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Where to stay in Puglia

It has been such a long time since I wanted to write this post about the best places to stay in Puglia.

Why? Because I visited for the first time this region of Italy over 20 years ago and I loved it so much. Not much international tourism back them. Finally, it has opened up to a wider audience.

It’s one of my favourite regions in Italy. It has so much culture all around, beautiful cities and towns like Lecce. Incredible coast and amazing beaches.

This guide will help you to understand where to stay in Puglia as a base and it will also provide a few ideas on a great Puglia itinerary for 7-10 days, in case you prefer to change accommodations 3-4 times along the route.

The best of this guide is that it’s all just updated and ready for a trip.

Where to stay in Puglia – In a nutshell

It’s always hard to suggest one place only. The main reason is that it all depends on the type of trip you are organising and if you want to rent a car or take public transportation.

Puglia is definitely becoming internationally recognised as the new Italian region to discover, however, it is not as touristy as other destinations like Tuscany with its beautiful well-known places.

There are two International Airports, Bari and Brindisi

If you can choose, go for Brindisi if you want to visit the south of Puglia, otherwise Bari for the north. In saying that, these two cities are just 2 hours apart (either by train or by car), so you can easily travel between them.

Here is a quick reference table to compare all the main areas/towns/cities. Just keep in mind that Puglia is a big region and in this post, I am covering the main destinations which work great on a first or second trip.

Area NameSuggested HotelCharacterAvg CostBars
Where to Stay in Puglia As a Base Without a Car (South)LeccePalazzo
5$$4Unique city with stunning baroque architecture
Where to Stay in Puglia As a base Without a Car (Centre)MonopoliLa casa dell’angelo3$$3Great to visit the centre of Puglia
Where to stay in Puglia As a base with a car (North)PeschiciB&B Villa D’Amato4$$3Good base to explore Gargano National Park
Where to stay in Puglia As a base with a car (Centre)Polignano
a Mare
Mareluna4$$$4Great base to explore the centre
Where to stay in Puglia As a base with a car (South)OtrantoMaison d’O4$$$4Good base to explore the south and beaches
Where to Stay in Puglia For Beaches and NightlifeGallipoliRelais Regina Rosanna5$$-$$$5Lively city with great beaches
Where to Stay in Puglia For Beaches and RelaxMarina di PescoluseLeukasia4$$$4Beautiful beaches. Known as the Maldives of Salento
Where to Stay in Puglia For Beaches in GarganoViesteResidence Chiesiola4$$3Great base to explore the north and beaches
Where to Stay in Puglia With Family with grown-up kidsPeschiciB&B Villa D’Amato3$$3Good place to rent a bike and explore
Where to Stay in Puglia With Family with any age kidSavelletriMasseriola Antiche Fogge4$$$4Great fun for kids of any age
Where to Stay in Puglia With family and a BabyMarina di PescoluseLeukasia4$$$4Good infrastructure for families with kids
Where to Stay in Puglia For Couples and BeachesOtrantoMaison d’O4$$$4Romantic and close to beaches
Where to Stay in Puglia For Romantic CouplesLocorotondoAnnalocos4$$$4Romantic and great base to visit villages
Where to Stay in Puglia For Couples on an IslandTremiti
4$$$4Romantic but requires taking a ferry
Where to Stay in Puglia For nightlifeGallipoliRelais Regina Rosanna5$$-$$$5July and August Gallipoli becomes the Ibiza of Italy
Where to Stay in Puglia For a unique experienceAlberobelloIl Gabellota Resort5$$$-
3The best space in Puglia to experience the typical Trulli buildings
Where to stay in Basilicata to visit PugliaMateraIl Geco5$$$4Unique underground city centre carved in stone
Where to stay in Puglia – A comparison of the main destinations based on the type of trip

Here below is a map of Puglia with the top areas to stay in Puglia as a base, or to include in your itinerary.

