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Where to stay in Nashville

Nashville is famous for being one of the cities with the most vibrant music scenes in the whole country and probably the world.

However, Tennessee’s capital has a lot more to offer than a chance to spot your favorite country singer walking down the street.

With so much to see and do in this massive southern city, you will have to make your decision of where to stay in Nashville very wisely.

Our guide will help you understand what each different part of the city has to offer you as a visitor.

The best places to stay Downtown may work great for a bachelor but probably not that much for families with kids. Everyone with their own needs.

It doesn’t matter whether you are looking to immerse yourself in the eclectic world of music or you are looking for a chance to experience some of that laid back authentic southern hospitality. We get you cover.

Where to stay in Nashville
Where to stay in Nashville

Before starting your trip, check out the Nashville Scene for the latest concerts and parties.

Where to stay in Nashville for nightlife, a bachelor party and music – In a nutshell

Best areas to stay in Nashville
Best areas to stay in Nashville – Check interactive Goggle Map here
  • So, what are the 5 best areas to stay in Nashville: quickly, the main areas are Gulch (Downtown), SoBro (South of Broadway), North of Broadway (Downtown), Midtown (west of Downtown) and West End (west of Downtown). You can read more about every single area below.
  • Where to stay in Nashville for nightlife: you’ll find that staying in the Midtown district will give you a taste of authentic southern hospitality and, at the same time, great exposure to the Nashville local nightlife. This is the area where you will be more likely to meet locals than travelers. Read more below about nightlife in Nashville, including a few suggested accommodations in the area
  • Where to stay in Nashville for bachelorette or bachelor party: the best area to stay for parties is Downtown (either North or South of Broadway). This is where you will find a great variety of bars and clubs open till late. But it’s not only about the night. Even during the day Downtown can offer a few great experiences that work well as a pre-party time, like a whisky tasting session. Read more below about partying around Broadway, including a few suggested bars and experiences.
  • Best places to stay in Nashville on a budget: there are a couple of areas that tend to offer more budget-oriented accommodations. These are East Nashville and West End. They are both not close to the action, however, catch a bus and you will be in no time in Downtown. Read more about these two areas below, including a few budget accommodations
  • Where to stay in Nashville cheap: there is no doubt that Nashville is an expensive city when it comes down to accommodations, especially on big concert days. For a cheap place, you can either opt for a hostel or stay 4-5 miles from downtown, like in Avondale or further north, where you can find a few bargains under $100/night. Read more below for a few cheap options.
  • Where to stay in Nashville with family: West End may be all you need for a quiet stay, close to the action and with a few facilities for kids around, like playgrounds. The other option is Music Valley, a resort area fully dedicated to families. The drawback is that you are 10 miles, or 20 minutes by car, from Downtown. Read below about both options with more info on kid facilities.
  • Great place to stay in Nashville for an exclusive experience: A trendy neighborhood like The Gulch, in the Downtown area, is perfect if you are looking for luxury accommodations. This is an exclusive area just steps away from Broadway. Read more below about the area, including tips on restaurants and boutique hotels.
  • Best place to stay in Nashville for the variety of experiences: South of Broadway in Downtown, or The SoBro, is renowned for its diverse array of experiences you can have. From restaurants to bars, musicals to concerts. All with a wide choice of accommodations around. Read more below about SoBro, including a few hotels and AirBnb options.
  • Best area to stay in Nashville for the boutique experience: If you’re looking for a chic and arty place to spend a long weekend then try North of Broadway (Downtown) where you will discover beautiful art galleries and nicely restored old restaurants and bars (Printers Alley is a must-visit). Read more below on North of Broadway, including a few suggested arty places.
  • Where to stay in Nashville near Music Row: Music Row is actually more of a music business hub, busy during the day, empty at night. For your stay you should check-out other areas as Midtown or Downtown. Read more below about Music Row.
  • Do you need a car in downtown Nashville? the quick answer is No if you stay in the central areas. However, there are a few benefits from driving to Nashville and you can read them below.

Where to stay in Nashville for nightlife

For the most part, Nashville is a touristy city with a clear inclination towards music. 

The question is where to stay in Nashville for nightlife, to catch the best concerts, to discover the future music stars, to have just a drink and a talk with a few locals

If you want to truly experience the city in all its southern authenticity then Midtown is probably the best place to stay in Nashville.

A night at the Tootsies Orchid Lounge in Broadway
A night at the Tootsies Orchid Lounge in Broadway


The best thing about Midtown is the fact that it offers you the best local experience without taking you too far away from all the typical local attractions.

So you get to have your vacation cake and eat it too.

