Grand Gaube Mauritius and the north coast trail

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Why coming to Grand Gaube Mauritius? The best reason is because you want to experience the North Coast tourist trail which starts west of Grand Baie at Trou aux Biches and it finishes at Grand Gaube. A great scenic drive

I was staying in an AirBnb in Trou aux Biches and I rented the car to have a bit of exploration time. I spent a day looking for some beautiful coves, isolated beaches and anything that would look spectacular (not an hard search in Mauritius to be honest)

Mauritius_20150824_801_Beach_ Mauritius_ Mont Choisy Beach_ Sunset_ Trou aux Biches

Direction Grand Gaube Mauritius

From Trou aux Biches I drove direction Grand Baie, probably the major centre in the North of Mauritius. I choose to go through secondary roads to stay as close as possible to the beach. The prize was the access to a small public beach with a view to the majestic bay of Grand Baie (or Grand Bay in English), see map below for more details.

Melbourne-Daily-Photo-Blog-Beach_ Grand Baie_ Mauritius-Mauritius_20150820_405

Arrived in Grand Baie I was welcomed by the wide choice of shopping possibilities. Although I am not really a shopping addict I went for a visit to the local supermarket. I wanted just to have an idea of the sold products. I was pleasantly surprised by the offer and by the economic price. French and Italian food was widely available as well as the local tea and sugar, sold at a fraction of the price you see in tourist shops

The red chapel

Next stop was the Notre Dame Aurilliatrice Chapel. It definitely stands out and you will not miss this red roof church. When I was there the inside was unfortunately closed.

Notre Dame Aurilliatrice Chapel, Cap Malheureux

Notre Dame Aurilliatrice Chapel, Cap Malheureux

The area around the Chapel is extremely photogenic. Do not be surprised to see many people stopping here for some photo portraits. It is also a great place for some swimming, with both the beaches, at the east and west side, having immaculate blue shallow water, perfect for the families as well.

Mauritius_20150820_414_Beach_ Boat_ Mauritius_ Red

The Hindu temple on the water

I did not plan any stop, it was more of a drive and see. I like this no-plan experience sometime.

I left the chapel and I was driving direction the Grand Gaube Mauritius when I saw the public beach of Anse La Raie. There were many colourful buses and completely unaware of the reason I had to stop and check what was happening.

As many times happen, I had a pleasant surprise. This beach hosts a famous small Hindu temple that lies on the water. I waited till everybody left to have few shots. Interesting place. Just a pity I did not have the opportunity to have a talk with the locals to better understand the meaning behind the place

Melbourne-Daily-Photo-Blog-Beach_ Hindu_ Mauritius_ Temple-Mauritius_20150820_459 Melbourne-Daily-Photo-Blog-Beach_ Hindu_ Mauritius_ Temple-Mauritius_20150820_451

It was time to leave for the last stop of the north trail to Grand Gaube, Mauritius.

Grand Gaube and the Hare Krishna procession

What to expect from Grand Gaube? Few exclusive hotels on a coastline made of small beaches exclusively offered to the resort guests of which the LUX is probably the most known and popular of all.

The good news is that I got involved in a Hare Krishna procession, an awesome and unique event which definitely was a great inspiration for my photography. After asking few times for a permission to take photos, I realised that the people actually loved to be photographed. Great news for me. It was great also to chat with few locals and ultimately be invited to share the dinner with them. What an awesome day!

Melbourne-Daily-Photo-Blog-Mauritius-Mauritius_20150822_640 Melbourne-Daily-Photo-Blog-Mauritius-Mauritius_20150822_647


One thing you can easily find in Mauritius is an organised resort. At first I was looking into it as an option and I found that Hotels Combined offered the best packages. In saying that, at the end I decided to go for 2 bed and breakfast because they both gave me more freedom with my timing and my photography. I did not really want to be stressed when out on a sunset (usually at the same time of dinner).

I decided to spend the first week on the south-west coast. From there I could see the southern part of the island, the Black River Gorges National Park, Grand Bassin and the capital of Mauritius, Port Louis.

After some investigation I decided to book Marlin Creek in Riviere Noire. Cristophe and Ingrid, the owners, were just two stars on earth. Super friendly and always providing advices on things to do and discover. It is in the middle of the Riviere Noir village where I could find few restaurants for the night. Freshly cooked breakfast was waiting in the morning, which was a great plus 😀

The room I had was spacious and really well cleaned. Difficult to find anything that did not work. Great experience

The second week I was up north where I believe you can find the best beaches of Mauritius. From there I could also visit the north route up to Grand Gaube and the Grand Baie area.

I booked at the Bleu De Toi Boutique Guest House in Pereybere. It was a real heaven. I stayed in the Hope room, in front of the garden and the swimming pool (I love my early morning swim) and it was just awesome. Great big breakfast too, anything you want just ask. I really liked the décor all around the guest house, I felt like in the perfect creole place. It’s not really located in the centre of Pereybere. You need a 10 minutes walk for either the public beach or the restaurants which was not a big deal to me anyway.

I personally suggest to book the accommodation in Mauritius in advance. Too hard to get around and on-line you get the best deals

Please note that I do not have any affiliations with both guest house owners, I just had a great stay

Travel and Photography Tips

  • Visit both Grand Baie and Trou aux Biches on sunset time, both places offer many possibilities for sunset shooting
  • La Cuvette Beach in Grand Baie is probably the best spot for a sunset phototo as well as Mont Choisy Beach in Trou Aux Biches
  • The viewpoint in Pointe Aux Cannoniers is a great spot for a sunrise photo of the majestic bay of Grand Baie
  • Although I was lucky to be in the middle of the Hare Krishna procession I later realised that it was well advertised through poster boards in the streets. Always worth opening the eyes for the local happening
  • I booked the car at Maki and I had a great experience. Please, note that I have no affiliation with this renter

Map of the Mauritius North Coast trail

More info about Mauritius


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