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Effortless Parking in Siena – Free and not

Parking in Siena is hassle-free when you’re familiar with the available options.

As you plan your driving to Siena through the best places to stay in Tuscany, explore multi-storey car parks, street parking with meters, and free areas to leave your vehicle.

This post covers the best parking choices with an indication of how far they are from Piazza del Campo, the centre of the Historic Town, how much do they cost (if there is any charge) and factors in ease of access based on your arrival direction.

Our concise guide will help you navigate Siena’s parking landscape confidently, allowing you to focus on the city’s captivating sights and experiences.

But let’s start straight away with the first option, on-street parking

Siena - Panoramic view of historic city
Siena – Panoramic view of the historic city

on-street parking options with Fees

On-street parking is usually located close to the main attractions of the city and outside the Old Centre where the size of the lanes becomes unmanageable for cars to enter.

Keep in mind that there are two types of street parking: ARU and non-residents.

The ARU spots (Aree a Rilevanza Urbanistica) can be used only by residents. Do not park there because you will surely get fined.

Park instead in the non-resident parking spots (well-signed).

The parking fees for on-street parking are generally reasonable, with most meters charging just €1.50 per hour or fraction. This makes them an economical option for those who need to park their vehicles for a short period while discovering the city.

Consider also that parking is typically free of charge between 8 pm and 8 am, great news if you are thinking to have dinner in the city.

Here below 3 popular areas for parking.

Address (Via)Best forDistance from Piazza del Campo
Via RomaYou are driving from Val D’Orcia, Arezzo, Montepulciano, Montalcino~10 minutes on foot
Via MascagniYou are driving from Follonica and the coast (west side of Tuscany)~10 minutes on foot
Via Pannilunghi (partially free)You are driving from either south or west of Siena~15 minutes on foot
Parking in Siena with meters
Siena - Piazza del Campo square with the gothic town hall building and tower at sunrise
Siena – Piazza del Campo square with the gothic town hall building and tower at sunrise

Multi-storey car park

The city has a few multi-storey car parks located near the city’s main attractions, providing a convenient option for parking in Siena close to the historic centre and popular landmarks, including Piazza del Campo.

They are designed to maximize parking capacity in a limited space, ensuring visitors can easily find a parking spot for their vehicles.

These parking structures often feature modern facilities, including electronic signage displaying the number of available spaces

If you are wondering where to stay in Siena with a car, well, you will be happy to know that most of these Multi-storey car parks offer a reduced fee for hotel guests.

In addition, most of these parking structures are open 24 hours a day, providing flexibility and peace of mind.

Below is a quick table with the location, prices and distance to Piazza del Campo, the centre of the Historic City

Parking NameLocationHourly RateDaily Rate*Three DaysOne WeekDistance to Piazza del CampoOpening Hours
La StazionePiazzale Fratelli Rosselli€ 0.5€2N/AN/A~2.0 km24 hours
Il CampoVia di Fontanella€2€25-€35€85€140~300 m24 hours
Stadio – FortezzaViale della Vecchia, Viale dei Mille€2€35€85€140~1.0 km24 hours
Parcheggio Policlinico (Eliporto)Via delle Scotte1st hour free, 2nd hour €1€2.50N/AN/A~2.5 km24 hours
San FrancescoVia Baldassarre Peruzzi€2€25-€35€85€140~700 m24 hours
Santa CaterinaVia Esterna di Fontebranda€2€25-€35€85€140~900 m24 hours
Il DuomoVia del Nuovo Asilo€2€25-€35€85€140~1.3 km24 hours
Multi-storey car parking in Siena

La Stazione Car Park is probably the best deal you can find in Siena if you plan to park for the full day (only €2).

It seems quite far from the centre (2 km) however a good part of it is covered by underground escalators that will take you to Porta Camollia (15 minutes by foot from Piazza del Campo, or just 1 Km).

The Parcheggio Policlinico offers another great deal at €2.5/day but it is quite far from the Centro Storico.

Luckily you can catch either the bus 0S3 or 17 which will shorten your trip.

The other car parks in Siena have much higher prices, around €30-35, but you will be a short walk away from all the major attractions of Siena, Piazza del Campo included.

Most of these places have also an agreement with the hotel association for a flat €25/day if you sleep in Siena (ask the hotel for more information).

What is the best option for parking in Siena?

If you are on a budget, the La Stazione is highly suggested. You can easily walk to the Historic Centre.

Otherwise, pick the parking closer to your hotel (if you sleep in Siena) or drive straight to the Il Campo parking.

You will be metres away from Piazza del Campo, the centre of the City. This is the best option, especially if you have just a few hours to visit the city and you do not want to waste time walking around.

Siena - Narrow streets of the city
Siena – Narrow streets of the city

Free parking in Siena

This is the last option you have, the free on-street parking.

As you can expect, these spots are usually farther up from Piazza del Campo. Sometimes you even need to take the bus to get to the city centre and in this respect, it is probably not a great solution if you plan to visit the city for just a few hours.

Here is a quick list of them. Keep in mind that although I try to keep this table updated, the city is always looking into converting these areas to paid car parks.

AddressHow far from Piazza del Campo
Viale BracciClose to Policlinico (bus 0S3 or 17), not very convenient
Viale Vittorio Veneto~10 minutes walk
Strada dei TufiBus to the city centre
Strada di Pescaia~ 20 minutes walk
Via Fruschelli/Via Pannilunghi~ 15/20 minutes walk
Viale ToselliBus to the city centre
Via delle ProvinceBus to the city centre
Free parking in Siena
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