While in Midtown, you need to slot in some time for their famous craft beers in which case TailGate Brewery is a must-visit.

This is an indoor/outdoor place where you can enjoy great pizzas and a good selection of locally made beers.

You can also decide to go for the beer tasting option to experience the lot.

For a taste of the local music scene, head to Analog at Hutton Hotel, a really fun place to visit and experience.

The acoustic is one of the best in Nashville. The setting is quite luxurious and comfortable.

If you want something flashier in terms of live performance, than you should buy tickets to a show at the Ascend Amphitheater, in downtown, just a short taxi ride from Midtown.

This is an open-air arena that has hosted some of the most legendary musicians in the world, including Chris Tomlin, Counting Crows and Boyz II Men.

You might get lucky and find a music festival or tour stop in this iconic location.

Suggested accommodations in this area:

Where to stay in Nashville for bachelorette or bachelor party

Nashville is slowly but very surely coming up as a source of serious competition for Las Vegas as a party hub.

More and more couples are choosing the iconic city as the location for their bachelor and bachelorette parties.

Lights of North Broadway
Lights of North Broadway

Midtown is, of course, a great option here on account of the vibrant night scene.

However, Downtown is surely the best place to stay in Nashville for bachelorette or bachelor parties.

Downtown (either North or South of Broadway)

Just one warning about these parties. If you rent an AirBnb be upfront about the reason for your trip. Otherwise, you may be in trouble with the owner and the insurance.

In most cases, the AirBnbs clearly state “no bachelor party” on the property description.

Hotels tend to be more forgiving. There are in fact a few hotels in Downtown that define themselves as bachelor-friendly. These are the best accommodations to stay, if available.

Once in the city, check out these 3 locations and activities that your crew will enjoy.

  • The Sprocket Rocket Party Bike

This is a great way to explore the city as a group. Just hire one of these bikes and make some memories with your closest friends and family. This will give you something fun to do during the day before the wild night time activities.

  • Whiskey tasting

It is a crime (not literally) to visit Tennessee and not go whiskey tasting. The Jack Daniel’s Distillery is one of the most famous in the world and should definitely be on your bachelor or bachelorette party itinerary.

  • Club hopping and bar crawling in Downtown Nashville

This is what you came for and Downtown definitely does not disappoint in terms of options. From dive bars to upscale clubs, you will have a lot of places to choose from to keep the night alive.

Suggested accommodations in this area:

Best places to stay in Nashville on a budget

Being a popular destination means that Nashville can be very expensive to stay in.

This is particularly the case around the entertainment hubs and during concert high seasons.

So what are your options when you are trying to save money?

View of Nashville from the east side of the Cumberland River
View of Nashville from the east side of the Cumberland River

East Nashville

If you want to enjoy all the city has to offer on a budget then you might have to find accommodations across the Cumberland River in East Nashville.

This might not be the best part of town in terms of quality accommodation and attractions.

However, it makes up for this deficit by being one of the most affordable places to stay in or around the city.

East Nashville is not built for tourists so you will have to do with the few attractions there.

An awesome one to check out is Cumberland Park.

It has everything from a lovely nature trail to an amphitheater for various shows.

You could also go restaurant hopping with their numerous low-budget eateries allowing you to have some real fun.

A good option here would be Mas Tacos Por Favor.

This restaurant is a local hot spot famous for its amazing Mexican food with a wide selection of Tacos.

Suggested accommodations in this area:

West End

West End is another place to consider when planning a budget-friendly trip to Nashville.

The Nashville Walls Project
The Nashville Walls Project

The location has numerous affordable accommodation options for you to choose from.

It offers relatively easy access to Midtown, just a short taxi ride.

This allows you to enjoy the entertainment district’s attractions without having to stretch your wallet thin by staying there.

West End also has amazing affordable restaurants like McDougal’s Chicken Fingers & Wings.

This comfort food spot offers you great deals on southern specials whether it is breakfast or your main meal. The best part is that they also throw in some free ice cream with every meal.

Suggested accommodations in this area:

Where to stay in Nashville cheap (under $100)

If you are looking to spend less than $100 then look further north.

Areas like Avondale have decent motels and hostels that you could stay at for really low prices.

If you plan on using your own car or a rental to commute up and down the city, then you should also consider the motel area along Dickerson Pike.

Suggested accommodations in this area:

Where to stay in Nashville with family

Deacon s New South restaurant in downtown
Restaurants of Nashville

When traveling to Nashville as a family, it is best to stay somewhere nice and calm but still close to all the major attractions.

