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Where to Stay in Zermatt – 7 BEST AREAS & HOTELS

I still remember my first time in front of the Matterhorn, the iconic pyramidal mountain and natural border between Italy and Switzerland, I was probably 6-7 years old. Too many years have passed and so many trips I have done for snowboarding and trekking.

I know the feeling, you are planning some skiing there and you are wondering where to stay in Zermatt, with questions like the best area for skiing, or maybe for some nightlife too, or just to enjoy the nature and the amazing walks you can have in summer.

In this guide, I have organised a list of the 7 best areas to stay in Zermatt or nearby, that work so well for any ski trip or summer holiday doesn’t matter the budget or how far/close you want to be to the cable car.

But let’s start with a summary table, a great and easy starting point to have an understanding of all the options, including 2 destinations on the Italian side of the Matterhorn to access the same ski area, but more in Italian style and usually cheaper too.

The Matterhorn peak in Zermatt, Switzerland
The Matterhorn peak in Zermatt, Switzerland

Where to Stay in Zermatt – Key points

Area/TownIdeal forProsConsAccessibilityHow good is for skiingHow good is for restaurantsHow good for familiesHow good for nightlifeCharacter (architecture/history) of the area
Zermatt Town CentreFirst-time visitors, Nightlife, Luxury TravelersCentral location, Variety of bars and restaurantsIt is on the pricier sideGood, close to the train stationGreat, close to the ski areaExcellentGoodExcellentTraditional town and modern shops
Zermatt Ski In Ski OutFamilies and skiersDirect access to ski resort, quietLess nightlife and amenitiesGood for skiing, far from the stationThe bestGoodExcellentModerateTraditional chalets
Train Station AreaShort stay, limited budgetCheaper, practical if travelling by trainFurther away from the cable car, no nightlifeGreat for the train, far from ski areaGoodGoodGoodModerateTraditional houses
TäschBudget travellersBudget-friendly, good transport to ZermattLimited restaurants and bars, no nightlifeGoodModerateLowGoodNoneTraditional houses
RandaSummer holiday, digital nomadsLess touristy, connected to Zermatt, Golf Club, walksLimited restaurants and bars, no nightlifeModerateLowLowGoodNoneTraditional houses
Cervinia (Italy)Enjoy the snow and Italian lifestyleExtensive skiing terrain connected to ZermattCan be crowded during peak season, it’s not ZermattWell connected to MilanExcellentExcellentGoodExcellentItalian-style ski resort
Paquier-Valtournenche (Italy)Super budget travellers, Peace-seekers, FamiliesQuieter uncrowded, The cheapest alternativeOlder and less comfortable lifts, limited dining optionsWell connected to MilanExcellentModerate-LowGoodNoneTraditional Italian village
The 7 best areas and towns
Where to stay in Zermatt town map
Map of the best towns and areas of Zermatt

My 3 best hotels in Zermatt

Centre of Zermatt – Best place to stay in Zermatt

  • Best place for First-time visitors, Nightlife, Luxury Travelers


  • Central location,
  • Variety of bars and restaurants,
  • Convenient for first-time visitors


  • Can be a bit on the pricier side

Nestled at the foot of the mighty Matterhorn, the village of Zermatt beckons travellers with its charm, spirit, and charisma. It’s a place where the old effortlessly blends with the new.

From the traditional Swiss chalets dotting the landscape to the high-end, modern shops, the vibe around town is both timeless and chic.

The centre of the city is a little gem made of pedestrian-only cobblestone streets. This place offers a slower pace of life, giving you the chance to fully savour each moment. Breathe in the crisp Alpine air as you explore the little shopping area and the cafes around.

Be sure to stop by any of the local bakeries for a slice of Swiss cake – I recommend trying a generous slice of the local speciality, the apricot-filled “Walliser Torte.”

Zermatt Town and Matterhorn Mountain on a Winter Night
Panoramic view of the Matterhorn Mountain and the town centre on a winter night

By night, the town transforms into a vibrant hub for the night owls. The local bars and clubs are always buzzing with something on. My personal favourite is the Papperla Pub, known for its live music and spirited atmosphere.

But if you fancy a more refined evening, there’s no shortage of classy cocktail lounges and wine bars.

And let’s not forget about the unbeatable location. This picturesque town is the perfect base for exploring the surrounding mountains. I particularly love the winter season with its very cold temperatures.

You can also ski over 320km of slopes, from over 1,500m to almost 4,000m, part of which are also accessible between June and September.

In summer, you will be spoiled by the choice of hiking tracks, all well-signed. Book a guide to explore the highest peaks or do it yourself on the lower mountains by using apps like

The Gornergrat Bahn, a rack railway that offers an unforgettable ride up to the Gornergrat, is a must-do. The panoramic view from the top is just breathtaking.

