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Where to stay in Naples

The biggest question about this unique city is really where to stay in Naples to have a safe place to explore the major attractions, for one night or more.

Naples is one of the most underrated cities in Italy, with over 3,000 years of history, plenty of culture, and many highlights. 

In this guide, you will find the best areas to stay in Naples with your family or partner, with the best views and pedestrian areas, and the greatest nightlife, including the yummiest restaurants and pizzerias.

In this last post review, I have also added a table that compares all the areas, for a quick and easy overview of where to stay in Naples based on your type of holiday.

Certainly, a few movies and TV series have depicted Naples as a criminal hub, however, although you have to take the usual precautions (and probably a couple more), the city is not that unsafe. In this guide, you will find also a few recommendations on safe places to stay in Naples (check out also the FAQ section below for the most common scams to avoid).

But now let’s jump to the juice stuff.

Lovely view of Naples
Lovely view of Naples

Best areas to stay in Naples, Italy 

The city is organised into 20 neighbourhoods, however, the best areas to stay in Naples are mostly in the central districts of the city, mostly facing the beautiful bay.

You may be concerned about how safe is actually Naples, especially after you watched TV serials like Gomorrah. Let me tell you that it’s as safe as any other big city in Europe, if not actually safer. Stay in the centre of the city, and you will be fine during the day as well as at night.

The table below compares the major areas based on average cost, bars/restaurants, character and other factors (1-5 with 1 being the lowest score). I added also links to suggested hotels in the area.

Click on the area name to read much more information about it, with an extended list of pros and cons of booking there, besides tips on hotels, cafes, restaurants etc.

Area NameSuggested HotelsCharacterAvg CostBars
Where to Stay in Naples for First-time VisitorsHistoric CenterPalà Suites or Dim. Spaccanapoli5$$-$$$5Close to everything and the best pizzerias
Where to Stay in Naples for One NightHistoric CenterPalà Suites or Dim. Spaccanapoli5$$-$$$5Practical. Next to train station, port, and well connected to the airport
Where to Stay in Naples for FamiliesLungomare or ChiaiaCaracciolo or
Ruggiero AirBnb
3$$-$$$$4Pedestrian area, shopping and beach
Where to Stay in Naples for CouplesVomero or
7th Floor Suite or
Primo Piano
5$$-$$$$4Romantic with an amazing bay view
Where to Stay in Naples for BudgetUniversity areaMaison Bovio2$5Great choice of low-budget accommodation
Where to Stay in Naples for NightlifeUniversity areaMaison Bovio2$5Plenty of bars and disco clubs
Where to Stay in Naples Close to the Train StationVomero or
Historic Center
7th Floor Suite or
Palà Suites
4$$-$$$5Direct and quick trip to Vomero or a short walk to Historic Center
Where to Stay in Naples With a CarColli Aminei Metro Station or
7th Floor Suite or
La Chambre
4$$-$$$4Parking at the metro station or accommodation in Vomero with a parking spot
Close to the AirportBed&Boarding
or Capodichino
1$-$$$3Capsule hotel or high-end alternative with pool and close to the airport
Where to stay in Naples on a comparative table

Here below is a map of the best areas to stay in Naples

Best areas to stay in Naples
Best areas to stay in Naples

Where to stay in Naples – In a nutshell

I have here expanded the table above with more information and links to the areas below