Where to stay in Puglia as a base
Where to stay in Puglia as a base

Other important things to know

  • Top area to stay in Salento: Marina di Pescoluse is a great area to stay with family and kids, Otranto for a romantic stay and Gallipoli for nightlife.
  • Best luxury place to stay in Puglia: Alberobello is one of the most iconic places in the world its “Trulli”, whitewashed stone huts with conical roofs. It comes at a price though, because it’s also the most popular place to visit in Puglia. And it comes with a very high level of luxury too as most of the hotels and guesthouses are literally amazing.
  • How long to stay in Puglia: Ideally as long as you can. Possibly 2 weeks. In one week you can still visit part of Puglia but do not rush south to north to visit all. You will spend more time in the car than actually visiting and experiencing the destination. I have created a great itinerary of Puglia, a unique resource for your holiday for 7 days or more.
  • Where to stay in Puglia for a week: If you have only one week concentrate on Salento, in the south. It has a great mix of beaches and historical towns.
  • Where to stay in Puglia in August: It’s a hard call. This is the absolute peak time in Italy. Most of the cities are shut down and the people are at the beach. Puglia is of course very popular with the Italians. Book well in advance for August and if you do not like a mass of tourists around then avoid most of the towns I have mentioned in this post, especially in the Gargano National Park and Salento. Go instead to the less-known destinations. If you are after some beach time then go north of Taranto, on the border with Basilicata in either Castellaneta or Ginosa Marina. From there you can easily visit Matera.  If you really want to explore Salento in August then look for a base in Maglie, a few km from the coast but still with more of a local feeling.
Polignano a Mare - Sunset at Cala Paura gulf with Bastione di Santo Stefano - Puglia
Polignano a Mare – Sunset at Cala Paura gulf with Bastione di Santo Stefano – Puglia

Where to stay in Puglia without a car

Puglia is a beautiful place with a lot to offer and the best way to take it all in is by taking a road trip out of the visit. There are many places for you to rent a car including the airport and the city.

However, just because you do not have a car does not mean you will not have as wonderful of an experience.

All you have to do is to ensure that you base yourself in a part of Puglia with many attractions as well as access to the major public transport networks.

Below are two places that fit the bill perfectly.

A hidden corner of Monopoli
A hidden corner of Monopoli

Monopoli (to visit the centre of Puglia)

  • 🌎 Where to stay in Puglia for exploring the centre: Monopoli 🏩 La casa dell’angelo is the recommended accommodation in the area.
  • 👍 Pros: Great location, right in the centre of Puglia, on the east coast. Easy access to surrounding must-visit destinations like Alberobello, Castellana Grotte, and Martina Franca.
  • 👎 Cons: Public transportation is slower than having a car.

The town of Monopoli is one of Puglia’s most intriguing destinations. It’s in a great location, right in the centre of Puglia, on the east coast.

With the amazing coastline and the likes of Cattedrale Maria Santissima della Madia and Palmieri Palace you are pretty much guaranteed a memorable visit.

The best way to get around the city and to other locations is by bus. There are both public transport options and private tour buses for you to choose from.

Another great thing about being so close to the heart of all of this region’s action is the easy access to surrounding must-visit destinations.

You can very easily plan a day trip to Alberobello to see the Trulli, to the Castellana Grotte (caves) or even to Martina Franca for their world-famous annual opera festival.

Monopoli also has some pretty awesome Italian restaurants you should check out including Matae Ristorante. This is one of the newer kids on the block but is already sending shock waves in this culinary community.

And boy are they worth the hype with their amazing dishes and intimate yet sophisticated décor.

Talking about accommodations, La casa dell’angelo is a beautifully furnished (see photos here) serviced apartment that offers amenities such as housekeeping and access to a fitness centre.

It is ideal when visiting Puglia without a car as it offers a perfect vantage point to attractions in Monopoli and central Puglia with quick access to the Monopoli train station. You also get airport shuttle and bike rental services. 

Another 2 great accommodations options are the Vintage Home (2BR, great for families) and B&B Borgo San Martino (triple, lovely interior)

Lecce - The Roman amphitheater - Puglia
Lecce – The Roman amphitheater – Puglia

Lecce (to visit the south of Puglia)

  • 🌎 Where to stay in Puglia for exploring the south: Lecce 🏩 Palazzo Massari is the recommended accommodation in the area.
  • 👍 Pros: Lovely Old Centre, located in the heart of Salento, well connected by train
  • 👎 Cons: Public transportation is slow

The historic city of Lecce, located in the heart of the Salento area in the south of Puglia, is known for many things, from the magnificent baroque buildings like the Celestine Convent to its successful and prolific resident football club.

