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Where to stay in Sorrento 

Sorrento is one of the most beautiful and popular destinations in Italy. 

There are many accommodations around and it comes as no wonder that you can find it difficult to understand where to stay in Sorrento. 

The Sorrento area is actually much bigger than you may think. In this guide, you will find all you need to make a decision on what suits you best. 

I am going to explain what are the best areas to stay based on your type of trip, this could be on a budget, with a family or just the partner, with or without a car. 

I will also add a few tips on how to move around (it’s actually easier than you may think), all updated for this year. 

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Where to stay in Sorrento for any budget – in a nutshell 

Map with the best places to stay in Sorrento
Map with the best places to stay in Sorrento (Map sourced from OpenStreetMap.Org)

Let me say first that Sorrento is not technically on the Amalfi Coast but the distance between Sorrento and Positano and the other towns on the Amalfi Coast is small. You can therefore use Sorrento as a base to explore the entire area, including Capri Island.

  1. Where to stay in Sorrento on a budget: as you can imagine Sorrento is not a cheap place to stay. The area that has more budget accommodations is Piano and with the train, you will be in the Historical Center in just 5 minutes. Read more on Piano 
  2. Best neighbourhood to stay in Sorrento: if you are after the most characteristic place to stay then the Historical Center has to be. It does not get more romantic and special to walk through the small lanes, visit the boutique shops, and try the Limoncello in one of the many wine shops. Read more on the Historical Center and its drawbacks below.
  3. Where to stay in Sorrento without a car: the great thing about the Sorrento Coast? It is very well connected with the Circumvesuviana train, so the car is not really needed. You can decide to stay in the Historical Center, close to everything, or next to one of the train stations in Piano, Meta or Sant’Agnello.
  4. Best family places to stay in Sorrento: if you want to spend some time sunbathing, be aware that Sorrento and the coast have mostly small and busy beaches. Meta is the exception with a wide nice beach, perfect for families with kids. There is a train station and you will be in the Historical Center in 5 minutes. Read more below on a family stay
  5. Where to stay in Sorrento with a view: Sant’Agnello tends to have more properties with a view, some of them quite exclusive, but still a great value, especially if compared to the Historical Center. Read more on Sant’Agnello below.
  6. Unique places to stay in Sorrento: the Historical Center has the most spectacular and unique accommodation on the whole of the Sorrento Coast. They tend to cost more than anywhere else, but it will be a really memorable experience
  7. Best place to stay in Sorrento Coast for nature: There are a few towns along the coast. The farther you get from the Historical Center the more nature you will have around. Massa Lubrense is a great place to stay, on the coast, with amazing views and one of the clearest seawater in Italy. Read more on Massa Lubrense below.
  8. Where to stay in Sorrento close to everything: in this case, the Historical Center has to be. Piazza Tasso is where it all starts. Stay along the Corso Italia to have quick access to the train station for day trips to Pompei and Naples.
  9. Where to stay with a car: the closer you stay to the Historical Center the busier becomes. In true honesty having a car does not help as you will find yourself always looking for parking, rare and expensive. Meta tends to have more parking around and properties may include it also for free. Otherwise, you may look into the Massa Lubrense area where usually you can park within your hotel/AirBnb free of charge.
  10. Marina Grande and Marina Piccola are the only (small) beaches in the Historical Center. Sunbeds are also available on the pier. Try to make it very early in the morning because it can get booked out very soon.
  11. If you fly to Italy, try to plan your trip to Naples, Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast without a car. It will be easier. There are trains, buses and boats connecting the major destinations.
  12. Sorrento can be a great base to explore all around. Do it yourself by taking public transportation or joining a day trip for a customised adventure.
  13. Once in Sorrento, I would suggest checking out the below experiences. My tip here is to book them well in advance to avoid disappointment. Anyway, in most cases, you can cancel free of charge up to 24 hours prior to the start. 
  • Amalfi Coast Boat Cruise: the best way to experience the Amalfi Coast is from the water. You get also a guide that will tell you all you need at each town you will visit
  • Full-Day Boat Cruise to Capri: another boat trip, this time to one of the most beautiful islands in the area, Capri. Take your swimming stuff as the boat may stop for some fun in the water.
  • Skip-the-Line Pompeii and Mount Vesuvius Tour: A trip to Pompeii is a must, however, try to make it with a guide to understand a bit more of what really happened and the risks for the future. A great bonus is that you will skip the line avoiding wasting time in the queue
  • You will love the local food. Why not then take a 3-Hour Cooking Class. Mamma Annamaria will tell you all she knows about the preparation of a few local dishes and the famous Limoncello.

