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Riggs Washington DC: Hotel Review

The Riggs Hotel is one of the most unique and surprising hotels in the capital city.

This extraordinary hotel has been getting rave reviews from many visitors and for good reason.

It’s the perfect destination for couples looking for a unique, boutique stay in the heart of Washington DC.

So, let’s dive into what makes Riggs Hotel so special and why you’ll love staying here.

Riggs Washington DC review in summary

AspectShort DescriptionRating
Interior DesignUpscale, well-decorated, historicalImpressive
RoomsStylish, comfortable, cozyExcellent
StaffWarm, helpful, attentiveOutstanding
BreakfastRiggs Café on the first floorGreat
DiningRiggs Café and the basement barGood
LocationPrime, near metro, safe areaConvenient

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Interior Design

The moment you step into Riggs Hotel, you’ll be captivated by its stunning interior design.

Blending industrial chic with modern flair, the hotel pays homage to its historical background as the site of the Riggs Bank.

The ambiance is both upscale and cozy, making the hotel a truly luxurious experience.


The rooms at Riggs Hotel are stylish, comfortable, and cozy. They’re designed with beautiful decor and equipped with remarkably comfortable beds and pillows.

The rooms are clean and modern, ensuring a relaxing stay. The corner rooms even offer nice views, making it worth considering when you book your stay.


One thing that consistently stands out about Riggs Hotel is the outstanding staff.

They’re warm, helpful, and attentive, making you feel genuinely cared for during your stay.

From the cleaning ladies to the valet staff, everyone you encounter will be friendly and happy, adding to the overall wonderful experience.


While Riggs Hotel doesn’t offer a hotel breakfast, there’s a fantastic café on the first floor.

The Riggs Café has a super chill atmosphere and a pleasantly diverse crowd.

With its excellent food and coffee, you’ll enjoy starting your day here before heading out to explore the city.


For dining options, you’ll enjoy the Riggs Café. Yes, same place as the breakfast, which is open for lunch too. This trendy spot offers tasty food in a beautiful space.

If you’re looking for a more casual option, the basement bar serves amazing drinks and delicious tater tots. The espresso martini comes highly recommended!


Riggs Hotel boasts a prime location that’s close to all the major attractions in Washington DC. It’s within walking distance of the metro, Chinatown, and many other popular spots.

The area around the hotel is safe, making it an ideal base for your DC adventures.

Minor Hiccups

While Riggs Hotel has a lot going for it, there are a few minor hiccups.

The ensuite bathrooms can be quite small, and the water temperature might not always be consistent.

However, these minor issues shouldn’t deter you from considering Riggs Hotel as one of the best boutique places to stay in Washington DC.

In Conclusion

Riggs Hotel is an exceptional choice for couples looking for a boutique hotel experience in Washington DC.

This is a place for a unique experience, with its impressive interior design, comfortable rooms, outstanding staff, and fantastic dining options.

The prime location and unique atmosphere make Riggs Hotel stand out among the best boutique hotels in Washington DC

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