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Where to stay in Mykonos

So, you booked your flights to this amazing island. Now, how to decide where to stay in Mykonos?

Well, it mostly depends on the experience you want to have (party, family couple, etc) and ultimately your budget.

After all, this is an island also famous with celebrities, and you may even be able to spot Leonardo Di Caprio.

You can find great value accommodations as well as luxurious ones.

In this post, I go through the best places to stay in Mykonos, which area works best for your kind of experience; you either want to party till early morning or relax at the beach.

But let’s get into it.

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Best area to stay in Mykonos to party, for the beach or relax – in a nutshell

The best locations to stay in Mykonos are mostly on the south-west coast of the island.

Here you can find the old town as well the amazing beaches famous also for the lively clubs.

All of the destinations I am mentioning in this post are interconnected with busses, easy enough to move around, most of the times till very late at night.

Keep in mind that there are not as many taxis on the island, so plan your night assuming you can’t find one.

Here below I have tried to summarize the best areas to stay in Mykonos with just a few words. 

However, keep reading or follow the link, for a better and more detailed description of the location

Best areas to stay in Mykonos
Best areas to stay in Mykonos – Check & Download larger map
  • Where to stay in Mykonos for partying: Mykonos Town is the centre of the nightlife on the island. Clubs and bars are everywhere, especially around Little Venice. Paradise Beach, on the south coast, is the other amazing option, with beach parties that start at 4pm to finish in the early hours of the morning. Read more below about partying in Mykonos
  • Where do celebrities stay in Mykonos: Psarou Beach is a well-known destination. Famous names as Leonardo Di Caprio, Russel Crowe and Tiffany Trump were spotted in the past (quick tip, go to Nammos Club). Super Paradise Beach is the other choice, very expensive and very exclusive. Read more below about a celebrity stay
  • Where to stay in Mykonos on a budget: this island has all but it comes at a price, which is not usually cheap. Mykonos Town has still some hostels and “low cost” places to stay, usually 1km or more from the centre. Another solution is to book a cabin at the Camping in Paradise Beach. Read more below about a budget stay
  • Best place to stay in Mykonos for families: Agios Ioannis has a great beach with very shallow water, ideal for a relaxed stay with small kids. Ornos may work better if you travel with bigger kids. Water sports are available at the beautiful beach and the village is big enough for nice walks. You will be also only 3 km from the heart of Mykonos Town. Read more below about a family stay
  • Where to stay in Mykonos on the beach: as you know the coastline is just gorgeous everywhere you go. However, Platys Gialos has really the lot. It has the best beach in Mykonos, in my opinion. Moreover, nice restaurants and bars, with an amazing view, a few beach clubs to chill-out and lovely accommodations all around. 
  • Best place for young couples: if you are looking for a beach place with clubs and DJs that start playing mid-afternoon then Psarou beach or Paradise Beach are the places to be. It’s great fun that usually extends to the small hours of the night. Paradise Beach is a cheaper option. Read more below about a trip with your partner
  • Where to stay in Mykonos for honeymoon: for an exclusive and memorable stay then Super Paradise Beach can be a great spot, with some of the most beautiful boutique accommodations. It works great for a long stay where you can relax at your private pool, you can have a few drinks at the local beach clubs, and maybe spend the night in the old town. Mykonos Town has also a few amazing boutique accommodations, however, you will not have the beach a step away.
  • Best places to stay in Mykonos for couples: for a romantic and secluded stay, Agios Stefanos is a great option. You will get more of a local experience, very relaxed bars and clubs and a few family-run restaurants. It’s only 5km from Mykonos Town in case you miss some nightlife. Platys Gialos is the other option, especially if you are after an amazing beach and a boutique stay
  • Best place for singles: Mykonos Town is the ideal base for singles if you plan to meet other people. Plenty of places and opportunities. Paradise Beach is the other option, especially for the young crowd. Go to the Tropicana Club for the best fun
  • Best area for kitesurfing: this is a great island for kitesurfing, from June to September, thanks to the strong and consistent Meltemi wind. The best areas with onshore wind are Korfos Beach, just on the back of Ornos, and Ftelia Beach, on the isolated north coast.
  • Where to stay in Mykonos, beach or town? Mykonos Town has the glamour, the restaurants, the bars, the amazing Little Venice for sunset drinks, the nightclubs. All you want for real fun. However, you will need to grab one of the many buses to go to a beach club to chill-out. On the contrary, if you stay at the beach you can still have the nightlife (there are many beach club around) but you will miss out of the character and charm of the old town
  • Best places to stay in luxury: luxurious accommodations are scattered all around the island, however, you will find more options around Psarou Beach and Super Paradise Beach, both popular with celebrities
  • Best area to stay in Mykonos for relaxing: Agios Stefanos is a good spot for relaxing, with a nice beach and a few family-run restaurants. The other option is to stay in the remote village of Ano Mera, right in the centre of the island, for more of a local experience
  • Best value place to stay in Mykonos: the best value accommodations are around Mykonos Town, usually 500m to 1k from Little Venice (the centre). If you do not mind the walk then you will be able to find little gems, like the Germanos Studios, with an absolutely stunning view.
  • Best place with a private pool: the island does not lack in choice if you want a private pool. It’s more about the view you are dreaming of, either to the old town (check out the Absolute Mykonos Suites) or to a bay (check out My Aktis Boutique Suites).
  • How long to stay in Mykonos: if you are on an island-hopping trip then 2 or 3 nights are enough to see Mykonos Town and 2/3 beaches, including the famous clubs. However, I would suggest at least a week to experience the whole island, from the chilled-out beaches to the amazing nights parting till the early morning.
  • Where to stay in Mykonos in April: from November to March, Mykonos is pretty much empty. October and the Eastern break demark the start of the season. Mykonos Town is the place to be. The water is still too cold and the beach clubs are mostly closed.
  • Where to stay in Mykonos in May: the sunny days are becoming more of the norm, especially towards the end of the month. Mykonos Town can be still quiet in early May. Tourists are around but a fraction of what you have in July or August. Things change in late May with many more daily arrivals. Bars and restaurants gradually open and the sunset in Little Venice becomes busy, but not crowded. It’s a great time to explore the island, with wildflowers blooming everywhere. The seawater may be still too cold for a swim (although it really depends on what you are used to)
  • Where to stay in Mykonos in September: this is one of my favourite months. Why? Because the weather is as good as July and August, especially the first two weeks of the month. The seawater is still warm for a swim. The Meltemi wind has dropped. Any destination on the island is a good choice, based on the experience you want to have
  • Where to stay in October: this is the last month of the long Mykonos summer season. The weather is not anymore consistently sunny but you will mostly have warm days and chilly nights. The water is also warm enough for a swim. Mykonos Town is the best place to stay for a lively holiday with most of the bars and restaurants still open. If you are looking for a relaxed stay then book at one of the beach resorts, as Ornos or Platys Gialos.

