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15-Point Showdown: Phuket vs Krabi, which one is better in Thailand

Phuket vs Krabi, which Thai beach destination should you choose for your holiday in Thailand? Both Phuket and Krabi offer stunning sandy beaches, luxury hotels, thrilling activities, and tempting seafood.

Though Krabi is cheaper, Phuket is known for its crazy nightlife and 30 beaches to choose from. Located along the southern coast of Thailand, Krabi is the perfect getaway for nature lovers with jagged cliffs meeting the Andaman Sea.

Phuket is also renowned for its beach resorts and easy access to island-hopping day trips.

While Krabi is the best for budget travellers and couples seeking seclusion, families may find more amenities in the tourist streets of Phuket.

In this guide, you will find a quick comparative table to understand if Phuket or Krabi is better for you. Keep reading for more details and info.

A drone view of Railay Beach in Krabi
A drone view of Railay Beach in Krabi

Phuket vs Krabi – Key Points

Here is a comparison of Krabi vs Phuket, click on the subject for more information about it or just keep reading for the full comparison.

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Point of DiscussionPhuketKrabiMy Opinion/Final Call
Flying thereMore airline options, cheaper flights, 30 minutes from main beaches.Limited flight options, more expensive, more time and planning needed.Phuket
Budget TravelExtensive budget options, cheaper food and accommodation.Slightly more expensive overall.Phuket
BeachesOver 30 beaches, diverse experiences, water activities.Fewer beaches but unique, dramatic scenery.Krabi for quality
Family TripMore amenities, kid-friendly activities, safer beaches.Less developed for tourism, fewer kid-friendly options.Phuket
CouplesLuxury resorts, romantic dining, more activities.Stunning scenery, laid-back, fewer luxury options.Tie
NightlifeCrazy nightlife in Patong, more options.Limited options, closes earlier.Phuket
SafetyGenerally safe, petty theft in crowded areas.Lower crime rate, exceptionally safe.Krabi
1-Week StayMore to explore, diverse activities.Relaxed pace, stunning scenery, unique activities.Krabi
HoneymoonAbundance of romantic luxury resorts, more activities.Spectacular landscapes, tranquil beauty.Tie
ActivitiesDiverse adventure tourism, water to jungles.Adventure between mangroves, islands, free climbing, and cliffs.Krabi
AccommodationsWide range, from budget to luxury.Limited upscale choices, less variety.Tie
SizeLarger in size, more to explore.Smaller, more compact.Phuket
Local Public TransportationBetter public transport options.Limited options, car rental recommended.Phuket
Shopping, Spas, and MassageEndless shopping, high-end malls, affordable wellness.Limited shopping, mainly night markets and tourist shops.Phuket
Comparing Krabi to Phuket – The 15 key points

A quick comment about the weather in both tourist destinations in Thailand. The best months to visit are between December and April.

The wet season usually starts in June and finishes in October. You may have beautiful sunny days and suddenly torrential rain around 4 pm. If visiting off-peak season, try starting the day as early as you can enjoy the dry part of it.

Long tailed boat off Ruea Hang Yao in Krabi
Long-tailed boat off Ruea Hang Yao in Krabi

Are you travelling between June and August? You should check Koh Samui too, it may work better than Phuket and the west coast of Thailand, with better weather and more sun.

Is it easier and less expensive to fly to Phuket or Krabi


The Phuket International Airport is the third biggest in the country, with cheap direct flights to Phuket from around the region. There are many more airline options and flight routes into Phuket compared to Krabi.

Large carriers like Emirates, Singapore Airlines, and Thai Airways serve Phuket with global connections. You will find direct flights to Phuket from Europe, most of Asia and Australia too.

The airport is located conveniently just 30 minutes from Phuket’s main beaches. Flight prices are very reasonable, especially in the low season.


The Krabi International Airport is much smaller than Phuket. Flight options are far more limited, with routes primarily from other Thai cities and regional hubs like Singapore.

Most international visitors connect through Bangkok first before getting a short flight to Krabi. Charter flights from Europe are also available.

