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Where to stay in Lanzarote

This is probably the most spectacular of the Canary Islands with over 300 volcanoes, a monotone lava landscape, amazing beaches, some of the best surfing in the world and I could keep going.

The great news is that it has not developed in a crazy way, with tall building and resorts everywhere. It has instead maintained its own identity.

This is a small island, around 70km long, however, it can be hard to understand where to stay in Lanzarote.

There are areas that better cater to a couples getaway, meanwhile, others work better for families or nightlife. Finally, there are places that are perfect for cycling, walking or surfing.

This guide goes through all of them suggesting the best spot based on your type of holiday.

Without further ado, let’s get into it.

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Best area to stay in Lanzarote for couples, families, cycling or walking.

Here below a few points that will help you to quickly understand the island of Lanzarote.

My suggestion is, however, to keep reading for more tips and insights on the best areas to stay in Lanzarote based on your type of holiday.

Best area to stay in Lanzarote
Best area to stay in Lanzarote
  • Best place to stay in Lanzarote for couples: Caleta de Famara is a small traditional fishing village that could be perfect for a romantic and secluded stay. The long beach is a lovely spot for walks and for some sports activities, from surfing to kitesurfing, great if you are an active couple. Playa Blanca right in the south is the other destinations for couples, especially if you are after a beach holiday made of sun, water and sand. Here you will find arguably the most amazing beach in the Gran Canaries, Papagayo Beach. The area is more organised with plenty of restaurants and bars with a nice relaxed vibe. Read more on Lanzarote for couples below.
  • Where to stay in Lanzarote with family: Puerto del Carmen is the most popular place on the island, mostly for its exceptional beaches as Playa Fariones, Playa Chica and the well know Playa Grande. Book your accommodation close to Playa de los Pocillos (north of town) for a quiet night. Costa Teguise works also great except between June and August when the wind can be a bit annoying (kitesurfing season). Again amazing beaches and activities for kids too. Read more below for a family stay.
  • Best area to stay in Lanzarote without a car: if you do not have a car then Arrecife can be a great town to be based. The historical centre has still the original architecture and charm. It is the best place for shopping and it’s well connected by public bus (cheap) to the rest of the island. You can easily explore Lanzarote with day trips if you want. The local beach, Playa Reducto, is actually good, with white sand and calm water. More info on a stay without car below.
  • Best place to stay in Lanzarote for nightlife: Puerto del Carmen is probably the most famous town for nightlife in Lanzarote. Most of the bars and disco clubs are located either near the Old Town Harbour (south of town) or the end of Playa Grande (centre of town). Arrecife is a good option for a more traditional Spanish “Movida” experience where you will drink and dance with a good mix of locals and tourists. Check out more info for a nightlife stay.
  • Where to stay in Lanzarote for young couples: we already talked about the best areas for couples. The suggested above towns are mostly for a relaxed and romantic stay. If you are looking for beautiful beaches but a bit of nightlife too then Puerto del Carmen may actually work better. This town will give you the possibility to have both a quiet time (in the north) and an exciting nightlife (in the centre-south)
  • Best resort in Lanzarote for nightlife: as already said, Puerto del Carmen and Arrecife have the best resorts areas for nightlife on the island. A great place to stay close to the “movida” in Puerto is the Pensión Magec (super value and you will have more money for partying) meanwhile in Arrecife the Hotel Lancelot, right in front of the beach, has spacious rooms with one of the best views in town.
  • Where to stay in Lanzarote with a baby: Costa Teguise is a great place to stay with toddlers and babies, except probably in July when the wind picks up quite strong (kitesurfing season). In saying that there are many coves and beaches along the coast absolutely protected from the wind and enjoyable for families
  • Best area to stay in Lanzarote for cyclingCosta Teguise is a good base, right on the central east coast of the island. From there you can explore the whole of Formentera. Season wise, try to make it between October and May. In this way, the day temperature will be cool/warmish and not as hot as in July/August. In summer you will experience also much more wind. I like here also to talk about the Club la Santa, on the west coast. This is one of the best Sports Centre in the world in my opinion, with three Olympic Size pools (see photos here) and lots of organised sports activities with even an app to have all planned. A must if you are preparing a triathlon.
  • Best place to stay for walking: in Lanzarote, you will find one of the most spectacular Natural Parks, the Los Volcanes. There are so many calderas that if you check the area from above it looks like an Emmental cheese. If you are a keen walker then you should stay in one of the charming villages in the area. The Casa Diama has 2 self-contained cottages with an incredibly unique view of the volcanoes area (see photos here) and it’s a great value too.
  • Where to stay for windsurfing and kitesurfing: the west coast is the ultimate destination, with strong winds in most part of the year. This is where the pros go for training, and there is a good reason for that, a constant wind that blows from morning to evening. The pick of the season is between May and September, with July being the best month. In autumn/winter (October to April) you may still be lucky, however, winds are not that reliable. Costa Teguise is one of the most famous places with Playa de las Cucharas being the central spot.
  • Where to stay for surfing: this is an island full of energy and adrenaline and when the wind drops in autumn/winter then surfing becomes the number one sport (from October to April). There are spots all around the island, with a few challenging places experiencing waves up to 5 m. Orzola on the north coast has great waves for beginners. La Santa has more challenging ones, for expert surfers. In Orzola you can check out the Casa Nehuna, perfect if you are travelling as a group (see photos here) and Mirador del Roque for couples. In La Santa this Terrace Apartment offers a great stay.
  • Quiet places to stay in Lanzarote: Except for a few towns, most of the island is really quiet. For a unique experience stay in the countryside close to the Los Volcanes National Park. You will have a spectacular view and you will be in one of the world’s best stargazing spots. The Casa Diama has 2 lovely cottages that should not be missed (see photos here)
  • Where to stay in Lanzarote at Christmas: if you are after a lively place with restaurants to have lunch/dinner then Puerto del Carmen is the place to be. Most of the other resorts areas are not as popular as in summer. Arrecife, the capital of the island, is another option with a few celebrations happening. This is where most of the Spanish population actually lives.
  • Where to stay in Lanzarote in December and January: the days are usually sunny, although this is the time of the year with the most unsettled weather and possible sudden storms. During the day you can wear just a T-shirt but at night it can be quite chilly and you would need a jacket or a jumper. The south coast is the warmest area to be, however, it will not that lively.
  • Where to stay in February and March: the weather can be quite unpredictable with February probably too cold, around 20C, for a swim. At night again it is quite chilly. In March things are starting changing, especially towards the end of the month. Temperature over 20C become quite the norm during the day. Stay in the south (Playa Blanca), the warmest side of the island, if you are after swimming and shorts.
  • Where to stay in Lanzarote in April: you will experience mostly sunny days with temperature over 20C. That’s, of course, the average. In a warm season, it will be much more than that, but, if you are unlucky it can be less. As a rule of thumb, the souther you go the better. Usually, the winds come from NE and you will be sort of repaired by the mountains and volcanoes of the island.
  • Where to stay in Lanzarote in November: chances are the weather will be fine, sunny and in the 20-25C range, especially the first 2 weeks of November. If unlucky, it can be windy and rainy, but it’s more of a rare occasion. The sea is still warmish and you can still swim in it, especially if you are used to the Atlantic Sea temperatures
  • Warmest part of Lanzarote: The south has the warmest weather. Even in winter can be quite warm, although it can be coolish at night. The biggest resort area is Playa Blanca. In summer is quite busy, however, in winter is very very quiet.
  • Best Tours and activities: Once in Lanzarote you should explore the Timanfaya National Park with this tour, such a fascinating lunar landscape, you can also do a camel ride through it. Another great day out is the Volcanoes and Caves Walk where you will experience also the Montañas del Fuego (Fire Mountains). Unmissable is the Sailing Trip to La Graciosa for some of the best beaches in the Gran Canaries.