Where to stay in Mykonos to party

The two main places in Mykonos for partying and generally speaking nightlife are Mykonos Town and Paradise Beach.

Super Paradise Beach is also a lovely destination, however, things can get quite expensive.

Mykonos Town (late-night partying)

Things start late in the old town. 

Very late. 

So late that in most famous bars and clubs they offer happy hour till midnight.

Little Venice, the core of Mykonos Town, is always busy with people walking through the charming lanes, all day long.

It is such a beautiful and romantic spot.

However, it is at sunset time (usually around 8pm in July/August) that things start really moving.

The picturesque seafront of Little Venice gets very busy for the cocktail time after the day at the beach. 

Such an amazing vibe. 

Then back to the hotel to get ready for the long night.

Restaurants start getting busy with the partygoers at 10pm, the famous bars at midnight and clubs at 2-3am. 

The Caprice Bar has one of the best views of Little Venice and the famous windmills if you can get a table outside, besides offering fantastic cocktails.

To Maereio is a great unpretentious restaurant (read well-priced) with lovely traditional food.

For a fancy night go instead to the Kastro’s Restaurant and book a table outside for the great view.

The Skandinavian Bar is a must-visit after dinner, a real institution.

After drinks, you can have a walk to the @54 Club, open till very very late. 

The Infinity Mykonos Suites is an amazing accommodation, with a superb pool (see photos here).

The location is perfect, right in the centre, but still hidden enough to have some quiet time, sleeping till very late in the morning.

Check availability at the Infinity

Little Venice in Mykonos Town
Little Venice in Mykonos Town

Paradise Beach (beach clubs)

The biggest difference with staying at the beach is that you are going to start partying much sooner.

Usually, the music starts getting more energetic around 4-5pm and by sunset, everyone is dancing and drinking in full party mood.

Paradise beach has an awesome young crowd around. 

It is also less expensive with drinks and food, compared to other beaches.

This is one of the best places to stay in Mykonos for singles, especially young, that are planning to meet other people.

For a truly exciting night out, start your evening by checking out the scene at Tropicana Beach Bar.

The cosy, beachside spot is perfect for late afternoon starters as you set the mood for the night.

The Guapaloca Mykonos is another awesome bar you could try, known for hosting some of the wildest beach parties in the area.

Tropicana Hotel offers the best accommodations in the area with fantastic views of the Aegean Sea (see photos here).