Overall, it takes more time and planning to get to Krabi. Flight costs are typically $50-100 higher than comparable fares to Phuket.

Flying to Thailand
Flying to Thailand

Is Krabi or Phuket cheaper for budget travel


Phuket offers extensive budget accommodation and dining options. Simple guesthouses near the beaches start around 1000 THB ($30 USD) per night. Upgrading to 3-star hotels runs 1500-2500 THB ($45-75 USD).

Local street food like pad thai and rice dishes can be found for 50-100 THB ($1.50-$3 USD). Songthaews crisscross Phuket for just 30-50 THB ($1-1.50) per ride. Activities like island hopping and cultural attractions can be done affordably.


Like Phuket, Krabi has solid budget travel choices but prices run slightly higher overall. Guesthouses and bungalows start at around 1200 THB ($35 USD) per night. Cheap Thai food at hawker stalls and markets is plentiful, costing 70-120 THB ($2-3.50 USD) per meal.

Songthaews shuttle people locally for 50-100 THB ($1.50-$3 USD) per short trip. With some effort, Krabi can be done relatively cheaply compared to the West. But Phuket edges it out for budget vacations.

Beaches in Phuket and Krabi


Phuket boasts over 30 stunning beaches along its lengthy coastline. The famed western shores like Patong, Karon, Kamala, and Surin feature gorgeous soft sand and clear blue waters.

Phuket’s northern and southern coasts offer diverse beach experiences. You can find secluded beaches tucked among rocky headlands as well as popular spots with activities like jet skiing, parasailing, and diving.


The beaches of Krabi are also wonderful but fewer in number than in Phuket. The main beach towns are Ao Nang and Railay. The first has lovely golden sand lined with resorts and restaurants. However, Railay has probably the best beach, accessible by boat, with dramatic karst scenery.

Islands like Phi Phi and Lanta have breathtaking beaches as part of Krabi province too. Beaches in Krabi are truly something unique to experience at least once in your lifetime.

Overall, a trip to Thailand should always include at least a few days in one or both of these destinations to experience some of the most beautiful beaches in the country.

Long tailed boat Ruea Hang Yao in Phi Phi island, a day trip from Phuket
Long-tailed boat Ruea Hang Yao in Phi Phi island, a day trip from Phuket

Krabi or Phuket for a family trip


Phuket is a great destination in Thailand for a family trip. Major resorts have kids’ clubs, family rooms, and supervised activities. Water parks, mini golf, and go-karting cater to kids.

The main beaches are calm for young swimmers. The main Town offers cultural sightseeing and kid-friendly markets. With ample amenities and safety, Phuket is perfect for family holidays.


Krabi works reasonably well for families but is less developed for tourism compared to Phuket. Ao Nang has some kid-friendly resorts. Railay is spectacular but more isolated. It works great if you have grown-up kids willing to do some organised free climbing

Krabi Town itself lacks major attractions but provides a low-key base, although it is not my favourite place to stay in Krabi. Islands like Koh Lanta offer family bungalows and a long beach but mostly for a family quiet time.

Krabi can make for a nice off-the-beaten-path family vacation, but Phuket has more kids activities.

Krabi and Phuket for couples


Luxury resorts with spas, private pools, and beachfront dining provide the perfect setting for romance on the island. Couple massages on the beach, sunsets at beach clubs, and catamaran charters make for unforgettable memories.

Phuket has extensive offerings for upscale romantic dining. The island offers all the ingredients for an idyllic couples’ getaway.


The stunning scenery around Krabi also lends itself well to romance. Share intimate moments kayaking through mangroves or strolling pristine shores. Luxury pool villas provide privacy and pampering.

Railay Beach and islands like Koh Lanta and Koh Phi Phi make for dramatic backdrops.

While Krabi is less developed than Phuket, its natural beauty provides a laid-back couples’ paradise.

Long tailed boat on sunset in Phuket
Long-tailed boat on sunset in Phuket

Is Nightlife better in Phuket or Krabi


Phuket is renowned for its crazy nightlife scene, especially in Patong Beach. The Bangla Road area is packed with glowing neon go-go bars, dance clubs, beer bars, and cabaret shows besides some fantastic restaurants.

