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Mauritius is world famous for the beaches, however, there are other attractions that should not be missed. In this post, I go through the things to do in Grand Baie town, on the north coast of Mauritius.

But what are the most notable qualities of Grand Baie town?

I have to say the beautiful colours of the emerald water and the unique liveliness in Mauritius, both by day and by night.

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Why spend your time in Grand Baie?

Because you love that bit of privacy offered at the many resorts however you also enjoy your evening walk for a few late drinks and maybe a night out dancing where you will not meet only the resort guests but also some locals.

In fact on Friday and Saturday night in Mauritius, Grand Baie is the place to be.

You will find some shopping in Grand Baie and indeed one of the biggest supermarkets on the island. Go there to buy your tea and sugar at a fraction of the price you see in some tourist shops around.

Top things to do in Grand Baie town

Beach time

There is really only one public beach in town, called Cuvette. It can be really magical, especially at sunset time

Grand Baie Public Beach, a short walk from the centre of town
Grand Baie Public Beach, a short walk from the centre of town

It’s easily reachable from the town. 

Most of the resorts around have also the own private beach, sometimes in small coves.

If you do not mind a short drive, either by taxi or rented car, I suggest a trip to the Trou aux Biches Beach, easily one of the best in Mauritius and only 10 minutes from Grand Baie and it’s all for public use

Moreover, you will find some of the best food cabanne (beach shacks) making some of the most beautiful and tasty local food.

Mauritius, Trou aux biches
Mauritius, Trou aux biches

Have a walk or drive to the bottom end of Trou aux Biches. You will have a wide choice here. The fish at the Cabane du pecheur is just amazing, in both quality and price. Opposite there is a Roti Cabanne and on its side a fish and meat noodle cabanne. More than enough to satisfy every taste

Diving and Snorkelling

Another activity that should not be missed, if not for just a day trip

There are diving centres everywhere and snorkelling is organised by basically all the resorts around.

Octopus and Base diving centres are two places you can start your investigation


The place to go is the Mont Choisy Le Golf, one of the most famous clubs on the island and the only 18 hole course in the north of the island

Grand Baie Bazaar

It is one of the most touristic attractions in town.

Be prepared to bargain very hard on the price as the shoppers tend to inflate the price quite a bit at the bazaar.

If you don’t like bargaining probably this is not your place as prices are actually lower in the shops in town 

In saying that, the quality is quite high, but I don’t think the clothes are actually original.


It’s a shopping centre including the biggest supermarket in the north of Mauritius. Buy here your sugar, so much cheaper than in the shops.

In the complex, you will find also a 10 pin bowling centre, which can be an option for the night

Solar Sea Walk

The Solar Sea Walk is a great activity for non-divers and kids.

A boat will take you to a reef area, 4 meters deep. You will be provided with the basic gear like a transparent deep-water helmet.

There is a walking path underwater that will allow you to experience the reef live, with beautiful clownfish and other tropical fish.

The great thing is that you don’t need any diving experience


If you are after some adrenaline then skydiving may be the option for you. Skydive Mauritius is one of the operators around.

They depart from a small airport in the centre-north area however they jump nearby Grand Baie, with a great view of the coast

Deep sea angling

If you are after fishing, Grand Baie provides facilities for deep sea angling, we are talking about big fish here.

Sportfisher is a local operator operating on the sunset boulevard.


There are many great spots for sailing and new ones are added on a yearly basis. You may want to chck with the local tourist agencies.

The one I suggest is the Catamaran Cruise to Gabriel Island

Check the Gabriel Island cruise 

Notre Dame Aurilliatrice Chapel

Have a drive or a taxi ride to Pereybere (6km), the small town next to Grand Baie. You will find some awesome beaches, although access may be challenging due to the resorts occupying most of the coast here.

Notre Dame Aurilliatrice Chapel, Cap Malheureux
Notre Dame Aurilliatrice Chapel, Cap Malheureux

Go to the Notre Dame Aurilliatrice, the red chapel facing the turquoise water of Mauritius. An explosion of saturated colours

Mauritius_20150820_414_Beach_ Boat_ Mauritius_ Red


As you can expect, Grand Baie is a popular area for tourism. I suggest having a quick check to the ultimate guide of places to stay in Mauritius.

You will find more information on the north as well as other areas of the island.

Ultimate guide to where to stay in Mauritius

Map of attractions in Grand Baie town

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