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Where to stay in Corfu – Best towns and hotels

This is one of my favourite islands in Greece, and surely the one with more choice in the Greek Ionian archipelago.

You can find literally everything, amazing and unique beaches, picturesque bays, characteristic towns, nice trekking and of course nightlife and amazing food.

But being quite a big island, it can be overwhelming to understand where to stay in Corfu, what towns, or what cost.

It all depends on who you are travelling with (with the family, partner or as a single) and what you would like to do (playing with kids, relaxing, have a romantic time, trekking or some nightlife).

In this guide, I go through all the possible scenarios with a very handy map too. Be sure that this will help you immensely in deciding your best place to stay in Corfu.

But let’s get into it.

Fortress in the old centre of Corfu Town
The Old Fortress in the original centre of Corfu Town

Where to stay in Corfu for families, couples, beach time – in a nutshell

Let me start by saying that, as a rule of thumb, the north coast is quieter and more relaxed than the south coast, where you can find more nightlife.

The north coast tends to have also more sandy beaches meanwhile in the south, you have more pebble beaches.

Between June and August/September, the weather is normally sunny and warm. In the other months of the year, usually, the west coast experiences more rain than the east coast.

Here below a handy map with all the best areas to stay in Corfu based on your type of trip.

Keep reading for the short key points, followed by a more detailed description of the destination.

Best areas to stay in Corfu
Best areas to stay in Corfu – Check & download a better resolution map
  • Best area to stay in Corfu for families: Agios Georgios Beach, in the north, is a relaxed and very quiet destination with a large shallow beach ideal for small kids and toddlers. Agios Gordios, on the Centre coast, may work better if you are travelling with older kids thanks to the many available water sports activities. There are also nice restaurants around as well as a few bars that may work well for the older teenagers. Read more below for a family stay
  • Best area to stay in Corfu for couples: Corfu Town is one of the most beautiful destinations on the island if you are interested in culture and architecture. Just get lost in the maze of the small lanes full of historical character. It’s a great base to explore the island. The drawback? No beaches. A lovely alternative is Kassiopi, a charming town on the North East coast that works for anyone looking to relax but still have a nice night out with dinner and drinks till late, without the loud part of it. Read more below for a stay with your partner
  • Best resort in Corfu for middle-aged couples: the area of Palaiokastritsa is the most picturesque place to spend your holiday, a real gem on this beautiful island. The town is scattered on three unique bays and many lovely beaches, with an amazing view of all from the road to the monastery. There are nice local restaurants all around, with the possibility of a chill-out late drink. Roda, on the north coast, is another option, maybe not as picturesque, but it is still one of the most beautiful villages on the island, with a much bigger beach too. Read more below for a stay with your partner
  • Where to stay in Corfu for young couple: a great destination is Sidari, if you are looking for a fun place to spend the holiday with your partner. The beaches around are superb with plenty of available water-sports activities. There is even a water park for a different, crazy day. Then life starts being even more interesting after dinner with lots of nice bars around. You can find also some good nightlife, but not as crazy as Kavos. This is also a well-priced area, convenient for a limited budget. Read more below for a stay with your partner
  • Where to stay in Corfu for beaches: one of the best places is Palaiokastritsa, on the northwest coast. You can find 7 amazing beaches, of which 5 of them walking distance, all in different idyllic bays. Then you have the stunning Liapades Beach and Rovinia Beach. Finally, if you are into snorkelling visit the tiny Glyko beach. And in all of this, I haven’t mentioned Limni Beach. Too many choices LOL. Agios Gordios is the alternative if you prefer a big sandy beach with plenty of space around. Agios Gordios has also many more hotels and restaurants options, besides a few bars for a late drink. Read more below for a beach stay
  • Best place for nightlife: if you are after a crazy popular place, with nigh long parties then book your stay in Kavos. This is a well-known destination, especially with young British. Undoubtedly the best nightlife in Corfu with plenty of bars and clubs till the early hours of the morning. It’s also one of the cheapest places to stay, however, select carefully your accommodation because it can be pretty loud around. Sidari is also another option, however on a smaller scale. Read more on nightlife.
  • Best place without a car: if you want to visit most of the island but you don’t want to rent a car than Corfu Town is the perfect place to stay for you. From there you can easily get a bus to all of the destinations I have mentioned in this post and many others. It’s a very handy base. Moreover, it’s full of character with an absolutely amazing historical town.
  • Where to stay in Corfu for quiet time: avoid the south of the island where most of the nightlife is. Instead, stay north for a more relaxed time. The town of Paleokastritsa is an ideal destination with the beach of Liapades the quietest place you can find around.
  • Best place for walking: Nissaki is a great town to be based for some trekking with direct easy access to the trails that will take you to the Pantokrator Pick (~900m high) and the mountain range around it. And in those hot afternoons, you can always have a swim in one of the small pebble beaches around with that amazing crystal clear water.
  • Best destination for backpackers: the (in)famous Pink Palace up in the hills in Agios Gordios, is popular for its crazy parties and organised activities at bottom prices. A real fun time.
  • Cheap places to stay in Corfu: Kavos has the most affordable accommodations, however, select carefully because it can be quite loud around the main street, due to the many clubs around. As previously mentioned, the Pink Palace in Agios Gordios is also a famous cheap fun place to stay in Corfu.
  • Best area to stay in Corfu for singles: if you are looking for a relaxed place to have a quiet time reading your book then Palaiokastritsa is a great destination. A good alternative is Agios Gordios with beautiful beaches and you can always stay at the Pink Palace for some crazy time
  • Where to stay in Corfu in April and May: these months are a bit of a hit and miss, with more hit towards the mid-end of May and miss in April. The west coast tends to have also more rain than the east coast. Swimming in the Ionian Sea is not an option, too cold. Corfu Town is a great place to stay and you can use it as a base. If you have a hot day, it’s easy enough to catch a bus and explore one of the beach destinations. Nissaki is also an option, especially in the second half of May. From there you can easily go trekking and be at the beach in minutes. On a bad day, you can catch a bus to Corfu Town
  • Where to stay in June: this is the official start of the summer season. The beautiful towns will still be not that busy. Sidari in June has that nice mix of lovely place and enough travellers to feel busy but not crowded, with plenty of open restaurants and bars around.
  • Best areas in July and August: peak season everywhere you go in the island (and surely in most of Greece). My greatest advice here is to book well in advance. Avoid Kavos unless you are really into partying. 
  • Where to stay in September: I love this month as it is still very warm, with enough people around to enjoy the island but don’t feel crowded, similarly to June. Besides Sidari, you should check out also Agios Gordios if you are after a long and wide beach.
  • Where to stay in Corfu in October: the weather starts again being a bit unreliable. You may be lucky and have a nice warm stay or experience rain. Corfu Town is again a great base, very lively with mostly locals around. The beaches can be reached with an easy bus ride.
  • Would you suggest renting a car? Absolutely, that is the best way to explore the interior of the island, with its amazing olive groves and beautiful sea views. I personally recommend using to get the cheapest rates between local and international operators. This is a website made to compare and provide the most competitive price.

