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Where to stay in Nisyros Island – Best areas, hotels & Airbnb

Nisiros (also spelled Nisyros) is one of those rare islands that has retained its authentic Greek character with taverns and hotels that are mostly family run.

There is no better place to recharge and forget about the busy life back home than here.

This small Dodecanese island is perfect for relaxing and unwinding whether you’re swimming in turquoise waters, dining on amazing local cuisine, or experiencing the highlight of Nisyros Island, the caldera.

The village of Mandraki, where the ferry docks, is the most popular place to stay. There are, however, other villages that may work better for you, especially if you are planning to have more of a secluded stay.

I have organised this travel guide to help you decide where to stay in Nisyros Island. I have included the 3 best areas and a few suggested hotels and holiday rentals.

But let’s go into the juicy stuff..

The amazing colours that you get to experience inside the caldera
The amazing colours that you get to experience inside the caldera

Best places to stay in Nisyros Island – In a nutshell

These are the top three hotels and rentals to stay in Nisiros. Keep reading to find out more about the island, the most interesting areas and other accommodation options.

  • πŸ₯‡ Porfyris Hotel: great location in Mandraki, close to the sea, the restaurants and the harbour. It is a simple budget Nisyros accommodation, clean and with an outdoor pool too. A real bargain.
  • πŸ₯ˆ PlousiadiΞ„s Stone House (2BR): a lovely characteristic house with plenty of place, located in the quiet fishing village of Pali right by the water.
  • πŸ₯‰ Pyrgos Stone House (1Br or 2BR): recently renovated to its glorious past, this is the perfect spot if you are looking for seclusion and relaxation.
Map of Nisiros
Map of Nisiros

Nisiros is a unique volcanic island not too far from the southern coast of Kos (less than 1 hour by regular ferry).

This is where you will find mostly black beaches and still a few spots with hot springs, organised and very cheap, or natural hot tubs right by the beach, but difficult to reach.

A trip here would not be the same without experiencing the unique volcano, right in the centre of the island, but, honestly, there are so many things to do in Nisyros.

The most popular place to stay is the village of Mandraki, where you will arrive by ferry.

There are, however, other options which may work better if you are looking for a secluded holiday

Here below I have listed and described the top 3 areas to stay in Nisyros Island, with a bunch of recommended accommodations


  • 🌎 Best area to stay in Nisiros for an overall experience 🏩 Porfyris Hotel is the recommended accommodation in this area
  • πŸ‘ Pros: traditional town, close to the harbour, plenty of nice restaurants, bars for a late drink, easy walk to the Virgin Mary Spiliani Monastery
  • πŸ‘Ž Cons: both beaches are not the best, either too small or too uncomfortable
  • 🍷 Best restaurants and bars: Vengos, Restaurant Irini, Apololi Kori and my favourite, Oxos
  • πŸ§›β€β™‚οΈ Nightlife: Enallax and Almyra, both open till late

Mandraki is the typical idyllic Greek village where the life is still going in slow motion. 

In fact, when you arrive from either Kos of Rhodes, you may even think you are suddenly on a time machine and you are back in the 70s.

Imagine whitewashed houses suddenly dropping in the sea, a few lovely restaurants and the old fortress on the hill, built in the 15th century by the Knights of St. John before escaping to Malta.

The small promenade is the perfect place for a walk in the later part of the day, and, of course, for dining by the water with that evening sea breeze that helps to cool down the heat of the day.

Alternatively, wonder in the maze of tiny lanes inside the old village and book a table at the Vengos, under the huge trees, for the stuffed squid, the highlight of this restaurant.

Ready for a swim? Head to the small Mandraki Beach, right in the village, sandy mixed with some pebbles, or the more dramatic Chochlaki Beach, with enormous stones that make the stay not as comfortable.

And while here, do not miss the visit to the Virgin Mary Spiliani Monastery, located on the cliff, dominating the village.

Its size can be misleading when you see it from outside. That is because most of the monastery has been actually built inside the caves.

A walk in the small lanes of Mandraki
A walk in the small lanes of Mandraki

Overall, this is a great place to stay in Nisiros because it’s a lovely characteristic village, with many restaurants and bars options, beside a couple of attractions (the fort and the monastery) to spend some time.

