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Where to stay in Positano

Positano is one of those magical towns in Europe that should be on anyone’s bucket list. Just unique.

One of the questions I get asked quite frequently is where to stay in Positano. Why? Because there are so many options. 

There are areas of Positano where usually you get a better view, others that are totally exclusive, or for a family trip with small kids or again for a honeymoon or just a romantic getaway.

And you know the best. This guide has just been updated. No old stuff inside like hotels in needs of attention or closed restaurants

Without further ado, let’s get into it with a handy map 

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Where to stay in Positano – In a nutshell with video

Best areas to stay in Positano
Best areas to stay in Positano
  • Where to stay in Positano on a budget: unfortunately Positano is an expensive town to book your stay. If your budget is really low then consider booking outside Positano and take a ferry or a bus for a day visit. Praiano, between Positano and Amalfi, tends to be much cheaper and so beautiful too. From there you can organise day trips to both towns. If Positano has to be then the accommodations close to Via Marconi (the main road) tend to be cheaper. Read below more on a budget stay
  • Where to stay in Positano with a view: This is a vertical town, therefore most of the accommodations tend to have a balcony with an amazing view. I will remember forever my breakfast with the view of the town. Magical. The east side of Positano tends to have a better view, however, you can find also little gems on the west side. Read below on the best place to stay for the view.
  • Where to stay in Positano on honeymoon: try to stay on the east side of Positano (on the Amalfi side). From there you have the most amazing view of the town, literally jaw-dropping. It’s a bit more expensive but it’s also one of the most romantic time in our life. Read more below for your honeymoon trip.
  • Where do celebrities stay in Positano: If the celebrities look for privacy, possibly even a private beach, then the San Pietro Hotel is usually the place they stay, just outside Positano. You may know George Clooney and Mick Jagger, yes they stayed at San Pietro, an amazing and possibly the most beautiful hotel on the Amalfi Coast (check more photos here). There is another stunning hotel favourite by the celebrities, more central to Positano, it’s Le Sirenuse, this is where even Reese Witherspoon had her honeymoon, absolutely the jewel of Positano (check more photos here).
  • Best place to stay in Positano for families: this town is absolutely a joy to explore if you have kids 5 years or older, they will love going up and down and hide behind the corners. If you travelling with toddlers and your pram then it will be hard. In this case, I really suggest booking your accommodation close to the beaches. There are two of them. Read more here on a family stay in Positano.
  • Best place to stay for couples: if you are looking for a romantic stay then you will not be disappointed. There are plenty of options. You get the best view on the east side of town however also the west side area is more practical and closer to both beaches. Read below on the most charming spots for couples
  • Best hotels to stay in Positano: it’s a very personal choice of course. Here is a selection of four, based on a different budget:
    • Exclusive stays: I already talked about Le Sirenuse, in the celebrities section, really unbeatable. Right in the centre of the action. Amazing view from the pool. Something else (check the photos here).
    • Luxury stays: The Villa Boheme offers fantastic luxury suites with a magical view and a swimming pool too. Highly suggested for a honeymoon (check the photos here).
    • Mid-range stays: The Hotel Poseidon is an incredibly great value for money especially considering the pool, with such an amazing view over Positano. Just imagine yourself having a drink there at sunset, so magical (check the photos here)
    • Budget stays: The Pensione Il Canneto is one of the bargains in Positano. Great view at a budget price. What’s the catch? It’s not centrally located. It’s next to Via Marconi, the main road that connects Amalfi to Sorrento. It’s a 1 km walk to the beach. Still, check these photos and you will see a great deal.
  • Best experiences once in Positano: there are a few amazing things you can do once in town. These are the experiences I would suggest
  • Stay in Sorrento or Positano? This is a great question I receive very frequently. The real biggest difference between Positano and Sorrento is the location. From Sorrento, you can easily reach Naples, Capri Island, ancient Pompei and also the whole Amalfi Coast using either buses or small ferries. Finding a good place to stay in Sorrento is usually easier and cheaper too. Positano is, in my opinion, more romantic and unique, something really different from everything, but that comes at a price. If you are looking for a base to explore Naples, the surrounding area and the Amalfi Coast then Sorrento is the ideal town. If you are after a unique place to spend the dream of your life then Positano has to be. Of course, you can also mix with 3-4 days in Sorento and 2 days in Positano.
  • Stay in Positano or Amalfi? Another question with not an easy answer. In my opinion, Positano is still more dramatic, more of a “vertical town”, with steps to go up and down, with the feeling you get lost but suddenly you know where you are. It’s a great maze, super characteristic and romantic to enjoy every single minute. If you find it too hard to walk up and down then you may go for Amalfi, possibly not as dramatic but still one of the most beautiful towns on the Amalfi Coast. Just not as amazing and unique as Positano. You can read a more extensive comparison between Amalfi and Positano that I wrote with photos and maps.

