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Where to stay in Mauritius for a honeymoon, a family breakaway and a unique trip

This is an island that has been described multiple time as the paradise on earth, and for a good reason, it is absolutely magnificent.

What you may have not already read is that you should be selective on the location of your resort because the weather changes dramatically during the year

And this is where this guide to where to stay in Mauritius comes to help, suggesting the best areas based on the month of your visit.

You will find also the best resorts based on your type of stay, either a honeymoon, a family breakaway, a gold trip or any other unique experiences as diving, snorkelling, kitesurfing, surfing etc.

Without further ado, let’s get into it

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Where to stay in Mauritius – in a nutshell

The temperature around the year in Mauritius does not differ that much, just a few degrees.

However, you may experience much more rain and/or wind based on the month and coast you decide to stay.

You can read more details on my guide to the best time to visit Mauritius. As a rule of thumb, I would stay in the North in July and August. South-East and East coast between May and September. Everywhere in the other months (probably except the north that tends to have more rain between December and February)

Best place to stay in Mauritius for a honeymoon: there are three areas that absolutely stand out

Where to stay in Mauritius for families: again three areas based on the time of your trip

  • Flic en Flac, on the west coast, one of the best towns for family activities, is a great destination all year round except possibly July and August where you may experience wind and cloudy days. La Pirogue is my favourite family resort in the area
  • In the summer months, between December and March, you can stay close to the airport, in Blue Bay, another gorgeous area on the east coast (I would avoid it between June and September when you will be likely to experience a daily afternoon rain). The Peninsula Bay Beach Resort is famous for its family service.
  • Between July and September, I would stay instead in the north and the Easy Stay Residence stands out for the location and the great value for money.

Best place to stay for couples: besides Trou-aux Biches and Le Morne I also suggest Grand Baie, because of the many bars and restaurants, and the best nightlife in Mauritius.

Where to stay as a single: most definitely Grand Baie, because of the few clubs and bars open till late (rare in Mauritius)

Best tours to catch on the island: A full-day catamaran trip to the Ile aux Cerfs  (“the paradise”), great for snorkelling. A Catamaran Cruise to Gabriel Island (to discover the north in style) and hiking through the waterfalls.

Price for the “paradise” Ile aux Cerfs    Check Gabriel Island   The waterfalls hike    

Best area to stay in Mauritius

Best areas to stay in Mauritius
Best areas to stay in Mauritius

In the map above I have highlighted five macro-areas

  • The North, Grand Baie and the fun zone: this area is more for a fun looking traveller. Lots of pubs, bars and restaurants around the hotels in Grand Baie that will keep you busy till the early hours of the morning, if this is what you are looking for. However, the resorts are quiet and mostly facing some amazing white beaches. Here you will find more of a youngish crowd that prefers to spend some time outside the resort, having a drink, a nice meal and a few activities nearby.
  • The South of Mauritius, for nature and sea: this side is probably the most underdeveloped part of the island but still it offers some of the most magnificent natural attractions as, most probably, the best snorkelling in Blue Bay, the unique beaches of Le Morne, the rough coast of Gris Gris and the Black River Gorges National Park with its beautiful waterfalls
  • The East, for honeymoon and luxury: this part of the island has probably the most beautiful resorts, perfect for a memorable honeymoon in Mauritius. The hotels have usually the own white beach facing a lagoon with the reef just enough away to enjoy the turquoise sea but still close enough to have some snorkelling. Indeed, all-inclusive resorts are quite common here and there is not much outside the hotels and that is why the tourism in the east is more on a quiet side, looking for a private time, a break from the busy life.
  • The West, a bit of fun a bit of low key: the hotels on the west coast are a bit less pretentious. There are still some amazing resorts with all-inclusive packages but you can also find many other options as bed & breakfast and small family-run hotels. Flic en Flac is the most popular town, with few bars, restaurants and nightlife options. There are other interesting villages as Black River with the beach facing the Le Morne promontory.
  • Port Louis, the capital: this is not a typical city, just a big town with a wide port. I would not suggest staying here unless you have a business-related trip. There is no beach and it gets empty after business hours. In saying that I would definitely suggest a visit to the local market (one of the most beautiful I have ever seen, and I did visit many). Also, the Jummah Masjid mosque is an interesting place to put in the bucket list as well as the small ChinatownChamps de Mars on a horse racing day, the Caudan waterfront and the amazing Port Louis Viewpoint at the end of the Signal Mountain Road

