Two days of photography in Hoi An [what and where]

Photography in Hoi An

Just south of Da Nang lies the amazing Hoi An, a proud little old town made of enchanting yellow walls and old bridges. Photography in Hoi An has been one of my highlights in the country, a unique experience that starts at sunrise and finishes in the romantic lights of the night. This post has … Read more

Travel Photography in Hong Kong 2020 [with secret locations to explore]

Photography in Hong Kong

To me, doing photography in Hong Kong is like playing football in the Real Madrid Stadium or basketball at the Madison Square Garden or rugby at Twickenham. You got the idea. Just the best. This city has so much energy that you will hardly put your camera in the bag, not even at night. Travel … Read more

Travel Photography in Siberia and Russia

Travel Photography in Siberia

If you are following my blog you may already know how much I love travel photography. I like to test myself in different environments and I enjoy exploring places that are not really on the bitten track. Travel photography in Siberia in winter time has been a dream of mine. Can you find something more … Read more

Travel Photography in Sri Lanka [the photographer’s guide]

Travel Photography in Sri Lanka

Travel Photography in Sri Lanka [the photographer’s guide] When I am in Sri Lanka, photography is always my primary activity. I travel and I love taking out my camera to document this beautiful country. The great thing about Sri Lanka is that as a photographer, either amateur or semi-professional, you can always find great situations for … Read more

Essential guide to travel photography in Bali

Travel Photography in Bali

Let me start straight away with a simple question: why travel photography in Bali? Because this island is absolutely a unique place in the world, a place that is an amazing source of inspiration, at every corner, in every field, on every beach. Bali was the hippy capital of the world in the 70s, today … Read more

Travel Photography Insurance [with free PDF to avoid upsets]

Travel Photography Insurance

What is the best travel photography insurance around? The one that covers all your belonging, in any circumstances, including your laptop, your tablet, your mobile and possibly your drone. This should happen at a reasonable cost.  And when the deal seems too good to be true then you should check the small letters, and that … Read more

Ultimate Guide to Travel Photography [from beginners to pro]

Reference guide to travel photography

Ultimate Guide to Travel Photography So you booked your next trip(s) and you want to document it with some travel photography. But how? When I started myself, as a beginner, I had so many questions. What camera should I use, what is the best setting, how to spot the best places, what makes a great … Read more

How to work as travel photographer with a salary [including a case study abroad]

Travel Photographer Jobs

Two years ago I met Simon. He just terminated one of the few still existing travel photographer jobs abroad, he said, maybe without a great salary, but it did not really matter to him. Wow, I thought, that’s super interesting. I started digging. Most definitely travel photography was part of his job, however, there was … Read more

Photography in Amsterdam, Leiden and around

Photography in Amsterdam, Leiden and around

Every year or so I try to plan a European trip. The problem with Europe is that there are too many cities and places to experience 🙂 The Netherlands had to be in this year tour.  I was so looking forward to some photography in Amsterdam and Leiden. Ops, have you never heard of Leiden? Sure … Read more