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Where to stay in Paros

This is a big island, with lots of activities and experiences to have, including great nightlife, so no wonder it’s hard to figure out where to stay in Paros, and what is the best area.

By the way, I have a particular connection with this island and that’s because I would never stop going there for windsurfing and now foil surfing, my beloved sports

With this guide, I try to answer most of the questions I usually receive, including the best place to stay in Paros for couples, a relaxed stay or some family time

But let’s get into it

Fishermen boats still working in Naoussa
Fishermen boats still working in Naoussa

Where to stay in Paros – in a nutshell

Here below is a quick table that summarizes the best areas and towns to stay in Paros.

Keep in mind that the rating (1-5, with 5 being the best) is, of course, very subjective.

Click on the Area/Town to read below a more detailed description with all the pros and cons.

Best forArea
Also great forAvg. CostSuggested
Km from
Where to stay in Paros for families & budgetParikiaCouples, nightlife$-$$$Sandom or
Bizas Rooms
Where to stay in Paros for nightlife & beachesNoussaCouples$$-$$$$Bocamviglies
or Despina
Where to stay in Paros for couples & budgetPiso LivadiRelax$-$$$Vrohaki17Km431
Where to stay in Paros for sportsGolden BeachFoil Surfing
$$-$$$Hotel Poseidon
or Andria’s
Where to stay in Paros for families & beachAlikiSeclusion$$-$$$Holidays in Paros 13Km531
Where to stay in Paros – All the best towns and areas

I have drawn the below map so that it will be easier for you to picture all the destinations.

Best places to stay in Paros
Best places to stay in Paros – Check & Download the full resolution map

Ask most of the people that have visited this island and they will probably tell you that the best places to stay in Paros are Parikia and Naoussa. These two towns certainly offer a lot, however, I would not discount other areas on the island.

Both towns are beautiful. In saying that, Parikia and Naoussa have some key differences that I extensively wrote about in my comparative guide.

For a short version, here is a quick summary.

  • Which one is more beautiful? I think Naoussa is more picturesque and charming, with plenty of character. This does not mean that Parikia is not lovely, it’s just as not lovely as Naoussa
  • Better local beaches? Parikia here wins in my opinion, the local Lavidia Beach is a long nice beach with calm water metres from the town centre, ideal for swimming and sunbathing.
  • Better reachable beaches? Naoussa has some amazing beaches easily reachable in minutes by either boat or bus, probably the best beaches in Paros and there are a few.
  • Best for nightlife?: Naoussa tends to be more popular with a young Greek crowd meanwhile Parikia is more cosmopolitan.
Panorama of picturesque Naousa town on Paros island
Panorama of picturesque Naousa town on Paros island

Parikia (the capital of the island)

  • 🌎 Where to stay in Paros for families 🏩 Sandom is the recommended accommodation in the area
  • πŸ‘ Pros: quiet but with some easy-going nightlife options, good value for money, lovely town, restaurants/bars, very practical, well connected with buses
  • πŸ‘Ž Cons: it can get loud in a few areas (select your accommodation carefully), local beach clubs are expensive
  • 🍷 Best restaurants and bars: The Little Green Rocket and Parea Cuisine
  • πŸ§›β€β™‚οΈ Nightlife: Pirates Bar and The Dubliner

Parikia, commonly known as Chora, is the lovely port town where you will arrive by ferry if island hopping.

It is an absolute gem that will beg you to stay with its beautiful views and the infectious vibes of the locals and tourists.

Parikia is one of the few towns in the Cyclades that stay “open” and active also in winter with many people actually living there.

Whether you use it as your main base or a day trip, there is a lot for you to do and many places for you to visit.

Top on your must-visit list should be the iconic Kastro Hill.

It is home to medieval architectural gems, unlike anything you will ever see.

You could also visit the Butterflies Nature Reserve, just 7km from the town.

This is a small oasis, with a much cooler temperature where many butterflies live. 

If you love fantastic views, the Windmill at the Port is a wonderful spot with a scenic view of the water.

Speaking of water, Parikia also has numerous beaches for you to explore for those fun days in the sun.

These include Lavidia Beach and Krios Beach

Parikia is probably the best place to stay in Paros for families, looking to have some quiet time at the beach and at the same time a place for dinner and a nice walk in the old town for ice cream.

For families with small kids, you can also find a playground in the main square, just off the roundabout with the windmill.

