Axel Munthe, the personal physician to Queen Victoria of Sweden, visited Capri and he was so amazed by the beauties of this island that decided to build his holiday house there.

He spent years looking for the most charming spot with the best view. In 1895 he started the work and Villa San Michele was born.

This is the area where you want to spend the most memorable time of your life, opening the window with a view of the whole Bay of Naples

Hotel Caesar Augustus would be the ideal place in this case with its isolated hillside location, luxury décor and magical panoramic views (see photos here).

The hotel also offers access to a swimming pool, a bar and a restaurant.

Finally, you can kick back and relax with a couple’s massage from the wellness spa on site.

Check availability at Caesar Augustus

A boat trip to the Faraglioni
A boat trip to the Faraglioni

Where do celebrities stay in Capri

There are two ports in Capri. One is situated in Marina Grande, the public one, where all the ferries arrive.

The second port is actually more of a small harbour and it’s located in Marina Piccola.

Marina Piccola (see and be seen)

Marina Piccola is a private port, where the big yachts of celebrities arrive.

There are a few accommodations in Marina Piccola, mostly with an amazing view.

Hotel Weber Ambassador is ideal for travellers who want a luxury experience.

The high-end 4-star hotel is right on the Marina Piccola bay and offers amazing views of the Tyrrhenian Sea (see photos here).

You will also be staying in some of the most beautifully decorated suites on the island with free Wi-Fi and air conditioning.

Check availability at Weber Ambassador

La Finestra sui Faraglioni is definitely worth considering for travellers who prefer the privacy and convenience of holiday apartments.

One of the best features of the apartment is the access to a terrace with awesome views of the water and the cliffs (see photos here).

You also get to enjoy amenities like air conditioning, free Wi-Fi, a well-equipped kitchen and laundry.

Check availability at La Finestra

Marina Piccola
Marina Piccola

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