Best area to stay in Corfu for families

This is an island which is absolutely loved by the kids, especially because of the gorgeous beach.

The best areas to stay in Corfu for families are located on the west coast where you will find mostly sandy beaches with a nice warm sun until late in the afternoon.

The lovely Agios Georgios Beach
The lovely Agios Georgios Beach

Agios Georgios Beach (with small kids and toddlers)

This resort area is best known for its beautiful beach facing the open Ionian Sea.

The seemingly endless stretch of soft sand and crystal calm waters is so famous it earned the Blue Flag beach status.

The shallow waters, in addition to being mesmerizing, are also calm making it ideal for families with younger kids.

Head to the Sun Fun Club and take one of the boat trips to explore the coast with the whole family.

Make it to Port Timone beach for a great and unusual day out.

Once you are done with all the fun and exploring, head over to the Trattoria Katoi Fresh Food Restaurant.

It is one of the most popular family-friendly eateries in the area best known for their home-made Greek cuisine.

It is a great way to treat your family to a nice meal out while giving them a culturally immersive experience.

The Andreas Apartments would be the ideal place to stay in the area if you are travelling as a family. 

It’s a spacious 2 bedroom accommodation with an impressive view of the bay (see photos here).

The location is perfect, 200 metres from the beach and all you need.

Check availability at Andreas

The Cozy Apartment is another fantastic option, again very close to the beach, just 15 minutes by foot.

Being slightly on a hill will give you also amazing sea views of the bay

Check price at the Cozy Apartment

Agios Gordios (with older kids)

Agios Gordios is popular with both the young and old for the beautiful beaches and amazing scenery.

Your older children will particularly enjoy the variety of water sports they have to choose from.

These include paddle boating, motorboats and so much more.

That way they get to do more than just sit on the beach which could get boring for them.

They would also enjoy a trip to the Aqualand Waterpark which is about a 20-minute short drive from Agios Gordios.

