10 Steps to improve your photography (and not only) website performance

Sometime it is a good idea to go back to your website and check the performance. It is like doing a step backward, or taking a pause, to make 2 steps forward. I was checking my website and it was getting too slow. I could not understand why. It is a photo blog and, by its definition, there are lots of images, however newspapers online load up almost immediately.

I started digging on the website performance and I found out that Google has new rules and it rates websites not only on content but also on loading speed. Being visible on the internet is not an easy task and being slow is today considered to be a bad indicator not only for your visitors but also for the search engines

I spent few days on my website and, well, I found out so many things I could actually improve. Not an easy task in few cases, but the end result is quite amazing. I have reduced the loading time by almost 80% and more, in some cases. All the changes

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