The town is however quite big in size, and honestly, I would suggest Parikia also to couples for a mix of easygoing beaches, cafes, restaurants and chill-out bars open till late, however, without any crazy nightlife party (something you will have in Naoussa)

When it comes to restaurants, The Little Green Rocket is a really good spot if you want somewhere casual with a fantastic menu and an even better cocktail list.

For something fancier, check out Parea Cuisine for the amazing food and the great ambience.

The night scene also has a lot to offer with the likes of Pirates Bar and The Dubliner keeping you entertained all night.

Hotels, rooms and apartments are very good value in Parikia, especially if compared to Naoussa.

You can, of course, also find some lovely boutique options, but they tend to be outside the Old Centre.

Sandom is a beautiful spot that will have you close enough to the action and at the same time far enough away that you enjoy the seclusion of a wonderful holiday destination.

And with its beautiful design, dΓ©cor and location, it has a lot to offer in terms of a boutique stay (see photos here).

Check availability at Sandom

Bizas Rooms, on the other hand, are fantastic if you are travelling on a tight budget.

In addition to the affordability, the location puts you within walking distance of several attractions and amenities. 

Check availability at Bizas

Exloring the small lanes in Parikia
Exploring the small lanes in Parikia

Naoussa (the picturesque town)

  • 🌎 Where to stay in Paros for nightlife 🏩 Bocamviglies By The Sea is the recommended accommodation in the area
  • πŸ‘ Pros: one of the best nightlife in the Greek Islands, romantic and charming town, close to the best beaches of Paros, well connected to Parikia
  • πŸ‘Ž Cons: it can be very loud (select very carefully your accommodation, my suggestions below are safe), local beaches are not clean
  • 🍷 Best restaurants and bars: Moraitis Winery, Les Amis Restaurant and Wine bar and Notos
  • πŸ§›β€β™‚οΈ Nightlife: Sante Cocktail Bar and Akanthus Night Club

Naoussa (also written as Naousa) is as typically Greek as it gets.

The picturesque little town looks like something straight out of a travel catalogue or postcard with the beautiful water and mesmerizing chaos of the whitewashed buildings.

Despite its popularity with travellers, Naoussa maintains its enchanting small fishing town atmosphere.

Beach bumming is a part of the culture here so it would be ideal if you want your travel itinerary based on warm sands, clear skies and crystal waters.

The town has several beaches of its own including Piperi Beach, Piperaki Beach and Agioi Anargyroi Beach.

However, if you don’t mind the short trip, take a bus, cab or boat to the nearby beaches of Kolimpithres and Plage Siparos, both so amazing and spectacular, the best in Paros.

 You could also visit the Moraitis Winery for a more unique experience.

This family-owned winery is famous the world over and has won several awards over the years for its high-quality wines, fantastic standards and use of innovative winery techniques.

The culinary scene in the area is also pretty awesome with everything from Greek and Mediterranean cuisine to intercontinental options.

Some of the best restaurants in the area include Les Amis Restaurant and Wine bar for a high-end experience and Notos for a more casual family-run experience.

If you are looking for nightlife, then Naoussa will not disappoint you.

You could try out Sante Cocktail Bar for a casual night out.

However, if you are looking for a real party then the Akanthus Night Club is the place for you with great music and a lively ambience (service should be improved though).

Naoussa and Parikia are very well connected with frequent bus runs, which is so practical, especially if you want to explore more of the island than just Naoussa.

Accommodation-wise, unfortunately, this is probably the most expensive area to stay in Paros. This is not to say that you will not find good deals, but you have to dig harder for them.

One hotel I highly suggest in Naoussa is the Bocamviglies By The Sea, with its beautiful surroundings and unique views (see photos here).

It is also tucked away for some privacy and quiet, which is great in the party town of Naoussa

Check availability at Bocamviglies

Despina’s Mare is another fantastic option while in Naoussa.

The beautifully decorated accommodations (see photos here) are particularly family-friendly with several amenities including roomy living space for you to hang out together.

Check availability at Despina

Naoussa is a popular destination with a fishing village feel still existing
Naoussa is a popular destination with a fishing village feel still existing

Piso Livadi (secluded and romantic)

  • 🌎 Where to stay in Paros for couples on a budget 🏩 Vrohaki is the recommended accommodation in the area
  • πŸ‘ Pros: small charming village, relaxing, budget-friendly, nice beaches, 1Km to the most famous beach club of Paros
  • πŸ‘Ž Cons: not much happening (and that is why I suggested it for a secluded stay)
  • 🍷 Best restaurants and bars: Gialos
  • πŸ§›β€β™‚οΈ Nightlife: Piso Piso Bar + Punda Beach (great beach club)

This is a small charming village on the east coast of Paros, easily reachable by bus from Parikia.

