Last updated on May 21st, 2015 at 11:43 am


Galleries are an incredible source of inspiration. Here are listed all the photo exhibitions currently running in Melbourne and Australia that I am aware of. Please send me an email in case you want to add any missing one (with information attached).

I have included some exhibitions that are not strictly photo based, however they can be really inspiring for any new project or work you may want to start.

Please DO check the gallery web site for the last update on the opening date and opening time. I try my best to keep the list updated however latest changes may be not included. When marked as “All-day” verify the correct time on the the gallery web site

This page includes a list of all the Galleries and Photography Centres in Australia that either displayed or are showing photo exhibitions.

They are ordered by Opening Day, the best and the unique time, in most cases, to meet the artist

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