Like Monopoli, it offers easy access to numerous other surrounding cities and towns including Otranto, Gallipoli and Brindisi.

The trains running these routes offer the most scenic albeit slow experience. So if you are in a hurry and don’t care too much about the actual trip then you could also go by bus.

The Palazzo Massari is a spacious guest house that, in addition to breathtaking views of the city (see photos here), is conveniently close to popular local attractions and eateries with most of these being a short walking distance away.

It is also just a few minutes on foot or public transport away from Lecce Station.

Another 2 great accommodations options are the Pollicastro Boutique Hotel (unique and historical) and B&B Palazzo Sambiasi (2BR historical house)

Lecce is also home to a very vibrant culinary scene.

This includes restaurants like Osteria degli Spiriti. This high-end spot is popular with locals and visitors seeking a fine dining experience.

If you want something more laid back but still impressive in terms of culinary quality then A’roma L’osteria is the restaurant for you. In addition to the great food, it stands out with its unique outdoor courtyard and warm ambience. 

Where to stay in Puglia for beaches

Puglia has many beautiful beaches, most of them located in the Salento area (the south of Puglia) and the Gargano National Park (up in the north).

With so much to choose from, you might find it a little difficult to narrow it down to a specific location to book your stay.

That’s why we’re here. Below, you will learn about the 3 best beach destinations in Puglia and what you can expect to make your decision easier.

Gallipoli (beaches and nightlife)

  • 🌎 Where to stay in Puglia for beaches and nightlife: Gallipoli 🏩 Relais Regina Rosanna is the recommended accommodation in the area.
  • 👍 Pros: Amazing beaches, lovely old town, great nightlife and beach clubs
  • 👎 Cons: it can be noisy (select the accommodation carefully)

By day, Gallipoli is a lovely little town with beautiful old buildings and breathtaking views of the water.

However, it is at night that you truly get to soak up the beach town’s vibe with the numerous late-night spots out there.

So if you are looking for a seaside location with an active night scene you will not be disappointed.

Relais Regina Rosanna guesthouse allows you to have the best of both worlds with access to the beach (see photos here) by day and numerous nightclubs and restaurants by night.

The accommodation itself is a beautiful tropical haven with lots of amenities including a pool, free parking and free parking.

Another 2 great accommodations options are the Signuria Apartment (1BR, up to 4 people) and Il Giardino Della Regina (B&B, value for money)

Speaking of the beaches, Gallipoli has some of the most beautiful in Puglia. Below are 4 of the best and what you have to look forward to with each.

  • Lido Pizzo: one of the best things about this beach is its location relative to the southern winds. It is spared from their wrath and is therefore perfect year-round if you want to have fun on calm waters
  • Punta della Suina: the unique thing about this beach is the fact that it is surrounded by beautiful pine trees. This means you are essentially surrounded by natural beauty on your fun day on the beach. It is also conveniently close to Trattoria Pizzeria Casa L’ Ariò. This local pizzeria would be the perfect spot to replenish energy reserves with an artisanal pizza after a long day of fun at the beach
  • Punta Pizzo: in addition to being a beautiful beach with clear water and clean beaches, Punta Pizzo also happens to be a historical landmark. That way you get to enjoy your day in the water while crossing off a bucket list attraction.
  • Pineta Spiaggia delle Conchiglie: This public beach is ideal for family trips mainly due to facilities like picnic tables and toilets. It is also conveniently close to numerous bars including Lido Le Canne. They serve amazing cocktails that you will get to enjoy as you soak up the sunset views.

Marina di Pescoluse (quiet for families)

  • 🌎 Where to stay in Puglia for beaches & relax: Marina di Pescolese 🏩 Leukasia is the recommended accommodation in the area.
  • 👍 Pros: best beaches in Puglia, relaxed, not as busy, perfect for families
  • 👎 Cons: too quiet

Pescoluse is without a doubt one of the most beautiful beach destinations in the region and has many times been referred to as the Maldives of Salento.

With its long sandy beaches and crystal clear waters it is not so hard to see why. The best part is that despite being so beautiful and generally popular, it is hardly ever crowded. This makes it ideal for family trips.

If you are looking for a place to eat while here,Ikarus is one of the most family-friendly restaurants. They have a wide variety of options ranging from simple pizzas for the kids to decadent Italian masterpieces for the adults to try out.

