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Where to Stay in Siena: An Insider’s Guide to the top areas

Deciding where to stay in Siena? You’re in the right place! I have finally organised this guide after I have spent over 20 years in the area.

Siena, with its medieval charm and picturesque neighbourhoods, offers a variety of places to stay, each boasting unique experiences.

From the historical allure of the city centre to the tranquil retreats in the outskirts, the vibrant atmosphere of San Prospero to the practicality of areas near the train station, there’s a perfect spot for every traveller.

I have also mentioned a hidden gem missed by the most, Monteriggione, close to Siena and one of the most romantic places to stay in Tuscany.

Siena - Piazza del Campo square with the gothic town hall building and tower at sunrise
Siena – Piazza del Campo square with the gothic town hall building and tower at sunrise

Where to stay in Siena – let’s compare the areas

Below I have organised a table to compare all the options you have for a stay in Pisa. It’s a great reference that helps to quickly understand what can actually work better for your kind of trip.

Click on the area name to discover all the pros, cons, attractions, restaurants and a full description of the surrounding.

Historic CentreIconic sights, vibrant atmosphereLimited parking, crowded, expensiveHighVery goodPiazza del Campo, Siena Cathedral, ExcellentGoodModerateRich history, charming streets
San ProsperoQuiet, green spaces, parking optionsFewer attractions, limited nightlifeModerateModerate
(better if driving)
Fortezza MediceaModerateGreatLowLocal, relaxed vibe
Train Station AreaAffordable, transport connectionsLess charming, busier streetsLowExcellentShopping, city explorationGoodModerateLowPractical, busy
AgriturismoUnique experience, serene, landscapesRequires car, no nightlifeVariablePoor
(car only)
Countryside walks, local farm toursLocal farm-to-table diningGreatLowRural, authentic
MonteriggioneStunning castle, medieval atmosphereNo nightlife, fewer dining optionsHigh – ModeratePoor
(car only)
Monteriggione CastleGoodGoodLowMedieval, romantic
Best areas to stay in Siena

I have added the village of Monteriggione, outside Siena, as a possible option to visit the city.

I give you my little tip here. Even if it is not going to be your choice, make a point to add Monteriggione to your itinerary of Tuscany. You can visit it also by bus from Siena (#130 or #136), however, you would have to cover the last part of the trip from the bus stop to the village by foot (around 15 minutes).

Map of where to stay in Siena
Map of where to stay in Siena

Historic Centre

  • Best places to stay in Siena for first-time visitors
  • Pros: Iconic sights, vibrant atmosphere, numerous dining options, rich history, charming cobblestone streets
  • Cons: Limited parking, touristy and crowded, more expensive accommodations.


  • Piazza del Campo: The heart of the city where the famous horse race “Il Palio” takes place twice a year.
  • Siena Cathedral (Duomo di Siena): A stunning example of Italian Romanesque-Gothic architecture.
  • Museo dell’Opera Metropolitana: This museum houses a collection of artworks from Siena’s Cathedral.
  • Torre del Mangia: Climb up this tower for a stunning view over Siena.

Restaurants and cafes

  • Osteria Le Logge: Offers Tuscan cuisine with a modern twist in a historic setting.
  • Trattoria La Porticina: A traditional Sienese restaurant with a charming interior.
  • La Taverna di San Giuseppe: Known for its high-quality local cuisine.
  • Pasticceria Nannini Conca D’Oro: A classic Italian cafe, perfect for a quick espresso or a sweet pastry.
Siena - The amazing Cathedral facade
Siena – The amazing Cathedral facade

When wondering where to stay in Siena, the Historic Centre emerges as an irresistible choice for first-time visitors. Its charm lies in the medieval streets that twist and turn, leading to some of the best places to stay in Siena.

You’ll find Siena’s historic heart pulsating with life, as locals and tourists mingle in the beautiful piazzas, while street musicians fill the air with melodious tunes.

With every step in the Historic Centre, you’ll encounter remnants of Siena’s rich history.

The architectural marvel that is the Siena Cathedral stands proudly, displaying intricate carvings that reflect the city’s Romanesque-Gothic past.

Nearby you can find also the Museo dell’Opera Metropolitana, an interesting museum to discover the cultural heritage of the city.