Zermatt does come with a slightly higher price tag, reflecting its upscale vibe and luxury amenities. But believe me, once you witness the golden sun setting behind the Matterhorn, illuminating the village in a warm glow, you’ll understand why it’s worth every penny.

Here are 4 of the best accommodations in the central area:

Backstage Boutique SPA Hotel ($$$$): One of the best boutique hotels in Zermatt, with its quirky design that will make you feel like you live on a terrace. Sauna, hot tub, stunning view of the Matterhorn, gourmet dining and 5-star service.

Haus-Ascot ($$$$): Superb location, stunning Matterhorn views, modern furnishings, clean, well-equipped, friendly and attentive owner.

Unique Hotel Post ($$$$$): Nestled in the heart of town, this beautifully appointed hotel offers superb service, comfortable and cozy rooms with balcony, and exceptional spa facilities.

Schallers Tannenhof ($$$$$): Quiet location, modern rooms, fantastic breakfast, excellent restaurant, helpful staff.

Autumn view of Zermatt with the Matterhorn peak
Autumn view with the Matterhorn peak

Zermatt ski-to-door – Next to the slope and the gondola

  • Best place to stay in Zermatt for families and skiers


  • Next to the lifts
  • quieter,
  • family-friendly


  • Less nightlife and amenities

Ski boots on, goggles adjusted, and with a swift push, you’re off – right from your doorstep! Yes, that’s the typical start to a day when you stay in this area. Just imagine, no more lugging around your equipment, no waiting for the bus.

It’s just you, the fresh morning air, and the pristine runs – talk about the perfect alpine getaway!

Located in close proximity to the main cable car station, this area is a haven for those who prioritise direct access to the slopes.

Whether you’re a beginner, an intermediate or a seasoned pro, you’ll find runs that will suit your skill level. There are also a few fantastic schools in the area, perfect for families wanting their little ones to start their love affair with the winter sport.

Speaking of families, this area is very family-friendly. It’s quieter than the bustling town centre, making it an ideal choice for families or those seeking a serene and tranquil alpine retreat.

Kids can enjoy the snow safely, and parents can sit back, sip their hot cocoa, and soak in the stunning views.

But it’s not all about skiing here. There are also plenty of other activities to indulge in. You can take leisurely walks through the snow-covered forests, have fun sledding, or just relax in one of the wellness centres.

And as the sun sets, the area lights up with a warm, cosy glow – the perfect backdrop for a family game night or a quiet evening with a good book.

Admittedly, the nightlife is almost non-existent here compared to the centre of town, and the amenities aren’t as plentiful. But what the area lacks in buzzing bars and high-end shops, it makes up for with its charm, tranquillity, and of course, direct access to the snow.

Here are 3 of the best Zermatt accommodations in this area:

Hotel Plateau Rosa ($$$$): Stunning Matterhorn views, clean rooms, friendly staff, slightly remote from the train station but worth it

Hotel Schwarzsee ($$$$): Spectacular Matterhorn views, convenience, peaceful ambience, clean rooms, and friendly staff.

Silvana Mountain Hotel ($$$$$): Amazing spa, delicious food, friendly staff, unique location, and serene mountain environment.

Skiing on top of the Plateau Rosa between Zermatt and Cervinia
Descending the Plateau Rosa between Switzerland and Italy

Train Station area – cheaper Zermatt hotels

  • Best place for a cheaper holiday, practical if travelling by train, and convenient for a short stay


  • Cheaper,
  • practical if travelling by train,
  • convenient


  • Further away from the chair lifts,
  • no nightlife

Get off the train, and bam! You’ve arrived. The Station Area is the unsung hero of budget-conscious adventurers. No frills, no fuss, just simple, practical charm and a cost-effective starting point for your journey.

Think about this – you’re tired from your travels and the train pulls up at the station. Before you can say “Matterhorn”, you’re already unpacking in your room, without even breaking a sweat. Totally hassle-free

The Zermatt Railway Station may not sit right next to the chair lifts, but fear not! The local bus network is a traveller’s delight. In their cute electric-powered style, these little shuttles will have you anywhere around town in no time.

Nightlife here might be a touch on the quiet side compared to the heart of Zermatt, but it’s not devoid of charm. You’ll find snug little eateries and bars tucked away, just waiting to serve up some hearty Swiss cuisine and a well-deserved drink after a day of mountain exploits.

And, if you are into a long night of fun, catch a taxi or just venture for a walk to the city centre.

The Station Area might not parade the flash of central Zermatt or immediate access to the chair lifts, but it’s a savvy choice in its own right. It’s practical and it’s budget-friendly, at least in the Zermatt contest.

So, if you’re looking for a quick, cost-effective getaway to this mountain wonderland, the Station Area could be your unsung hero too.