Leukasia is designed to be a home away from home for families visiting Puglia (see photos here). The 2 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms beachfront property comes with private parking, an eating area and free Wi-Fi to keep the kids entertained.

It is also very close to family-friendly restaurants like the above Ikarus.

Another 2 great accommodations options are Monica’s House (3BR, value for money) and Carmelina (2BR, spacious and great location)

Sunset on Vieste
Sunset on Vieste

Vieste (scenic and close to Tremiti Islands)

  • 🌎 Best place to stay in Puglia for beaches and nature: Vieste 🏩 Residence Chiesiola is the recommended accommodation in the area.
  • 👍 Pros: Beautiful beaches, amazing nature, very scenic, trekking, day trip to Tremiti Islands
  • 👎 Cons: you need a car

Vieste is one of the most dynamic coastal towns in Puglia especially when it comes to scenery.

In addition to the beautiful beaches, the landscape features rolling planes as well as exciting cliffs for your eyes to feast upon.

It is also in the Gargano National Park which is perfect for trekking and other outdoor activities in nature.

Finally, you should plan a visit to the nearby Tremiti islands known for their breathtaking panoramic views, especially during sunsets and sunrises.

You can take a ferry there from Vieste depending on your schedule (here is the timetable).

Residence Chiesiola offers some of the most breathtaking views of Vieste by night (see photos here). You can enjoy these from your air-conditioned room, poolside lounge or the sun terrace.

The hotel also offers free Wi-Fi and parking. When you are not ogling at the city’s night lights, you can visit nearby attractions like Vieste Castle or the many beaches around.

Another 2 great accommodations options are Casa Tua (amazing sea view) and B&B La Rosa dei Venti (clean, spacious, great location).

Where to stay in Puglia with family

Puglia is a great historical region with amazing nature and if you plan your trip wisely your kids will have just as much fun as you do.

To help make your life a little easier, here are 2 of the most kid-friendly locations in Puglia and what fun family activities you have waiting for you there.

Peschici coast
Peschici coast

Peschici (close to nature, beach and national park)

  • 🌎 Where to stay in Puglia for families and nature: Peschici 🏩 B&B Villa D’Amato is the recommended accommodation in the area.
  • 👍 Pros: Great beaches around, add to the Gargano National Park for sports, historical town
  • 👎 Cons: you need a car, far from Bari (3 hours)

Located on the Northern coast of Gargano, Peschici stands out with its beautiful rocky cliffs, clean beaches and unique cave formations.

If you want to give your family a nature-based experience then this is the place for you.

It is conveniently located in the Gargano National Park where you can enjoy a wide variety of activities including bike riding, trekking and wildlife watching.

Peschici also has a wonderful historical town you could visit for some shopping and restaurant hopping.

Speaking of restaurants, Ristorante Eden is definitely one you should visit. Located just a few meters from the beach, you get to enjoy amazing views with your equally amazing seafood dinner as a family.

Another great spot is The Big Burger. This is a casual hamburger spot popular among the locals and that your kids will definitely love.

The B&B Villa D’Amato is ideal for families who want to enjoy Puglia in its true tropical paradise form. The beachfront property has great ocean views (see photos here) with access to a private beach for you and your kids to enjoy.

The hotel itself offers simple yet beautiful air-conditioned rooms with free Wi-Fi.

Another 2 great accommodations options are Le Bouganvillea (2BR, value for money) and Casa Vacanze Flora (1BR, bargain with breakfast)

Savelletri (close to Monopoli, history and fun)

  • 🌎 Best place to stay in Puglia for exploring the south: Lecce 🏩 Masseriola Antiche Fogge is the recommended accommodation in the area.
  • 👍 Pros: Historical Old Town, central to many destinations, close to zoo and acquapark
  • 👎 Cons: no real local beaches

Savelletri is a beautiful historic town on Puglia’s east coast.

Its biggest advantage is the easy access to other amazing destinations in the area.

These include Alberobello where you will get to visit the world-famous Trulli buildings as well as Ostuni which is known for its gothic and Roman architectural vibes.

You also have access to Monopoli which is ideal if you are looking to have a fun day in town shopping and exploring.

However, access is not all Savelletri has to offer and is home to some pretty awesome attractions of its own.

These include the ZooSafari of Fasano which is both an animal park and an amusement park.