Book the Timanfaya NP  Volcanoes Walk  Sailing to La Graciosa

The great thing about these tours is that they have a free cancellation policy (up to 24 hours before the activity starts). You can plan in advance without worries in case you change your mind 🙂

Best place to stay in Lanzarote for couples

The two towns listed below will assure you a romantic stay with Caleta de Famara more secluded, however, with a few water activities possible on the main beach for the active couples.

For young couples, I may also suggest Playa del Carmen, especially if you stay more in the southern area of town. Read more in the nightlife section below.

Caleta de Famara (romantic and secluded stay)

Caleta de Famara is a scenic town on the island’s north-western coast and is ideal for couples’ getaways looking for privacy.

You have a lot to look forward to here from the breathtaking cliff views to the charming town just waiting to be explored.

It is particularly an awesome option if you are an outdoorsy couple thirsting for some adventure.

In this case, you could enjoy the many attractions including Muelle de Famara as well as activities like water sports.

With the latter, the Famara Surf, SUP and Kite School is a great place to check out.

The surf shop will facilitate your water fun whether it is kitesurfing, regular surfing or paddle boating by offering rental equipment as well as training.

You and your beau will also have a great time restaurant hopping in the charming little town.

One of the best spots to visit if you want a location for a romantic night out is Restaurante Sol.

The restaurant serves amazing food and is particularly popular for its fresh seafood.

The calm ambience and beautiful setup will also go a long way towards ensuring that it is truly the perfect night.

