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Top 7 sites in Docklands to make a photo

Last updated on May 14th, 2017 at 10:02 pm

Docklands is one of the newest area in Melbourne and the city architects opted to go for high density, which means high rise building. In saying that, do not think that it is an ugly area. On the contrary, many special landmarks and attractive design building have been erected, making Docklands an unusual side of the city. It’s still a young area but it is growing in popularity.

This article is focusing on 7 sites to visit and the time when you can have a nice photo, considering sunset and sunrise time.

I have built also an Android App with all the photos posted daily and best of all with the associated map, so that you can explore the city where and when you want never getting lost. Best of All this App is free!!

Enjoy !!

# 7  View of the New Quay Promenade

I like the view of the New Quay, however, unless you have access to any of the high rise building on Bourke Street this is a difficult photo to take. I was lucky enough that I knew a person that could guarantee access to one building. One hour after sunset is the best time to start shooting. You can still see the clouds in the sky and the Dockland lights are all on. Go for a full moon night for the best result.


# 6  The shifting Channel 9 building

I was impressed by this unique architecture. Each floor shifting by one meter to look like a kid construction, a sort of Lego. This is definitely one of my favorite building in Melbourne. It is indeed one the most beautiful design you can find in this area. Visit it during the day with the sunlight, or at sunrise for the best reflection. The sun rises on the right of this picture.


# 5  The Southern Star Observation Wheel

The wheel is a great subject itself for few cool photos. For the best panoramic view walk on top of the garage in the Waterfront Way. Beside the view to the Wheel you can do a great panoramic of the city from here.

Best-Travel-Camera-2016-Docklands_ Night_ Star Observation_ wheel-Docklands_20150510_076-min

# 4  Seafarers Bridge connecting the Convention Center to Docklands

This is a new pedestrian bridge named after the Mission to Seafarers, an international organization which cares for the practical and spiritual welfare of seafarers. The design is quite impressive and having the Convention Center on the background helps to have great pictures. The night is a perfect time so that you can use the yellowish in the background against the concrete color of the bridge. Alternatively try a black and white photo from the side, see this post to have an idea.


# 3  Parachuting a cow in docklands

What it makes this one a great subject is the lovely location on a typical Melbourne sunset. Do not bother coming here during the day, the cow will come out washed out. The Bolte Bridge in background add that final touch.


Do you want to know more about the Cow up a tree, have a read here. Did you know that this sculpture is actually one of the three in the edition! 😮

# 2 West Gate Freeway view from the South Wharf DFO parking area

This is a real interesting spot. Clearly you need to come in the night otherwise the parking area is full and you would loose the interesting view of the arterial roads of the freeway. I rode my bicycle here to have an easy and quick access, however you can also park your car in Munro Street and walk few hundreds meters. Another possibility is to walk through the DFO from the Yarra river.

An unknown great photography site close to docklands

# 1  The Webb Bridge

As you see there are many interesting places to visit in Docklands for a photo. The one I like most is the Webb Bridge. I went there already three, if not four, times to look for a different corner, different view, unusual site. The internet has a considerable amount of photo of this subject and I believe it well deserves it. Come here on sunset as the sun comes down straight at the end of the Yarra river (in summer).

Top 7 sites in Docklands to make a photo

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