The action starts late and goes until dawn, with thousands of revellers filling the streets. Other beach towns like Kata, Karon, and Kamala also have vibrant but less intense nightlife options.


Nightlife is centred in Ao Nang, with a compact strip of open-air beach bars and laidback pubs crowded with backpackers and tourists.

Compared to Phuket though, Krabi’s scene is very mild and options are fewer. Most places close by midnight or 1 am. Other Krabi beaches and islands have minimal nightlife.

For full-on partying into the early morning, Phuket is the clear winner.

Eating dim sum in Phuket. There is such a great choice of food on the island
Eating dim sum in Phuket. There is such a great choice of food on the island

Safety: Is Krabi better or Phuket is as good?


Like most of Thailand, Phuket is very safe with little violent crime. There is the usual need for caution against petty theft in crowded areas. Tourist scams around jet skis, taxis, and tours exist but are easily avoided.

Phuket’s size means there are no high-risk areas, although smaller deserted beaches at night are best avoided. Overall Phuket provides a secure environment for tourists.


Krabi has a lower crime rate based on recent statistics. The province is an exceptionally safe area for travellers, including both Krabi town and popular beach areas. Theft rates are very low and violent crime is unheard of.

Hazards are limited to standard tourist scams around transportation, tour bookings, and such. Krabi’s small size makes it easy to stick to well-traveled areas.

Both Phuket and Krabi offer a very safe and secure environment for a holiday in Thailand.

Krabi Vs Phuket for a 1-week stay in Thailand


If you plan to visit Phuket in a week, plan to spend 1-2 days exploring the main Town and cultural attractions. Enjoy the famous beaches like Patong and Kata for 2-3 days of swimming, massages, and dining.

Take a day trip to Phi Phi or Racha islands. Finish by relaxing at your favourite beach spot. So many things to do that in a week you will only scratch the surface of.


A week in Krabi is ample for exploring highlights at a relaxed pace. Spend 2-3 days beachgoing and water sports around Ao Nang. Devote 1-2 days to the beaches, lagoons, and climbs on stunning Railay.

Take a day trip to the Phi Phi Islands or Hong Island. End by chilling out in your preferred beach area. A week in Krabi provides a great introduction to the province’s scenery.

Both Phuket and Krabi offer amazing places to visit. Being so close to each other, I always suggest on my blog to allocate at least 10 days to experience both. The trip from Phuket to Krabi can take from 2.5-3 hours (Speedboat/bus) to 6-8 hours by ferry.

The great thing about the speedboat is that you can take the trip from Phuket straight to Nopparat Thara Pier or Railay, bypassing completely the Bus station in the main town, therefore saving even more time.

Tup Island beach between Phuket and Krabi
Tup Island beach between Phuket and Krabi

Should I plan a honeymoon in Krabi or Phuket?


There is an abundance of romantic luxury resorts on the island perfect for newlywed couples seeking beachfront pampering. Private pool villas, couples’ massages, and gourmet dining on the sand create wonderful honeymoon memories.

Phuket also provides easy access to secluded coves and islands for day trips. For amenities and activities tailored to romance, Phuket is hard to top.


The spectacular landscapes create plenty of passion and magic for honeymooning couples. Share intimate moments kayaking through breathtaking lagoons and caves or gazing at sunset from Railay Beach. Luxury resorts provide privacy in stunning settings.

While Krabi is less developed for tourism, its tranquil beauty and access to nearby islands like Koh Lanta make for an idyllic honeymoon escape. I always suggest Koh Phi Phi as the ultimate honeymoon destination in Thailand

activities – hiking, Scuba diving and more


Phuket offers an array of adventurous activities from the water to the interior jungles. Snorkelling and diving around coral reefs and shipwrecks are world-class. Jungles and peaks inland provide exceptional hiking and biking trails.

Rock climbing, ziplining, whitewater rafting, and go-karting are also easily arranged. The island has a top-notch adventure tourism infrastructure.


