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Where to stay in Rhodes

This is the Greek island with the most amazing historical old town, one of the best-preserved medieval towns in the world.

Wandering around its streets pays back your flight ticket. You will be literally open mouth.

But there is much more than that. 

This is a big island and it’s no surprise that it may be overwhelming to decide where to stay in Rhodes.

There are super romantic destinations as well as more practical ones for families. You can stay in calm and shallow bays as well as experience some of the windiest spots for windsurfing, with great waves too.

In this post, you will find all my findings with suggestions on the best places to stay in Rhodes based on your type of holiday, with kids or just the partner, for nightlife or just relaxing, and much more.

But now let’s dig into it.

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Historical Rhodes
Historical Rhodes

Best place to stay in Rhodes for families, couples, nightlife – in a nutshell

Most of the popular villages and resorts are on the east coast.

This side of the island is well repaired from the Meltemi wind and you can have a more pleasant experience on the beach.

There are few exceptions, like Ialyssos and Ixia, very popular with windsurfers and kitesurfers.

Rhodes Town is in the northernmost point of the island, with the Old Town facing the east coast.

Here below is a map of the best areas to stay in Rhodes based on the type of trip.

Best places to stay in Rhodes Greece
Best places to stay in Rhodes – Check & download higher resolution map

Following are the answers to the most common questions. 

Keep reading for a more detailed description of the best places to stay in Rhodes.