  • Best place to stay in Naples first-time: the Historic Centre is the place to be for first-time visitors to Naples. You will be close to everything and you will be within walking distance of some of the best pizzerias that the city has to offer.
  • Where to stay in Naples for one night: again the Historic Center has to be. You will be close to the train station, and the port and well connected to the airport. It will be easy for you to see the most important attractions and if you are looking for a crazy night out you will be just a short walk to the University area.
  • Where to stay in Naples with family: the Lungomare (seafront) is a great spot, especially if you have toddlers or little kids. It is mostly a pedestrian area, making things so convenient. A great alternative is Chiaia, especially if you have grown-up kids that appreciate going shopping, besides visiting historical attractions and nice restaurants, it’s also very close to the beach. Read more below for a family stay
  • Best place to stay as a couple in Naples: Vomero is one of the most romantic areas to stay in Naples. The view to the bay is so amazing and there are plenty of small bars and family-run restaurants and pizzerias. It’s also well connected to the historic centre either with the metro or with an inclined railway(so fascinating). It’s the perfect arty neighbourhood. The alternative is Posillipo, again with an amazing view of the bay, probably better than Vomero, however, also far from the centre, so I would suggest it more for a second visit to the city. Read more below for a stay with your partner
  • Where to stay in Naples on a budget: The University area, next to the port, is where you will find the greatest choice of low-budget accommodation. It’s also very practical because you will be in no time to the port and within walking distance of the historic centre.
  • Best place to stay for the nightlife: the answer is usually where the young crowd tends to be, which is again the University area, no surprise. Plenty of bars and disco clubs to spend the night till the early hours of the morning
  • Where to stay in Naples safe: as previously said, stay in the centre and there is no issue. Napoli is as safe as Paris, London or any other big city which means you need to take normal precautions like taking care of your bag, do not leave it unattended on a table etc. The Quartieri Spagnoli (Spanish Quarters), once very dangerous, are today not as bad, especially in the southern parts where small shops, bars and pizzerias today attract lots of people day and night. The northern part may be still a concern at night, especially if you walk alone. The Central Station area can also be a bit dodgy at night, as most of the big cities in Europe nowadays. My suggestion here is to possibly not book your stay in these two areas, especially if you think you will spend the night out.
  • Best place in Naples historic Center: there are a few great hotels as well as AirBnb style accommodations, right in this beautiful maze of tiny lanes. Casa Hosteno and Palà Suites are both two amazing boutique options.
  • Where to stay in Naples near Train Station: as I previously said, I would personally not suggest staying close to the station, as you may feel uncomfortable at night. Take instead the Metro for a direct and quick trip to Vomero or have a short walk to the Historic Centre. Both are better options
  • Where to stay in Naples with a car: a good part of the centre is “ZTL” (Limited Traffic Allowed) which makes it quite hard to drive inside the city. I would personally suggest two options here. The easy one is to leave the car at the Parking Area(50c/hour) of the Colli Aminei Metro station, very close to the highway and outside the city. From there go to the city by public transportation. The other option is to stay in Vomero, however, make sure that the accommodation has a parking spot or an agreement with a parking area. Parking in Naples can cost from 20€ to 40€/day.
  • Where to stay in Naples near the airport: if you have an early flight you may decide to book at Bed & Boarding. This is a “capsule” hotel. Each room is very essential and clean, with a shared bathroom. Very practical and 100m from the airport. The Capodichino International Hotel is the high-end alternative, just 10 minutes walking from the airport, with a good size pool and coffee offered also in the early hours of the day.
  • Best towns to stay near Naples: Sorrento is a great town to stay close to Naples and not too far, just 1 hour by either bus or train. The unique alternative is the island of Capri, connected by a ferry (just over 1-hour trip). 
  • Where to stay Naples or Sorrento? It’s hard to compare the two cities (actually Sorrento is more of a town). Naples has 3,000 years of history, it’s a different experience altogether.  I would personally suggest spending at least 1 night in Naples. It may be a bit dirtier and more chaotic but it’s also more genuine, you will get more of a local experience. Sorrento is very much tourist-driven and it has lost a bit of that.
  • Is it easier to visit Napoli from Sorrento or Positano? Let me say first that I highly suggest spending at least a night in Naples. If you are not planning to, then Sorrento is a great base to have. Getting around the Amalfi Coast and more precisely between Sorrento and Positano is easy by train (around 1 hour). A comparison between Positano and Sorrento on public transportation is, though, very unfair. Positano is super charming and picturesque but not as easy to access as Sorrento.
  • Do you want to go straight to your hotel? Pre-order an airport transfer that will wait for you directly at the airport. So easy.

Where to stay in Naples first time – Historic Centre

  • 🌎 Where to stay in Naples for first-time visitors: Historic Centre 🏩 Palà Suites is the recommended accommodation in the area.
  • 👍 Pros: Offers great access to attractions, shops, and restaurants. Close to L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele, known for its authentically Italian pizzas. Within walking distance of everything.
  • 👎 Cons: Can be crowded due to its central location. Noise from the bustling city might be an issue for some.

The Historic Centre in Naples with its grand Tuscan, Gothic and Greek-style architecture, in sharp contrast to the more modern parts of the city, has been listed as a world heritage site by UNESCO.

It is here that this magnificent Italian city got its start and it is a great place if you want to take in the region’s cultural and historical heritage.

Lovely small lanes of Naples old part of the city
Lovely small lanes of Naples old part of the city

It goes without saying that some of the best attractions here are based on the historical status of the place.

The most popular of these is without a doubt Castel Nuovo. This medieval gem houses a museum, a chapel and an art gallery.

