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How expensive is Malta – A daily travel budget

Malta is a lovely sunny destination right between Sicily and Africa, similar in the weather to Southern Spain and the Greek Islands.

It comes as no surprise that you are thinking of flying to this small country.

But is Malta expensive for a holiday? What should be your daily travel budget for a trip there?

For a quick answer, I can tell you that it is not as cheap as Greece but more similar to France or the North of Italy in price.

But it all depends on what you are planning to do

And that’s where this guide will help you with real numbers to organise your daily budget. 

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The Grand Harbour of Valletta
The Grand Harbour of Valletta

Is Malta expensive – in a nutshell

Below you will find some quick information about how expensive is actually Malta.

However, keep reading to get more of an idea about the actual daily budget, down to the last Euro

I have also added more details about three of the most popular destinations: St Julians, St Pauls and Valletta

  • Is Malta expensive to visit: Flying to Malta can be actually extremely cheap, especially in the off-season. As a rule of thumb, you can buy a cheaper price if you fly on Tuesday or Wednesday. There are both low-cost and regular airlines flying to the island. You can also take a ferry from Sicily, however, it does not come cheap. Easyjet, Ryanair and British Airways have all direct flights from London
  • Is Malta expensive for a holiday: It is not the cheapest place, however also not the most expensive place for a holiday. The prices of accommodations and restaurants are very similar to countries such as France or Germany. You can, of course, find family-run restaurants that have a much cheaper menu. If you are on a tight budget you may consider travelling to the small island of Gozo, a cheaper option than the main island.
  • Is Malta expensive for food and drink: it’s not that expensive, however, not as cheap as well. Do not expect to pay as in southern Spain or in Greece, but also not like in London. You got the picture. Most of the restaurants offer Mediterranean-inspired dishes, but you can find also more exotic places such as Indians, Chinese and other Asian types. Generically speaking, a pizza is around 10 Euro, a pasta main or a hamburger is usually below 12 Euro, and a meat dish is around 15 Euro. Beer is well priced at around 4Euro, a bit more for a local glass of wine
  • Is beer expensive in Malta: it’s not that expensive. In a restaurant, a pint of local beer tends to cost around 4 Euro. If you go for an imported beer expect to pay more, sometimes even twice the price.
  • Is wine expensive in Malta: also, in this case, the imported wine has a much higher price than the local one. Marsovin and Delicata are probably the biggest, and more rewarded, winemakers in Malta. A bottle of local wine costs between 10 and 20 Euro. More for a selected year.
  • Cost of bus travel in Malta: a single ride ticket is 1.5 Euro. If you plan to spend a week on the island using public transportation then you should buy the Explorer card for unlimited travel at 21 Euro, a real bargain. Check the Bus Website for more information and the time schedule.
  • How expensive is St Julians: this is one of the most popular destinations on the island. Prices of accommodations and food are quite competitive and great value too. With a budget below 100 Euros/day, you can book a nice hotel and enjoy your time at night. Read more on St Julians below, with accommodations and hotels based on 3 prices category.
  • How expensive is St Pauls: another great area, quite popular with families, especially for its beaches. It’s not the cheapest place on the island though, as you can easily go over the 100 Euro/day mark. Read more on St Pauls below with a few suggestions on restaurants and hotels.
  • How expensive is Valletta: The historic town is absolutely magnificent. This is a lovely destination any time of the year. You will be able to save some money and stay below the 100 Euro/day mark if you book your accommodation within walking distance of the centre. Read more on Valletta below

How much money to take to Malta, a daily budget

Malta is a pretty popular Mediterranean destination and can, therefore, be quite pricey.

However, you can still have a fantastic trip on a tight budget.

One way to do this is by booking your holiday during off-peak seasons. Avoid the mid-June to August period and you will find absolute bargains.

You could also opt for the smaller island of Gozo which is generally more affordable.

Whatever island you go for, it is important you look out for money-saving hacks to avoid bleeding yourself dry for the holiday.

First off, always go for public transport.

Malta and Gozo have extensive bus networks that will get you almost anywhere on the islands for as little as 1.5 euros per one-way ticket.

If you are staying for a long period of time, consider car rentals over taxis to save money.

When it comes to accommodation, you could go for a hostel for as low as 20-30 euros, an Airbnb for around 40 euros or a hotel for upwards of 50 euros per night.

Finally, you have to factor in entertainment.

There is a lot you can do on the islands for free from exploring the town to going to the beach.

You could also explore the culinary wonders of the region.

When eating out, set aside between 30 to 50 euros per day for most restaurants and 150 to 200 euros for the high-end spots.

Daily summary in Euro

  • Accommodations: Airbnb (from 40E/person), Hotels (from 50E/person)
  • Restaurants: Inexpensive (from 15E/person), mid-range (around 30E/person with starter, main and a glass of local wine)
  • Coffee: 1.5-2Euro 
  • Beer at the bar: 4-5Euro for a pint
  • Wine: 10-20Euro for a local bottle of wine at the restaurant, 6-10Euro in supermarkets
  • Light drink: 2Euro for a Coke/Sprite or 50c at the supermarket
  • Water bottle: 1Euro for 0.5 litres at the bar, 30c at the supermarket
  • Bus: 1,5Euro/ride or unlimited rides for 21Euro/week
  • Ferry to Gozo: 5 Euro
  • Renting a car: from 15-20Euro/day (check out my guide to renting and driving a car in Malta)
  • Cigarettes: 5-6Euro/packet (but I do not smoke, not fully reliable)

Total Daily budget: from 80-90Euro/day/person if travelling with your partner/friend, cooking yourself and limited nights out. Stay in a hostel to save more money

Victoria streets in Gozo
Victoria streets in Gozo

How expensive is St Julian’s

Despite its wild popularity, St Julian’s is surprisingly affordable.