The waterfront property also has several perks and facilities for you to enjoy including free Wi-Fi, 2 on-site pools, a bar and continental breakfast to help cure that massive hangover.

Check availability at Tropicana

Party is on at the beach
Party is on at the beach

Where do celebrities stay in Mykonos

This island is beloved by celebrities and how can you blame that, beautiful beaches, amazing blue sea and unique nightlife.

There are two beaches where you will be very likely to see them staying: Psarou Beach and Super Paradise Beach, both very exclusive

Psarou Beach

Psarou Beach is like the Greece Seaside Hamptons or the London Chelsea for the rich and famous.

With its rugged beauty, breath-taking beaches and high-end shopping spots and fantastic restaurants, it is not so hard to see why.

When you are not shopping for souvenirs, getting a tan or restaurant hopping, you could spend your time people watching.

And boy, you have a lot to look forward to with the latter with the likes of Leonardo Decaprio, Paris Hilton and Ariana Grande being regulars to the beach during summer.

One of the best places to rub shoulders with these A-listers in the Psarou Beach area is Nammos Club.

This beautiful seaside spot is ideal for a fun afternoon or evening of tasty drinks, good food and great vibes.

Kensho Hotel is the ideal place to stay in Psarou, beautiful high-end accommodation with fantastic views (see photos here) and easy access to the beach.

There is so much to do here from having dinner at the Mediterranean restaurant on-site to enjoy the spa facilities.

Check availability at Kensho


Super Paradise Beach

Super Paradise Beach has become synonymous with exclusive parties and celebrity spotting.

There always seems to be some kind of event there from casual beach parties to fashionable concerts and festivals with famous DJs.

This is a great way to hang out and party with some of the biggest names in the global entertainment scene including Isla Fischer and Kendall Jenner.

Despite being so incredibly exclusive, this beach has a welcoming vibe that will have you dreading your departure date.

So make the most of your time there and hit up the beach, bars and restaurants for a truly memorable trip.

And if you happen to meet a celebrity or two on your rounds then you will have fun stories to tell for a long time.

The Jackie O’ Beach Club and Restaurant should definitely be on your must-visit list.

This high-end restaurant by the bay offers amazing dishes, gorgeous views and a chance to be a part of the neighbourhood’s eclectic crowd.

My Aktis hotel is the best place to stay especially if you want to be really close to the action.

The ritzy hotel is popular for offering a peaceful haven in all the madness so you have somewhere beautiful but not too far away from the parties (see photos here).

The best part is that they offer an onsite bar when you don’t feel like going out as well as a continental breakfast for the morning after.

Check availability at My Aktis

Celebrity style
Celebrity style

Best place to stay in Mykonos on a budget

Mykonos is famous for many things but not for being cheap.

In saying that you can still find some economical accommodation, mostly located in Mykonos Town. 

There is also another option, which is booking a cabin (from single to triple) in the Camping Paradise Beach.

It’s probably the cheapest place on the island and honestly, it’s not actually a bad option (see photos here)

Mykonos Town (mostly on the outskirts)

I have already mentioned Mykonos in the party section.

The heart of this town is Little Venice (LV in the above map), absolutely spectacular, full of character and charm.

Many people argue that it is now just a sequence of bars and shops.

In part it is true, locals do not live there anymore. You should try instead to visit Ano Mera for more of a local vibe.

In saying that, this is still a lovely place. 

Visit it in May or September and you will share it with just a bunch of visitors. Things get busier in June and packed in July and August.

The cheaper accommodations are mostly on the outskirts, although they are not totally inexpensive.

The Sofia Village is one of the best value hotels on the island, with a lovely pool and renovated interior (see photos here)

It’s only 500m from the town centre but quite uphill (yes, that’s the drawback). 

Check price at Sofia

Alternatively, if you prefer to stay more central then you should check out Liana Rooms. The location is unbeatable, the rooms are basic and clean. The service is top-notch

Check price at Liana

Sunset on Mykonos Town
Sunset on Mykonos Town

If you do not mind 10-15 minutes walk, then you should go to Local Mykonos for dinner. As cheap as good.

They are best known for their grill options including steaks, kebabs and other local meat dishes.

It is particularly awesome for a casual night out where you get to treat yourself without spending too much.

Another low-cost activity is to browse through the popular boutique art galleries in Mykonos Town.

These will help you truly appreciate the beauty and diversity that the island has to offer for a trip you will not soon forget.

Best place to stay in Mykonos for families

Mykonos is a well-known island for partying, however, this should not put you off, if you are travelling with kids.

There are places where you can still have great family time, either with a baby or grown-up kids.