It’s also very practical, being the place where the ferry docks. Mandraki Beach is surely not the best beach on the island, but so handy for those couple of spare hours in the late afternoon.

Although very quiet, surely it is not secluded. If this is what you are looking for, then check out either Pali or Emporeios.

Here below I short listed 4 accommodations that may be perfect for your stay in Nisyros Island

Porfyris Hotel

Hotel Porfyris is the perfect place to wake up with the free breakfast sourced from local producers and a dive in the outdoor swimming pool complete with sun loungers.

The rooms are air-conditioned, each with its own TV, fridge and private bathroom.

Step out to the balcony and soak in the views of Mount Diavatis and the Aegean Sea.

The ground floor of the Porfyris Hotel has a TV lounge and bar. 

Surely the star rating is not the highest in Nisiros, but the management keeps the hotel clean and tidy, and the cosy rooms make it a relaxing budget hotel. 

The premise is close to the main square, post office and mini market, with the beach itself just being a 5-minute walk out, making Portyris one of the most convenient hotels to stay.

Check price at Porfyris

Nisyros White Wave

This holiday home comes with a patio, balcony, free WiFI and spectacular  views.

A flat-screen TV is included in the property, with the host also providing towels and bed linen.

The setting of the apartment on the seafront gives you lovely sunset views – and you can even listen to the waves splashing onto the rocks right from your bedroom. 

Check price at White Wave

The Panagia Spiliani Monastery overlooking Mandraki
The Panagia Spiliani Monastery overlooking Mandraki

Poseidon’s House (1BR)

Here you have a holiday home that is within walking distance of the beach, with spacious interiors.

This house with a separate bedroom and a bath, has its fully equipped kitchen where you can prepare your meals, a flat screen TV for your entertainment, and all through to the washing machine for handling the laundry when you return from your tours in the area.

The property comes with an elegant terrace, and stylish furnishings, with the owner having been keen on the details.

They offer free Wi-Fi as well, which is great. 

Check price at Poseidon’s House

Patriko Nisyrian Guesthouse (2BR)

A holiday home with a spacious sitting and dining area, 2 bedrooms, kitchen with its oven, fridge and cookware, a flat-screen TV, laundry machine, iron and iron board – you get that ‘home away from home’ feeling when you check into this accommodation. 

The renovation of the house is outstanding, with personal touches to the interior design that enhance the decor, in line with traditional architecture

There’s a terrace on the property, where you get both city and mountain views.

Check price at Patriko

I loved the characteristic layout of the houses of Mandraki
I loved the characteristic layout of the houses of Mandraki


  • 🌎 Best area to stay in Nisiros for some beach time 🏩 PlousiadiΞ„s Stone House (2BR) is the recommended accommodation in this area
  • πŸ‘ Pros: best beach with accommodation on the island, relaxed and quiet, a few restaurants overlooking the Marina
  • πŸ‘Ž Cons: the village is not as characteristic, 2.5km from the ferry port
  • 🍷 Best restaurants and bars: Salonikios, Cafe Paralia and Astradeni
  • πŸ§›β€β™‚οΈ Nightlife: Cafe Paralia is probably the bar that closes the latest, but do not expect much nightlife
Pali, north coast of Nisiros
Pali, north coast of Nisiros

Four km east of Mandraki is the tiny fishing village of Pali, the perfect spot if you are looking for a place to relax by the sea.

Pali has also a small good beach with a bar where you can have your lunch. 

Talking of restaurants, make a point to have a meal at Salonikios for its yammie grilled meat and fish.

If you feel like walking, follow the road back to Mandraki and in 2.5km you will be at the Thermal Baths of Loutra (5 euro access)

Pali is a great place to stay for some relaxation time by the beach. Here below, two accommodations that may be just perfect for your stay.

PlousiadiΞ„s Stone House (2BR)

The interior design in this accommodation respects the typical Nisyrian architecture.

The large living room windows bathe the interior in sunlight and provide elegant views.

There’s a cosy double sofa and chairs to lounge on, while the kitchen itself has the cookware needed for meal preparations. The bedrooms are on the second floor, with optimal air conditioning.

You can access the second floor with the indoor or outdoor staircase, with the latter having stylish mosaic decorative elements.

The patio gives you sea views, and the beach itself is just a 1-minute walk away.