It is also conveniently close to the Trattoria Castel Nuovo which is a popular Italian restaurant with arguably the best pasta and pizza in the area.

Other popular attractions include the Naples National Archaeological Museum, the Napoli Sotterranea Tour Ufficiale tunnels and of course the Catacombs of San Gaudioso.

Finally, there is L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele which is probably more “popular” than all these historic gems. If you are planning to have just one pizza (why by the way?) then this is the place to come.

This pizzeria is known for having some of the most authentically Italian pizzas that you will have anywhere in the world. They have a selection of 5 types (the originals). The Margherita is my suggestion, simply done with local tomatoes and mozzarella, as simple as divine.

Clearly, Naples’ Historic District has a lot to offer, right in the very heart of all this action. You will be really within walking distance of everything.

The Palà Suites is tucked away in the heart of the Historic Centre and offers great access not only to the attractions but also to numerous shops and restaurants around.

This is a lovely boutique stay with a unique interior design and plenty of space for the best stay in Naples.

A great alternative is the Centro Antico, a Bed and Breakfast just 5-10 minutes walk from the central station. The hotel itself is warmly decorated to match the inviting historic vibes of the surrounding city for a home away from home kind of feeling.

It is a popular choice, so book well in advance.

Check latest deal at Centro Antico

Centro Antico
Centro Antico

If you prefer to have your own apartment, in a centrally located position, still very quiet, then the Dimora Spaccanapoli is just the best option in the Historical Centre.

This is a fantastic 1BR place, very clean and spacious that can host up to 4 people. Fantastic value for money, especially if you are travelling with kids or with friends.

Where to stay in Naples with family

Naples is a great place to visit with kids for many reasons. With the awesome historic castles and the never-ending supply of authentic pizza, they will most likely love every single second of the trip.

If you are planning a trip with your little rascals, here are two of the best places to operate from in the city.

Lungomare Caracciolo
Lungomare Caracciolo

Lungomare/seafront (Best place to stay in Naples with small kids)

  • 🌎 Where to stay in Naples for families: Lungomare 🏩 Caracciolo 13 Rooftop is the recommended accommodation in the area.
  • 👍 Pros: Peaceful escape from the chaotic Naples. Built for a pedestrian experience. Awesome views of the iconic Mount Vesuvius. Close to Gino Sorbillo Lievito Madre, a pizzeria known for its world-prized pizza.
  • 👎 Cons: Not as bustling or vibrant as the city centre. Might not offer as many cultural or historical attractions as other areas.

Lungomare is a peaceful escape from the chaotic Naples.

It is built for a pedestrian experience and your kids will definitely enjoy those seafront paths and the awesome views of the iconic Mount Vesuvius.

The Lungomare Caracciolo, in particular, is the best place to take it all in whether you are taking a sunset walk or having a midday picnic.

When it comes to the eateries, Lungomare has no shortage of pizzerias with Gino Sorbillo Lievito Madre al Mare being one of the most popular. Granted, pizza isn’t all that they serve here, Sorbillo’s pizza has been prized multiple times as the best in the world.

Finally, where exactly will you stay in this intimate part of Naples? If you want to stay true to the very chill vibes of the area then your best option is renting an apartment.

The Caracciolo 13 Rooftop is a great option that would be perfect if you are travelling with kids. This spacious 2 bedroom and 2 bath penthouse unit offers breath-taking seafront views which are a perfect backdrop for those fun family days or nights in.

Check availability at Caracciolo

Caracciolo 13 Rooftop
Caracciolo 13 Rooftop view. Really unique

Another great option for a small family stay in Naples is YouRelais Pergolesi, offering 1BR apartments, with plenty of space and close to the sea.

Chiaia (Best place to stay in Naples with grown-up kids)

  • 🌎 Where to stay in Naples for a luxurious experience: Chiaia 🏩 Ruggiero AirBnb is the recommended accommodation in the area.
  • 👍 Pros: Affluent neighbourhood, home to beautiful attractions, high-end shopping experiences.
  • 👎 Cons: Might be more expensive due to its upscale nature.Not as bustling or vibrant as the city centre.

This affluent neighbourhood epitomizes luxury and style as far as visiting Italy is concerned.

You will have access to some of the most beautiful boutique stores for some retail therapy.

It is also home to some pretty cool attractions including the Palazzo delle Arti Napoli, a contemporary art centre, and the Pignatelli Museum.

The Villa Comunale Park would also be a great place to visit as a family with grown-up kids.