  • Where to stay in Rhodes for families: Faliraki is a convenient beach town located 20 minutes from both Rhodes Town and the Airport. It’s ideal if you are travelling with bigger kids thanks to the many activities available, including an obstacle watercourse and a good size water park. Charaki is a great spot if travelling with babies and toddlers or you just prefer a very quiet and characteristic village. The beach is in a calm bay with mostly pebbles on the south side and sand on the north side, perfect for the little ones. Read more below on a family trip.
  • Where to stay in Rhodes for couples: Lindos is the most romantic town in Rhodes, and surely one of the most beautiful in the whole of Greece. Immagine whitewashed houses perched on the hill. Walk down to the amazing sandy beaches for sunbathing and have dinner in one of the many charming restaurants with an amazing view. What is the drawback? It’s a popular destination, even with day-trippers. Pefkos (or Pefki) is also a nice destination, less touristy than Lindos but still with a lovely beach and a nice night vibe, but not the loud one. It’s also very well connected by bus to Lindos (less than 20 minutes). Rhodes Town is also another good option if you stay in the old town. Its historical building and walls are just outstanding. It gets busy in the afternoon but less so after dinner and in the early morning when you can share it with just a bunch of other travellers. Walk down to New Town if you miss some nightlife. Read more below on a trip with your partner.
  • Best place to stay in Rhodes for nightlife: Rhodes Town has the biggest nightlife scene, in the New Town side, around Orfanidou Street, also called Bar Street. You will also have access to the beaches, which are actually quite lively during the day. The other option is Faliraki, although it has arguably lost the crazy partying vibe that it used to have. Most of the action nowadays is around Ermoi Street, known also as “Bar Street”.
  • Where to stay in Rhodes on a budget: Ialyssos Beach, 10km south of Naxos Town has some of the most economical accommodations. The beach, however, can be quite windy in July and August (see windsurfing section below). You may also be able to find cheap rooms in the new neighbourhoods of Rhodes Town.
  • Best areas to stay without a car: Rhodes Town is the best place to be based. It has the lot: culture and history in the Old Town, beaches and bars in the New Town. It is also the hub of the public bus network, so easy to organise day trips.
  • Best places for beaches: Lindos and Pefkos (or Pefki) have probably the two best beaches in Rhodes. Charaki is another option, much quieter and still relatively untouched by tourism.
  • Where to stay in Rhodes for quiet time: Stegna, located 20km south of Faliraki, is a small quiet village with a long nice beach with turquoise water. It’s off the main road and bypassed by the most. The beach is a mix of sand and pebbles. The Dream studio, located right in front of the beach has a view to die for (see photos here). It comes also with modern interior design and, surprisingly at an incredible value for money.
  • Best area to stay for windsurfing and kitesurfing: stay on the west coast for the best consistent wind. On the east coast, there is not much wind, and it’s usually gusty. The towns of Ialyssos and Ixia, between the airport and Rhodes Town, are the ideal destinations. They both share a long strand of beach where you will find many windsurfing and kitesurfing centres. Read more below on a wind/kitesurfing trip.
  • Best place for sightseeing: once again Rhodes Town is the place to be. You can do so much sightseeing in Old Town. And once you have seen it all, jump on a bus and explore Lindos and the other destinations of the island.
  • Where to stay in a full-inclusive resort: Kolymbia, 10km south of Faliraki, is an area exclusively developed with resorts for an all-inclusive stay with swimming pools and a few with private beaches too. The Delfinia Resort is a good option for a family stay. The kids will love the slides to the pool (see photos here)!
  • Best area to stay near Rhodes Town: you have two possibilities. Stay in Ialyssos or Ixia on the west coast, between the airport and town. It can be quite windy in July and August though. Alternatively, go to Faliraki, 10km south of town, but on the east coast, well repaired from the Meltemi wind with a nice long beach and with the possibility to enjoy a mild nightlife or a relaxed stay.
  • Where to stay in Rhodes Town: There is an Old and a New Town. The Old Centre is amazing, with historical buildings between medieval walls. It’s just a pleasure to walk inside the maze of cobblestones lanes and streets. It’s very popular with day-trippers but it empties out late at night when it gives its best with the charming street lights. The New Town is not as charming, however, accommodations in this area are much cheaper and this is where you will find also great nightlife and good beaches too, although they can be windy in July and August.
  • Where to stay in Lindos: this is the most beautiful town in Rhodes, however also the most expensive one. The Old Center with whitewashed houses perched on the steep lanes is just magical, so romantic, but also the dearest area. There is also a New part of Town built on the other side of the main road. Accommodations here are usually cheaper and they may have a nice pool, they are walking distance to the old town but the area lacks charm. There is also the nearby village of Vlycha where a few hotels advertise themselves as Lindos but they are actually 1km or more from the Old Town. Accommodations are more luxurious.
  • Where to stay in Rhodes in May: My first trip to Rhodes was actually in May. It’s a warmish month, with hit and miss days. The water is cold but ok for a quick swim. It’s not very busy around, except in Rhodes Town where locals have their own busy life. It’s that time of the year where you can really enjoy both Rhodes Old Town and Lindos without many travellers around. Everywhere else tends to be closed.
  • Where to stay in Rhodes in September: the weather is still lovely, especially in the first 2-3 weeks. Rhodes Town and Lindos are still quite busy but everywhere else is not. Accommodations prices are much lower too. Probably one of the best months to visit Rhodes, except if you plan to do some windsurfing as the Meltemi drops and the wind is not as regular as in August.
  • Where to stay in Rhodes in October: this is the best month to stay in Lindos, you will share it with just a bunch of other travellers. However, the weather is a bit of hit and miss. On a good season, though, you can still enjoy 20-25 degrees sunny days. Much cooler in the evening, you will need a jacket
  • Do you want to go straight to your hotel? Pre-order an airport transfer that will wait for you directly at the airport. So easy.
Tsambika Beach south of Stegna
Tsambika Beach south of Stegna

Where to stay in Rhodes for families

There are 2 lovely areas for families that work great for grown-up children, toddlers and little babies.

Faliraki was quite often described as a crazy party town, however, in the last few years has lost the crazy part of it.

Nowadays, if you exclude just one street, this is a town that has definitely settled down.

Charaki is instead a small quiet town for some relaxed time

Faliraki (with bigger kids)

Faliraki was initially a small fishing town but has over the years blossomed into a great little hub of activity.

There will be so much for your older kids to enjoy from the Waterpark 10 minutes away to the Obstacle watercourse.

You could also just have a casual day together at the beach.

The water there is crystal clear and deep enough for the older ones to have some real fun.

There are also several water sports centres offering equipment and facilities for the more adventurous kids

The night scene is not what it used to be with only a few bars and clubs still operating till late.

Most of these are on Ermoi Street also known as “Bar Street”.

For a fun night out in town, you have several family-friendly restaurants to choose from.

The Oinos restaurant is a fantastic choice for the characteristic Greek food while Something Different Restaurant offers more variety from their eclectic menu.

The Euphoria apartment is the ideal accommodation to stay with kids for a home-away-from-home experience.