There is also the Aquapark Egnazia which features many fun activities including exciting slides and a lazy river.

Both of these locations and the many others in the area are for kids of all ages. 

The Masseriola Antiche Fogge is a lovely hotel in an amazing historical building dating back to the 1800s with beautifully maintained rooms that will make you feel like you are spending the night in a grand castle (see photos here).

Located in Fasano, minutes from Savelletri, it also offers easy access to historical attractions like the iconic Archaeological Museum Egnazia.

Another 2 great accommodations options are Bianco Riccio Suite Hotel (exclusive boutique stay) and Casa Felice (2BR, value for money)

Where to stay in Puglia for couples

With its many beach getaways and inland paradise options, you can pretty much stay anywhere in Puglia as a couple.

There are, however, some islands and beach locations better designed for romantic trips in terms of vibes, attractions and available activities.

Below are three of them and what to expect from each.

The old town of Otranto
The old town of Otranto

Otranto (on the south coast)

  • 🌎 Where to stay in Puglia for couples in Salento: Otranto 🏩 Maison d’O is the recommended accommodation in the area.
  • 👍 Pros: Historical Town, beautiful coast and beaches, romantic
  • 👎 Cons: far from Bari

Otranto is probably best known for its magnificent historical vibes including old whitewashed buildings and narrow winding footpaths.

It is also home to world-famous attractions like the 15th-century Aragonese Castle and 11th-century Otranto Cathedral.

All these make Otranto the perfect couple’s destination if you and your partner love history, besides the beautiful coast and beaches.  

For that romantic night out after a day of dreamy strolls through the town, consider visiting Laltrobaffo. This Mediterranean restaurant has an awesome cosy vibe that offers the best setting for you to enjoy your gourmet meal. They also have a wide selection of wines and desserts to try out after your decadent dinner.

Speaking of accommodations, Maison d’O offers couples the perfect private getaway with amazing views of Otranto (see photos here) from the balcony.

As far as amenities go, you get a fully furnished kitchenette, air conditioning, free parking and Wi-Fi. You also get access to a spa and wellness centre for that much-needed couple’s massage.

Another 2 great accommodations options are Casa Roberta (3BR, value for money) and La Gina & La Palmira (historical and amazing view)

Locorotondo (to explore the centre)

  • 🌎 Best place to stay in Puglia for romantic couples: Locorotondo 🏩 Annalocos is the recommended accommodation in the area.
  • 👍 Pros: Romantic, beautiful houses, great location to explore the centre of Puglia
  • 👎 Cons: Far from the beach (around 15km or 25 minutes), slow public transportation

There is truly nothing more romantic than good wine and amazing views and this is exactly what you have to look forward to should you choose to stay in Locorotondo.

This small town, between Bari and Brindisi, gets its name from the roundhouses very similar in structure and appearance to the Trulli in Alberobello.

It is, for the most part, a very quiet and calm town which is perfect if you are looking to have a getaway trip with your partner.

One spot that should definitely also be on your hit list, as you explore, is Piatto Piano. It is both a restaurant and wine bar and would be the perfect place for you to try the local wine and cuisine.

If you are looking for accommodations in Locorotondo then Annalocos is a great solution, ideal for the outdoorsy couple with amenities like a garden, outdoor hot tub and barbeque space (see photos here).

The apartment itself is a cosy trulli which is in itself an entire adventure to stay in. You and your beau will also enjoy the walking distance convenience when it comes to exploring the main centre and all its shops and eateries.

Another 2 great accommodations options are Ottolire Resort (boutique and exclusive) and Il Balcone di Giulietta (1BR, value for money)

Tremiti Islands (the unique alternative)

  • 🌎 Where to stay in Puglia for couples on a unique trip: Tremiti 🏩 Hotel Gabbiano is the recommended accommodation in the area.
  • 👍 Pros: Islands feeling, very romantic, less busy than most of Puglia, secluded
  • 👎 Cons: far from Bari

Finally, if you want a truly unique experience then the Tremiti islands would be a great alternative for your romantic couple’s getaway.

Located off the north coast of Gargano, this archipelago is nice and isolated which is ideal if you want to avoid the peak season crowds.

Here, you will get to explore the many natural wonders including the beautiful beaches and rocky caves.