Once you are done taking in all the natural beauty this green space has to offer, head on down to Pizzeria Brandi. This place is famous for having amazing homemade pizza with seafood and Neapolitan pizzas being the most popular.  

If you want a laid-back yet luxurious stay, consider booking accommodations at the Ruggiero AirBnb, a 1BR apartment that works best for small families.

Despite the one-bedroom one-bath setup, it is easily one of the most spacious rentals in the area. The best part is that you get easy access to the historic district for some quick and easy exploration during your trip.

Check availability at Ruggiero

Bedroom at the Ruggiero AirBnb
Bedroom at the Ruggiero AirBnb

Best place to stay as a couple in Naples

Naples is a very romantic city to visit. There is just something about all the old architecture and abundance of Italian restaurants that make you feel like you are in a real-life rom-com.

And with all that there is to do and see in the city, it is safe to say that no one gets disappointed.

Below are two specific areas of Naples where you and your partner can book your stay for the best possible time.

The Vomero neighbourhood
The Vomero neighbourhood

Vomero (best area of Naples for art and views)

  • 🌎 Where to stay in Naples for a romantic getaway with an amazing bay view: Vomero🏩 7th Floor Suite is the recommended accommodation in the area.
  • 👍 Pros: Romantic area with stunning views of the bay. Plenty of small bars and family-run restaurants and pizzerias. Well connected to the historic centre either with the metro or with an inclined railway.Perfect for art lovers.
  • 👎 Cons: Not as close to the city centre as other areas. Might be more expensive due to its upscale nature.

This hilltop getaway is perfect if you are looking for a location that has heavy artistic and historical vibes.

Vomero more than delivers with its beautiful attractions including Castel Sant’Elmo. This iconic fortress is one of the defining features of Vomero’s romantic aesthetic.

You should add to your bucket list also the Gasometro and Château Aselmeyer.

The affluent neighbourhood also has numerous high-end shops for some retail therapy as well as galleries and restaurants for a lovely and artsy night out.

Speaking of restaurants, you should definitely make a point to visit Ristorante Pizzeria Gorizia 1916. This cosy little establishment has been around for decades and is yet to falter on the quality of the pizzas they serve. Whether you go for a traditional style or one with a modern twist, these pizzas will definitely make your romantic night out one to remember.

The restaurant is close to Hoppy Ending which is a popular local beer hall and bar. And what better way to round up a great night than over a nice cold drink?

When it comes to accommodations, the 7th Floor Suite is a great place for couples.

This hotel offers lovely accommodations in their unique modern premises at really great prices. They have super friendly staff and numerous amenities including Wi-Fi and room service directly from their gourmet kitchen.

Check availability at 7th Floor Suite

7th Floor Suite
7th Floor Suite

Other great options for couples are La Chambre and Gentile Relais.

Posillipo (Best classy neighborhood to stay in Naples)

  • 🌎 Where to stay in Naples for a classy and romantic experience: Posillipo 🏩 Primo Piano is the recommended accommodation in the Posillipo area.
  • 👍 Pros: Amazing view of the bay, far from the city centre which provides a peaceful environment, close to high-end shops and ritzy restaurants.
  • 👎 Cons: Far from the city centre, might not be suitable for those who prefer to be in the heart of the city.

If Vomero is the arty choice then Posillipo is the classy alternative.

This affluent neighbourhood is home to some of the most beautiful attractions, from Villa Pappone to Pausilypon Archaeological Park. It is also a great place to do some shopping in some of its high-end hotspots like Giemme 3 SRL.

Posillipo is also home to some really nice ritzy restaurants, Ristorante Reginella being a local favourite. This Mediterranean restaurant is known for putting gourmet twists on everything from simple pizzas to seafood.

One of the best places to stay while in Posillipo is definitely Primo Piano Posillipo. Here, you will find cosy rooms with the perfect blend of simplicity and luxury.

However, the best part about staying here is the beautiful views of the sea and marina that you and your partner will get to wake up to every morning of your stay.

Check availability at Primo Piano

View from Primo Piano, even from the bathroom
View from Primo Piano, even from the bathroom

Where to stay in Naples on a budget – University area

  • 🌎 Where to stay in Naples for a budget-friendly experience: University area 🏩 Maison Arena Bovio is the recommended accommodation in the University area.
  • 👍 Pros: Affordable, close to universities and hence a vibrant young crowd, proximity to iconic pizzerias and bars.
  • 👎 Cons: Might be noisy due to the student population, might not offer the luxury experience some travellers seek.

Naples is generally a very popular city among local Italians and visitors.

