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Where to stay in Savannah

Savannah is one of the most charming cities in Georgia and the whole US.

It seems to have it all, from picturesque river views to historical gems littered all over the streets.

If you are planning a visit, you might be surprised at how hard it is to figure out where to stay in Savannah.

We will help you narrow down your options based on your travel needs.

That way whether you want to explore the city’s historical side, the beach or you want to immerse yourself in its modern delights, you know exactly where to book your accommodation, boutique-style or on budget.

The best part is that all of our reviews and recommendations have just been updated.

So no outdated restaurants or shut down clubs will be making an appearance here.

Lots of character in Savannah
Lots of character in Savannah – Beautiful 18th-century architecture

Once you have booked your accommodation have a look at the Arts & Entertainment section of Connect Savannah for the events in town

Where to stay in Savannah, Historic District or beach – Key Points

  • Where to stay in Savannah: the central Historic District is one of the oldest areas in the USA, absolutely gorgeous. This is where it’s all happening in Savannah, close to all of the attractions that the city has to offer. Surely the best location to be based, however, also the most expensive part of the city. Read more below about the Historic District, including bars, restaurants, hotels and attractions
  • Best places to stay on River Street: this is the heart of Savannah’s Historic District, a cobblestone street that will take you back to the 18th century when Savannah was the leading exporter of cotton in the world. Here you will also find some amazing boutique accommodations, a few coming from converted warehouses as the Bohemian Hotel. Read more below on the River Street
  • Top location in Savannah for nightlife: the City Market area, just a couple blocks up from River Street, is the place to be for the nightlife. You can find a few rooftops where you can enjoy your late-evening cocktails as well as a few bars to spend the night, including the Tree House, one of the most famous spots with live music too. Read more below about a stay in Savannah with nightlife, including a few famous bars.
  • Unique places to stay in Savannah: this is a hard selection because the historic district has some amazing accommodations. Having to choose just two of them I would go for either the Kehoe House or the Marshall House and if you keep reading below you will see why I love both of them.
  • Top places to stay in Savannah on the beach: look no further than Tybee Island, less than 20 miles to the Historic District, or just 25 minutes by car. Here you will find three beaches: North Beach which works great for families, Tybee Back River Beach, best for watersports, and South Beach, the main beach of Tybee Island, right in the center of the small town. Read more about a stay in Savannah on the beach below.
  • Cheap places to stay in Savannah on a budget: the Habersham Woods area is a well-connected part of the city where you can save some money and you will still be close to the historic center (just 5 miles from the River Street, or 20 minutes by direct bus). The Best Western Central Inn is one of the best value options in this area. Read more below on other options, even a couple of possibilities in the historic center.
  • Best AirBnb and Holiday Homes
    • Unique: this Sprawling Penthouse with Rooftop is absolutely unique on its own. It’s a 1BR accommodation with the possibility to host up to 4 people
    • Cozy: the Gordon Carriage has everything to deliver a cozy time in Savannah. It’s a 1BR old brick house just renewed to the highest standards
    • Stylish with parking: the 414 Waldburg A is a stylish apartment hosting up to 5 people in 2 bedrooms with outer space too
    • Best Location: Broughton Retreat is a 2BR apartment placed in an unbeatable location, in front of the City Hall and meters from River Street
    • Huge: News Place 303 is a 1,700 square feet (157sqm ) apartment in the heart of Savannah, probably one of the biggest in the historic center
    • Budget: the Serendipitous Savannah Apartments close to Forsyth Park have an option for a Studio or a 2BR apartment. They are both probably the best value in Savannah

Best area to stay in Savannah Georgia

Let’s go straight to the point. The best area to stay in Savannah, if you after a unique stay, is the Historic District, one of the most beautiful in the United States

This is the oldest city in the country dating back to 1733. The Historic District has still that awesome preserved feeling and character, especially in the part close to river street.

Expect cobblestones streets, well-maintained old buildings and warehouses, lovely restaurants all around and a great cafe scene.

The Historic District is really an unmissable great area to stay in Savannah.

If you have kids or you just prefer to stay at the beach, then Tybee Island Beach may be the right place for you. It’s a great option in summer with real hotel bargains in winter.

Savannah is not a cheap place to book a hotel but we get you covered with an area where you can find some awesome value hotels and you will be just a 15-20 minutes bus ride, or 10 minutes car drive, from the river.

Best area to stay in Savannah Georgia
Best area to stay in Savannah Georgia – See the Interactive Google Map

Here are some of the best places to stay in Savannah.

Historic District (the largest in the country)

It has a national historic landmark district status and is considered one of the oldest towns in North America.