They will get their pick of fun activities from pools and water slides to playgrounds and jacuzzi.

Agios Gordios is also known for its culinary scene with several eclectic restaurants for your family to check out.

One of the best of these is Ortholithi which is known for its amazing Greek food and calm ambience.

The spectacular views are also to die for making this the ideal spot for a nice family treat. 

The Ava Apartments would be the ideal accommodations in this case with their proximity to Agios Gordios’ attractions and amenities.

The kids will also enjoy the pool and free Wi-Fi on those days you choose to hang out at home as a family.

Check availability at Ava

Are you still unsure on which Greek Island works best for you? Check out

Where to stay in Corfu for couples

Corfu is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Greece for couples looking for some beach time.

Palaiokastritsa is one of the most picturesque places in Europe, it’s not super lively and it works great for middle-aged couples

On the opposite side, Sidari has that nice night vibe that works better with young couples

Kassiopi is a charming town that has a bit of all for every age meanwhile Corfu Town has a lovely historic centre popular also in the shoulder months of April/May and October but it lacks in beaches.

Lovely hidden corners of the charming Kassiopi
Lovely hidden corners of the charming Kassiopi

Kassiopi (charming town)

This charming small fishing village is ideal for couples who are looking for a boutique stay in a unique part of the island.

It has a lot to offer in terms of both the day and night scene.

You could spend the day at the beautiful main beach bathing in the crystal-clear water or try some fun water sports.

At night, you could start things off with a romantic stroll through the beautiful old town neighbourhood.

And what better way to end this than with a lovely dinner?

In this case, Old School Taverna Kassiopi is worth checking out.

The ambience will definitely help set the mood while the food and wine solidify the beautiful evening as one for the books.

To keep with the romantic vibes, the Artheo Hotel is one of the best hotels to stay for the beautiful views (see photos here) and proximity to several restaurants, bars and beaches.

The air-conditioned rooms come with free Wi-Fi, fully equipped kitchen areas and entertainment facilities in the living spaces.

Check availability at Artheo

Another great option is the Melina Bay Boutique Hotel, with its amazing view straight into the old pier, absolutely stunning.

You will also be metres from restaurants and shops, still in a quiet position. Rooms have all been refurbished recently.

Check availability at Melina Bay

Palaiokastritsa (relaxing for middle-aged couples)

This destination is ideal for middle-aged and older couples looking to get some real rest and relaxation.

With its several beaches, this is definitely something you and your partner will be enjoying.

The best part is that the bays and beaches are not very crowded so you get to enjoy the outdoors as a couple without fighting through tourist waves.

Liapades Beach, in this case, is one of the best beaches to visit.

It is very chilled out and offers amazing panoramic views of the water, greenery and the town.

It is the perfect spot for a romantic beachside picnic.

If you want a more formal setting for your date, you should check out Akron Beach Bar and Restaurant.

This popular spot is well known among both tourists and locals.

This has a lot to do with its perfect combination of beautiful views, romantic ambience and fantastic food. The cocktails are also a hit.

The Odysseus Hotel is one of the best places to stay in Palaiokastritsa.

You will have a fantastic view of the cliffs and water from the hillside location (see photos here)

The great thing is that a short walk will take you to restaurants and bars.

Check availability at Odysseus

The beautiful bays of Palaiokastritsa
The beautiful bays of Palaiokastritsa

Sidari (beach & fun for young couples)

Sidari is ideal for younger couples seeking a thrilling adventure during their getaway.

The resort town delivers with the beautiful beaches, several shopping spots and eateries to explore.

Make a point to visit iconic attractions in the surrounding area, like the Cape Drastis peninsula which is 11 minutes by car from Sidari. 

The beach of Canal D’Amour is another must-visit spot for couples with its breathtaking views.

Sidari also has a particularly lively night scene.

You have a lot to pick from here including late-night restaurants like The Hive.

If you want a bit more fun then you could check out one of the cocktail bars or pubs in the area.

B.E.D is particularly popular for those nights where you want to go out but not get too wild.

Hotel Villa Spyridoula offers accommodations ideal for the young and fun-loving couple.

In addition to the private beach access (see photos here), this value for money hotel is designed and decorated to create a welcoming romantic ambience to help you and your partner feel right at home.

Check price at Villa Spyridoula

View to the top of the historical centre of Corfu Town
View to the top of the historical centre of Corfu Town

Corfu Town (history and best in shoulder seasons)

This is the ideal destination if you and your partner want a truly immersive travel experience.