This means prices for everything from accommodations to entertainment tend to be on the high side. This, however, is not the case in the university area

Local market in Via Toledo
Local market in Via Toledo

Located south of the Historic Centre, this part of town is home to a variety of universities including The University of Naples Frederico, University Suor Orsola Benincasa and University Parthenope.

With so many students in the area already on a budget, you are pretty much guaranteed a cheap stay.

For example, the Maison Arena Bovio is one of the cheapest hotels in the city however it does not in any way compromise the quality of your stay. They have art-inspired décor that ties in perfectly with the hotel’s historical vibe.

The hotel is also very close to one of the most iconic pizzerias in the area which is Pizzeria Napoli in Bocca. Definitely a must-try, at a very budget price

If you want to hang out with the young crowd you could also try out Libreria Berisio which is a bookstore that doubles up as a bar with a pretty awesome live music scene.

Best town to stay near Naples – Sorrento

  • 🌎 Where to stay in Sorrento for a relaxed environment with a tourist vibe 🏩 Bed&Boarding is the recommended accommodation in the area
  • 👍 Pros: Close to Naples, only 1 hour by bus or train, relaxed environment with swimming areas, tourist vibe
  • 👎 Cons: You might miss the local Naples feeling, the ferry to Naples may not be as reliable, especially in winter, being weather dependent (but train ok). Can get very busy, almost crowded, in July and August

Sorrento is the perfect town to stay in if you prefer to visit Naples on a day trip.

It’s only 1 hour by bus or train to the city, which makes it such an easy commute.

What you will get more in Sorrento is a relaxed environment with beaches and a tourist vibe.

What you will miss, however, is the local Naples feeling, the genuine people of the city moving, living and eating in this unique place in Italy.

And this is why I always suggest spending at least one night in Naples and if you prefer the beach and some relaxing time, move to Sorrento later.

Sorrento has some beautiful places where you can stay, either with a view of the sea and Naples or in the heart of the old town.

Capri is another great place to stay near Naples. There is however a ferry to take from the island and Naples and this may be not as reliable (especially in winter), being weather dependent.

Finding where to stay in Capri is usually easier than Sorrento or Naples, being a much smaller destination, although it gets very busy, almost crowded, in July and August.

I got asked a few times if staying in one of the beautiful places on the Amalfi Coast is an option. Honestly, it is not. You would spend more time in travelling than actually exploring the city.

Frequently Asked Question on where to stay in Naples

What is the best time to visit Naples?

The best time to visit Naples is between April and June or September and October with less people but still good weather.

What are the top tourist attractions in Naples?

The Top Tourist Attractions In Naples Include Mount Vesuvius, Pompeii, The Naples National Archaeological Museum, And The Royal Palace Of Naples.

Is Naples safe for tourists?

Naples has a reputation for being a bit rough around the edges, but take the usual precautions as you would in other cities like London, Paris or Milan, and it is generally safe.

What is the flower scan in Naples

A group of men may approach you or your partner, offering a flower or a small trinket for free. Once you accept, they will then demand payment for the item, often in an aggressive way. Just say no from the beginning.

How do you get around Naples?

The best way to get around Naples is by public transportation, including the metro, buses, and funiculars.

What are some good day trips from Naples?

Some good day trips from Naples are Pompeii, Capri, the Amalfi Coast. All easy to organise with public transportation.

What area of Naples is best to stay in?

Stay in any of the neighbourhoods I have mentioned and you will be safe to have a great break away. The Historic Centre is my favourite area because it has it all, and it is so practical, too.

What is the safest area to stay in Naples?

The safest area is probably Posillipo, although it is also the most expensive one. The Lungomare is also very safe.

Is it worth staying in Naples Italy?

Totally. You can always visit it as a day trip from Sorrento but you will miss the unique city vibe.

How many days should you stay in Naples Italy?

I personally suggest 2/3 nights in Naples and from there you can move to either Capri, Sorrento or the Amalfi Cost.

What is the Fake ticket scam?

Scammers approach you near popular tourist attractions and offer to sell you fake tickets or skip-the-line passes at a discounted price. These tickets will not work, and you will be out of both money and the opportunity to see the attraction. Buy the tickets in advance or only at the official reseller.

How is Pickpockets in Naples?

Pickpockets in Naples are known to be especially skilled. They may work alone or in groups to distract you, often by bumping into you or asking for directions, while stealing your wallets, purses, or valuables. It’s important to be mindful of your surroundings and keep your belongings close to you at all times. Put you rucksack or bag always in the front and never in the back.

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