The last tip I can give is to avoid driving on the Amalfi coast. It’s a beautiful drive but you will rarely find spots where you can stop and admire the amazing landscape. 

Moreover, parking costs a real fortune!

If you really want to drive your own vehicle then a scooter or a motorbike works better.

In saying that there is an efficient ferry with frequent runs along the Amalfi Coast, really the best way to experience and explore the area, from the sea.

Video of the best places to stay

Where to stay in Positano on a budget

Positano is not the most budget-friendly destination in Italy and you will find it very hard to find a cheap hotel.

To save, plan your trip off-peak season (avoid June to mid-September). Usually spring and autumn offer the best deals. Winter is really low season however most of the hotels are also closed.

Via Marconi – Amalfi Drive

The Amalfi Drive is the road that connects Sorrento to Amalfi and follows the coast.

The Positano section is called Via Marconi and this is where you will find the best deals.

What is the catch? You are up to 1km from the beach, many steps from it. The view can be just as spectacular, however, you need to budget in some exercise.

Here I suggest the Pensione Il Canneto. You can either walk down or catch a bus to the centre of Positano. The interior is probably not the most up to date one but the price is also a reflection of it. The view is again outstanding and the rooms are super clean.

Check the deal at Il Canneto

Pensione Il Canneto
Pensione Il Canneto

Another great alternative that is actually not as far from the beach is the Moro Di Positano. Clean rooms with a balcony and a fantastic view. It’s a 15 minutes walk down to the centre, not too bad if you want some exercise, otherwise, the bus is the easier option. A great thing about Moro is that they offer a parking area, so if you are driving to Positano then this could be the option for you.

Check the price at Moro

Il Moro di Positano
Il Moro di Positano

Praiano (the alternative)

Praiano is a town/village on the coast between Positano and Amalfi. 

This is a town that would be an amazing destination in any other region of the world, however, here it is squeezed between two big competitors, Positano and Amalfi, hard to beat them.

Praiano is a great base to visit the Amalfi coast and it comes at a better price, not only for the accommodation but also for the food and drinks. The restaurants are better value being not that touristic.

From Praiano, you can take a quick boat to any destination on the Amalfi Coast (very romantic) or grab one of the regular buses.

The Giardino Dei Limoni is in a great location, close to the bus stop and a grocery shop with all you need at a local price. The rooms are clean and big enough. The view of the sea is lovely and the price is very budget-friendly. 

Check the price at the Giardino

Il Giardino dei Limoni
Il Giardino dei Limoni

The Divina Amalfi Coast is even a better value place in my opinion especially considering the delicious breakfast you can have on your balcony with a view.

Check the deal at Divina

La Divina Amalfi Coast
La Divina Amalfi Coast

Where to stay in Positano with a view

The best view is probably from the east side of Positano. This is where you will see all the colourful house as well as the beaches and the coast.

In saying that there also amazing viewpoints on the west side, you just need to be picky. The Hotel Poseidon below is one typical example.

The Hotel Poseidon is a winner if you are looking for a mid-range hotel that has also a swimming pool and a great view, besides a great service of course. Its location is ideal, close to the centre and to both beaches. They work also as a restaurant (try the amazing Lemon Pasta). And if you visit on a cold autumn day, have a limoncello liquor in front of the fireplace.

