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Where to stay in Antiparos

This is one of the most kept secret islands in the Cyclades, a real little cute gem.

I had my first trip there 20 years ago and I enjoy it so much, and I am still today in love with it.

Back then you could stay only in town, there was not much choice.

Today Antiparos Town (Chora) is much bigger and there are newly built areas along the coast.

It comes as no surprise you may be still undecided as to where to stay in Antiparos

In this guide, you will find all the information you need to make your choice on the best area to book your accommodation, either in town or around the island for more seclusion.

But without further ado, let’s dig into it

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Best place to stay in Antiparos – in a nutshell

This is a tiny island, one of the smallest in the Cyclades, a little gem.

You can arrive in two ways:

  • by direct boat from Parikia in Paros. This is a small passengers-only one that is organised in high season. Approach a local travel agency and book your ticket
  • by ferry boat from Pounta, 7km south of Parikia in Paros. That is a cheaper option and you can take your scooter, bike or car with you.

Either way, you will make it to Antiparos Town, or Chora. 

This is where most of the hotels are. In the section below I have identified 4 areas of the town that may work better for families, couples, or just a relaxing stay.

There are also 2 “new” spots with some accommodations in the south of the island

These are Agios Georgios and Soros Beach, where you will find mostly villas that work great for families if you are looking for a very quiet stay.

Here below is a map with the best areas to stay. 

Best areas to stay in Antiparos Island
Best areas to stay in Antiparos Island – Check & Download the full resolution map

Following are a few key points on where to stay in Antiparos

  • Best place to stay in Antiparos for sunset: the Castle Area of Chora is a good place to be based, you will have easy access to Sifneiko Beach, the best spot for sunset. Head to the Sifneiko Cafe for a drink and some music. Head a bit earlier for the best table.
  • Where to stay in Antiparos for families: if you have small kids stay in the Kaloudia Beach Area of Chora. This is a great beach with never-ending shallow water, perfect for the little ones. For grow-up kids, I would suggest more the Psaraliki Beach Area of Chora, better organised, with some music and you can have a nice swim without walking 20 meters in the shallow water. Agios Georgios in the south of the island may also work great if you are after a villa stay in a relaxing area of the island, with just a couple of restaurants around.
  • Best area to stay in Antiparos for couples: for young couples, I would suggest the Port Area. you will be within a 1km walk from most of the beaches (including a naturist one), the bars and the only club on the island. You will have many restaurants and shops around, great for a nice night out. Alternatively, stay in the Psaraliki Beach Area, a short walk to the shopping area and the beach, however far from the north coast and Agios Theologos Beach.
  • Coolest place to stay in Antiparos: there are a few lovely and boutique accommodations around, however, the coolest one (in my opinion) is Kouros Village with a lovely pool, a great interior design inspired by local materials and a view to the port area to die for (see photos here).
  • Best place for nightlife: the Castle Area is the place to be with 3 lovely bars and a club walking distance. I may add here that this is not a party island, so expect some great music and fun but nothing like Mykonos or Naoussa in the nearby Paros Island. August is the month with more people and nightlife.
  • Where to stay in Antiparos for the beach: if you stay in town I suggest the Psaraliki Beach Area, a lovely spot, well organised, with music and drinks, if you want so (there is also a large public are). Agios Georgios in the south of the island is also an option, far from the town, for a more relaxing stay.
  • Best area on a budget: most of the properties on a budget are in the Port Area. A few are actually great value, with a balcony too.
  • Best place without a car: stay in Chora otherwise you will not be able to move around, as easy as that. Alternatively, rent a scooter for a few days to explore the island.
  • Best area to stay in Antiparos for trekking: there are a few signed walks around the island. You can start them from Chora.
  • Best time to visit Antiparos: this is an island that comes alive at the end of May with the first travellers making it to the island. In June most of the hotels, restaurants and bars will be open. The high season is in July and August, with the peak in the first 2 weeks of August when you will have to book your room well in advance. September gets very quiet and towards the end of the month, businesses start to shut.
  • Which month works best for Antiparos: June and September are very quiet months and I would personally suggest booking your accommodation in Chora, the old town. July is much busier and, doesn’t matter where you will stay, there will be other travellers around. August is the busiest time to stay in Paros. Chora is packed, especially in the first two weeks. For a quieter stay, you should book your accommodation in Agios Georgios.