Here are 2 of the best budget stays in Zermatt next to the station

Hotel Bahnhof ($$): Excellent location, clean rooms, friendly staff, comfortable beds, well-equipped communal kitchen, and stunning views.

Haus Powder Snow ($$$): Comfortable, well-equipped, spacious with stunning views. Excellent location, close to the city centre and not too far from the lifts.

Where to stay near Zermatt map
Where to stay near Zermatt map

Täsch – budget accommodation near Zermatt

  • Best place to near Zermatt on a budget


  • Budget-friendly,
  • good transport links to Zermatt.


  • Just a bunch of restaurants/bars,
  • no nightlife

Not too far from Zermatt, lies the serene hamlet of Täsch. This small village has a unique and charming character of its own, which is far from the glamour and the pretentiousness of Zermatt.

Here, you’ll find accommodations that won’t burn a hole in your pocket, making it a haven for budget travellers. And yet, you’re just so close to the happening of Zermatt, in fact just a few minutes by train. It’s the best of both worlds!

The transport links between Täsch and Zermatt are a dream. You have a shuttle train running every 20 minutes or so, making it an absolute breeze to get around.

Now, let’s go to the drawbacks. If you’re looking for throbbing nightclubs or an endless array of restaurants, Täsch might not be your scene. The dining options are limited to a handful of cosy, local restaurants.

But if you’re anything like me, you’ll love the possibility of having more of a genuine local experience. Besides, the tranquillity of the village is a great plus for a nice quiet sleep.

Here are 2 of the best budget stays in Täsch

Apartment Castor ($$): Studio with fully equipped kitchen, quiet location, close to train station, clean, and friendly staff

Hotel Täscherhof ($$-$$$): Excellent location, comfortable beds, fresh spring water, friendly staff, and direct access to Zermatt by train

The Gornergrat tourist train going to Zermatt
The Gornergrat tourist train going to Zermatt

Randa – Where to stay in Zermatt in summer

  • Best place to stay close to Zermatt for a summer holiday, and digital nomads


  • Less touristy,
  • connected to Zermatt,
  • best in summer,
  • next to Golf Club Matterhorn,
  • great walks around


  • Just a bunch of restaurants/bars,
  • no nightlife
  • complicated and long way to the Zermatt cable car

Randa is a little village 10km north of Zermatt which seems to be still a well-kept secret. If you’re the type who seeks a break from the tourist crowds and yearns for a taste of authentic local life, then Randa might just be your cup of tea.

I personally suggest Randa for a summer trip, it’s a great destination for long or short walks, and it offers plenty of hiking and biking trails. The area is very green and pristine and you will be so conveniently located to explore the Charles Kuonen Suspension Bridge, one the most famous attractions in the entire Alps.

And for golf lovers, the Golf Club Matterhorn offers an exceptional course with stunning Alpine views.

One of the things I adore about Randa is its peace and accessibility. It’s less touristy than its counterparts, yes, but don’t for a moment think it’s cut off from the action. You can visit Zermatt with a quick train trip (20 minutes with frequent runs), so you’re never far from a sophisticated evening in town.

It is true that also in winter you are well-connected to the Zermatt train station but keep in mind that you will have to walk to the Randa station, catch the train to Zermatt, and finally grab the e-bus to the cable car. I reckon the entire process can take easily 40-50 minutes.

Now, Randa is a quiet hamlet. It does not have any nightlife or an endless list of restaurants. The evenings here are peaceful, perhaps even a little too quiet for some. But for others like me, the tranquillity is its charm.

Here are 2 of the best hotels in Randa

Haus Royal ($$): Clean, functional studio and 2BR apartments with mountain views; friendly hosts; great for hiking

Chalet Latärna Kirchweg ($$-$$$): Comfortable 2BR apartment, clean, well-equipped, close to train station, friendly staff, excellent mountain views.

Gornergrat railway towards Matterhorn mountain in Switzerland
Gornergrat railway towards Matterhorn mountain in Switzerland

Cervinia – The Italian side of the Matterhorn

  • Best place to stay connected to Zermatt for skiing and snowboarding, enjoy the Italian lifestyle


  • Extensive skiing terrain, sharing the runs with Zermatt,
  • modern amenities,
  • suitable for all levels


  • Can be crowded during peak season,
  • it’s not Zermatt and it does not feel like Switzerland

Cervinia is an Italian ski resort in the Aosta Valley, on the Italian side of the Matterhorn. It is connected to Zermatt only via slopes (no roads). You just have to take the gondola to the Plateau Rosa and descend on the other side.

You will find two types of day tickets. The usual one covers only the national side, however, you would need an international pass to access both countries which costs around 30% more.

