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Where to stay in Fuerteventura

Although this island is relatively small (around 100km long) there is no doubt that finding where to stay in Fuerteventura can be a hard task.


Because there are many resorts areas and villages which cater to a different kind of tourism.

For example, I still remember a family complaining they booked a week in July in Costa Calma (translated as Calm Coast) and it was so windy they could not stay at the beach. 

Although the name is indeed deceptive, this is the windiest part of the island and in July there are even major windsurfing and kitesurfing competitions.

I have organised this guide to highlight the best areas for any kind of trip, from a family holiday to a couples getaway, from nightlife lovers to of course, wind and surfing addicted.

The best is that it’s all just updated, no old stuff.

Without further ado, let’s get into it

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Best area to stay in Fuerteventura with family, as a couple, for nightlife or surfing

Here below a few points that will help you to quickly understand the island of Fuerteventura.

My suggestion is, however, to keep reading for more tips and insights on the best areas to stay in Fuerteventura based on your type of holiday.

Best places to stay in Fuerteventura
Best places to stay in Fuerteventura
  • Best place to stay in Fuerteventura for couples: if you are after a quiet and romantic town with beautiful beaches around then Morro Jable may be the best spot for you. The great thing is that you will also find nice restaurants and bars for an after-dinner drink, without being too crazy. Another option is El Cotillo on the west coast, an old fishing village where you can enjoy the best sunset walk along the cliff (the most spectacular on the island) and a few lovely beaches with turquoise water where you can relax or practice some surfing. Read more on Fuerteventura for couples below.
  • Best place to stay in Fuerteventura for families: Caleta de Fuste is a great place for families with small kids because of its wide and well-protected beach. The children can play safely in the calm water. At night the town is very quiet, perfect for early sleeping time. Costa Calma is another great area, especially from October to April. The water is very shallow and the beach spectacular. I would, however, avoid it in July and August when the wind can be really annoying, up to 30 knots (55 km/h). Read more below for a family trip.
  • Best resort in Fuerteventura for nightlife: Corralejo is the most lively place in Fuerteventura. You will find here restaurants, of any type and budget, bars and clubs for a late-night adventure. In Corralejo, you will also find good beaches for surfing, windsurfing and just relaxing. It’s an overall good destination, especially for the young crowd. Read more below for nightlife in Corralejo.
  • Where to stay in Fuerteventura for surfing: El Cotillo is one of the best spots on the island. It has beaches for both beginners and more advanced skills. Corralejo has more challenging surfing. Keep in mind that these two towns are very close to each other (20km or 20 minutes by car)
  • Where to stay in Fuerteventura for windsurfing and kitesurfing: Flag Beach in Corralejo is a great spot for beginners with the nice steady wind (15-20knots during summer). Go south to Costa Calma and the famous Sotavento for more challenging and strong wind (up to 30 knots, mostly flat water). El Cotillo is instead famous for its wind as well as its waves.  The wind season usually starts in March/April to finish in October/November. I was once in January and it was dead calm everywhere for a week. Still, you could do some surfing with a 3mm wettie.
  • Best place to stay without a car: the town of Puerto del Rosario is at the centre of the public bus network (check the Tiadhe website for the timetable) . From here you will be able to reach most of the top destinations of Fuerteventura. The drawback is that Puerto is not that charming, it has more of a city feel than a tropical character, however, accommodations tend to be much cheaper.
  • Best area to stay for quiet time: Fuerteventura is a quiet island overall (except probably Corralejo). In saying that, Great Tarajal is one of the quietest places but still, it has good facilities (restaurants, bars, supermarkets, etc) and a great wide beach repaired from the wind and the waves. You will experience here more of local Spanish life as the number of tourists is pretty limited. It tends to have also better value accommodations, being not as popular with international tourism. Great Tarajal is also well known for its street art and murals. The Sky Lovers apartment has an amazing and unique view (see photos here). The Vivienda Vacacional Apartments are also amazing, both interior and view (see photos here). 
  • Where to stay in Fuerteventura in November and December: the weather during the day can be still quite nice and warm, you can even have a swim in the sea in early November. In the evening you will need a jumper. Caleta de Fuste is a nice town, with most of the restaurants and bars open for business. This is usually a place quite popular with families, however, being not the time for school holidays, you will be very unlucky to see many kids around, besides the locals.
  • Where to stay in Fuerteventura in January and February: these are the months when you will be very unlikely to experience any wind. Temperatures are in the 15-20C range during the day, with chilly nights (take with you a jacket). For some nice walks along the beach go down to Costa Calma meanwhile for a more lively town stay in Corralejo, usually a town famous for the nightlife, however, it will be very mild in these two first months of the year.
  • Least windy part of Fuerteventura: The North-East coast tends to be less affected by the wind. In this respect, Caleta de Fuste is a great place to be based, even in the windier season of summer. Keep in mind that, on average, the island has a big drop in the wind between September and November. Another possibility is to stay in Morro Jable, mostly repaired by the northeasterly wind.
  • Best Tours and activities: Once in Fuerteventura you should join this Sailing Trip of Lobos Island, this is a great value tour including drinks, snorkelling, kayaking, stand up paddling, appetizers, trolling fishing, and downloadable free photos (what do you want more?). For the more active souls, register for this Surfing workshop in La Pared (pickup included from the south of the island), really great fun. For a deeply local experience, book this Culinary Tour lasting 5.5 hours and including all the tapas directly from the visited farms, you can’t get fresher than that.