Mauritius Attractions and Excursions

My experience of the winter weather

If you are still asking yourself where to stay in Mauritius, north or south, then I give you another important tip about the winterly winds coming from the south-east.

Mauritius winter runs from May to September. The southeasterly wind takes some unpredictable weather making the north, and the west, a safer part of the island to enjoy the sunny beaches.

Temperatures in winter are still around 20-25 degree Celsius, sometimes into the 30s, during the hot part of the day. It just gets cloudy and possibly rainy in the late morning or afternoon.

I was on my last trip for 3 weeks in August. I opted to stay in the north and I had the sun every single day with some clouds coming around 3-4pm.

Whenever I drove to the south I had clouds.

I usually find the most reliable and updated weather information and forecast on the Mauritian local weather website.

Best place to stay in Mauritius for honeymoon

This island is seen as the best paradise to spend one of the most special times of our life. And for a good reason, it is so beautiful and unique in the world.

Hard to give just one best place to stay in Mauritius for Honeymoon. It really depends on the month you are visiting and the experience you are after

Below you will find 4 resorts that offer amazing honeymoon packages. I have organised them based on the period of the year you will be visiting Mauritius.

TIP: Nowadays most of the resorts offer free cancellation. My suggestion here is to book asap, otherwise, you may regret it later. There is no much availability. You can always cancel later your booking usually at no cost. Easy

Best area to stay in Mauritius for a honeymoon in winter (May to September)

May to September the weather gets a bit cooler, mostly at night. During the day the temperature is usually 22-24 degrees Celsius with peaks of 28-30.

During this season the south and east coast experience rain and sometimes strong wind with possible storms and even cyclones

I would personally suggest staying in the north and you will be very likely to experience mostly sunny days. 

Trou aux Biches Beachcomber Golf Resort & Spa has one of the best value for money packages on the island. It is the most popular all-inclusive resort for honeymoons in the north.

Why? There are many good reasons like an amazing location just facing arguably one of the best beaches in Mauritius, the service, 5 stars of course, the tranquillity, the privacy, the lovely food and, if you want, water activities too.

Did I forget to say that is also a great value for money if you can find a room though 😉

Check the best package at the Beachcomber

Beachcomber Trou aux Biches Resort & Spa - The Beach

In Trou aux Biches I really enjoyed also the local restaurants and food options. Sometimes it is nice to leave the hotel and experience the surrounding.

For a quick and inexpensive Mauritian bite, I suggest Kwan Peng and the foodshed on the opposite side of the street. Get ready to queue up as these two options are really popular with the locals.

For some fresh fish, I highly suggest Cabane du Pecheur. They offer only what they catch. There are only a few tables. Simple however so tasty!!

For the best meat, check out Flame Grill Cafe. This place is run by a South African guy which is great fun to talk with. I commented on how soft and tender the meat was, he told me that he leaves it in the milk. Was he pulling my leg? LOL

Best area to stay for a honeymoon in summer (November to March)

Summer is the warmest time to be in Mauritius with January and February the hottest months (usually 30 degrees Celsius during the day)

In this season, the north coast tends to receive more rain than any other region in Mauritius, mostly in the afternoon and/or night.

During these months the east coast is the perfect place to be, warm but always with a nice sea breeze. Rain is also more of a rare occasion.

Constance Belle Mare Plage, on the east coast, is one of the most beautiful resorts in Mauritius.

Belle Mare is probably my favourite beach area to stay in Mauritius. The reef creates beautiful blue lagoons where it is easy to spend the entire day.