There are also a number of attractions you could check out like the Lighthouse of San Domino and the Church of Santa Maria a Mare

Hotel Gabbiano is a great option for couples in the Tremiti Islands who want the luxury hotel experience on a budget. The hotel offers great views of the ocean as well as San Nicola island (see photos here).

The amenities, in particular, are pretty awesome and include a wellness spa, fitness centre, bar and a restaurant on site.

Another 2 great accommodations options are Hotel Le Viole (breakfast included) and Hotel Kyrie Isole Tremiti (lovely pool)

Most Unique place to stay in Puglia – Alberobello

  • 🌎 Where to stay in Puglia for a unique experience: Alberobello 🏩 Il Gabellota Resort is the recommended accommodation in the area.
  • 👍 Pros: UNESCO World Heritage Site list, unique buildings, lovely views
  • 👎 Cons: it can get very busy in peak season

The southern town of Alberobello is a historical capsule so unique and well-preserved that it landed on the UNESCO World Heritage Site list.

Alberobello - the characteristic Trulli in Puglia
Alberobello – the characteristic Trulli in Puglia

The town stands out because of the hundreds of “Trulli” buildings. These are unique structures featuring whitewashed walls and conical roofs most of which were built in the 17th century.

In addition to the bright buildings, beautifully paved streets and breathtaking views of the Trulli in the valley, Alberobello has numerous attractions that you might enjoy visiting.

These include Trullo Sovrano Heritage Museum and the Basilica of Saints Cosmas and Damien.

It also has a bunch of nice restaurants you could check out after all the sightseeing including Evo Ristorante.

This high-end Italian restaurant is famous for its unique menu including awesome modern twists on traditional dishes.

Just make sure to reserve your table in advance as it is a really popular spot.

Speaking of accommodations, Il Gabellota Resort is an iconic Trullo-style (see photos here) bed and breakfast perfect for travellers seeking a boutique stay.

The amenities offer a touch of modern convenience together with an amazing pool, great on those hot summer days.

Another 2 great accommodations options are Casa Vacanze Trullo (spacious and characteristic) and Dimore Sovrane (historical with parking)

Itinerary for Puglia – Where to stay and visit

7-10 days Puglia itinerary (with and without a car)

I highly suggest renting a car for this itinerary.

It will make things so much easier and you will be flexible with your stops along the route, which is the fun part of any itinerary

I usually rent my cars on DiscoverCars, a great website that compares the prices of most global and local rental agencies, providing the best options.

This is a summary table of the itinerary, however, I wrote a full guide to a Puglia itinerary in 7-10 days that you should check out, with maps and detailed plans and site descriptions

DayStay inHotelWhat to Experience in the Area~Km driven
1BariB&B L’annunziataBari Vecchia, Basilica San Nicola, Piazza Mercantile and Lungomare0Km
2AlberobelloIl Gabellota ResortTrulli houses, Conversano and Castellana Grotte (along the route)55Km
3AlberobelloIl Gabellota ResortDay trip to Polignano a Mare, Monopoli, beaches60Km
4AlberobelloIl Gabellota ResortDay trip to Martina Franca and Cisternino (or Ostuni)50Km
5GallipoliIl Giardino Della ReginaGallipoli Old Town, Nardò and Porto Selvaggio (along the route)170Km
6GallipoliIl Giardino Della ReginaDay trip to Otranto and Maglie, coastal views100Km
7LeccePalazzo MassariBasilica di Santa Croce, Roman Amphitheater, Castello Carlo V, Piazza Santo Oronzo40Km
8ViesteB&B La Rosa dei VentiVieste Old Town and Castel del Monte (along the route)360Km
9ViesteB&B La Rosa dei VentiGargano National Park, Beaches35Km
10Bari (Airport)B&B L’annunziata
(if needed)
Trani (along the route) or more time at the beach in Gargano170Km
Puglia itinerary in 7-10 days
Best Puglia itinerary in 7-10 days
Best Puglia itinerary in 7-10 days

If you are not renting a car then spend 3 days in Monopoli to explore the coast and the old towns such as Alberobello and Locorotondo. Then move to Lecce for the next 4 days where you can explore the south of Salento

Two weeks itinerary in Puglia

In this case, I still suggest taking the above ten days plan and adding the following days:

  • 1 day more in Alberobello to visit Ostuni
  • 1 day more in Gallipoli to visit the Salento area
  • 2 days more to visit the Gargano area in the north (totally worth it)

You can also think to include a day trip to the Tremiti Islands from Gargano, or a night in Matera to experience this unique city with the centre carved in stone.