Seaview Famara Beach in the perfect place to stay as a couple.

With its location, you will have the perfect amount of seclusion to actually feel like you are on a getaway trip.

However, you still get to stay connected with the rest of the world through the amazing panoramic views from the hotel (see photos here).

Check availability at Famara 

Walking on the long beach of Caleta de Famara
Walking on the long beach of Caleta de Famara

Playa Blanca (beach holiday)

Playa Blanca is a little paradise with its chill vibe, tropical greenery and beautiful beaches.

It is ideal for a couple’s vacation if you plan on making nice walks along the beach, take a swim, explore the area and being in contact with the fantastic nature.

However, it’s not really a secluded area as the resort town arguably attracts quite a number of travellers from vibrant youngsters to a more mature crowd.

One of the most popular beach around is the famous Papagayo, ideal for those days you want to bum out on the beach or have a romantic seaside picnic.

The water is beautiful, the sand is clean and despite its popularity, it is never too crowded.

For those evenings where you want something quiet and laid back, check out Restaurante los Hervideros.

This charming little place sets the romantic vibes with its old school family-owned look and feel. The food is also really good with their meat dishes and fish soups being easy local favourites.

Another great option is Restaurante Puerto Blanco which is ideal if you are looking for something more modern and high end.

The restaurant screams classy from a mile away and is therefore ideal for one of those dates where you want to get fancy and dress up for a night out.   

Apartamentos Marina is a great option in town when trying to figure out where to stay, mainly due to its beautiful views (see photos here).

The holiday apartments are also ideal for couples who want the beach experience while escaping the touristy vibes of hotel chains.

That way you have a quiet haven to escape to after a day of being a tourist.

Check availability at Marina 

The famous and beautiful Papagayo Beach
The famous and beautiful Papagayo Beach

Where to stay in Lanzarote with family

There are two towns that work just great for families with kids: Puerto del Carmen and Costa Teguise.

Both have fantastic beaches to enjoy with your children.

Both have good activities with Costa Teguise popular for easy surfing, windsurfing and kitesurfing. A great spot for grownup children to enter in the water sports world. A great fun.

You may have noticed that I suggested Puerto del Carmen also for nightlife.

So why should I suggest it also for families?

The town is actually quite long, about 4km. Stay on the north side and it will be very peaceful. Go south and you will have great nightlife.

Puerto del Carmen (beaches and facilities) 

This is without a doubt one of the most popular resort towns in all of Lanzarote.

This makes it perfect for family getaways as there are a lot of activities for you to try out in the busy town together from shopping and exploring the main centre to having fun by the water.

Speaking of the water, Puerto del Carmen has numerous beautiful beaches for you to visit as a family.

These include Playa Fariones, Playa Chica and the well-known Playa Grande. The water is clear and calm and therefore perfect for your kids whether old or young to have fun in.

Playa de los Pocillos is another great option with its low key vibes and is ideal if you want a location that is less crowded.

The area around this particular beach is also very nice and calm which is ideal if you want to stay somewhere isolated for some quality family time away from the hassle of tourist vibes.

When you are not splashing about in the water, you should definitely plan a visit to the Rancho Texas Lanzarote Park.

The animal park also features a splash zone and playgrounds that the little ones will definitely enjoy.

You will also have a lot of fun exploring the many culinary delights that the town has to offer in which case La Lanterna is a wonderful place to take the family for a nice meal out.

In addition to the airy setup and amazing vibes, you will have an awesome Italian menu to explore. The kids will definitely enjoy the pizza and pasta options.

For accommodations, consider Club del Carmen By Diamond Resorts (sleeping up to 4 children)

The best part of the hotel in addition to the beautiful décor (see photos here) is the presence of numerous family-friendly amenities.

These include the heated pool, free Wi-Fi and an outdoor terrace for those family nights in.

Check availability at Club Carmen

Main beach in Puerto del Carmen
Main beach in Puerto del Carmen

Costa Teguise (for activities)

Costa Teguise, on the other hand, is ideal for families with older kids.

This is because the little beach town is basically a water sports paradise waiting to be explored with everything from windsurfing or kitesurfing to add to your itinerary.

For this, there are several amazing beaches including Playa de las Cucharas and Playa del Jablillo.

The older kids would definitely also enjoy a trip to Bike Spot Lanzarote.

Here, you can rent some bikes and explore the town or the off-road natural trails for a day of fun as a family.

The kids would also enjoy visiting attractions in the area including the iconic Lanzarote Aquarium.

While here, make a point to visit La Tabla Restaurant. This place has a very unique serving setup which makes it possible for you to share meals as a family.

