darktable dodge and burn [traditional and smart way]

darktable dodge and burn - traditional and smart way

darktable dodge and burn Dodging and burning are essentially brightening and darkening areas of a photo. Although there is not such a darktable dodge and burn module, you can easily create a quick preset for both. I personally use the Exposure module to do exactly this job.  Alternatively, you can also use the new Tone … Read more

Adjust colors in darktable [7 best ways]

colors in darktable - 7 way to enhance them

How to adjust colors in darktable In this post, you will see the best 7 ways to adjust colors in darktable. They all serve a different purpose, and they all will give a different result. I use them to correct and change colors, to add a source light, to create a new style (for example … Read more

darktable black and white conversion [tutorial]

darktable black and white conversion - All you need to know

darktable black and white A conversion to black and white in darktable is relatively simple and it can be done in multiple ways. In this tutorial, you will learn the quickest and most effective way where you can control the brightness based on the original colours. Moreover, you will also see how to enhance the … Read more

Darktable Tutorials Hub [from beginner to advanced]

Darktable Tutorials Hub - From beginner to advanced

Darktable Tutorials Hub All you need to know, from beginner to advanced level Whether you’re after advanced training, suggestions for beginners or educational material to enhance your photos, this is your hub for all the darktable tutorials I have been posting on both my website and YouTube channel. Moreover, here you will find also free … Read more

darktable presets and styles – reference guide [+FREE download]

Darktable presets and styles

darktable presets and styles – How to import, create and use them [+free styles to download] The darktable presets and the darktable styles are some of the most powerful tools to use and in this guide you will discover all you need to know, including a few little tricks. I absolutely love them. Why so? … Read more

Top 10 darktable keyboard shortcuts [speed-up your workflow]

darktable keyword shortcuts

In this post, you will find my top 10 darktable keyboard shortcuts that helped me to speed up my workflow (massively). We are of course all different and obviously, the shortcuts are very related to our way to work on the photos. In my case, these keyboard shortcuts help me to get things done in … Read more

darktable workflow – from organizing to editing [the quick and effective way]

Darktable workflow

The ultimate darktable workflow How to organise and edit your photos with an efficient What is the best and quickest Darktable workflow? I wish there was a quick answer with a solid explanation. In this post, I share my Darktable workflow built on 10 years of travel photography experience around the world It’s a simple … Read more

How to import the Lightroom catalog in Darktable [with same workspace]

How to import the Lightroom catalog in Darktable [with same workspace]

From Lightroom to Darktable How to import the catalogue avoiding my mistakes So you are really thinking to move from Lightroom to Darktable, but you still have a big question mark, at least I had it. How can I import the Lightroom catalogue in Darktable, keeping all the changes, presets, tagging and any work I … Read more

Darktable vs Lightroom [Is Darktable the Lightroom alternative?]

Darktable vs Lightroom - Is Darktable the Lightroom alternative

Darktable vs Lightroom – Are they two good alternatives It has been 10 months since I started working on both software, comparing Darktable vs Lightroom. I really wanted to understand if Darktable is the Lightroom alternative. But let me say first that we all have different photography workflows and my travel photography experience may be … Read more

Quick darktable Tutorial for Beginners [for travel photography and more]

Quick Darktable Tutorial for Travel Photography

Quick darktable Tutorial to get started for beginners In this quick tutorial, you will learn how to get started with darktable, from organising to editing your photos. If you are familiar with Lightroom, you may have already noticed that the darktable interface is quite similar. You can catalogue your photos in the Lighttable View,  you … Read more