The beautiful apartment (see photos here) is decorated to create a light tropical vibe that is perfectly complemented by the picturesque views of the water.

Check availability at Euphoria

Sunset at the beach with the family
Sunset at the beach with the family

Charaki (with smaller kids)

Chakari is a lesser known gem on the island and is ideal for families with young kids looking for some peace and quiet.

In addition to the calm vibes and free streets to push your stroller, Charaki also offers a variety of attractions including The Feraklos Castle and Bloom Park Waterpark which is a short drive away.  

You could also have a simple day out and explore the boutique town.

Make sure to stop at Kostas and Elena Restaurant for a nice bite to eat while you soak up the beauty that is Charaki.

The Haraki Beachapartment is a really good option of accommodations for families with young kids.

It is conveniently close to most amenities and very well furnished and stocked (see photos here).

Check availability at Haraki Beach

Building sandcastles with the kids
Building sandcastles with the kids

Where to stay in Rhodes for couples

Rhodes is a big island that has lots to offer to couples.

If you are after a romantic stay, with a bit of exclusivity then Lindos is the place for you.

Yes, it can be quite busy there, especially in July and August, and day-trippers too, but it’s so beautiful.

For a more secluded spot, Pefkos may be all you want.

It’s only 4km from Lindos, it has a great beach and there are enough restaurants and bars to keep you busy for a week or more.

And then comes Rhodes Town. The Historical Centre is just something else, so unique. 

It’s also a perfect destination for older couples that prefer to avoid the steep lanes and streets of Lindos but still be in a place full of character.

The New Town is instead a better choice for young couples

Lindos (romantic and exclusive)

Lindos is famous for its iconic Clifftop Acropolis and rich historical architecture.

These surprisingly form the perfect backdrop for a truly romantic trip.

You could have a fun adventure exploring the many ruins and castles.

Or you could have a casual romantic stroll through the maze of beautiful whitewashed houses.

If you want to spend your time at the beach, Lindos also delivers with options like Lindos Beach and St Paul’s beach, two of the best in Rhodes.

You could have a simple outing with a cosy picnic by the water as you take in the magnificent views.

But if you want something more action-packed, check out Lindos Seasports for access to water sports equipment.

The night scene in Lindos has just as much to offer with the numerous restaurants and bars for you to explore.

Lindos Restaurant would be a fantastic spot to check out for a romantic dinner. The best part is that you get breath-taking views of the whitewashed buildings and the hilltop ruins.

Once you are done with dinner, you could head on to 404 Bar for a late-night cocktail and some good music.

The Hotel Villa Panthea would be the perfect stay as a couple if you want something truly private and romantic.

The beautiful whitewashed villa (see photos here) offers fantastic sweeping views both during the day and at night.

And you get a balcony and outdoor furniture for you to soak it all up from.

Check availability at Panthea

Another amazing accommodation in Lindos is Lindian Polis.

The boutique suites have a lovely interior inspired by the local architecture (see photos here)

On the terrace, you will find a jacuzzi, with a spectacular view of the town and the bay

Check availability at Lindian Polis

If you are on a tight budget then look no further than the Vassos Apartments.

They are in a very quiet location, just 2 minutes from the busy centre.

The room is spacious and super clean.

Check price at Vasos

Beautiful Lindos perched on the hill
Beautiful Lindos perched on the hill

Pefkos (secluded and beach)

Pefkos has quite a reputation among locals and visitors for its mellow, tropical paradise vibes.

The beach resort town is a wonderful pick for couples seeking some privacy for a fun beach-centric holiday.

While the town itself is pretty chill, you are a short commute away from Lindos and all its activities.

So, if you want a little more action on your vacation, just take a day trip to the nearby town for a new perspective on the island.

This, however, is not to say that Pefkos is a ghost town with nothing to offer. There are several shops for retail therapy, restaurants and bars.

Speaking of food, make sure to make reservations at the Artemis Garden Restaurant.

The romantic and classy ambience, fantastic food and great cocktails will definitely help make for some pretty lasting memories.

If you want something more casual, then The Rock Bar would be ideal for a fun night out.

Consider staying at the George Beach Studios which is just 3 minutes on foot from the beach.

The beautiful apartments (see photos here) are sufficiently stocked and come with additional amenities like free parking and free Wi-Fi.