West End

The one neighborhood that best suits this description is West End.

This area has a few great advantages. 

You are in the city and just a short taxi ride to the major attractions of Downtown. You can experience the city at easy

It is so much quieter than any other popular area that I have introduced in this post

It’s more affordable and better value than Midtown and Downtown.

It has a few attractions for kids

One location that your children will definitely enjoy is The Parthenon.

This historic gem is a real family treat with fancy art for the grownups and numerous park activities for the kids.

Suggested accommodations in this area:

Music Valley

Music Valley is also worth considering when planning a family trip to Nashville.

The Gaylord Opryland Resort, in particular, is ideal for families with its picturesque setting and numerous child-friendly amenities.

The only drawback is that this neighborhood is far from downtown.

You will have to make a double effort, the first one to take the kids away from the pool and the other kids’ attractions.

Then the second effort to drive to the city center and find a parking spot (which can be expensive)

If your focus is on visiting and experiencing Nashville then West End works best. Otherwise Music Valley, for a more resort-oriented stay.

Check price at Gaylord Opryland

Great place to stay in Nashville for an exclusive experience – the Gulch

The Gulch is on the higher end of the travel budget spectrum but with all that it has to offer it is definitely worth it.

This trendy neighborhood is great if luxury accommodations are a huge priority to you.

Some of their most famous high-end options include JW Marriot and the iconic Union Station Hotel.

In addition to having somewhere nice to lay your head after exploring, Gulch offers access to really great eateries.

One option is The 404 Kitchen, a high-end farm-to-table spot known for the decadent organic options on their menu.

It is also a great place to hang out and enjoy craft cocktails in their basement bar.

If you are looking for a light snack or a nice cup of coffee somewhere simple then your best option is Mild and Honey.

This hip café serves an array of baked goods, artisanal beverages and homemade gelato.

Suggested accommodations in this area:

The busy downtown of Nashville
The busy downtown of Nashville

Best place to stay in Nashville for the variety of experiences – SoBro

The area of SoBro, South of Broadway, is well known for the variety it has to offer in terms of experiences.

First off, it has numerous accommodation options from low-budget inns to high-end hotels.

This is great as you are assured decent choices whatever is your budget.

It also has a lot to offer when it comes to places to visit and things to do.

These include The Bridgestone Arena, The Johnny Cash Museum and classic music shows at the Schermerhorn Symphony Center.

Finally, SoBro is a foodie’s dream with its many awesome food spots like Etch.

This unique restaurant has a very eclectic menu which is perfect when you and/or your traveling companions cannot decide on what to eat.

They also have an awesome wine collection which is exactly what you will need.

Speaking of liquid fun, SoBro also has numerous cocktail spots like Bar Sovereign.

This is a vintage-style pub with a wide variety of beer, spirits and of course craft cocktails.

Suggested accommodations in this area:

Best area to stay in Nashville for the boutique experience – North of Broadway

If you want to be around all the boutique galleries and lovely exhibits for an arty long weekend then North of Broadway is the perfect place to be.

Start your walk visiting the Tinney Contemporary located in the Art Precinct.

From there you will be steps away from at least another 5 galleries like the Rymer Gallery, Chauvet Arts and the famous O Gallery.

For drinks and a bit of nightlife head to Printers Alley, a former publishing street transformed into a restaurant and bar area.

In North of Broadway, you will find also historical accommodations like the 21c Museum Hotel and the Hermitage Hotel, both with an amazing interior design that is able to mix old style with modern needs.

Check availability at 21C    Check availability at Ermitage

Printers Alley in North of Broadway
Printers Alley in North of Broadway

Where to stay in Nashville near Music Row

Music is undeniably a major attraction in Nashville, for many the main reason to have a breakaway in this city.

You may have read that many people suggest staying in Nashville near Music Row. Near the music action.

Music Row is an area southwest of Downtown however this neighborhood is more of a business district than a residential one.

You will find all the major labels headquarters and it gets quite busy during the day, but at night it all shuts down.

Therefore, consider finding a place in Midtown or Downtown which are both a stone away. That’s where the action is.

Do not be surprised if you grab a taxi at night asking to go to Music Raw and you are taken to Broadway instead. 

Best area to stay in Nashville

Like most of the big cities, also Nashville has a Downtown area.

This is where you will find the famous lights of Broadway, somehow similar to the Las Vegas Strip.

The best neighborhoods to stay in Nashville are either in the downtown area or less than 5 miles (8km) away.

The Downtown area is not that big either and most of the attractions, restaurants and bars are within walking distance.

The city center is probably the most touristy part of Nashville. This should not discourage you, though. 

