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Where to stay in Tilos – Best areas, hotels & Airbnb

Tilos is one of those genuine islands that has kept the real Greek character, with mostly family run tavernas and accommodations.

It is the perfect place to regenerate, to hide and forget about the busy life back home.

Whether you’re swimming in the turquoise water, eating amazing local food, or enjoying a tsipouro, this is the perfect small Dodecanese island to relax and unwind.

Until some time ago, the only place to stay was in Livadia, the harbour area where the ferry arrives.

In the last few years, however, new accommodations have opened up, giving the possibility to stay in different parts of the island.

In this travel guide you can discover where to stay in Tilos, a comparative table for a quick view of the best areas and the recommended hotels and rentals to enjoy a relaxing stay

But let’s get deeper into it.

The lovely restaurants of Agios Antonios
The lovely restaurants of Agios Antonios

Best places to stay in Tilos – In a nutshell

The table below compares the major areas/destinations based on average cost ($-$$$$$), distance to the harbour, the beach (1-5 with 1 being the lowest score) and other factors. I added also links to suggested hotels in the area.

Click on the area name to read much more information about it, with all the pros and cons of booking there, besides tips on hotels, cafes, restaurants etc.

Best forAvg. CostSuggested
Km from
Livadia BeachBeach, practical$-$$Seva’ s Studios0422
Megalo ChorioCharacter,
$-$$$Tilos House7KmNA41
Eristos BeachQuiet, Beach
Comparative table of the best areas to stay in Tilos

Many people arrive to Tilos and set in Livadia Beach, right where the ferry docks, and they rarely explore the island.

This is a pity, because they are going to miss out on some lovely and unique experiences, like walking in the traditional Megalo Chorio (the old capital of the island), or exploring the off the beaten path village of Mikro Chorio, or visiting the unexpected Elephant Museum!

Besides the more popular Livadia Beach, only a few travellers venture to Eristos Beach, on the other side of the island, or the marvellous pebble beach of Agios Zacharias.

Indeed, there are so many experiences to have in Tilos.

For a more secluded holiday, you can even decide to bypass Livadia Beach all together and stay in either Megalo Chorio or Eristos Beach.

Here below I go through the best 3 areas to stay, with pros and cons for each one. You will find also suggestions on a few accommodations.

Just keep in mind that there is not much availability on the island and for this reason, I suggest booking well in advance. In most cases, you can cancel later, free of charge, if you change your mind.

Livadia Beach

  • 🌎 Best area to stay in Tilos for an overall experience 🏩 Seva’ s Studios is the recommended accommodation in this area
  • 👍 Pros: very practical, next to the harbour, with a lovely quiet beach, many restaurant options, well connected by bus to other destinations
  • 👎 Cons: not as characteristic, mostly new buildings (70s-80s)
  • 🍷 Best restaurants and bars: Kiriakos Grill House, Blue Sky and Mediterranean Delights Seafood
  • 🧛‍♂️ Nightlife: go to the main square for a few bars (do not expect much though

Livadia Beach is where the ferry docks and it is the most popular place to stay in Tilos.

It is indeed a very handy place to stay on the island because of the lovely beach and the great selection of restaurants providing amazing local food

There are also a bunch of bars and cafes, but for some nightlife, I suggest taking the free night bus to Mikro Chorio, where you will find a bar between the abandoned buildings of the village. A great setup, I must say.

Livadia is surely the busiest part of the island, especially in peak season, but it is still a hidden part of the Greek Dodecanese, far from the hectic Rhodes, for example.

From Livadia, I suggest taking the walk to the pebble beach of Agios Zacharias, south of the village. Besides the lovely beach, the hike itself has so many viewpoints to enjoy, really spectacular.

For a bite, you should not miss the local treasure called Kiriakos Grill House. This is the place where the locals go. Very simple but so tasty, besides being also well priced.

Other two restaurants options are Blue Sky, with a fantastic view of the bay, and the Mediterranean Delights Seafood.

Here below I have listed 4 accommodation options that may be perfect for your stay in Livadia Beach

Seva’ s Studios

This is one of the best value for money accommodations in Tilos Island, and probably the Mediterranean Sea

The highlight is the balcony area, with its spectacular panoramic view of the Aegean Sea. In fact, I am writing this post right from here.

I had a spacious 1 bedroom place with a small kitchenette, which honestly I didn’t use that much because the provided breakfast was perfect for an energetic start of the day.

Overall a great stay, with a very friendly owner (pickup from/to the ferry included) and immaculate service.

Check price at Seva’s

Seva' s Studio, just outside the main town of Livadia
Seva’ s Studio, just outside the main town of Livadia

Apollo Studios

Lounge back on the balcony as you soak in the views of the Aegean Sea, or kick back on the roof garden of this property. 

The air-conditioned studio comes with its satellite LCD TV and DVD player, a kitchenette equipped with cooking units to prepare your homemade meals, and a spacious seating area.

The accommodation is just a couple of steps from a bakery, and there are different cafes around for dining out. 

A children’s playground is available for your little ones. 

Check price at Apollo

Tilos Fantasy Apartments

Here you have multiple self-catering studios, with spacious interiors and balconies with lovely views – be sure to catch the sun rising from behind the mountain while on your stay at Tilos Fantasy.

The property is in a quiet setting, with seats provided in the garden area and in front of the house.

The rooms themselves have been well decorated, and the friendly owners are on standby to give you tips to make the most of your visit – even helping you arrange trips.

Parking is available on site and the host provides mountain bikes (free) for you to explore the area.