By now you fully understand why the Historic Centre is one of the best areas to stay in Siena. In saying that, this neighbourhood can be quite touristy and crowded, especially during peak seasons.

Accommodation also tends to be more expensive. If you have rented a car in Tuscany to explore the region, then you should check my guide to easy parking in Siena, otherwise, you may find it challenging to understand where to leave your car without spending an arm and a leg.

But these small inconveniences fade against the backdrop of this vibrant and charming neighbourhood, where the past and the present seamlessly blend together.

As for dining options, the Historic Centre does not disappoint. Although this is a touristic area, you can still find traditional restaurants where you can taste the local cuisine and wine.

For instance, Osteria Le Logge offers a modern twist to traditional dishes, while Trattoria La Porticina charms its guests with its unique setting and traditional fare. To complete your culinary adventure, a quick espresso or a sweet treat from Nannini is a must.

All in all, the Historic Centre offers a memorable stay, packed with remarkable sights, delicious food, and an atmosphere that’s quintessentially Sienese.

Best hotels in the Historic Centre of Siena

The Grand Hotel Continental is one of the most unique hotels in Tuscany. Imagine waking up in a 17th-century building right in the heart of Siena, stepping out into a square steeped in history. This 5-star luxury gem offers more than just a stay – it’s an experience!

The rooms are so amazing, decked with frescoed ceilings, terracotta floors, and period furniture. You’ll totally dig the elegant touches of porcelain and Travertine marble.

The cherry on top? The spectacular view of Siena from the hotel.

Siena - Grand Hotel Continental
Siena – Grand Hotel Continental

Here are other 2 great options:

Palazzetto Rosso – Art Hotel ($$$$): historic charm with modern comforts; stunning views, helpful staff, superb location, and exceptional breakfast.

La Casa del Conte ($$): 2BR ideal for families or groups of friends. Exceptional location, cosy apartment with modern amenities. Great value for money.

San Prospero

  • Best places to stay in Siena for families and a quiet time
  • Pros: Quieter atmosphere, green spaces, local vibe, relaxed pace, ample parking.
  • Cons: Fewer attractions nearby, 10-minute walk to Siena Historic Centre, limited nightlife, fewer dining options.


  • The Siena Amphitheatre (Anfiteatro della Fortezza Medicea): A peaceful place for picnics and relaxation.
  • San Prospero Church: A quiet and less touristy place of worship.
  • Public Park “La Lizza”: A green space for a pleasant walk or relaxation.
  • Fortezza Medicea: A brick fort dating back to 1563

Restaurants and cafes

  • Pasticceria Corsini: A local bakery known for its sweet treats.
  • Osteria Enoteca Sotto Le Fonti: Serves traditional Italian dishes in a relaxed atmosphere.
  • Salefino bottiglieria: A wine bar with a good selection of local wines.
  • La Bella ‘Mbriana: A hidden gem for pizza lovers.
Siena - Panoramic view of historic city
Siena – Panoramic view of San Prospero

If you’re wondering where to stay in Siena, San Prospero can be a refreshing alternative. It offers a peaceful retreat away from the bustling Historic Centre while still being close enough to enjoy the city’s iconic sights.

Indeed, San Prospero is one of the best places to stay in Siena for families and those seeking a quiet stay.

With green spaces like the Amphitheatre and La Lizza Park, San Prospero provides a breath of fresh air. Enjoy a leisurely picnic, go for a walk, or simply relax and watch the world go by.

The neighbourhood also offers unique attractions such as the San Prospero Church, a tranquil place of worship away from the touristy crowd, and the Fortezza Medicea, a brick fort dating back to 1563

Despite being a quieter neighbourhood, San Prospero doesn’t compromise on convenience. It’s only a 10-minute walk to the Historic Centre, making it easy to explore the best areas to stay in Siena.

And although it offers fewer dining options, the ones available do not disappoint.

Pasticceria Corsini and Osteria Enoteca Sotto Le Fonti serve mouth-watering local fare, while Salefino Bottiglieria offers a selection of fine local wines.

For pizza lovers, La Bella ‘Mbriana is a hidden gem worth discovering.

So what are the drawbacks of this area? San Prospero has limited nightlife options and fewer attractions compared to other neighbourhoods. But if you prefer a slower pace, ample parking options, and a taste of local life, San Prospero could just be the perfect place for you.