Matera is the capital city of the nearby region of Basilicata, however, really a stone away from Puglia.

Frequently Asked Question to where to stay in Puglia

What are the best towns to stay in Puglia?

There are many beautiful towns in Puglia, each with its own unique charm. Some of the most popular ones include Alberobello, Ostuni, Lecce, Polignano a Mare, and Monopoli.

Should I stay in a coastal town or inland?

That really depends on the type of holiday you have in mind. As a rule of thumb, for nature and beaches, stay in a costal town. For history, stay inland.

What are the best areas for beaches in Puglia?

There are 3 great areas in Puglia for beaches: Gargano Peninsula, the Salento Peninsula, and the coast around Monopoli. These are the most popular ones, however, there are many other beach destinations in the region

Is it better to stay in a hotel or a rental home in Puglia?

It is a very subjective question. My only tip here, is to try including a stay in a typical Trulli, the local old house in circular shape made of stones

What is the best location for a family-friendly stay in Puglia?

Saying that every area is family-freiendly would not be overstating. In saying that, Peschici and Savelletri are my top reccommandation.

Where can I find luxury accommodations in Puglia?

There are many luxury accommodations in Puglia, including high-end hotels, villas, and resorts. Don Totu – Dimora Storica, Masseria Malvindi and HMO Glamping & Suites in Vignanotica are 3 great examples.

What are the best towns for experiencing Puglia’s food and wine?

This is another question with a very subjective answer. You can literally find amazing food and fantastic wine everywhere. If I have to choose 4 of them, I go for Alberobello, Lecce, Polignano a Mare, and Ostuni.

Where should I stay if I want to explore Puglia’s historic sites?

Lecce, Ostuni and Alberobello are three great bases.

Car or public transportation in Puglia

This is quite a long region and you could possibly visit it by public transportation. In saying that, renting a car will make things much much quicker, besides having the possibility to visit destinations off the beaten path.

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  1. Very informative, thanks! Planning our trip right now. Will be renting a car. My only reservation is that I’m afraid of having to drive through on of those tiny Italian streets we see in movies. While moving around these places, am I usually on bigger roads? Will rent a smallish car.

    • Hi Joanna,
      Great idea to rent a car. I definitely suggest not venturing in thoise small streets/lanes. It must be said that usually most of the historical centres are anyway ZTL, closed to the traffic and you would have to leave the car parked outside. I suggest reading my guide to renting and driving a car in Puglia. Plenty of info there, including a few tips on how to avoid bad surprises. Ejoy your trip

  2. thank you for this excellent guide.
    Im wonderinf if most of the beaches rent deckchairs and parasols for the day?
    thank you

  3. Stefan,
    I have learned a lot from your site. My husband and I are planning a trip to the Puglia area from mid September to mid October for 5 weeks. We are Seniors and we’ll travelled and would like recommendations for possibly 3 bases as we don’t want to move every 2 days. We are planning on renting a car for most of the trip. What base towns would you recommend?
    Thank you for your help.
    Jo Harding

  4. Great post, I am very interested in buying a holiday home in Italy with my Italian parents where my mom is more into Calabria while my dad wants a place around Napoli/Salerno. I on the other hand am most interested in Puglia where Otranto or Monopoli seem like good options as we want to live close to the sea but still with a lot to do in the town. How would you say the nightlife is in those towns during spring and fall? A vibrant scene in the evenings is important to me, but also beautiful buildings and water. Thank you! 🙂

    • Hi Sebastian,
      Napoli and Salerno are lively every time of the year. Napoli can be chaotic, meanwhile Salerno is more of a university town/city. Otranto and Monopoli are beautiful but not as lively in winter. Calabria is the hidden gem of Italy, but not as popular for nightlife.
      I hope I was able to help

  5. This is the best overview with detail by interest I have read if you are interested in Puglia. I spent a month there 3 years ago in August/September and can attest to the accuracy and description in this post. Since I had a month, I also enjoyed Ostuni for a few nights and a day visit to Polignano al Mare. Bravo Stefano!


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