Check price at Fantasy

Hotel Eleni Beach

You get a cosy stay in Eleni Beach Hotel set in a quiet location, with an elegant view of the sea and Livadia village – which is also accessible on foot.

All rooms here face the sea, and the views are particularly great from the balconies.

The premise is well maintained, from the clean rooms to the patios and garden. Sunbeds and umbrellas are also available at the beach.

A sumptuous breakfast awaits you each morning. The 3-star hotel has a shared lounge and sun terrace, and the bar here remains open till late in the afternoon.

Check price at Eleni

The long Livadia Beach
The long Livadia Beach

Megalo Chorio

  • 🌎 Best area to stay in Tilos to disconnect from the world 🏩 Tilos Island house is the recommended accommodation in this area
  • 👍 Pros: Seclusion and local experience. Very quiet town
  • 👎 Cons: Far from the beach (10 minutes by bus to either Livadia or Eristos)
  • 🍷 Best restaurants and bars: The Castle and Palio Meraki
  • 🧛‍♂️ Nightlife: None

Megalo Chorio is the best place to stay in Tilos if you want to forget about the busy life.

This is the formal capital of the island, a village up in the mountain with one restaurant (a great one, by the way) an ouzeri (a restaurant with only appetizers) and a mini market.

There are only a bunch of holiday rentals where you can stay that, unfortunately, they are often booked out months in advance.

You will be very likely to have only Greek people around, locals and natives coming back to the island for the summer holiday.

Megalo Chorio is the place to be for a local experience.

Indeed, you will not have direct access to the beach. In fact, you need a bus ride to reach the Aegean Sea, but that is a small drawback if seclusion is so important for you.

Here below, I have selected two holiday rentals that provide a totally different experience, in both style and budget.

Tilos Island house

This self-catering accommodation comes with its private balcony, a kitchen with cooking equipment, flat screen TV and a washing machine.

You can grab supplies to prepare your meals at the mini market next to the property, or dine at the cafe that’s just a few steps from Tilos Island house.

The premise is in a secluded setting in Megálo Chorío – great for privacy, while still being minutes away from the different attractions on the island.

Check price at Tilos House

The picturesque square of Megalo Chorio
The picturesque square of Megalo Chorio

Milios Studios

Some of the units come with a balcony that gives you a sea view, and some of the studios have a kitchen equipped with a stovetop, fridge and toaster.

The accommodation is favourite for hikers and those into long walks, and the setting is surrounded by lots of lush greenery.

The property has a well tended garden and terrace with elegant views of both the sea and mountains, and free Wi-Fi in the rooms.

The location itself is quiet, and it’s next to the Palio Meraki Café Ouzeri Restaurant, where you can grab a bite.

Check price at Milios

Eristos Beach

  • 🌎 Best area to stay in Tilos for an isolated holiday by the beach 🏩 Nitsa’s Apartments is the recommended accommodation in this area
  • 👍 Pros: Quiet beach holiday, seclusion, camping
  • 👎 Cons: Far from everything (but that’s probably what you are looking for if booking your stay here)
  • 🍷 Best restaurants and bars: En Plo and Eristos Beach Hotel (there is also a small van offering street food called Kantina Eristos)
  • 🧛‍♂️ Nightlife: None

Eristos Beach is quite a long, wide and gently sloping strip of wild land that lies along the edge of the Aegean Sea, with only a tiny section organised, otherwise mostly free.

The northern side of the beach is dedicated to a camping area. Meanwhile, the southern side has a few umbrellas and sunbeds free to use.

It is as secluded as Megalo Chorio, a very isolated area of the island, but lacking that character that the formal capital of the island offers.

Walk to the edge for a naturist experience, or stay more central to be close to the only 2 restaurants available for lunch.

To get to Eristos Beach you can either rent a car or take the bus that leaves Livadia, direction Megalo Chorio, and stops in Eristos (end station).

Nitsa’s Apartments

All apartments here have a fully equipped kitchen, air conditioning, and satellite TV.

The mini market that’s next to the property is convenient for grabbing the supplies you need to prepare your meals, and you can also dine at En Plo Restaurant that’s just a few steps away. 

The family setting adds to the privacy, as well as the lush and serene green garden.

The owners are friendly and accommodating with families with kids.

Check price at Nitsa’s

The lovely wild beach of Eristos
The lovely wild beach of Eristos

Check out my photo documentary of Tilos

More accommodations and hotels in Tilos

Marinas Studios, literally metres from the main port area, where you will arrive on the ferry. Lovely view of the Livadia Beach.

Stefanakis Villas, off the beaten path, one of the very last accommodations in the Livadia Bay, the furthest you can get from the harbour, perfect if you are looking for some isolation but still with the possibility of walking down to the village restaurants.

Zafeiris Apartments, spacious and tidy apartments close to Livadia Beach on the way to Megalo Chorio

Eristos Beach Hotel, another possibility if you prefer to stay in Eristos Beach

View from the Seva' s Studio
View from the Seva’ s Studio

How to get to Tilos Island

Tilos is a small Dodecanese island without any airport.

The only way to get there is by ferry from any of the nearby islands, like Halki or Symi.

If you fly into Greece, the quickest way is to buy a flight ticket to either Kos or Rhodes and take a ferry from there.

Ferries to Tilos Island may be not daily, and the schedule really depends on the season of the year.

I usually check and book my ferries on the Omio website. I love the simple interface, without pop-ups or push notifications. Price wise is the same as most of the other ticket providers.

Check the ferry schedule and price

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