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Where to stay in Coron with video and comparative table

Understanding where to stay in Coron is not an easy task. The main reason is that the area is actually much bigger than it may look on the map, and the available accommodation options are almost countless

That’s why I have decided to write this guide, based on my first-hand experience. 

Moreover, I have organised a comparative table that will help you to easily and quickly understand the main differences.

And in one of my last trips I was able to make a video too, really all you need to know before making any final decision on the best area to stay in Coron (based on the type of trip, family or romantic stay, and budget, cheap or luxurious).

But let’s jump to the juicy stuff

Banana Island
Banana Island

Where to stay in Coron – In a nutshell

I am quite sure you already know how beautiful is this part of the world. 

There are however some major differences between the areas I am going to suggest.

Here is a map, followed by an easy and quick comparative table, of the Coron Municipality, including Busuanga Island (the biggest island where you will find Coron Town), Coron Island, Culion Island and the archipelago around.

Best places to stay in Coron and Busuanga Island
A map of the Calamian Islands, including the Coron Municipality, the west side of Busuanga, Culion Island and all of the islands above

Here below you can check the table that compares the 4 major areas of Coron. The rating is in the 1-5 range with 1 being the lowest value.

I have also added a column with the distance to Coron Town, which is important if you plan to take any tour leaving from there.

Click on the area name to discover more pros and cons, restaurants, bars, cafes and hotel suggestions

Best forAvg. CostSuggested
Km from
Coron Town
$-$$$Michel’inn Coron or
Kokosnuss Garden
$-$$Cocovana Beach20-35Km1-2Nature1
$$-$$$$Dimaquiat Island
$$-$$$$Two Seasons or
Discovery Island
Comparative table of the best areas to stay in Coron

Before getting into the areas you can have a view of this YouTube video I made.

It will better help to orientate yourself and you will be able to actually see the places I am talking about.

And remember to subscribe to the channel for more videos about Palawan and the Philippines

Coron Town

Coron Town is the main hub in the region. This is where you will end up if you are taking a boat to any other island or to El Nido and other destinations of Palawan.

It’s a small town, somehow busy with the main square (plaza) and a local market, quite a big one actually, where you can buy all the food you can think of.

Leaving the square you will walk into a grid of tiny streets with small shops, hotels, restaurants and bars.

A good starting point for your exploration is the “official” information office of Coron, Calamian Islands Travel & Tours, located in the main square.

They offer the usual tours like many other agencies. They are popular for their top-notch service, however, they are slightly more expensive than others.

I always suggest checking and comparing a few agencies before booking any trip.

Coron is still a free market and you will notice different prices for the same tour. You can still bargain for a better price.

The town is surely the best place to stay in Coron if you are visiting the island for the first time, and let me explain why.

Coron Town is the easiest location to stay, next to all the tours that will keep you busy for up to a week or more.

Impossible transportation in Coron Town
Impossible transportation in Coron Town

The Michel’inn Coron (see photos here) is one of the best hotels in town, located on a quieter street and right next to Epic Cafe. Rooms have airconditioned and the service is just fantastic. The price is unbeatable

Check price at Michel

Corto del Mar (see photos here) is another great accommodation. It comes at a higher price, however, you really get all you would expect from a 4-star hotel, making it a good value option.

Check availability at Corto del Mar

If you are wondering where to stay in Coron cheap then don’t look any further than the outskirts of Coron town.

When I say outskirts it means a few blocks out from the main square and the local market, 15-20 minutes walk from the town port.

It’s a good compromise, considering the short walk.

You can find a few good options east of the main square or 1km north of it.

The Joval Homestay is a great option at an amazing price (see photos here) with a colourful interior design.

Check unbeatable price at Diamond

On the east side, Santino’s Grill offers good and cheap food. It is usually packed with locals, which is a great sign.

If you have grown-up kids you may also want to stay in Coron Town or close to it.

This will make things so much easier.

Most of the daily tours start from there and your kids will have fun in all of them.

You will have also a good selection of restaurants to have dinner and an easy place to have a walk.