The Constance resort is a place where you will most likely forget about the swimming pool, fabulous by the way, as the beach is really unique, in the world! Many available facilities like a gym, golf course etc that will make any stay memorable.

Check the available deals at Constance

For a local experience, I suggest a 15 minutes ride to the Central Market of Centre de Flacq. You will hardly meet any tourist there. It is open on Wednesday and Sunday. 

For a full-day experience, you may go for a catamaran trip to the Ile aux Cerfs, which includes lunch and lots of time for snorkelling and water activities.

All of the above resorts have common things as a great 5-star service, a wide selection of Mauritian and European food, friendly staff and special packages for honeymoons.

Another great alternative is the south coast, although you will have less of a choice because there are not as many resorts as everywhere else in Mauritius.

The Heritage Le Telfair Golf & Spa Resort, on the south coast, is also an amazing value option.

This place has a beautiful swimming pool facing the beach (they both have in common the turquoise colour of the water). Location is really great, especially if you would like to visit the Black River Gorges National Park (you can see some amazing photos here), or if you are looking for a resort close to the airport (just 1-hour drive).

The golf course is a great bonus and wifi is everywhere available. A quick tip: for the honeymoon, try to get the sea view rooms, well worth the extra money.

Best all-inclusive at the Heritage Le Telfair

Take a half-day tour to Grand Bassin (or Ganga Talao), the most important Hindu place of the island, really worth the short trip. You may check with the hotel for a local taxi or guide. 

Alternatively, take a full day tour of the South-West of Mauritius. It’s quite full-on, around 7 hours, however very very informative

Best area to stay for a honeymoon in spring/autumn (October and May)

I have still not properly mentioned in this guide the beautiful heaven of Le Morne, a peninsula located on the southeasterly point of Mauritius.

Just imagine amazing beaches with palm trees and a unique monolith right in the center of the small peninsula.

The weather is usually sunny from spring to autumn (from October to May) with possibly some rain in the afternoon between June and September.

Here you will find some of the most lovely resorts of Mauritius.

The LUX* Le Morne is the jewel of Mauritius. This resort is surrounded by tropical forest and facing the amazing beach of Le Morne. In the background, you have the 550m tall Le Morne monolith that you can even climb with an organised tour.

If you are into some water activities, just have a walk south, on the other side of the peninsula, and you will find wind and a Kite beach.

Excellent food, superb service, awesome architecture, privacy, all you need for a honeymoon, and not only. This is a highly rated resort that probably deserves even a sixth star.

I wouldn’t lie if I say that it is one of the best hotels in Mauritius for a honeymoon. 

Check out LUX* Le Morne

The monolith is actually a World Unesco Heritage  Site. It is usually climbed in the early morning when there is almost no wind. The view of the lagoons is quite spectacular. This is most definitely a great reason to stay in LUX Le Morne.

From Le Morne, you can also easily access the Seven Coloured Earth in Chamarel, a geological formation of a land made of layers in 7 colours.

The forest around has also a fantastic waterfall which makes Chamarel a great visit overall.

From June to November you may also be able to do some whale watching. This 3-hour tour leaving from La Preneuse will take you around and, fingers crossed, you will come back with some nice photos. What I like about the tour is the duration enough to enjoy and not too long to get bored in the sea.

Here below, I have organised some tips that may help you with your booking decision

Mauritius honeymoon tips

  • What is the best place to stay in Mauritius for honeymoon? It depends on the time of the year. If you plan to be in Mauritius in July, August and, generally speaking, in the local winter, then I suggest staying in the north. You will be almost sure to have sun every single day with sort of cool nights (around 15-20 degrees Celsius)

Meanwhile, if you plan to fly to Mauritius from November to April then I would probably suggest the east or south coast. There are really some amazing honeymoon lagoons there with the best service to make it a memorable time of your life.