It also has some of the best desserts in town which you will all enjoy after your wonderful meal.

Luxury Beachfront apartment is without a doubt the best place to stay as a family in Costa Teguise.

You get easy access to a beach as well as restaurants and shopping spots for some retail therapy which is super convenient.

You also get access to awesome amenities with the highlight being the heated pool.

Check price at Beach Front

Great surfing also for kids
Great surfing also for kids

Best area to stay in Lanzarote without a car

If you are planning to visit the island but you don’t want to rent a car then Arrecife should be the best base for you.

This is the capital of Lanzarote and the hub of an extensive bus network.

Moreover, it has also a nice beach where you can spend some time sunbathing in those lazy days.

Arrecife (the hub of the island)

Arrecife is the island’s capital and is the best place to stay if you want to be in the heart of all the action.

You have a lot to be excited about from the activity-packed day scene to the vibrant nightlife (mostly run by locals for locals) which means you will not have a dull moment on your trip.

By day, the best way to truly appreciate the town is by exploring it.

You could take a glimpse into the beautifully preserved town’s history with attractions like the Museo Arqueológico de Lanzarote and the original architecture itself.

You could also enjoy a fun day at Playa Reducto beach with its white sand and calm water.

Another great thing about Arrecife is its central location and proximity to other spots on Lanzarote.

You can therefore easily plan a day trip to one of the towns around for adventure and more memories.

For this, the easiest way to get around is by public transport. It is affordable and you have access to a well-connected network.

There are a lot of resources for you to take advantage of in this case including the Arrecife Bus Website for more information on the routes and schedule.

You could also download the Moovit app for updates for a more convenient commute.

The night scene in Arrecife is also worth checking out with late-night restaurants being a great option if you want a laid back night out.

In this case, La Caja de Tapas is a great late-night spot with amazing food and cocktails for you to enjoy.

The views are also pretty magical at night with the city lights.

Apartamentos Islamar Arrecife is a great place to stay while here especially if you want amazing views (see photos here).

The apartments are also conveniently close to major attractions including shopping hubs and restaurants.

Check price at Islamar

The Hotel Lancelot is another great option, with a fantastic view of the beach and the sea (see photos here).

The rooms are spacious, however, the decor is not that fashionable and this is reflected in the good price

Check price at Lancelot

Lovely architecture of the old towns of Lanzarote
Lovely architecture of the old towns of Lanzarote

Best place to stay in Lanzarote for nightlife

I have already mentioned Puerto del Carmen in the family section and I suggested to stay north of town for the quietest experience.

For nightlife go instead south of Puerto, close to the Old Town Harbour, where you will have plenty of bars to spend the night

Puerto del Carmen (the most famous and popular)

Puerto del Carmen is the jack of all trades when it comes to Lanzarote towns with the perfect balance between fun day life and wild party scene.

It is particularly popular among night time thrill seekers and with its numerous clubs, bars and late-night restaurants, it is easily one of the most famous and popular party spots on the island.

Playa Grande is one of the most active parts of town and is great if you are looking for discos and clubs for a wilder night out.

Old Town Harbour is another great option if you want to be where all the action is.

Here you will find popular watering holes including Skyy Cocktail Bar and Heineken Bar for beer and great cocktails.

You could also check out The Island Bar disco club in the area for a night of fun with great drinks and awesome music.

La Florida is ideal in this case when it comes to accommodations mainly due to its close proximity to a lot of the town’s popular nightspots.

You also have a lot to look forward to in the beautiful rooms (see photos here) besides a great swimming pool and free Wi-Fi.

Check price at La Florida

Another great option is the Pensión Magec. The view from the terrace is absolutely magnificent (see photos here)

It’s clean and basic, however with one of the best value in town too

Check price at Magec

Nightlife of Puerto del Carmen
Nightlife of Puerto del Carmen

Arrecife (more traditional Spanish “Movida”)

As earlier mentioned, Arrecife has it all and its local night scene is definitely something to be excited about.

The town itself has numerous bars and restaurants for you and your party posse to explore.

The best part is that you get to interact with the locals in a lot of these watering holes.

That way you get a truly culturally immersive experience while also having an awesome night. Win-win.

You can also easily take a bus or a taxi to Puerto del Carmen if the night gets that wild for you.

When it comes to making the most out of Arrecife’s vibrant night scene, the El Charco Suites are some of the best options for accommodation with a very unique design that combines traditional architectural vibes with colourful modern decor.

In addition to the boutique design (see photos here), the hotel is conveniently located close to town without losing on privacy and seclusion.

Check price at El Charco

Lovely food of Lanzarote
Lovely food of Lanzarote cooked over a characteristic bbq at El Diablo Restaurant
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