7 Best Spanish Islands [for families, couples, nightlife and more]

Best Spanish ISlands

The best Spanish islands I am literally in love with Spain, a beautiful country with amazing food and a relaxed way of living.  But this post is not about me, it is instead about the best Spanish Islands based on the type of holiday you are planning to do. Every Spanish island tends to cater … Read more

Best Canary Islands to visit [for beaches, families, couples and more]

Best Canary Islands to visit

The best Canary Island This is one of the most atypical archipelagoes in the world, with extreme differences in scenery and weather between the islands, although so close to each other. It comes as no surprise that you may find it difficult to understand what is the best Canary Island for your holiday. The choice … Read more

Best Greek Island for couples (older or young, and for any activity)

Best Greek Island for couples

Best Greek Islands for couples Did you know that Greece has 6,000 islands of which just over 200 inhabited? It comes as no surprise you have still some questions on which one would work best for you and your partner. In this post, you will find all the information for the best Greek islands for … Read more