Le Morne, in the south-west, is one of the most beautiful places in Mauritius and usually an all year round destination (it has a sunny micro-climate also in winter)

  • Would you suggest a full package? The all-inclusive packages tend to work out as a better value for money. And some resorts include also an à la carte option, besides the buffet, with a choice of 3 or 4 restaurants within the same premise, just not to get bored with the “usual” table.
  • Do we get better deals on the honeymoon (or not really)? Yes, most of the resorts do offer a honeymoon package which usually includes a dedicated unit/villa, welcome pack etc. In fact, it is a good idea to have handy the marriage certificate as they may ask for it.
  • Can I have the trip after a few months from my wedding? Usually, the “honeymoon” period lasts 12 months however this may change based on the resort. I was said, the sooner the better
  • What’s the best tip you can give us for a Mauritius honeymoon? Book well in advance, ideally over 6 months in advance. Resorts have usually availability, however, the honeymoon package is a bit of a niche offer and they do not have that many rooms dedicated exclusively to honeymoons
  • Last tip? Rent a car and explore on your own. I personally explored sites that otherwise would not be possible with a touring company. I even got involved in a Hare Krishnas celebration which I will remember forever.

Best places to stay in Mauritius for families

When travelling with family I always find quite important to have a resort where I can enjoy the time with my kids. A great pool is mandatory. A great buffet, all-inclusive, make life easier.

Having a kid club becomes very important because I like to have some private time just with my partner as well, I would like a little break from the kids.

Another thing you may consider is the distance from the Airport.

If staying for just 2-3 days it may be convenient to book a hotel on the south-east coast, 30 minutes or so from the airport. In saying that this area in June to August may be affected by the wind and cloudy weather (it’s still warm but not sunny).

Mauritius Attractions and Excursions

Swimming pools are everywhere. My only tip here is to select a family resort, possibly with kids club. You will be sure that the hotel is dedicated, and let me say devoted, to a kid clientele.

If planning to be in Mauritius for 4 days or more then any area in Mauritius is fine as the longest trip to any resort on the island is below the two hours.

Always keep in mind that in winter (June to September) the north and west coast provide more sunny days.

Usually, the family-friendly resorts offer an all-inclusive package that works great with the kids (in some cases free of charge, based on the season).

Flic en Flac (a family-friendly town on the west coast)

I believe Flic en Flac is the most family-friendly town in Mauritius. The beach has even a playground and sometimes there are local circus and shows around, just to have a different evening.

The weather is usually sunny for the most part of the year. Between June and August you may experience a few cloudy or rainy afternoons/evenings, otherwise just blue sky

TIP Also in this case book your place if you find availability. You can usually cancel it later if you find better options.

La Pirogue is one of the most popular all-inclusive resorts in Mauritius for families, south of Flic en Flac, an easy 15 minutes walk to the town centre or just a 3 minutes taxi drive.

If you have children you can leave them to the kids club if you need a little break or you just want to enjoy a more relaxed vacation.

You have a choice of a fabulous swimming pool and a typical Mauritian dreamy beach with palms and all you expect from a tropical place. There is a multiple choice of restaurants, just not to get bored with the same menu and table. Tip: cocktails can be expensive in Mauritius, go for the food & drinks all-inclusive package, you will save some money at the end 😉

Check the family packages

On Flic en Flac beach, I had my most beautiful street food at the Roti AKA Vinoda.

This is a basic place with a couple making fresh roti, the best I have had on the island so far.

You can seat at the beach or under the pine forest and you enjoy this amazing real local food. If you make as far Mauritius then you should not miss the local roti and this place has the best.

Blue Bay (close to the airport)

This is a super practical spot, just 10 minutes from the airport, you will be in no time at the airport.

Even if so close to the airport, however, it’s still a quiet spot to relax with the family.

Le Peninsula Bay Beach Resort is probably one of the most economical choices in Mauritius. If you are looking for a fantastic location with a beautiful beach and a kid club with a playground for children then this may be the optimal choice. It’s also just 15 minutes from the airport which makes it even better when you have small kids or in case you are in Mauritius for just a few days.