The Kokosnuss Garden Resort is my favourite in this section (see photos here). I was there on my last trip with my 9y old kid and I enjoyed it so much.

Amazing garden with a large pool. Quiet and with a good breakfast.

Fantastic value for money too. Very happy with it.

Check availability at Kokosnuss

In Coron Town, you will have plenty of good restaurants and nice drinking spots to spend the night.

The Helldivers Bar is a great spot to go for sunset, with a pool and cheap beers. The food is not the best on the island though. The place is adorned with war memorabilia which makes it pretty cool.

The Trattoria Altrove has actually a great pizza, Italian style, especially considering how far is this place from any mozzarella production. Service is as usual excellent, always with a big smile.

Coffee Kong is a good spot to have a good coffee with breakfast in the morning. Drinks and food are well-priced.

The EPIC Cafe is my favourite place in town, with both great lattes and healthy brekky.

Coron Town has a mix of young crowd and families. It’s the easiest location to be in Coron as it offers direct access to all of the advertised trips.

View from the way to the Kayangan Lake
View from the way to the Kayangan Lake

Are you still unsure if either Thailand or The Philippines is a better destination? Read my full comparison.

West Coast

  • 🌎 Best area to stay in Coron for Nature 🏩 Cocovana Beach is the recommended accommodation in the area
  • 👍 Pros: One of the cheapest areas in Coron, plenty of nature around, seclusion, relaxation
  • 👎 Cons: Far from the airport and Coron Town, lack of bars/restaurants

The West Coast is probably the most spectacular place to stay in Coron.


Because of the vegetation and the close access to remote islands far from Coron town (you may be the only one on the beach)

The Conception Falls are just a short walk from the villages of Conception and Sagrada, where you will also find cheap accommodations to spend a few days.

Budget one one-hour trip from the Airport and 45 minutes to Coron Town. 

From there you can also organize a boat trip to the spectacular Malbinchilao Island.

If you can’t find a boat trip to your destination, just ask around and you can book a private passage (budget $40-75/day)

Prices of accommodations drop big time on the West Coast, which makes this area ideal for a budget stay

You will be however far from Coron town and more isolated.

It may be ideal for a couple looking for some romantic time on a budget.

The Cocovana Beach Resort (see photos here) is one of the best values places to stay in Coron I believe. Simple, clean and very affordable.

Check great price at Busuanga

North Coast

  • 🌎 Best area to stay in Coron for Seclusion 🏩 Dimaquiat Island Resort is the recommended accommodation in the area
  • 👍 Pros: Secluded, isolated and romantic, beaches on nearby islands
  • 👎 Cons: Far from Coron Town, lack of bars/restaurants

The North Coast is the most isolated area on Busuanga Island.

It is actually not too far from the airport (about 40 minutes by car), double that for a trip to Coron Town.

You will find shallow beaches (unfortunately not swimmable ones) and a few tiny islands to explore. 

If you are staying on the main beach, Lakdayan Beach, you can have literally a walk to Mitpet Island

Dimaquiat Island is another amazing destination for a day tour or for a short stay, just a stone away from the coast.

This island has an unreal beach all around. A must if you are on the north coast

Just a quick note on the Calauit Island National Park at the northern point of Busuanga Island.

There are few animals in the wild however this is more of a zoo than a National Park.

This is one of the most romantic areas to stay in Coron, very remote and secluded, with a small number of hotels/resorts and restaurants.

The Club Paradise in Dimaquiat Island, just off the coast, is one of the most beautiful places to stay in Coron (see photos here).

Small enough to feel in a paradise, big enough to feel alone.

There is also a diving centre on the island which can be very handy considering the number of shipwrecks nearby.

Check availability at Club Paradise

The Islands

  • 🌎 Best area to stay in Coron for Beaches/Pools 🏩 Two Seasons or
    Discovery Island are both recommended accommodation in the archipelago
  • 👍 Pros: amazing beaches (depending on the island), unique stays, romantic, relaxing
  • 👎 Cons: far from the airport and Coron Town, fresh water is limited, power supply not reliable

I included in this area all of the islands south of Busuanga and Coron City.