Best hotels in the quiet part of Siena

A Dream in Siena is located right in the middle of everything, right between San Prospero and the Historic Centre. This 2 bedroom apartment has free parking (a major win), a garden to chill out in and, a city view to die for!

Feel like a chef in the well-equipped kitchen, then Netflix and chill in comfort. The free WiFi is a dream come true. Plus, it’s 500 metres from Piazza del Campo, perfect for a quick stroll. Book well in advance because it’s often fully booked.

Here are other 2 great options:

La Villa ($$$): tranquil retreat near Siena’s heart. Charming vintage ambience, excellent service, and delightful garden breakfasts

Villa Elda ($$$): panoramic views, comfortable rooms, great location, friendly staff, and excellent cleanliness.

Close to the Train Station

  • Best places to stay in Siena on a budget
  • Pros: Convenient transport connections, diverse dining options, budget-friendly accommodations.
  • Cons: Less charming atmosphere, busier streets, not as picturesque.


  • Piazza del Sale: A picturesque square to relax and people-watch.
  • Porta Camollia: the grand gate to the Historic Centre

Restaurants and cafes

  • La Piccola Osteria: Traditional Tuscan cuisine with a warm, family-run atmosphere.
  • 53100 Street: A small deli serving a variety of Italian cured meats and cheeses.
  • Gelateria Il Bacio: Known for its wide variety of gelato flavours.
  • I Gabellieri: A good value restaurant making pizza as well as local food
Siena - Cityscape on sunset time
Siena – Drone view from the Central Station area on sunset time

The area around the train station is the best place to stay in Siena for budget-conscious travellers. The location is very practical of course, but surely not as charming as the previous two areas.

The distance to Piazza del Campo is not as bad, actually, because a good part of the way, from the Station to Porta Camollia, is covered by underground escalators.

The area is bustling with activity, offering a different energy compared to the quieter neighbourhoods in Siena. It’s home to the picturesque Porta Camollia, the grand gate to the Historic Centre.

Not too far is also Piazza del Sale, a relaxed small square where you will find mostly locals.

Keep walking for around 10-15 minutes and you will at the Duomo di Siena and Piazza del Campo

In terms of dining, the area does not disappoint. There’s a variety of eateries, from traditional Tuscan restaurants like La Piccola Osteria to delis like 53100 Street.

If you have a sweet tooth, Gelateria Il Bacio offers a wide range of delicious gelato flavours, and for a good value pizza, Gabellieri is a must-visit.

However, the neighbourhood is not as picturesque as the historic centre or quieter suburbs, and the streets can be busier due to its proximity to the train station.

But for its convenience, budget-friendly accommodation options, and the chance to immerse yourself in Siena’s local life, staying near the train station is an excellent choice.

Two great hotel in Siena on a budget

Casa di Alfredo ($): Charming, convenient, clean, spacious rooms, welcoming staff, and close proximity to Siena’s historic centre.

Vacanze Senesi ($): Elegant rooms, clean, friendly hosts.


  • Best places to stay close to Siena in the countryside
  • Pros: Unique accommodation experience, serene surroundings, beautiful landscapes.
  • Cons: Requires a car for transportation, no nightlife, not located in Siena.
The agriturismo is a great place to stay for families and nature lovers
The agriturismo is a great place to stay for families and nature lovers

Agriturismo offers a unique opportunity to stay in the picturesque Tuscan countryside while being only a short drive away from Siena’s city centre.

The Agriturismo is very similar to a farmhouse and completely different from a hotel. It is more of an authentic Italian countryside experience. The Agriturismo is one of the best places to stay close to Siena for nature lovers and those seeking tranquillity.

Agriturismos offer various activities for guests, from wine tours to cooking classes. Many are located near hiking trails, providing the perfect opportunity to explore the beautiful landscapes of the Tuscan countryside.

I also love spending my time visiting the markets in the villages, with locally produced oil and wine, selling products grown up in the proximity.

While the restaurants in agriturismo areas may not be as abundant as in the city, they provide a unique culinary experience. Dining in the countryside allows you to taste locally sourced and traditionally prepared Tuscan dishes.

One thing to consider, though, is that agriturismo stays usually require hiring a car in Tuscany. Public transportation is not a real option, unfortunately.