Try to book a room far away from the swimming pool, the place where most of the activities are organised and therefore a bit noisier than you expect in Mauritius.

Check availability at La Peninsula

The resort is also quite close to Mahebourg, a small town with a great local market, probably the best after the one in Port Louis.

This part of Mauritius may be cloudy or rainy from June to August (sometimes even in September).

If you are interested to see how Mauritius was before the colonisation then you should not miss a visit to Ile Aux Aigrettes Nature Reserve.

You can organise the easy trip through the resort or just show up at the small pier and book your visit (you save some money in this way).

There is a boat going back and forward, so you will not wait too long. A guide will take you through the island where you will also meet turtles over 150 years old (they are huge)

Trou Aux Biches (quiet in the north between May and October)

If you are after a beach break in a relaxed environment with very local feeling then Trou Aux Biches is probably the choice for you.

The little village has a small supermarket, a few street vendors and a bunch of restaurants. Good ones I may add.

A great accommodation in Trou Aux Biches is the Easy Stay Residence. It’s right in the middle of the beach, very quiet and a great value for money option, hard to beat on the island. 

It’s a family-run place, more of an AirBnb accommodation actually, including a small kitchenette too.

It has no kids club or infrastructure to talk about however if you are after a chill-out beach time with the kids and local food then it’s a great hotel to be.

You are next to a supermarket and many eating options, including an old lady selling local fruit of the day (walk 50m left from the supermarket). Give a try to the spicy apple (the fruit is sliced and mixed with a chilly sauce in a plastic bag).

Due to the very good price, this place is unfortunately quite often booked out. The photos on the booking page do not give justice

Check now availability at the Easy Stay

Sunset on Trou Aux Biches
Sunset on Trou Aux Biches

Where to stay in Mauritius for couples

Obviously, Mauritius is the place to be if you are looking for a romantic and memorable stay.

Personally, if I travel only with my partner, I like to have access also to a few spots for dining and late drinking that are not in the resorts, just to have a bit of exposure to the local life in case I want to have something different.

In this respect, Grand Baie offers probably the best mix of romantic and secluded resorts with easy access to a lively town.

Grand Baie (privacy next to a lively town)

Grand Baie has the best nightlife of the island, however, do not think anything crazy. It just means access to dining and late drinking options.

Also the possibility of a nice walk along the seafront, together with a break in one of the few cafes.

Close to Grand Baie, I would suggest the Canonnier Beachcomber Golf Resort, a quick taxi ride to town, but still in a quiet and lovely beach where you can have your romantic time.

This is a lovely boutique accommodation with a nice pool and an awesome beach.

I particularly love the interior design, very creole style.

Check now availability at Seapoint

Canonnier Beachcomber Golf Resort
Canonnier Beachcomber Golf Resort

Where to stay in Mauritius, north or south

This is an important question which I partially answered previously in the post. The north and south of Mauritius are quite different, no question about.

During the months of June, July, August and September I would personally not stay on the south or east coast of Mauritius. The wind, although not cold, brings seldom clouds and rain. 

Le Morne is a bit of an exception. It’s in the south but it’s also the first place on the west coast and somehow protected by an over 550m monolith and the few hills of the Black River Gorges National Park.

In winter I like to stay in the north. Clouds may arrive, but later in the evening, which actually makes a great sunset background.

The west coast has also nice weather throughout the year with more probability of clouds during the afternoon and some rain too, more common in the summer (November to April)

Why should I stay in the south of Mauritius?

I think it is more spectacular and there are more attractions to visit too, especially the National Park and the Seven Coloured Earth in Chamarel, beside the Grand Bassin (or Ganga Talao). Also, the coast at some points is really rough and green, a fabulous area for a nice walk in the wild.

In the Mauritian summer (basically almost same temperature as winter but rare winds) I prefer to stay in the south unless I am just after some beach time and in this case, I go for the east coast, where I can find some spectacular lagoons, and Belle Mare is the place to be.

This post was written in collaboration with Andrea, our Hotel and accommodation expert

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