Best places to stay in Thailand [TOP 10 areas for beaches, islands, family and couples]

Where to stay in Thailand

Where to stay in Thailand for unique places, beaches and islands (family and couples) My first trip to this beautiful country was over 20 years ago. This country has changed so much. Sometimes for the better, other times for the worst This is why it is so important to understand where to stay in Thailand, … Read more

Where to stay in Bangkok [best areas for couples, families and backpackers]

Where to stay in Bangkok, which area and for how long

Finally, the ticket is booked for Thailand and its capital. Now the next question comes: where to stay in Bangkok? Or even better what is the best area in Bangkok? I have spent so much time in this beautiful city and I have visited and stayed in so many neighbourhoods. I do love most of … Read more

Phimai Historical Park and the Banyan tree

Prasat Hin Phimai Historical Park and the Banyan tree

The Phimai Historical Park is one of the most beautiful Khmer temple in Thailand. Why is it so beautiful and a must visit? Because 800 years ago this park used to be the start of the ancient Khmer Highway which ended in Angkor Wat. The size is nothing similar to the Cambodian destination, however the beauty is … Read more

Prasat Phanom Rung Historical Park and the Muang Tam Sanctuary

I am getting closer and closer to the Cambodian border and today is time to visit two temple areas I was really looking forward. The Prasat Phanom Rung Historical Park is one of the most visited sites in the eastern part of Thailand, because of its beauty. Muang Tam is the old sanctuary and I … Read more

Ta Moan temple in the Thailand-Cambodia border dispute

Ta Moan Temple

The Ta Moan temple is one of the most incredible and freakish experiences I would (maybe not) suggest to everybody. To arrive there you need luck and a good GPS system (chek my travel photography apps list for a good off-line map with gps) Is it worth a visit? Hard to say, there are few benefits as … Read more

The 5 Best beaches in Koh Chang [with more sites to visit]

Best beaches of Koh Chang and top sites to visit

Finally, I was able to organise my trip to Koh Chang, on the east coast of Thailand, direction Cambodia. I was really looking forward to this travel experience. I read so much about Koh Chang. I was mostly pushed by the many comments saying that the island offers some of the best beaches of Thailand. … Read more

From Bangkok to Angkor Wat by car – The Khmer itinerary (2000Km)

There are many ways to travel and most probably the easiest and safest is flying. But what if you decide to go from Bangkok to Angkor Wat by car. Is it possible? Can you actually drive from Thailand to Cambodia and back without problems. Is it safe to drive in these two countries? What about the … Read more