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Where to stay in Alonnisos

Let me say first that I believe this is the most kept secret Greek Island.

If you are still tossing around the idea to visit it then I can assure you that you will have the most unique experience. 

It’s like visiting Greece in the 80s, so authentic.

In saying that, it may be hard to understand where to stay in Alonnisos because there are only a few villages, some work better for families and kids, other for couples or for just a relaxed and quiet stay.

And this is where I may be able to help.

If you keep reading you will find a very handy map with tips, a few key points of the best places to stay in Alonnisos, based on your type of trip, and a more detailed description for each destination.

But without further ado, let’s dig into it

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Best place to stay in Alonnisos – in a nutshell

Alonnisos is quite a remote island, however, there is an easy way to reach it. 

Just fly to the island of Skiathos, take a bus/taxi to the port and from there it’s only a 1.5 hour ferry trip.

You will arrive in the small town of Patitiri.

Unfortunately, my experience with busses in Alonnisos was poor. None waiting at the ferry, rare runs, not practical.

I personally walked a bit, got a taxi in a couple of occasions and rented a car for a few days to explore the most remote places.

If you can, book your car well in advance as there are not many available on the island.

Here below is a map with the best villages to stay. 

Best places to stay in Alonnisos
Best places to stay in Alonnisos- Read & download the high-resolution map here

Following are a few key points on where to stay in Alonnisos

  • Where to stay in Alonnisos for families: a great town to stay with kids is Votsi, very relaxed, quiet and with two beaches of which Rousoum Gialos is a lovely organised and inexpensive one. Another possibility is Steni Vala, a very quiet small village with a picturesque harbour full of restaurants. Here you can find the cheapest family houses on the island, walking distance to the beach.
  • Best area to stay in Alonnisos for couples: the arrival harbour town of Patitiri is a good place to be based and enjoy Alonnisos. There are nice restaurants and even a late-night bar for cocktails but do not expect any party. It’s walking distance to the lovely quiet beach of Rousoum Gialos and it’s the hub of the bus network (more on this later). The alternative, for a romantic stay in a charming and characteristic destination, is Alonnisos Town, up in the hill, a picture-perfect Greek village with bars and restaurants and a nice refreshing breeze at night.
  • Coolest place to stay in Alonnisos: Alonnisos Town is the most beautiful place on the island, really unbeatable, a lovely Greek village with an arty and bohemian twist. You should check out the Althea Armonia Suites, meters from the main town square, for the best view of the island, with a private pool and a boutique interior.
  • Best place for nightlife: Patitiri has the only bar open till late in Alonnisos, the Lithos, at the port, just behind the ticket office. There are also other bars for a chill-out drink at the beach area. In saying that, there is no partying. For that, you should check out the island of Skiathos. Alonnisos is more of a relaxing, quiet and sleepy destination.
  • Best place to stay in Alonnisos for sunset: the best and only place for sunset is Alonnisos Town. All the other destinations are on the east coast. 
  • Where to stay in Alonnisos for the beach: there are some amazing beaches, mostly on the East Coast. Votsi is my favourite spot because it has a nice village feeling, with a lovely beach, close to the port and with a few restaurant options. I love other beaches as Kokkinokastro Beach, Chrisi Milia Beach or Agios Dimitrios Beach but there are not many accommodations around, and the existing ones are far from everything.
  • Best area on a budget: you will find that most of the hotels and rooms on a budget are in the arrival town of Patitiri. It’s a very practical destination with a few low-cost food options as well.
  • Best place without a car: if you are looking for a base to explore the island then Patitiri is the place to be. Keep in mind, however, that this is a remote island, not a major destination. From Patitiri there is a daily bus running at 10am to the beaches on the east coast, back at 4pm. There are more frequent runs to Alonnisos Town. Rent a scooter or a car to be more independent. 
  • Best area to stay in Alonnisos for trekking: from Alonnisos Town you have plenty of trekking opportunities, like the walk to Mikros Mourtias Beach or the one to the picturesque Megalos Mourtias Beach. You can also walk the direct way down to Patitiri (6km) and back by bus. Plenty of possibilities. It’s also nice and fresh at night.
  • Best time to visit Alonnisos: this is not a popular island and you will not find many travellers around. In June and September, you will share Alonnisos just with a bunch of travellers. Keep in mind that the bus to the beaches runs only when the school is over (it’s a shared facility). July starts getting busier and August has its peak, but still far from the crowd you may experience in most of the other Greek islands. In 2019 I was there in the second week of August and there were people around but, by comparison, I felt like Naxos in early June or possibly Santorini in March/April.