Check availability at Poseidon

Hotel Poseidon
Hotel Poseidon

The Alcione Residence is on the east side of Positano and it delivers big time on the view, one of the best. And honestly, the hotel is well priced, considering the position. The two ladies running the place are so friendly and at the same time always providing insider suggestions on places to visit. The rooms are big and with a lovely balcony and an amazing view. Order your pizza and have dinner there 🙂

Check availability at Alcione

Alcione Residence
Alcione Residence

Best place to stay in Positano for families

Positano is absolutely a magnificent destination to visit and experience, however, it’s also a “vertical town” that means there are lots of steps, up and down, to go to the restaurants, cafes, beach and finally catch either the bus or the ferry to the next destination.

Close to the beach (with small kids)

Being close to the beach means that you can have a swim and some fun with the kids without carrying all you need around the many steps. 

The small kids have also a better time, an easy 10cm step for us is a massive one for a small kid. Multiply by 100 and you get the picture.

Moreover, if you have the pram, it will be a hard descend and a challenging climb back.

The centre of Positano is also close to the beach which makes things so much easier.

There are two beaches, the main one and Fornillo Beach, a smaller and less busy one, which is ideal if you prefer to leave more space for the kids. The beaches are interconnected.

In both cases, you can rent your sunbed or just enjoy the public beach.

A great place to stay is the Villa Dani, which is an Airbnb style apartment with 2 bedrooms, ideally located, less than 10 meters from the town centre and from the beach. The view from the balcony is absolutely great (see photos here). If you find it available, take it straight away as it is more than often booked out.

Check availability at Villa Dani

The Caravella Positano Apartments is also a good option, especially considering they have the own private beach where you can enjoy the sunbeds. It’s the perfect spot for kids. It’s more of a hotel setup. 

Check price at the Caravella

With a Swimming pool (for bigger kids)

Having a swimming pool is always a great bonus, especially if travelling with bigger kids.

Unfortunately, there is not really a place with a swimming pool close to the beach. You would have to give up on the practicality of facing the beach, which is ok if the kids are big enough.

One of the best options is the Eden House. It’s an AirBnb style apartment with a great balcony with a fabulous view and access to a big pool. It’s a big 90 square meters flat with two bedrooms, plenty of space

Check availability at Eden House

Eden House

If you are on a budget then you should check out the Hotel Royal Positano. It’s a bit like stepping back in the 70s, but they do offer possibly the cheapest price for families and it comes with a great pool and a fantastic view.

Check the deal at the Royal

Hotel Royal Positano
Hotel Royal Positano

Where to stay in Positano on honeymoon 

Spending the honeymoon in Positano is a dream come true. Even celebrities, of which many Hollywood actors, have decided to spend the most romantic time of their life in Positano

Where to stay in Positano for the honeymoon? I personally suggest staying on the east side of Positano. It’s maybe slightly more expensive but the view you get from the rooms and the balconies is to remember for the life.

Here are two alternatives, starting from the luxury option.

  • Villa Boheme Exclusive Luxury Suites: this is a boutique hotel with just 3 suites, all with an amazing view from the windows and from the balcony where they serve breakfast, a real dream comes true. The interior design has been inspired by the Amalfi Coast and the local products. And there is also a swimming pool, which is fantastic on those hot days of summer. 

Check availability at the Boheme

Villa Boheme Exclusive Luxury Suites
Villa Boheme Exclusive Luxury Suites
  • Hotel Eden Roc Suites: this is a family-run hotel that provides one of the most friendly services in Positano. They really look after their own guests, especially on a honeymoon. The view from the room as well as from the breakfast area is spectacular. The pool is also a great plus.

Check availability at Eden Roc

Hotel Eden Roc Suites
Hotel Eden Roc Suites

Best place to stay in Positano for couples – the unique boutique option

You are looking for a great place to stay in Positano with your partner, something different, something special.

What about if I tell you that you can book your accommodation in a tower built on a cliff, still meters away from the centre of town.

Yes, it’s possible. The place is called Torre Trasita and it is just unbelievable.  This is an accommodation that is been featured in multiple magazines as unique places to stay in Europe. It’s not a cheap option but surely a unique one.

Check more photos of the Torre Trasita

Torre Trasita
Torre Trasita

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