For more details on the destinations keep reading below

Where to stay in Antiparos Town (Chora)

In this map below I have identified 4 areas and I have also added the approx distances, so that you have an idea of how much walking is involved, in case you do not have a bike or scooter.

You can also travel here by car, however, you really do not need it.

You can easily rent a bike and go around, it’s quite flat (a few shops and accommodations rent bikes)

Best areas to stay in Chora - Antiparos
Best areas to stay in Chora – Antiparos. Check & download the full resolution map

Port Area (practical and restaurants, budget)

This is the area where you will arrive by boat. It’s a very practical area to stay as you can walk to most of the places in the Chora within 20-25 minutes max.

If you arrive by car, however, this is the area you will not want to stay in as parking may be a problem, especially in peak season.

This is a great area for restaurants and shopping.

Talking of food, you should plan one night at the Italian Pizzeria Lollo’s, the best pizza on the island with a lovely view of the pier.

For coffees and frappes head to Romvi, a great spot to see and been seen.

The Port Area is also where you can find a few cheap places to sleep as the Paris Rooms.

This accommodation is such a great value. The best is the view, straight to the pier, you can’t beat it (see photos here)

The rooms are simple, spacious and clean.

Check price at Paris

Villa Del Mar is a great alternative, more boutique-style, with a bigger balcony on the lovely garden (see photos here)

The rooms are very spacious and very quiet at night.

Check availability at Villa Del Mar

The port area of the old town of Antiparos
The port area of the old town of Antiparos

Castle Area (bars and cool, steps from the best sunset beach)

This is the coolest area in town, right in the centre of the Chora.

It’s a maze of whitewashed house and small lanes where it’s so easy to get lost and suddenly find your way back.

Right in the middle of it, you will find what is left of the castle between the wide walls.

Here you will find most of the bars to spend the night, start with The Smile Company for a cocktail and move on to Lucky Luke for more drinks and partying

And once the bars close, it’s time to walk down 500m out of town to the Mill Club for some late-night dancing.

Here you find also one of the coolest accommodation on the island, the Kastro House.

This is a recently refurbished house inside the antique castle walls, really a unique experience (see photos here)

Check availability at Kastro

Wandering around the Castro area
Wandering around the Castro area

Kaloudia Beach Area (shallow water, quiet, perfect for small kids)

This is the area north of the small port and next to Kaloudia Beach.

This is a favourite place for families with small kids thanks to the shallow water that extends for over 20m.

You can leave the kids playing in the water for hours.

Mike’Place is the ideal accommodation with a balcony overlooking the beach, so handy and so beautiful (see photos here).

Refurbished recently, it’s a great value for money for families travelling with kids.

Check price at Mike’s Place

Building sandcastles with the kids

Psaraliki Beach Area (organised beach with music)

Walk south 500m from the pier and you will find one of the best beaches in town, Psaraliki.

The previously mentioned Kaloudia Beach is great for kids, but a bit of a pain for grown-up and adults as it is not really swimmable.

That’s why Psaraliki Beach is the favourite in town, long, wide and with turquoise water, perfect for both playing and have a swim, but not too shallow.

There is also a small part organised with sunbeds, music and drinks of course. 

The ThalaSEA village is a great accommodation, close to the beach and 5-10 minutes walking to the Chora central area.

The rooms are spotless and spacious. The balcony view is the plus (see photos here)

Check availability at ThalaSEA

View of the island coastline
View of the island coastline

Agios Georgios (quiet with organised beach)

If Antiparos is typically very quiet (except probably in the first two weeks of August) then Agios Georgios is quintessential peaceful, a sort of quiet “on steroids”.

It’s a set and forget area. 

Located south of the island, Agios Georgios is a sort of a recent village, with new villas scattered around, a few with a pool.

It’s the perfect place to stay in Antiparos to unwind and chill-out.

You will be far away from everything and you will need a mean of transportation, even a bike (it’s only 10km to Chora)

There are 2 restaurants, both very good: Captain Pipinos with a view of the beach and Zombos, with the classic Greek cuisine.

The Oliaros seaside lodge is a great accommodation to stay and relax.

The location is incredible, metres from the beach with an amazing view from the balcony (see photos here)

Check availability at Oliaros

Fishing is still part of the island life
Fishing is still part of the island life

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