There is a characteristic little pier with a few restaurants along the tiny bay.

If you plan to stay there for a few days you may actually end up enjoying all of them.

Piso Livadi is the best place to stay in Paros for couples on a budget looking for a relaxed and chilled-out breakaway.

Gialos is one of my recommended restaurants, just refurbished with fantastic local food at a good price.

For after-dinner drinks and cocktails, you should go next door to the Piso Piso Bar, very cosy.

There are three beaches:

  • Piso Livadi Beach: a tiny one, very well protected from the wind, next to the pier, not the best but nice.
  • Paralia Logaras: much longer and wider, just 500m from the pier. Beautiful and with a few trees to have a nap in the shade. Part of it is organised with sunbeds. It may have some waves if the day is very windy
  • North coast: there a few tiny beaches, very nice and boutique but it can be quite windy in the afternoon, especially in July and August.

There is a fourth beach, Punda Beach, 1 km south along the coast. This is the place to be if you are after a day party in a beach club with DJ sessions that start at lunchtime till late. A small Mykonos world.

The Vrohaki Studios & Rooms have well-furnished rooms with a lovely view of the sea (see photos here).

The location is perfect, right next to the pier, obviously very quiet and romantic.

The little pier of Piso Livadi
The little pier of Piso Livadi

Aliki (south coast repaired by the wind)

  • 🌎 Where to stay in Paros for families & beaches 🏩 Holidays in Paros is the recommended accommodation in the area
  • πŸ‘ Pros: not windy, very quiet and secluded, well priced
  • πŸ‘Ž Cons: small selections of restaurants, no nightlife
  • 🍷 Best restaurants and bars: Balconi Taverna

If you are travelling with toddlers and babies, or you just want to have a quieter stay then Aliki may be the place for your holiday.

This is a small village on the south coast of Paros, with 3 beaches well protected from the wind:

  • Aliki beach: it’s a small one right in the centre of the town with a small playground nestled between trees. It’s a nice one but not the best around
  • Agios Nikolaos Beach: it’s a nice shallow water beach perfect for small kids. The colour of the sea in this bay is turquoise, really impressive. There is a good size playground next to the basketball court.
  • Piso Aliki Beach: hidden on the back of the pier. Another lovely one, with very very shallow water, again ideal for the little ones. You have here a mix of sand and pebbles.

For dinner, I would recommend the Balconi Taverna, delicious food with a great view.

Holidays in Paros is an ideal accommodation for both families and couples, spacious, well furnished, right next to the beach and the town centre.

Just perfect and at a bargain price.

A family lunch by the beach
A family lunch by the beach

Golden and New Golden Beach

  • 🌎 Where to stay in Paros for kitesurfing and wind sports 🏩 Hotel Poseidon is the recommended accommodation in the area
  • πŸ‘ Pros: consistent wind (especially in July and August), quiet, nice local restaurants around
  • πŸ‘Ž Cons: if you are not planning kitesurfing/windsurfing/foil surfing then avoid this place, too windy

Golden and New Golden Beach are just 1 km from each other, both in the village of Chrisi Akti, so you can stay in the same accommodation and explore both.

Golden and New Golden Beach are world-famous for their great wind, the northerly Meltemi. The PWA World Cup was hosted here for several years.

The peak wind season is in July and August, which is when you can experience the most consistent and intense wind, great for foil surfing, windsurfing and kitesurfing.

If you travel with your gear, I may suggest going small. I personally have seen a windsurf going out with a 2.5m sail, total madness (usually the wind increases during the day, with the peak around 4-6 pm)

Just a short reminder that you may get disappointed in June and September when the consistency of the wind is not as good as in July or August.

New Golden Beach is much smaller and it has, in my opinion, better steady wind.

Golden Beach is much bigger and nicer however it can be gusty and you would need to go a bit out of the little bay to have nice clear wind.

In both cases, the wind is offshore, which means you need to pay attention otherwise you may not be able to come back home.

Stay in Golden Beach Bay if you are just starting with the sport.

Check out Force7 Club if you need gear or lessons, very knowledgeable and experienced.