The cultural and historical hub of the main town of the island allows you to experience the island in its most authentic form with everything from local cuisine and music to art and history.

You will, however, have to compromise because there is no easy access to the beach in town.

The good news is that as a major transit hub with an extensive bus network, you can just hop onto one and make a day trip to a beach for some fun in the water.

The night scene here is also worth celebrating as a perk of staying in the neighbourhood.

It is active yet laid back which is ideal if you do not want a wild scene while out and about with your partner.

Start your night with a nice meal at the Pane E Soulvaki.

Then go to Jasmine Cafe Bar for some cocktails and great music as you close the night in one of the most beautiful places on earth.

With the local architectural style, pastel pink finishing and whitewash trimming, Locandiera is popular for being very characteristic and boutique (see photos here).

It is ideal for couples who want to stay close to the action as it is walking distance to many local attractions and hubs, though very quiet at night.

Check availability at Locandiera

Best place to stay in Corfu for nightlife

If you are travelling to Corfu for partying then you should book your accommodation to Kavos, the central location for nightlife between all the Ionian islands.

Just be careful in selecting the accommodation because it can be loud till late around the main street.

There is an alternative to Kavos and this is Sidari in the north coast.

I believe it works best if you are looking for a nice nightlife, but without the crazy and loud part of it. Read more on Sidari here.

Kavos (best nightlife in the island)

Located in the southernmost area of the island, the town of Kavos has a long 3 km sandy beach which is probably the busiest in Corfu.

Kavos has a reputation for being Corfu’s party capital and it definitely lives up to these praises.

The party never seems to end with everything from daytime beach parties to clubs where the action is on until the sun comes up.

If you want a really wild night out with loud music and amazing drinks, head over to Future nightclub and disco.

For something more laid back, you could check out one of the many awesome Greek restaurants in the area.

In this case, Terry’s Greek and International Cuisine Restaurant is a great choice with their awesome food and lively ambience.

If you want to start the party a little earlier, Atlantis Beach Club is the place for you.

You will get to enjoy your drinks while soaking up the natural beauty around you and there is truly no better way to usher in a night of fun.

When it comes to accommodation, Utopia Kavos should do the trick.

It is close enough to the action that your party commutes are not so laborious.

However, it is tucked away nicely for some peace and quiet so you can sleep in and relax when the partying starts to catch up with your dwindling energy levels.

Check price at Utopia

The Evgenios Studios are some of the cheapest accommodations in Corfu, straight on the beach (see photos here)

The rooms are clean and comfortable, a real bargain.

Check price at Evgenios

If you are into a real partying mood then book your room at the Quayside Village Hotel.

Enjoy the DJ sessions in the outdoor pool with a nice young crowd, right in front of the beach (see photos here).

The rooms are spacious and at a good price too.

Check price at Quayside

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Where to stay in Corfu for beaches

The beaches are one of the main reason to book your holiday in Corfu. 

They are absolutely stunning and between the best of Greece.

One of the longest and widest sandy beaches is in Kavos, with a nice young party vibe.

Be aware however that it can be very busy, especially in July and August.

Although it’s a nice shallow beach, I would personally not suggest it to families. It can be quite loud and energetic.

Palaiokastritsa (plenty of beaches around)

One of my favourite places to stay in Corfu for beaches is Palaiokastritsa

It’s a small town on the north-west coast that is developed along 4 bays with around 10 beaches to choose from, all spectacular.

A few of them very relaxed and quiet even in high season.

Treat yourself to an accommodation like the Odysseus Hotel, for the spectacular view over this picturesque area of Crete (see photos here), really worth the price.

Check availability at Odysseus

Agios Gordios (wide, long, sandy beach)

Agios Gordios is another great option. Mainly for two factors.

Firstly, there is a long and wide sandy beach, amazing spot to unwind and have a nice swim. 

You can also have some snorkelling in the south end of the beach along the cliff.

Secondly, it’s a lovely town, enough busy to have a nice walk, go shopping, have a nice local meal in one of the many restaurants, have an after-dinner drink. 

Agios Gordios is definitely more lively than Palaiokastritsa, although it’s not really a party or popular destination.

Dandidis Seaside Pension is a great value for money hotel just meters from the beach (see photos here)

The hosts, Sofia and Michael, always do their best to please every customer. A really nice family environment.

Check price at Dandidis

Lovely secret beaches of Corfu
Lovely secret beaches of Corfu
Timoni Beach, in the Nort-west coast
Timoni Beach, in the Nort-west coast
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