The daily average budget is 80 to 100 euros per person.

Of this, 20 to 50 euros will go to accommodation, 10 euros for transport and entertainment and 20 to 40 euros for food.

St. Julian’s is home to several restaurants worth checking out.

Alice Pizza serves fantastic pizza for 15 euros or less, all-inclusive.

If you want a nice mid-price meal in the 25-30 euros range, then Le Majoliche is for you.

Finally, consider booking a reservation at Paranga for a high-end night out in which case you should set aside 40-50 euros per person per full meal.

As far as accommodations are concerned, one of the best value-for-money hotels is the Holiday Inn Express, especially considering you can use the facilities of the Intercontinental Hotel, right next door.

Hotel Valentina is also a fantastic option for a nightly rate below 100 euros.

Another great accommodation is Marina Hotel Corinthia Beach Resort, although pricier than the above ones.

You can read more about the local accommodations in the St Julian’s section of the best places to stay in Malta, a guide I wrote on the best areas of this small country

If you want to save money in St. Julian’s you will have to stick to cheaper restaurants, bars and clubs as food and night-time entertainment are the biggest money suckers here.

St Julian's
St Julian’s

How expensive is St Paul’s Bay

The St. Paul’s Bay area is a popular resort destination, especially among vacationing families.

It can, therefore, get pretty pricey, especially when it comes to accommodations and food.

On average, it will cost you about 80 to 150 euros every day for a nice experience. 50 to 100 euros will go to accommodation, 30 to 50 euros for food and 10 to 15 euros for entertainment and transport.

Eating out is a part of the culture here and they have several awesome restaurants in different price ranges for this.

Oblico’s is fantastic for budget meals for as low as 15 euros.

Ta Bertu Restaurant, on the other hand, offers average prices with meals ranging from 25 to 30 euros.

Finally, if you want to treat yourself to something fancy for 40 to 50 euros then Lovage Restaurant is the restaurant for you.

For accommodations, Buccaneers Boutique Guesthouse is a fantastic budget option below 100 euros per person per night.

The Park Lane Boutique Aparthotel offers also great value accommodations, although with a small pool on the rooftop.

For a bigger pool, you should head to the AX Seashells Resort instead, right in front of the sea. A touch more expensive but also bigger facilities

You can read more about the local accommodations in the St Pauls section of the best places to stay in Malta, a guide I wrote on the best areas of this small country

The best way to save money when travelling to St. Paul’s Bay in Malta is to travel during the off-peak season.

The summer months of July and August are the most popular and expensive ones. 

Għajn Tuffieħa Bay in Mellieha
Għajn Tuffieħa Bay in Mellieha

How expensive is Valletta

Valletta is the capital city of Malta.

The small town is rich in history and culture and is a popular destination in the archipelago.

It is not the cheapest area to stay in Malta, although it is most definitely very worth it.

On average, you will need between 80 and 150 euros per person per day for a nice and pleasant trip.

From this, budget at least 40 and upwards euros for accommodation, 20-30 euros for food and 10 to 20 euros for transport and entertainment.

When you are not exploring museums or old ruins, the restaurants around are definitely worth checking out.

Sally Port Pizzeria and Caffe is a local favourite for budget meals with several menu items below 15 euros.

Another popular spot is the Palazzo Preca Restaurant. Here, you can get a decent meal and a drink for 25 to 30 euros.

There are also several high-end eateries in Valletta in the 40 to 50 euros price range in which case Rampila Restaurant should be top on your list.

When looking for places to stay, the Door Eight is one of the most budget-friendly accommodations. It’s not right in the historic centre, however, it is within walking distance to it. 

The Grand Hotel Excelsior has a great pool with a lovely view beside a small private beach, unique in Valletta and it all comes at a great value for money.

Another fantastic option is Tano’s Boutique Guesthouse, especially considering the view from the rooftop and its location.

You can read more about the local accommodations in the Valletta section of my guide to the best places to stay in Malta.

Beautiful lanes of Valletta
Beautiful lanes of Valletta

Frequently asked questions on how expensive is Malta

Is travelling to Malta expensive?

The trip to Malta is relatively inexpensive, as you can find a few low-cost airlines that fly there for, sometimes, a real bargain price, especially if you book well in advance. From the airport, you can catch the bus to Valletta or any other destination for 1.5Euro.

How much does a meal cost in Malta?

It really depends on the type of restaurant. You can go from 3 euro for street food (mainly ftiras, the local round sandwich) to any limit you can think of. On average, a meal in a restaurant costs around 20-25Euro with a main and a glass of beer or wine.

Is Malta an expensive country?

It is not the cheapest country in Europe, at least not as cheap as Greece, for example. But it is not as expensive as the UK or any Northern European countries.

Is food and drink cheap in Malta?

I found the best pizza in the country right in Valletta at Sally Port and it cost only 7 Euro! Best meal and deal too. Usually, I pay between 15 and 20 Euro for a main, 5 to 12 Euro for a starter and 12-20 Euro for a good bottle of wine.

Is Malta more expensive than Spain?

It is as expensive as Barcellona or Madrid, but more expensive than other smaller destinations in Spain

How much is a pint of beer in Malta?

The price of a pint, or a 0.5 litre glass, is between 2.5Euro and 6Euro, based on the bar/pub and the town. 

Is Malta cheaper than the UK?

Malta is most definitely cheaper than the UK, for both accommodations, food and drinks. 

Is Malta affordable?

Malta is affordable but not inexpensive. The biggest slice of the holiday cost will be the accommodation.

How much do you need for a week in Malta?

Budget between 700 and 2,500 per person, based on the type of accommodation and restaurants you like to go to. You can also go lower than 700 Euro if you stay in a hostel and you eat mostly street food.

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