Here, you will find iconic locations like the oldest Antebellum in America.

The architectural style is dominated by historical influences with magnificent structures like the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist as well as the Telfair Academy of Arts and Science.

In addition to history, this town has a lot to offer in terms of outdoor spaces and activities. You could take a bike ride through Forsyth Park or play with your children at Emmet Park.

Walking in the park
Walking in the Forsyth Park

Tybee Island Beach (beach life close to Savannah)

This part of Georgia has a lot more to offer than antique buildings and historic reserves and Tybee Island Beach is proof enough of this fact.

The small town is best known for having amazing beaches as well as being home to the famous Tybee Island Lighthouse.

Tybee is the perfect place to stay in Savannah if you want to enjoy the beach life but still be close enough to the Historic District to have some day trips.

Habersham Woods (Savannah’s best-kept secret)

Habersham Woods is the best place to stay ion Savannah if you want to get away from the hassle of the tourist hubs in the rest of the city.

This neighborhood is the perfect combination of modern and historical influences and gives you the best chance of interacting with locals.

Do not expect anything as charming as the Historic District however it offers significantly cheaper accommodations.

And it is close enough to the city center, just 5 miles away.

The Historic District of Savannah
The Historic District of Savannah

Where to stay in Savannah Historic District

The Historic District in Savannah is without a doubt the star of the show as far as attractions are concerned.

It is, therefore, no surprise that so many visitors either want to stay here or as close to it as possible.

Walking in the 18th-century streets is like visiting an open-air museum. An open-mouth experience by itself.

Here are more details on some of the best places in the Historic District of Savannah to book your stay.

View to the Historic District from the Savannah River
View to the Historic District from the Savannah River

Best places to stay in Savannah GA on River Street

River Street is the heart of Savannah’s Historic District and has its own very colorful past with everything from hauntings from Native American burial grounds to its role in slavery.

All this aside, the cobblestone street neighborhood is the perfect place to stay if you want a place with easy access to all the attractions as well as great accommodation options.

The Bohemian Hotel Savannah Riverfront is a beautifully converted warehouse with a lovely modern interior design.

Located right on the river, the Bohemian offers beautiful views of the water in addition to the high-class amenities.

Check availability at the Bohemian

The Bohemian Hotel Savannah Riverfront, Autograph Collection
The Bohemian Hotel Savannah Riverfront, Autograph Collection

The Hilton Garden Inn is another perfect combination of modern interior and historic architecture (from a reclaimed old warehouse, see photos here).

You will find clean spacious rooms and awesome continental breakfast, overall a great value for money with an exclusive experience.

The location is perfect, walking distance to the river and the City Market.

Check latest deal at the Hilton Garden

Hilton Garden Inn Savannah Historic District
Hilton Garden Inn Savannah Historic District

The Homewood Suites Savannah Riverfront is an ideal accommodation if you are looking more for a serviced studio or apartment.

The view is right on the water, truly spectacular (see photos here). The best feature about this property is the unique rooftop pool.

Check price at the Homewood

Homewood Suites Savannah Historic District
Homewood Suites Savannah Historic District

So you know where to stay in River Street Savannah. But where will you eat?

One great option is River House Seafood. Here, you get to enjoy delicious fresh catches while taking in the view of the Savannah River.

Another awesome restaurant to try out in the area is Saddle Bags which is not only a restaurant but also a live music and dance bar.

Lovely houses of the Historic District
Lovely houses of the Historic District

Unique places to stay in Savannah

If you are splurging on your trip you want to make sure that you pick a place that offers you something you are unlikely to get anywhere else.

One of the most unique places to stay in Savannah is the Kehoe House, a boutique B&B over 120 years old.

The breakfast is to die for and the service very attentive, always there providing suggestions on things to do and hidden places to visit. A unique experience

Check availability at Kehoe

Kehoe House, Historic Inns of Savannah Collection
Kehoe House, Historic Inns of Savannah Collection

The historic Marshall House is another boutique hotel that dates back to 1851.

It seats in a very central location next door to all the attractions.

The free southern-style breakfast is a great way to start the day and the happy hour in the afternoon with the local cheese is a must-try.

Check availability at Marshall

The Marshall House, Historic Inns of Savannah Collection
The Marshall House, Historic Inns of Savannah Collection

Top location in Savannah for nightlife

Savannah’s Historic District has a very lively night scene and the City Market is the best place to appreciate this.

Great Pizza at Vinnie Van GoGo s in the Historic District
Great Pizza at Vinnie Van GoGo’s in the Historic District

This open-air shopping area spans 4 blocks and truly comes alive when the sun goes down.