Where to stay in Sorrento on a budget

I am sure you already know that Sorrento is not the cheapest place to book a hotel in Italy, but still, there are a few options.

If you are looking for an affordable place to spend a few days then you should look into the area of Piano

Piano (well connected to Sorrento)

Yes, you are not in the historic centre, however, you will be just a 6-minute train ride from it. 

Staying in Piano will allow you to find more budget-friendly restaurants and pizzeria.

There is also a bit of nightlife and bars to spend the night out, especially for the young crowd

Piano has also quite a nice shopping area, mostly situated in Corso Italia, the main road that will take you to the Historical Centre of Sorrento.

The small pier is absolutely gorgeous. 

Even if you don’t stay in Piano you should go there to visit the Villa Fondi De Sangro, for its amazing view from the terrace, the unique mosaic and the well-maintained garden

Try to book your accommodation close to the train station. It will make your life easier when you move around.

The B&B San Michele is the bargain in the Sorrento area. The rooms are clean and modern and the view from the rooftop terrace is really awesome (see photos here).

The location is just perfect, only 2 minutes by foot to the train station. 

The breakfast is also included, which makes it a real steal.

Check price at San Michele

Another good option is Casa Rachele, with clean double rooms and a lovely host (Rachele), a real gem, so helpful.

The location is also very good, 5-10 minutes from the station and right in Corso Italia, where you will find most of the shops

Check price at Rachele

Old town of Piano di Sorrento
Old town of Piano di Sorrento

Once in Piano, you should not miss the Antica Torrefazione Maresca, the best place for coffee, and Pizzeria 49 for a real Neapolitan pizza at a really good price.

Best neighbourhood to stay in Sorrento

I have been asked many times what is the best neighbourhood to stay in Sorrento and in true honesty it’s hard to give just one place.

As you are going through the post you have already noticed how different areas cater to different needs.

However, if I have to pick only one then the Historical Center has to be.

Historical Center

Why did I choose the Historical Center?

Because it is, in my opinion, the most characteristic and charming part of the whole Sorrento Coast.

You will find beautiful small lanes, boutique shops, lovely old buildings and houses, and of course many historical churches.

Piazza Tasso, right in the centre of the Historic Area, is a popular meeting point.

On top of it, the Historical Center is very well served by the train, the Circumvesuviana.

You can literally book a week in the Historical Center. This is one of the best places to stay to visit Pompeii, by train, Naples and the Amalfi Coast by either bus or boat or a combination of both.

Moreover, from Sorrento, you can also start a day excursion to the beautiful islands of Ischia and Capri (read more below for day trips and excursions).

What is the drawback to staying in the Historical Center?

It’s very popular with tourism, also with day trips, which makes the town so busy, especially in the central part of the day.

In July and August Sorrento is literally packed, meanwhile, May/June and September/October are probably the best months to visit.

Winter is the season with the least number of people, but the weather may be actually cold.

The Mignon Meublè is one of the best boutique hotels in Sorrento.

The entire place has been refurbished with a modern Sorrento style look (see photos here)

The buffet breakfast is to die for, the perfect start of the day! The location can’t be better than that.

Check availability at Mignon Meublè

The Lemon Rooms is a great guest house with probably the most affordable double rooms in the Historical Center

The location is just perfect, close to the train station to the wharf and to Piazza Tasso.

Check price at Lemon Rooms

The busy center of Sorrento
The busy centre of Sorrento

Best family places to stay in Sorrento 

When I travel with my 6-year-old kid I always like to alternate sightseeing with some beach time. It’s a win-win for everyone.

You may be surprised, however, that the Sorrento Coast does not have really big beaches.

The Historical Center has 2 small coves but they can get very very busy.

There is however an exception and this is the area of Meta 

Meta (beach time and train)

Here you find the widest and longest beach around and in this respect, I consider Meta as the best family place to stay in the Sorrento area.