Book the Sailing Tour  Surfing Workshop  Culinary Experience

The great thing about these tours is that they have a free cancellation policy (up to 24 hours before the activity starts). You can plan in advance without worries in case you change your mind 🙂

Best place to stay in Fuerteventura for couples

Fuerteventura has many romantic and secluded areas to stay, old fishing villages and small towns, both on the coast and inland too.

If you want also some nightlife then Corralejo can be another good option (see more below on Corralejo)

Both these two areas below are on the coast

Morro Jable (amazing beaches and nice restaurants) – South Coast

Morro Jable on the South Coast of Fuerteventura is the ideal destination for a couples’ retreat if you want a more beachy vibe to your trip.

The town is home to some of the most amazing beaches which are perfect for those lazy days out where you just want to hang out and get a nice tan.

In this case, these following beaches are absolutely the best place to go:

  • Playa Matorral
  • Playa Jandia
  • Playa Morro Jable private beach

Morro Jable also has a very friendly night scene that you and your beau will definitely enjoy exploring.

Start the evening off with a nice romantic dinner at Le Farola del Mar.

The ambience at this restaurant sets the perfect mood with the amazing food and friendly service simply sweetening the deal.

You could also try out Waikiki Restaurant which in addition to having amazing food is popular in town for having some of the best craft cocktails.

This would be ideal for those nights you want to go out but you don’t want something too crazy.

For simple drinks and a casual fun night out, Tortuga Fuerteventura is the best option.

This watering hole is popular among both visitors and locals for the lovely vibes, awesome drinks and great music.

Villamar Hotel would be the ideal place to stay if you and your partner want to be close to the beach.

The beautiful air-conditioned rooms/apartments come with full kitchens, beautiful balconies and dining spaces (see photos here).

You will also have access to a fitness centre and free Wi-Fi.

Check availability at Villamar

The beautiful Morro Jable bay
The beautiful Morro Jable bay

El Cotillo (old fishing village with lovely sunset) – West Coast

El Cotillo is a charming little fishing village town that is ideal for couples who want a little seclusion for the perfect romantic getaway.

In addition to the chill vibes, you have the famous El Cotillo sunset to look forward to as you take a casual stroll with your beau along the beach.

In this case, Beach El Cotillo is the best spot for the magical experience.

Speaking of beaches, this west coast town has many beautiful ones for you and your partner to explore.

These have beautiful and clear turquoise water, white sand and are never too crowded for you and your partner to enjoy your time together.

You should definitely put in your bucket list both Playa Los Lagos and Playa de Marfolin.

El Cotillo also has a lot to offer when it comes to your date night plans.

If you want a high-end fine dining experience where you get to dress up and go all out then Restaurante la Vaca Azul is the best option for you.

If on the other hand you just want somewhere casual where the food and the vibes are amazing then book your table at Piedra Alta Restaurante.

Remember that you will be just 20 minutes from Corralejo, in case you want to have a crazy night out.

