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Travel Photography in Hanoi – Great spots to visit

I want to keep this post short and nice to digest.

Keep reading to find a list of travel photography destinations in Hanoi.

For each site, I have added a link to the Google Maps location and a few photos to give you an idea.

I will keep updating it with more trips to come

Street train in Old Quarter

Link to Google Map: Street train in Old Quarter

There is also another photography spot in Hanoi to view the Street train that is in Hai Ba Trung

The Old Quarter is also one of my favourite areas to stay in Hanoi.

Cau Long Biên Bridge

Link to Google Map: Cau Long Biên Bridge

A spectacular retro French bridge

Should you visit Ho Chi Minh or only Hanoi – Here is all you should know

Dong Kinh Nghia Thuc Square

Link to Google Map: Dong Kinh Nghia Thuc Square

The centre of the Old Quarter of Hanoi is usually closed to the traffic in the weekend evenings.

Book your accommodation around this area and you will be in one of the best places to stay in Hanoi.

Dong Kinh Nghia Thuc Square in the Old Quarter
Dong Kinh Nghia Thuc Square in the Old Quarter

Ta Hien Street

Link to Google Map: Ta Hien Street

Very characteristic of the Hanoi Old Quarter (to visit in the early morning)

Hom Market

Link to Google Map: Hom Market

fruit and veggie market in the basement, and a fabric market above. Worth a visit to document the local life, not many tourists around

More travel photography sites

  • Duong Lam Ancient Village: around 50km northwest of Hanoi, one of the greatest Hanoi’s outskirts landscape travel photography trips. Tiny lanes, mostly bricks made houses and a few temples
  • Quan Thanh Temple: 11th-century temple, one of the most beautiful in Hanoi
  • Lotte Observation Deck: great view of the city, especially on a clear day. You can walk over a glass floor if you do not feel too scared 😮
  • Huong Son: amazing valley (2 hours south of Hanoi), especially if done in the early hours of the day. Plenty of landscape photography. There is only one issue. They will try to sell and over-sell everything they can. Better to have an organised trip from Hanoi or a local guide with you
  • My latest suggestion is to book a trip to the Ha Giang area for the best travel photography in northern Vietnam

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