The town itself is perched on top of the 110m cliffs with a steep road with a few switchbacks going down to the sea.

The beach is big and well organised, with plenty of sun umbrellas and space to play (the public beach is tiny though).

Overall it is a great town to spend your holiday.

Try to stay between the train station and the beach, in this way, you will have a short walk to both.

Casa Terra e Sole is a great apartment for up to 5 people, just refurbished and with a nice garden area (see photos here) where you can have your breakfast and meals.

It’s located 400m from the beach and even less from the station. 

Check availability at Terra & Sole

Il Giardino dei Gigli is another great option, smaller than the previous one but also at a lower budget. 

The balcony is very spacious and with a nice view (see photos here).

The owners are the icing on the cake, so amazing!.

Check price at the Giardino

Long beaches of Meta
Long beaches of Meta

If you are in Meta in August you definitely want to attend the famous Food Festival dedicated to the Fior di Latte Mozzarella. A unique experience.

For a nice dinner go to Ristobar Antonietta, authentic and fresh food at an incredible value for money, in a lovely family-run environment.

Patty Pizza is another hidden gem of Meta, again at a bargain price.

Where to stay in Sorrento with a view

There are few hotels with a great view, mostly in two locations:

  • Historical Centre, close to Marina Grande (the formal fishing village, now restaurants area)
  • Sant’Agnello, for an exclusive stay

Sant’Agnello (exclusive stay)

If you are after an exclusive stay with an amazing view of the coastline then Sant’Agnello is the place for you.

There are a few hotels that will leave you open mouth for their incredible location, right on the cliff.

From Sant’Agnello you will be also in no time to the Historical Center (around 1km). 

There is also a handy train station (the stop before Sorrento) that will allow you to go to Pompei in 30 minutes (the stop Pompei Villa dei Misteri is right in front of the entrance)

The Hotel Mediterraneo is one of the most beautiful places to stay in Sorrento, because of the spectacular view (see photos here), the exclusive service and so much more.

The breakfast is served over the balcony with probably the best view in the area.

Book well in advance as this is a popular hotel to stay in, so unique

Check availability at Hotel Mediterraneo

Less exclusive, but less expensive, is Villa Crawford. Book in the main house for the best view (see photos here).

Rooms are spacious and service is impeccable. The garden is magnificent. It really looks like stepping back in time in a formal mansion.

Check availability at Villa Crawford

View from Sant'Agnello
View from Sant’Agnello

Historical Center (in Marina Grande)

Marina Grande used to be the fishing village of Sorrento.

It is today the area with the most famous seafood restaurants on the Sorrento Coast.

It’s still part of the Historical Center, however, it’s about 1 km from the central Piazza Tasso and more from the train station.

The most iconic place to stay here is the Hotel La Tonnarella which not only offers breathtaking views but also a private beach

You will find plenty of Sorrento charm in the hotel and the rooms (see photos here)

The complimentary breakfast is absolutely great. 

Check availability La Tonnarella

Another hotel with a great view is the Hotel Belair, set right on top of the cliff.

The rooms are very spacious and all furnished with a Sorrento inspiration(see photos here).

If you are driving then you will be happy to know that they do provide complimentary parking as well.

Check availability at Belair

Marina Grande in Sorrento
Marina Grande in Sorrento

Best place to stay in Sorrento Coast for nature

Once you drive west of Sorrento into the peninsula you will be surprised by how nature quickly takes over.

Cars are far between and the sea is suddenly so blue that is almost unbelievable

There are a few villages around however Massa Lubrense is something else

Massa Lubrense (neoclassical village)

Why is Massa Lubrense such a charming destination?

Because it’s a beautiful neoclassical hamlet, with lovely original buildings and a breathtaking view 

From there, you can find over 100 walking tracks to spend days if not weeks discovering the peninsula.

One of the most beautiful places to walk to is Punta Campanella, the westernmost point with a great amazing view 

Casa Marearte is one of the best findings, with such an amazing view of the bay (see photos here).

The house hosts up to 6 people, perfect for big groups or families with kids. You will have also free parking which is a great bonus

Check availability at Marearte

Driving along the Sorrento Coast
Driving along the Sorrento Coast

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