Casa El Pescador would be the ideal place to stay here if you are looking for the home away from home experience.

The beautiful apartment (see photos here) is conveniently close to restaurants, shopping spots and several beaches so you have something to do when you decide to leave the comfort of your indoor space.

Check price at El Pescador

Walking down from the cliff
Walking down from the cliff

Best place to stay in Fuerteventura for families

Caleta de Fuste (with small children)

Calea de Fuste is a great place for families with small children.

This is mainly due to the nature of the beaches which in addition to being well protected have shallow, calm and clear water which is safe for the kids to play in.

The quiet little town also has a lot of activities for your little ones to enjoy.

First off, there are many playgrounds for them to have fun including the one at Av. Del Castillo and the Parque Infantil (“playground”) at Calle Alcalde.

The children would also have a lot of fun at the Oceanarium Explorer waterpark and zoo.

When it comes to eating out as a family, Restaurante el Camarote is the best option in Caleta de Fuste. They have a kid-friendly menu and environment which makes for the perfect family meal out.

Casa Verde holiday home would be the perfect home away from home for your family trip.

The accommodation has a lot to offer including casual living spaces to hang out in, a swimming pool and a terrace with awesome views (see photos here).

Check availability at Casa Verde

View from El Faro Lounge Bar in Caleta de Fuste
View from El Faro Lounge Bar in Caleta de Fuste

Costa Calma (with children of any age)

Costa Calma is Spanish for “calm coast” which is truly the best way to describe this resort town.

With nice weather, shallow calm waters and the chilled vibes, it is the ideal location for families with children both young and old.

However, it is important to note that July and August are a little windy and may not be ideal for travelling with very young children.

So, what is there to do or see as a family in Costa Calma other than having fun at the beach?

The town has a lot to offer in terms of activities and attractions for your family.

You could visit Palmen & Nadelwald Costa Calma state park for a casual day out in nature.

You will also have a lot of fun exploring the town and doing some shopping for souvenirs.

Restaurant hopping could also help keep your itinerary busy and interesting.

One must-visit restaurant is Caretta Beach Restaurant which has some of the most breathtaking views of the ocean.

They also have child-friendly meal options including pasta and burgers.

Casa de Pablo would be ideal for families with up to 3 children.

The little ones will definitely have a lot of fun in the pool (see photos here) while you barbeque something in the provided facilities for a fun day in.

Check availability at Casa de Pablo

Costa Calma on sunset time
Costa Calma on sunset time

Best resort in Fuerteventura for nightlife


By day, Corralejo is a calm resort town with amazing beaches for both water sports and relaxation time.

Some of the best beaches in this case are:

  • Corralejo Viejo
  • Playa Puerto Remedios
  • Playa Corralejo

You also have several attractions to check out including the Parque Natural de Corralejo dune park.

It is a great place to just hang out in nature and is particularly awesome if you want to be surrounded by a young crowd’s vibrant energy.

Despite all this daytime fun to look forward to, it is at night that this resort town truly comes to life and lives up to its reputation as Fuerteventura’s party capita.

There are numerous night spots for you to check out including restaurants, of any type and budget, bars and clubs as well for a late-night adventure.

One of the best bars in the area is Rock Island Bar. It is popular among tourists and locals alike for the affordability, wide variety of drinks and live music.

For a wilder night out, you could go to Flicks Karaoke and Disco Bar. The night club is frequented by young tourists and is perfect if you want that explosive youthful energy around you for a night of fun.

PoolViewZen is the perfect place to stay if you are interested in all the Corralejo has to offer.

The beautiful holiday apartment (see photos here) will have you conveniently close to daytime attractions like the beach and shopping as well as night scene hot spots like restaurants and bars.

You also have an awesome pool and a fitness centre to enjoy for those nights you choose to stay in.

Check price at PoolViewZen

A great alternative, if you are travelling in a group of friends or two couples is the Coral Bay Beachfront Apartment.

This is a 2 bedroom unit with one of the best views in Corralejo (see photos here).

You are close to the action but still far enough for a nice sleep. The swimming pool is a great plus.

Check price at Coral Bay

Corralejo Natural Park
Corralejo Natural Park

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