One of the popular local spots for a fun night out is the rooftop bar at The Grove Savannah.

The midnight closing time might come as a bummer if you wanted a long night out but the beautiful views from the rooftop are worth it.

Another great spot is Bar Bar. Not the most creative of names but damn can these guys fix a drink.

Finally, if you want a fun night of dancing and listening to music then try the Tree House Savannah.

While in this part of the Historic District, the best place to stay is the DoubleTree Hilton.

This luxury hotel is located in the heart of the neighborhood and offers easy access to the City Market.

Check availability at the Hilton

DoubleTree by Hilton Historic Savannah
DoubleTree by Hilton Historic Savannah

Top places to stay in Savannah on the beach

If you want to ditch those history pamphlets for cold drinks and those museum tours for warn sun and sand the Tybee Island is your best option.

This island town has beaches littered up and down the shoreline and you might not have time to visit them all.

To make your life easier, here are the 3 best beaches and what earns them this title.

Doc’s Bar on Tybee Island
Doc’s Bar on Tybee Island

North Beach (great for families)

This beach has it all from trained lifeguards to amenities like secure parking lots and restrooms.

It is, therefore, a very popular spot and can get crowded especially during the summer. Fortunately, it is quite a large beach and though full of people doesn’t feel cramped.

While in the area as a family, you could sign up for surf lessons at Tybee Surf School then try out your skills at the beach.

In this area, you will find a few AirBnB of which the DeSoto Beach Terraces is one of the best options.

This beautiful beachfront property offers balconies with the most amazing views of the Atlantic Ocean.

The kitchen has all of the appliances in good condition and ready for cooking. Great space for a family with kids.

Check the price at DeSoto

DeSoto Beach Terraces

Tybee Back River Beach (great for watersports)

This beach is for watersports fans including kayaking and standup paddling.

Talking of kayaking, you should explore the opposite Little Tybee Island for a real outdoor adventure.

On this side of the town, you can find the Tybee Southern Comfort, a lovely cottage that can host up to 8 people, perfect for a big family stay.

It’s a lovely accommodation within walking distance also to the main South Beach with restaurants and shops.

Check price at Tybee Southern Comfort

The Beach at Tybee Island
Drone view of the beach at Tybee Island

South Beach (right in town)

This is the busiest part of the island, where you will find more hotels and restaurants.

The Tybee Beach Pier is a must-visit, lovely for a walk or fishing.

Another spot to visit is the Island Marine Science Center, try to get there at around 10:30am for the turtle feeding.

Right one block from the beach you will find the Admiral’s Inn. This hotel has been just refurbished and it’s a great solution if you are traveling alone, as a couple or as a family.

The breakfast is lovely, with fresh waffles and the pool just the right size.

Check availability at the Admiral’ Inn

Admiral s Inn on Tybee Island
Admiral s Inn on Tybee Island

The Admiral’s Inn is also incredibly close to the popular Sting Ray’s Seafood restaurant.

This spot is a hit among both locals and tourists mainly for the amazing food and casual feel.

Cheap places to stay Savannah GA or on a budget

If you do not want to spend too much money while on your trip then the Habersham Woods area and White Bluff Road are the best places to stay.

Habersham Woods

In Habersham Woods, you will find a variety of decent motels that may not be top quality but are good enough nonetheless.

The neighborhoods are a short 5 miles commute from the Historic District which means that you are just one bus ride away from the major attractions (there are 2 busses, the #4 and #14 that take you directly there in 20 minutes).

The Best Western Central Inn is one of the best value options in Savannah and is located just south of Habersham Woods.

The cheap motel has a pretty clean and casual exterior with a surprisingly nice interior design.

Check the great value at the Central Inn

Best Western Central Inn
Best Western Central Inn

If you really want to be in the Historic District then you should book your stay at the Best Western Savannah Historic District Hotel, probably the cheapest option in this area.

This Best Western branch lives up to the franchise’s simple yet chic style which makes it more than worth what you pay for the accommodations.

Latest deal at the Best Western

Another possibility is to go for an AirBnb or Holiday Home. In saying that they are also quite expensive (Savannah is a popular place).

These Serendipitous Savannah Apartments may work just great either for couples (studio) or families with kids (2 bedrooms).

There is free Wi-Fi and parking too, which is a great bonus if you are traveling by car.

Check price at Serendipitous

As far as satisfying your cravings on a budget goes, you have numerous eateries to choose from in Savannah.

The most popular are Cancun Mexican Restaurant and Ole Time’s Country Buffet Savannah where you get nice hot meals without having to burn through your budget.

Collins Quarter in the Historic District
Collins Quarter Cafe in the Historic District
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