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Places to visit near Oslo, Norway

The Norwegian capital is probably not on everybody’s bucket list and this is a real pity. This is an amazing city to explore, and with few spare days, take a train, or a bus, and visit some of the places near Oslo, you will be surprised by the beauty of this land .

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A bit of Norwegian history

Meet some Vikings and go on their ships! Unfortunately you are around 980 years too late, Norwegians may no longer have scruffy beards and yell barbarically at each other but Norway is still worth visiting. The Norwegian capital is a spectacular city however take your time to visit few places near Oslo

Building Ships farming and exploring the world, by 1030AD Christianity was introduced and the country became a nation.

Norway had ruled over other countries such as Iceland, Greenland and the Faeroe Islands until the Black Death. It then became a union with the Denmark soon to leave and become a union with Sweden until the Danish king became the first ruler of Norway.

Norway now resides in the EU making its way up with its oil production

Around the city of Oslo

Just like Sydney, Oslo is very proud of their opera house.

The Oslo opera house is one of the newer more modern buildings of the city. It was built to resemble an ice berg floating in the Oslofjord in winter. The white building is a place which people go to summer and winter for walks on and around the building or just sit and enjoying the sun.

Like the opera house, Aker Brygge (The most visited area of Oslo by the water where most dining occurs) has modern architecture consisting of mainly white modern buildings. It also contains some of the old traditional European style buildings which make for a great mixture of old and new. Wonder up to the inner city and you will see more olden style buildings now occupied by shops on the pedestrian shopping street Karl Johans Gate.

White Oslo - A trip to the Norwegian Capital

Keep going and the city become somewhat more run down in a beautiful way in places such as Bla, not too far away from the city centre.

Nature outside Oslo

Once you take the T-Bane (Tram) a couple stops north/north-west of the city you will find yourself surrounded by forests and nature. These are the places to visit near Oslo

Norway’s vast forests are amazing places to go for treks and to see the nature as the sun flares through the trees. Many of these forests contain paths which will lead you to lakes.

In winter the walking paths are transformed into white on white cross country skiing paths, which you can still walk along of course made for beautiful scenic routes.

Tryvann in Autumn

Tryvann ski centre

Speaking of skiing, of course you can’t visit Oslo without trying out the slopes. Norwegians are born with skies on their feet so it can be intimidating when you see four year old skiing better than you, but it’s a blast.

A good place to visit near Oslo for you skiing experience is the Tryvann ski centre. Just rent all you need and have a go. If you are not into sport, have a coffee and enjoy the amazing views.

Skiing in Norway

Places to sleep

I suggest to stay in the city for your stay. There are few places around Oslo that you can visit and stay overnight, however having only one base makes things easier. With 1 hour trip you can reach a fear amount of destinations

The Oslo Hostel Central is one of the most popular option in the city. Few reasons:

  • it’s central to the city and you move quickly to any attraction
  • it’s quite economical, especially considering we are in Norway
  • they have both shared and double rooms for couples
  • lovely building!!


Travel & photography tips

  • It is worth surviving the cold to go in winter.
  • Don’t only stay in the city (it is very small)
  • Bring a lens hood for your lens. The white of the snow is very bright in the sun.
  • Bring a camera bag that will protect your camera if you take it with you skiing and it keeps your camera warm
  • Gloves that are easy use your camera with

Map of Oslo and around attractions

This post was written in collaboration with Lola Vierse, our Norwegian expert

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