The Hotel Poseidon of Paros is a spectacular hotel with a Spa too, which is great if you are travelling as a couple and your partner would like a massage meanwhile you are out in the water (happy wife happy life).

The rooms are boutique-style, with a lovely interior design (see photos here).

Overall a great stay.

Check availability at Poseidon

For a more economical stay, you should check out Andria’s suites.

These are traditional villas refurbished in a modern and boutique style (see photos here).

Check price at Andria

Windsurfing in Golden Beach
Windsurfing in Golden Beach

Frequently asked questions on where to stay in Paros

Should I stay in Parikia or Naoussa?

In short: Naoussa is more picturesque but still, Parikia has lots of character too. They are both very lively, although, generally speaking, Naoussa tends to be more popular with young Greeks meanwhile Parikia has more of an international crowd. I organised a full guide that compares Naoussa and Parikia with 10 key differences.

Where to stay in Paros cheap

Parikia has probably the highest number of accommodations on a budget, mostly in the outskirts of town, 10-15 minutes by foot to the centre. Piso Livadi, on the opposite coast, has also a few options but it’s more for a relaxed and chill-out stay.

Where to stay in Paros for nightlife

There are two great destinations, Parikia and Naoussa. Naoussa is very lively in July and August, especially with a young Greek crowd. Parikia has a longer season, from June to September included, however, the party is not as crazy and it is more cosmopolitan

Best beach club in Paros for partying

Punda Beach, one km south of Piso Livadi, is a famous destination not only for the lovely sandy beach but also for the beach clubs that offer a good mix of sunbeds, cocktails and DJ sessions throughout the day. Definitely good fun.

Best areas in Paros for kitesurfing and foil surfing

you will find the best consistent wind on the east coast with the northerly Meltemi wind blowing through the channel between Paros and Naxos. Golden and New Golden Beach are the places to be

Best place to stay in Paros for beaches

Naoussa has access to the most beautiful and spectacular beaches of Paros, just minutes by boat or bus. The local beach may be not as amazing but still a good one. AlikiΒ has also some nice calm and relaxed beaches, which are not as busy in the peak season as the Naoussa ones.

Best areas in Paros for couples

Naoussa or Parikia work both great if you are after a stay in a characteristic town, with nice beaches and an energetic life around. If you are more after a romantic and secluded stay than Piso Livadi may actually work better with a bunch of nice beaches around and a nice little charming pier.

Where to stay in Paros with family

The little village of Aliki works great for families with babies and toddlers that are looking for a quiet place and shallow beaches to play with the little ones. Parikia may work better if you are travelling with older kids.

Cool places to stay in Paros

Naoussa is the most picturesque town in Paros. Take a boat and in a few minutes, you will be also on amazing and spectacular beaches. This is also a town famous for its boutique accommodations.

Where to stay in Paros for hiking

You can find some good trekking options around the charming town of Lefkes, a very relaxing place to stay in Paros. The StudioCalypso is a good accommodation to stay with a nice wide terrace and a lovely view (see photos here). Alternatively, stay in Parikia and take a bus (every two hours or so) for a day trip.

Where to stay in Paros in June

This is a lovely month to stay on the island, right at the start of high season. You will experience mostly sunny warm days. The water is still sort of coolish but you can definitely have a swim. The wind picks up a bit but not as strong. The busiest town is Parikia, meanwhile, Naoussa is starting to be busy and active. Everywhere else is quiet.

Where to stay in Paros in July and August

It is peak season, especially in August. It’s busy everywhere. If you are more after a quiet stay then you may want to check out Parikia or Piso Livadi.

Where to stay in Paros in September

Parikia and Naoussa are both great options, lively but not super busy as in August. If you are travelling end of September or even October, then Parikia works better because Naoussa tends to shut down most of the boat services towards the end of the month and you will not be able to access the marvellous beaches. Also, bars and restaurants get very quiet.

Is it Better to stay in Paros or Naxos?

Short answer: Paros is for nightlife, Naxos is more for a chilled-out and relaxing time. But there is so much more than that. In fact, you can find 10 key differences between Paros and Naxos.

Is it Better to stay in Paros or Antiparos?

Antiparos is a very quiet destination, besides being a tiny island. It works great if you are after a romantic place to be, not as popular as Paros. There are amazing places to stay in Antiparos, however, they all work great only if you are after a secluded and chilled-out breakaway.

How is the bus network in Paros

Very reliable, great service. You can check the timetable here.

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