I have always loved Cervinia for skiing, besides being well-connected to Milan and its airport by road (public transportation takes double if not triple the time). It’s so convenient to arrive at the low-cost airports of Milan, rent a car in Italy and drive to the mountains (around 2 hours).

Cervinia has also my favourite run, one of the world’s longest, from 3,800m down to 1,500m, or around 20km long. Plus, its location means you can enjoy your morning coffee in Italy, and by lunchtime, you could be in Switzerland sampling fondue.

But Cervinia isn’t just about winter sports. It’s a hub of Italian lifestyle in the heart of the Alps, full of pizza and charm.

The resort offers the quintessential Italian experience, with bustling streets lined with cafes serving creamy cappuccinos and heavenly pastries. The food scene here is a treat for your taste buds.

Once the sun goes down, Cervinia reveals its vibrant side. From lively pubs with live music to swanky cocktail bars, there’s something for everyone.

Now, Cervinia might not be as picture-perfect as Zermatt. It doesn’t have the same quaint charm. It may lack in appeal but it certainly makes up for it with its practicality and extensive skiing terrain.

Of course, like any popular resort, Cervinia can get busy during the peak season. But don’t let that deter you. With some smart planning, you can still have an unforgettable winter trip without feeling overwhelmed by the crowds.

Here are 2 great hotels in Cervinia

Hotel Meuble’ Joli ($$-$$$): Steps from slopes, clean, friendly staff, excellent breakfast, surrounded by restaurants

Window on the mountains ($$$): 2BR with stunning mountain views, excellent location, well-stocked kitchen, and an exceptionally helpful host

Cervinia view on a summer day
Cervinia view on a summer day

Paquier-Valtournenche, cheap skiing

  • Best place to stay connected to Zermatt on a real budget, Families, Beginner to intermediate level


  • Quieter than Cervinia,
  • Magnificent views,
  • Uncrowded,
  • The cheapest alternative around


  • Older and less comfortable lifts,
  • Lack of nightlife,
  • Limited dining options

When you’re travelling on a shoestring budget but still want a memorable ski holiday, Paquier-Valtournenche is a hidden gem that’s waiting to be discovered. Paquier is a small village, located less than 10km from Cervinia, or just 10 minutes by car.

This is almost a secret sleepy destination, with just a few houses and a bunch of restaurants. Waking up to jaw-dropping views of the mountains, the crisp air hitting your face, and the sun painting the snow-topped peaks is an experience that I hold dear.

Though the lifts might be a tad bit old-school and less cushy, they somehow add to the rustic charm of Paquier-Valtournenche. I still remember when they actually opened the lifts here and connected them to Cervinia and Zermatt. Lots of time has passed but the same lifts are still there, I fear.

Of course, no nightlife and the dining options can be a bit limited, with mostly family-run restaurants serving homemade meals and local wine.

The accommodations here, like the place itself, are usually simple and affordable

Paquier-Valtournenche might not be your quintessential glamorous ski resort, but it sure has a personality of its own. It’s a place that lets you truly appreciate the little things – the joy of making the first tracks on fresh powder, the warmth of a home-cooked meal, and the laughter shared over a game of cards.

Here are 2 cheap hotels in Paquier-Valtournenche

Miramonti ($): Stunning mountain views, cosy atmosphere, friendly staff, and a stone’s throw from the slopes

Bargain Chalet ($$): Best value for money for a detached 2BR chalet, awesome location close to the chairlift, good view, comfortable beds, great owner

Skiing around the Valtournenche and Zermatt
Skiing around the Valtournenche and Zermatt

Frequently asked questions

Is it worth to stay in town?

Absolutely! Zermatt offers breathtaking alpine scenery, world-class skiing, superb dining, and a charming, car-free town centre.

How many days in Zermatt is enough?

Four to five days would be enough to enjoy the main attractions and soak in the town’s charm. A week would be the icing on the cake

Is it better to stay in Täsch or Zermatt?

If you value convenience and a variety of amenities, Zermatt is better. Täsch is a great budget-friendly alternative, with good transport links to Zermatt.

Which month is best for Zermatt?

July and August are best for hiking and enjoying the summer scenery. February to early April work great for winter activities.

Is Zermatt better than Grindelwald?

Both are fantastic, but Zermatt boasts a more upscale, international vibe and the iconic Matterhorn. Grindelwald is more of a charming and traditional village.

Is Zermatt worth visiting if you don’t ski?

Definitely. Zermatt offers stunning mountain walks, scenic train rides, and exquisite dining.

What month does it snow in Zermatt?

Zermatt typically starts seeing snowfall in November, continuing throughout the winter months into early April.

Why is Zermatt so expensive?

Zermatt’s high prices reflect its premium status, world-class facilities, outstanding dining options, and the fact that it’s a year-round alpine resort.

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