Check availability at George

Saint Paul s Bay, near Pefkos
Saint Paul s Bay, near Pefkos

Rhodes Town

Rhodes Town is made of two quite distinct areas: the Old and the New Town

Old Town (historical centre for older couples)

Rhodes Old Town is a real historical and cultural hub in the Dodecanese Islands.

It is home to gems like the Church of the Virgin of the Burg and the Jewish Martyrs Square.

The streets of the Old Town are built for walking.

They exist in an extensive network that will get you wherever you need in town whether it is a restaurant, a shop or some attraction.

The best part is that it is very flat which makes it easier for older travellers to make their way around the charming town.

And should the sun get too hot on you as you explore, just stop by the Greek Deli for a quick bite or a cold and refreshing treat.

You also do not have to worry about wild partiers keeping you up all night while in Old Town.

While the day does get busy with day-trippers from neighbouring tourist hubs, the nights stay relatively calm and quiet.

However, there are several restaurants open till late that you could check out if you don’t want to turn in too early.

One of these is Hatzikeli Taverna. The Greek restaurant is known for having some of the best seafood in town.

If you plan to book your accommodation in this dreamy part of town then you should check out the Mystic Hotel.

This adults-only hotel offers a boutique stay with its unique historic architecture and décor (see photos here)

Check availability at Mystic

The Medieval Inn is a great alternative, more on a budget but still with plenty of character.

The communal garden between medieval walls is just unique and amazing at the same time (see photos here)

The rooms are spacious and nicely furnished

Check price at the Medieval Inn

Wandering through the medieval Old Town of Rhodes
Wandering through the medieval Old Town of Rhodes

New Town (with beach and nightlife for young couples)

Despite the name, New Town is not so young with its origins that can be traced back to the 1500s.

However, the stark aesthetic contrast between the two parts of towns is hard to ignore.

The New Town has more of a modern look with Italian-inspired architecture and a cleaner building layout.

This is a much cheaper part of town to stay and it would be ideal for young couples looking for a livelier spot.

 New Town also has a lot to offer in terms of beaches.

You have options like Elli Beach which is a popular spot for swimming and sunbathing.

It is also conveniently close to several restaurants like Filippos Restaurant.

The party scene in New Town is one of the best on the island.

With all the night clubs, bars, and late-night restaurants for you to check out, you can rest assured that your evening itinerary will always be full.

Bar Street is where all the action is with hotspots like Captain Hook Bar for a casual night out and Colorado Club for a truly wild night of partying.

With all this action around you, both night and day, you will need somewhere nice and quiet to escape to.

That is what the Florida Hotel in New Town has to offer.

You also get quick access to several amenities in the area with beautiful street views (see photos here) to boot.

Check availability at Florida

New Town of Rhodes
New Town of Rhodes

Best area to stay for windsurfing and kitesurfing

Stay on the west coast and you will have wind, as easy as that.

The Meltemi northerly wind starts around June to decrease in early September.

Ialyssos and Ixia (easy and practical)

These two towns share the same long beach.

They are located 10km south of the International Airport and 10km north of Rhodes Town, in a very practical location.

There are a few windsurfing and kitesurfing centres at the beach that rent gear both short and long term. Lessons are also available.

Surf Club Ialysos is very popular with kitesurfing, meanwhile, the Meltemi Club is more dedicated to windsurfing.

The lovely thing about the wind is the way it unfolds during the day.

It’s very quiet in the morning and it picks up around lunchtime to become more consistent and strong mid-afternoon, up to 25-30 knots. 

So, if you had a big night out the day before, you still have time to recover in the morning, have some food and get into the action. How good is that!

The best wind is usually in July and August.

Head to the Pegasus Restaurant for dinner. Kostas, the owner, is a star and the food is 100% local Greek. Delicious and well priced too.

The L&C Boutique Apartments offer a fabulous stay with a lovely pool too (see photos here)

The rooms are spacious and modern, with all the most common amenities.

Breakfast is just what you need to start a day in the water.

Check availability at L&C

If you are on a budget you should check out Kremasti Memories.

This must be the best value and cheapest places in Rhodes, with a pool too! (see photos here)

Rooms are very spacious and close to the beach.

Check price at Kremasti

Kitesurfing in Rhodes
Kitesurfing in Rhodes

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