This is where you will find great live music venues and exhibits as the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, besides lovely restaurants as the Merchants.

It can get quite busy after dark, but that’s part of the fun of Nashville and this is probably why you decided to book your trip here, to have a great dinner, a few drinks and possibly some live music.

West of Downtown you will find the areas with more of a local feeling, still plenty of venues, bars and restaurants however you will be more likely to meet locals than visitors.

East and North of Downtown are much less lively however this is where you can find a few hotel bargains.

One important thing to notice is that quite often hotels call themselves Downtown Hotel XYZ, however, annoyingly enough, they are not actually downtown, usually east of the Cumberland River.

Here below a map of the best areas to stay in Nashville.

Best areas to stay in Nashville
Best areas to stay in Nashville – Check interactive Goggle Map here

Gulch (Downtown – the high-end neighborhood)

This ritzy neighborhood located in the heart of Nashville has the perfect combination of urban and traditional influence.

It is a place where old gems like The Station Inn (live music venue) and urban spots like Biscuit Love (Southern breakfast and lunch) coexist perfectly.

This upscale neighborhood is home to some of the city’s ritziest hotels.

It is therefore perfect if you are looking for a luxury experience.

The Gulch is also a great place to get away to if you are in the mood to do some shopping with all the high-end department stores there.

Finally, after a long day of opulent fun, you can have a fun quiet evening at one of their many trendy restaurants.

SoBro (Downtown – the entertainment district)

Remember those celebrity sightings alluded to earlier?

This is the part of town you go to for that type of action.

SoBro is short for “South of Broadway” which refers to the upbeat neighborhood south of Nashville’s Broadway area.

This is where you will get to experience Music City’s in its full and authentic entertainment glory.

SoBro is home to numerous music label headquarters both national brands and indie.

It also hosts numerous live music shows in both large-scale locations like Music City Center and quaint little open mic bars like Big Bang Dueling Piano Bar.

Finally, you get to appreciate the city’s legacy with the different hall of fame parks in the area.

The Broadway busy part of Downtown
The Broadway busy part of Downtown

North of Broadway (Downtown – the arty hub)

This area, located north of Broadway, has it all as far as Nashville arty attractions.

You get to experience the fun and trendy musical side with the likes of the world-famous Ryman Auditorium and the Tennessee Performance Arts Center.

You also have a lot to look forward to in terms of more laid-back attractions like the numerous waterfront restaurants for those breathtaking views.

If you are a big fan of museums and exhibits, North of Broadway also delivers with places to visit including the Tennessee State Museum.

Alternatively, have a walk to the “Arty Corner” (Union Street & 5th Avenue N) where you will find plenty of boutique contemporary galleries as the Rymer Gallery. You can literally spend there a whole afternoon, if not a day.

Midtown (west of Downtown – the local nightlife hub)

Time for some live music
Time for some live music

The numerous recording studios, performance auditoriums and music bars are not the only ones responsible for the nickname Music City.

Nashville has an underrated but incredibly exciting night scene that you have to experience to believe.

And the best place to do this is in Midtown. That’s where the locals go.

Located west of the Downtown area, this neighborhood is home to some of the city’s trendiest clubs and bars.

Here you will get everything from live band performances to DJs for what promises to be the best nights of your life.

If you are not into the whole party scene, there is still a whole world of restaurants open late for you to explore.

West End (west of Downtown – the hip neighborhood)

This neighborhood is located west of Midtown and is probably best known for being the home of the world-famous Vanderbilt University.

It might be home to some of the city’s oldest buildings but it is by far one of the most vibrant and hippest parts of town.

Here you will find boutique accommodations, hip restaurants as well as dive pubs and college bars with more to offer in terms of fun than any high-end club could master.

Unlike most other Nashville neighborhoods, West End is not so much of a tourist hub. There is no loud bachelorette party around or bachelor group in a pub-crawling mood.

This is perfect if you want to escape the more crowded and noisy parts of the city.

Do you need a car in downtown Nashville?

So now that you know all that Nashville has to offer you as a tourist, the next question you need to ask yourself is how you are going to get around.

These amazing attractions are not stacked side by side and public transportation might be inconvenient.

If you plan to stay in Downtown, Midtown or West End then you do not really need a car. In fact, it will be an additional cost in most cases (parking)

However, if you stay outside of these major areas it may be wise to consider either bringing your own car or getting a rental.

This will allow you to get from one place to another without too much stress.

It also opens up your accommodation possibilities to include more suburban getaways in and around the city, possibly saving some money.

Waves of the city
Waves of the city
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