Krabi is a great place for adventure travel, with its mangrove forests, island archipelagos, and sheer limestone cliffs. Sea kayaking through magical lagoons and caves around Krabi is a top attraction.

Rock climbing the challenging overhangs and walls on Railay draws climbers globally. Scuba diving is also fantastic around Krabi’s islands.

For outdoorsy travellers, I find Krabi offers a more unique experience.

Rock climbing the Thaiwand Wall in Krabi - What a view
Rock climbing the Thaiwand Wall in Krabi – What a view

Accommodations for a trip to Krabi and Phuket


You can find an immense range of lodging from basic beach bungalows to lavish 5-star resorts. Small guesthouses under $30 a night are plentiful. Luxury hotels and pool villas average $150-300+ per night.

If you decide to stay in Phuket in peak season, between December and April, remember to book well in advance because the choice tends to be much smaller as you approach the end of the year.

The Paresa Resort is an amazing accommodation with an infinity pool on the Andaman Sea. Most of the rooms/units have sea views as well as the gym room and the breakfast/dinner patio. This is one of the best hotels in Thailand, perfect for a unique experience.

The outdoor swimming pool at the Paresa Resort


There are plenty of solid mid-range accommodation options but far less variety compared to mass-tourism Phuket. Guesthouses and resorts around Krabi average $50-100 per night. Upscale luxury choices are limited.

Peak times like Christmas and New Year’s are usually fully packed. Book well in advance if visiting towards the end of the year.

For more information, I have written a full guide on where to stay in Krabi, with areas and island descriptions, besides hotel suggestions.

The Cliff Beach Resort is one of the best accommodations in Ao Nang, the most popular destination in the Krabi Province. The hotel works so well for couples (check out the infinity pool). It is right in the middle of the action however very quiet once inside, and just steps away from the beach. The service and breakfast are amazing.

Ao Nang Cliff Beach Resort
Ao Nang Cliff Beach Resort

What place is bigger in size, Krabi or Phuket?


Phuket is Thailand’s largest island, measuring approximately 550 km2 in area. The island is about 50 km long from north to south. Phuket’s interior includes forested mountains over 500 meters tall.

With diverse geography and villages across 10 major beaches, Phuket is a sizable tropical tourist destination, in fact, probably the biggest in Southern Thailand.


Krabi province itself spans over 4,700 km2 but most tourism is focused in the main Town and around Ao Nang Beach. The beach areas are quite compact and walkable as opposed to sprawling Phuket.

Key attractions like Railay Beach and the Phi Phi islands are reachable by short boat trips from the Krabi mainland.

Best areas to stay in Krabi
Best areas to stay in Krabi

Local Public Transportation


Phuket enjoys excellent bus transport between all the coastal towns and beaches for bargain prices. Bright red songthaews also trawl major routes. Metered taxis are widely available, but very expensive for Thai standards.

Of course, you can also decide to grab a tuk-tuk and motorcycle taxi for short hops between destinations. Rental scooters provide the most flexibility for getting around Phuket.


Songthaews and shuttle buses connect the Krabi main destinations. Boat service links Railay Beach. Local transfers largely rely on tuk-tuks and taxis.

Public transport options lag behind Phuket’s extensive network.

Snorkelling in Krabi, really something different
Snorkelling in Krabi is really something different

Shopping, spas and massage


Phuket Island offers endless shopping at its many high-end malls, street markets, and boutiques island-wide. The Old Phuket Town has the highest concentration of unique local shops.

Thailand’s famous health and wellness offerings like massages, facials, and ayurvedic treatments can be found affordably throughout Phuket.


Shopping is mainly focused on the weekend night markets selling handicrafts and souvenirs. Ao Nang has a small collection of tourist-oriented shops, tailors, and spas. In Krabi Town, Wat Kaew and the riverside night market are the main shopping stops.

While sufficient, Krabi may lack the immense shopping and spa scene found in Phuket.

Sra Morakot Blue Pool in the Krabi Province
Sra Morakot Blue Pool in the Krabi Province
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