Luoping – The unexplored Yunnan region: how to access and photograph it


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Luoping is a small county of Buyi minority in Yunnan, located about 230 kilometers east of Kunming city. It has become a Mecca for photographers, who flock to capture the magnificent “yellow sea” during the spring-blooming (February to March) of the rapeseed flowers.

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The rapeseed farms in Luoping are among the biggest and widest in China. Rapeseed flowers are planted to harvest cooking oil which is the base ingredient in the Chinese cooking.

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The blooming buds fill the air with the refreshing smell of the spring that not only attracts human, but also bees!! Luoping is infact a well know place for honey processing.  Every spring bee keepers come here to set up camp sites amongst the rapeseed farms. They spend the season harvesting and collecting honey from the beehives. Local markets are everywhere, have a walk around, shoot some photos of the local life style and look around to find the best hill with a viewpoint to the country side.

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If you are based in Kunming, this is most definitely a good weekend destination to escape from the capital, just few hours by train or bus.

From Luoping organise a half day trip to the Jiulong Waterfalls, listed as one of China’s biggest and most beautiful waterfalls. Entrance is around 60 RMB. Make the trip in the early morning, or sunrise, to shoot the best photos

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On a pleasant walk upstream, you can discover half a dozen waterfalls on Duoyi river. Walk your way up in the hills and, if you are lucky with the fog, you will be in the best place for a fantastic picture.

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Travel Photography Tips

  • come to Luoping in February and March to catch the market vibe, the bee keepers and the awesome yellow colour that cover the valley
  • walk around the markets to shoot the locals and the market life. The people here are very friendly and welcoming
  • remember the most important question for any photographer : Wǒ kěyǐ ba pāizhào? Can I take a picture of you?
  • when in Luoping, have a walk on top of one of the many hills around the town. You will be awarded with the best view and the perfect spot for your landscape photography
  • visit the Jiulong Waterfalls in the early morning. The mist in the valley will add that mysterious factor that will make your photo just perfect
  • follow the Duoyi river and have a climb for a good vantage point, another site for landscape photographers
  • check the map for the top sites to visit


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Map with top sites to visit

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