It’s worth noting that you won’t be directly in Siena and you will always need a short drive to the city. Check out this guide to parking in Siena to avoid wasting time and money.

However, for those seeking a unique and peaceful retreat, staying in an agriturismo is a fantastic option.

Two great Agriturismo around Siena

Il Lavandeto ($$): Charming farmhouse close to Siena offering comfort, stunning views, delicious breakfast, and exceptional service

Castel di Pugna Winery ($$$): authentic Tuscan experience – stunning views, superb wines, and exceptional hospitality


Monteriggione to Siena is just 20 minutes by car
Monteriggione to Siena is just 20 minutes by car
  • Best places to stay close to Siena for romantic couples
  • Pros: Stunning castle accommodations, medieval atmosphere, breathtaking views.
  • Cons: No nightlife, fewer dining options, not located in Siena.


  • Monteriggione Castle: Visit this well-preserved medieval walled town.
  • Walk the medieval walls: For a small fee, you can walk along the town walls.
  • Church of Santa Maria Assunta: This simple yet charming church is located in the main square.
  • Museo Monteriggioni in Arme: Learn about the medieval history of the town and its armour.

Restaurants and cafes

  • Il Pozzo: Known for its Tuscan cuisine and local wines.
  • Ristorante Il Feudo: Offers an array of delicious dishes in a romantic setting.
  • Antico Travaglio: For a sweet treat after a day of exploration.
  • Bar dell’Orso: A perfect spot for a quick coffee or sandwich.

Monteriggione is a hamlet located about 15 kilometres away from Siena. This small village is built inside a medieval castle with vineyards and olive trees all around the walls.

No wonder this place has been voted multiple times as one of the most romantic places to stay in Tuscany.

This stunning castle town, encased in well-preserved medieval walls, offers a romantic and magical atmosphere that couples will surely love.

Monteriggione can be a great base not only to explore Siena, just a short 20-minute drive away. In saying that, this hamlet is itself a lovely destination to explore.

Start with a visit to the castle and a walk along the walls (there is a small access fee for that). The view of the surrounding countryside is spectacular. The Church of Santa Maria Assunta is a charming site to visit, located in the main square.

To learn more about the town’s history, make sure to visit the Museo Monteriggione in Arme, which showcases medieval armour.

When it comes to dining, while there may be fewer options than in a city, the quality is exceptional. Il Pozzo and Ristorante Il Feudo are known for their delectable Tuscan dishes and romantic settings.

For a quick bite or a coffee, Bar dell’Orso is a great choice, although outside the village.

And don’t forget to treat yourself to a dessert at Antico Travaglio.

As you may expect, Monteriggione doesn’t offer much nightlife. Of course, you are not actually staying in Siena and, honestly, this is not a good choice if you are relying only on public transportation.

The bus from Siena will take you only to the main road bus stop and you would have to walk up to the castle. The dining options, although exceptional, are also fewer.

But for couples seeking a peaceful, romantic getaway in a picturesque town, Monteriggione is an excellent choice.

Best hotels in Monteriggione

Romantik Hotel ($$$): Impeccable staff, superb facilities, and stunning location. With a swimming pool.

Sognare nel Castello ($$): fantastic hospitality, perfect location, superbly clean, comfortable and great value for money

Driving in Tuscany can be one of the best adventure you can have
Walking Via Francigena with the Monteriggione castle view in the background

FAQ – Where to stay in Siena

What is the best area to stay in Siena for first-time visitors?

The Historic Centre is the best area for first-time visitors. You will have all within walking distance and the area is super charming

Which area is best for a quiet stay in Siena?

The Historic Centre is beautiful but it can be very busy, especially on peak season (May-Oct). San Prospero offers a quieter atmosphere and green spaces.

Where should budget travelers stay in Siena?

Siena is not a cheap destination, unfortunately. Budget travellers may find affordable options near the Train Station.

Which area is best for experiencing the Italian countryside?

The countryside around Siena is spectacular. Val D’Orcia is not too far away either. Book your stay in an agriturismo for a serene countryside experience

What is a good area for a romantic getaway near Siena?

Monteriggione, with its stunning castle and medieval atmosphere, is perfect for couples. It can get busy with day trippers, but you will have it for yourself in the latest part of the day. Magical

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