This is where you can find some of the most unique, remote and amazing resorts.

Don’t think they are all expensive. In fact, you may also decide to go for some very cheap beach huts.

The possible drawback is that they do not have fresh water for the shower and the power supply may be not that reliable.

A few islands are visited only by day tours and they do not have accommodation to stay.

This is definitely the best place to stay in Coron if you are looking for some isolation and seclusion, quite similar to the north coast.

There are also a few beach huts off the grid that could be an option if you are after a real adventure.

The Two Seasons resort in Bulalacao Island is an amazing option, a dream come true, the perfect spot for a honeymoon or just a few days in paradise (see photos here). Rated as one of the best resorts in Palawan.

Check availability at Two Seasons

Most of these resorts cater mostly to couples looking for a romantic stay, however, there are islands that work great also with families travelling with small kids and looking forward to pool and/or beach time.

In my last trip, I booked a family cottage at Discovery Island (see photos here). It is absolutely a bargain.

Moreover, it’s close to Coron town (only 15 minutes by boat) so you can have easy access to all the tours leaving in the morning.

By the way, boat transportation is complimentary, which is a nice touch

Check availability at Discovery Island

Discovery Island has basically no beach but it has a nice boutique swimming pool

Drone view of the amazing water
Drone view of the amazing water next to the Banana Island Resort
My way to the Barracuda lake
My way to the Barracuda lake

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best areas to stay in Coron

There are essentially 4 areas: the busy Coron City, the secluded North Coast, the West Coast surrounded by nature and the idyllic islands south of Coron Island.

What is the best place to stay in Coron first-time

The Coron Town Centre is a very practical spot to spend a few days. It can be noisy in the main street but stay out of it and it will be fine. Read more below on Coron Town for bars, restaurants and suggested hotels

Where to stay in Coron for a romantic breakaway

There are many islands with amazingly romantic resorts, and real paradises. You can also opt to stay on the North Coast, one of the most secluded spots of Coron. Read more below about a trip with your partner, including suggested islands/resorts.

Where to stay in Coron cheap

Staying close to Coron City will help you to stay on a budget, still with good facilities within walking distance. Read more on a budget trip below

Best place to stay in Coron with family and kids

You have a couple of options based on the age of the kids you are travelling with. Coron Town works great with grown-up children. One of the small islands is best if travelling with small kids.

Can you pick a unique accommodation in Coron?

The Paolyn Floating House is a secret and secluded place where you can have one of the best experiences in your life, straight next to the amazing water and colourful coral. Am I exaggerating? Check out these photos here of the floating house. It can’t be more unique than that.

How to arrive in Coron

The cheapest way is to fly in from Manila. From El Nido, you can also get a very short flight or a 5 hours boat. There are currently no direct flights to Puerto Princesa

What are the best experiences to book

You will see everywhere agencies offering 4 tours: A, B, C and D. I loved tour C the best. In saying that it is a very personal choice. They differ in what they are gonna visit: beaches, islands, snorkelling, natural pools and more. They are all spectacular. I highly suggest booking on-site and checking 3-4 agencies. The price can be different for the same experience (it’s a competitive market) and you can have discounts if you book all with the same agency. Bargaining is part of the business (very different from El Nido where there is a fixed price, doesn’t matter where you buy). Another advantage of booking directly is that they will refund you in no time if they cancel the day trip due to bad weather or sea conditions (it happens more than you think).

How is diving in Coron

It’s a must experience with so many shipwrecks around the island. Keep in mind, however, that they are mostly at a depth below 30m and you need a PADI advanced certification. They are very strict with that, based also on personal experience, which is by the way good. Most of the diving centres are in Coron City.

How is usually the Wi-Fi internet

Very slow everywhere. I highly suggest buying a SIM card for quick internet, with a good signal almost everywhere.

More information about Coron

I have also organised the below video with a full guide to Coron that covers all you need to know about this amazing place.

It covers the 9 most essential things to know before you travel to Coron

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