For more details on the destinations keep reading below

Where to stay in Alonnisos for families

I highly suggest Votsi to any family with kids, close to everything and very quiet.

For more seclusion though, Steni Vala may work better.

There are also a few villas that you can book around the island, however, you will be very isolated and you will need a car.

Votsi (relaxed and close to everything)

Votsi is a small village less than 2 km from the arrival port set in a beautiful double bay. 

It’s very quiet, relaxing and chilled-out.

You can spend some time at the organised Rousoum Gialos Beach (inexpensive sunbeds rented by the council) or lay down at the scenic Votsi Beach.

I have 2 favourite restaurants in the area.

The first one is To Votsalo, right in front of the Rousoum Gialos beach, a fantastic choice both at lunch or dinner time.

The kids can play at the beach and you can see them from the table.

The other choice, only for dinner, is Konaki, next to a fenced playground where the kids can play and enjoy themselves too. Amazing Greek food at a bargain price.

I loved the setup of the Harbor of Votsi Restaurant but I had to wait 2 hours before getting my dinner and I arrived at 6pm, when it was almost empty. I would not suggest it. 

The Esperides apartment is an unbeatable accommodation with an incredible view over the bay (see photos here)

It is a two-bedroom place with plenty of space and a fully refurbished interior.

Check availability at Esperides

Rousoum Gialos Beach
Rousoum Gialos Beach in August

Steni Vala (villas next to a quiet beach)

This is a lovely and picturesque harbour village in a small bay.

It is very popular with sailing yachts and diving centres too.

Even if you visit it on a day trip, you should go to eat at Diver & Kalymnia, right at the end of the harbour. 

You will have the best view and seafood around Steni Vala.

On the back of the village, you will find Glyfa beach, a long pebble one.

This is where you can book one of the few quiet villas for your stay with the kids like the Flower House.

This is a 2-BR house with direct access to the beach. So practical and with a spectacular view too (see photos here).

Check price at Flower House

Local fishing boat in Steni Vala
Local fishing and recreational boat in Steni Vala

Best area to stay in Alonnisos for couples

Alonnisos is the perfect island for couples looking to relax, have a romantic time and chill-out at the beach.

There are two great destinations to stay: Patitiri, with a beach, and Alonnisos Town, a romantic village up on the hill.

Patitiri (practical with a beach)

This is the town where the ferry docks; it’s a very practical destination, especially if you plan to leave with the first ferry in the morning (before sunrise).

It does not have that character you expect from Greece, like whitewashed houses of small lanes. It’s more of a modern small town.

It works very well with young couples that would like also to have a late-night.

Here you will find a few nice bars in front of the small local beach and Lithos, the only club/bar on the island with some live music too.

I suggest the Restaurant Akrogiali for dinner, perfect position in front of the beach with a nice sea breeze. 

Talking of beaches, the local one is small and not as beautiful.

Walk down instead to Rousoum Gialos Beach, so much better, and stop at the Bakery on the way to buy the lovely galatopita, a Greek custard pie.

The Kavos Hotel has simple rooms next to the port with a fabulous view of the harbour (see photos here)

I suggest getting the fresh daily breakfast made of local products, starting with the locally made yogurt.

Check availability at Kavos

If you are on a budget you should check out Elli Rooms, probably the best value accommodation in the island.

It has simple clean rooms, a few with a balcony and a view of the Patitiri harbour (see photos here)

Check price at Elli

Restaurants area in Patitiri
Restaurants area in Patitiri

Alonnisos Town (romantic and characteristic)

This is the most characteristic, charming and historic town of the island, up in the hill.

You will miss out on the easy access to the beach but you will gain on many other things.

The village is so typical Greek, however with a bohemian twist.

You will find so many nice cafes and restaurants, especially at night when it all becomes a pedestrian area and restaurants take out all the table for a massive food festival along the small lanes.

For sunset, you have to make it to the Hayiati cafe bar. You will have the best view of the Sporadic Islands from there

For dinner, walk back a few meters along the small lane and seat at one of the many street restaurants. 

I had my greatest meat dinner at Kastro Restaurant, a real Greek experience.

For a boutique stay, you should book at Althea Armonia Suites.

From the room, you can have one of the best views of the island (see photos here).

And you can have your own private pool if you want to overindulge.

Check availability at Althea

Another alternative, more on a budget, but still with an amazing view is the Chiliadromia Studios.

The small balcony overlooking the hill and sea is so romantic (see photos here) as well as the characteristic interior.

Check price at Chiliadromia

The lovely Alonnissos Old Town
The lovely Alonnisos Old Town

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