Agios Ioannis and Ornos are probably the best locations to stay in Mykonos for families.

Agios Ioannis (with small kids)

Safety is a huge priority when travelling with small children which makes the shallow and calm waters of the beaches on Agios Ioannis ideal.

The little ones can splash around safely for a fun day on the water without any worry.

There is also a lot for you to do as a family on land including shopping.

There are many stores for you to shop for everything from clothes to fun souvenirs.

You could also treat your kids to a meal out with one of the many restaurants in the area.

The best part is that it is not very crowded especially during off-peak seasons so you can safely and comfortably walk along the streets with your little ones.

One of the best family-friendly eateries is the Pili Beach Restaurant.

They are popular for their fresh takes on traditional Greek and Mediterranean cuisine and have several kid-friendly options.

The views are also pretty awesome for that perfect meal out as a family.

One of the best places to stay in Agios Ioannis for families is Lithos by Spyros & Flora.

The whitewashed design gives this place a nice boutique feel (see photos here) which is perfectly complemented by the beautiful views.

The kids also have a lot to look forward to with amenities like the swimming pool and the free Wi-Fi.

Check availability at Lithos

Sunset at the beach with the family
Sunset at the beach with the family

Ornos (with bigger kids)

When travelling with the older children, your number one priority is getting something fun for them to do in which case Ornos is ideal.

Here, the beach is ideal for fun sports including windsurfing, kayaking and snorkelling so that the kids have more to do at the beach than just lounging.

You could also charter a boat for a fun trip along the coast.

These trips offer fantastic views of the mainland while also allowing you to truly soak up the beauty of the Aegean Sea.

You could also take a day trip by boat to nearby beaches and islands to make the most out of your vacation time.

While in Ornos, make sure to check out Aperanto Galazio Cuisine bar.

This beachside restaurant serves some of the best Greek cuisines in a beautifully decorated space with fantastic panoramic views.

This place is perfect for those days you just want to take your family out for a nice dinner after a long day of exploring.

Deliades Hotel is the best place to stay with older children both in terms of the location and the amenities that you have to look forward to (see photos here).

Their family rooms have it all from roomy living spaces and breath-taking views to free Wi-Fi and entertainment facilities.

Check availability at Deliades

A hidden corner of Mykonos
A hidden corner of Mykonos

Best places to stay in Mykonos for couples

For young couples looking for some beach time and nightlife, I would suggest a stay in one of these two locations:

  • Psarou Beach (check the celebrity section) if you are looking for an exclusive stay
  • Paradise Beach (check the nightlife section) if you prefer to stay more on a budget

However, if you are travelling with your partner and you would prefer a more romantic stay then you should check out Agios Stefanos and Platys Gialos.

Agios Stefanos (relaxed and chilled-out)

Agios Stefanos is a true paradise for the more laid-back couple that wants to avoid the madness and crowds of other party centres on the island.

You get to enjoy your getaway with chilled out local experiences including walking around the town and enjoying the beautiful sunsets.

You also have a lot to choose from in terms of romantic restaurants for date night.

One of the best is Taverna Nafsika. The ambience here is incredible and ideal for a couples’ meal out.

They also serve a wide range of Greek food and have a great wines list for a truly perfect evening.

As a couple, the Nimbus Hotel would be the ideal place to stay.

The property is just secluded enough to offer you and your beloved a nice retreat away from it all (see photos here).

At the same time, it offers convenient access to different amenities and facilities including shops and restaurants.

Check availability at Nimbus

Armenistis Lighthouse, a nice walk from Agios Stefanos
Armenistis Lighthouse, a nice walk from Agios Stefanos

Platys Gialos (amazing beach and boutique stay)

If you want your couples’ getaway to have a more beachy paradise vibe to it then Platys Gialos would be ideal.

The boutique little town is home to some of the most picturesque beaches with white sand and mesmerising crystal blue waters.

You can have a romantic picnic by the water, hang out and get tanned or try out fun water sports together.

You could also take a hike to one of the sunset-viewing points for what will undoubtedly be the most beautiful sunsets you ever get to see.

While here, make sure to go out for a meal at Eclipse Seaside Restaurant.

In addition to the excellent service and amazing food, you will have a beautiful view of the water to enjoy with the one you love.

The Thalassa Boutique Hotel is a great place to book your stay if you want somewhere with a private beach (see photos here).

It is also within walking distance to several restaurants and bars in the Nammos and Scorpios beach areas for a casual day out.

And if you just want to spend time together indoors you can just stay in your room and enjoy the romantic view, and why not, cable TV and Wi-Fi.

Check availability at Thalassa

The old windmills of Mykonos Town
The old windmills of Mykonos Town

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