Check price at Plousiadi’s

Pali Beach is shallow and long enough for some family fun
Pali Beach is shallow and long enough for some family fun

Astradeni luxury apartments

A welcoming host, a spacious and well-maintained apartment, lovely sea views- you get them all here.

The apartment comes with free W-iFi, and while here you have access to the garden, which has a terrace.

The ample seating area, the fully stocked kitchen and the extra\s like a safe deposit box add to the luxurious feel.

There are even bathrobes available for guests. Free parking is also available on site.

Check price at Astradeni


  • 🌎 Best area to stay in Nisiros for seclusion 🏩 Pyrgos Stone House (1Br or 2BR) is the recommended accommodation in this area
  • πŸ‘ Pros: amazing view into the volcano caldera, maximum seclusion, very quiet, a few walks
  • πŸ‘Ž Cons: far from the beach and any kind of life (but that’s probably the pro), only one restaurant
  • 🍷 Best restaurants and bars: To Balkoni (which translated to English means The balcony, to the caldera of course, great view)
  • πŸ§›β€β™‚οΈ Nightlife: none
Emporeios, towards the Volcano
Emporeios, towards the Volcano

Emporeios is a mountain village on the edge of the impressive volcano of Nisyros, with just one restaurant, no hotels and a few inhabitants.

Just two words about the fact that this is still an active volcano, although the last time that they recorded smoke coming out was over 150 years ago.

The view from the village of the caldera is magnificent, something you want to experience even if you are not planning to stay in Emporeios.

This is the best place to stay in Nisyros if you want to disconnect from the world.

Here below are two great houses that work perfect for a relaxing stay.

Pyrgos Stone House (1Br or 2BR)

The holiday home is a traditional village house that has been renovated, giving it its own characteristic charm.

It is set in Emporeios village, and the friendly host is ready to help you during your stay.

Each unit has its private bathroom, which comes with a hairdryer.

Free toiletries are also provided. Free WiFi and spacious seating area add to the comfort of the home.

This accommodation has a car rental service available, which could become very handy if you plan to visit the island.

Check price at Pyrgos

View of the Caldera from Emporios
View of the Caldera from Emporios

Moustafa Stone House

You get a luxurious stay in this 4-bedroom accommodation, which also comes with views of the Aegean Sea.

The view from the furnished balcony is particularly enticing.

For your daily care, there is the kitchen with all the cooking equipment you may need, and a bathroom that comes with its bathrobes – and the host provides towels and bed linen.

The holiday home is in a quiet setting and puts you close to nature – making it an ideal spot to relax and unwind.

Check price at Moustafa

More accommodations and hotels in Nisiros

If you are looking for an even more secluded place than the small village of Nikia, with its unique view to the volcano crater, may be all you are looking for.

This Peaceful 2 bedroom heritage vacation house is a gorgeous example of how renovations should be done, keeping the tradition and the character of the old houses, adding the modern facilities and utensils to make everyone’s life easier.

Once in Nikia, make it to the village viewpoint for the outstanding view of the volcano area, something you will remember for a long time.

And for lunch or dinner, make a point to visit To Kafeneio tou Nicola, for its awesome and authentic local cuisine, one of the best in the island.

My last suggestion in this selection of Nisyros hotels goes to Pali Hotel, located in the Pali village, another great alternative with a nice sea view and spacious rooms

Panoramic view of the caldera close to Nikia
Panoramic view of the caldera close to Nikia

These are the 7 must-see places to visit during your stay in Nisyros

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How to get to the Island of Nisyros

There are no airports in Nisiros, one of the smallest Dodecanese islands.

It can only be reached by ferry from any nearby Greek island, including Kos, Tilos, Halki or Symi.

The quickest and best way to make it to Nisyros is by flying to Rhodes or Kos and from there by boat to the ferry port of the island

The schedule of ferries to Nisyros Island may vary throughout the year, and it is not daily. An extra charge may apply if you carry too many luggages.

Rhodes may work better with the ferry arrival time, usually in the late afternoon, but it takes much longer (4 hours).

The trip from Kos is much shorter, only 1 hour, but the ferries tend to arrive late at night.

The Omio website is usually where I check and book my ferries. With no pop-ups or push notifications, the interface is simple and intuitive. In terms of price, it’s the same as most other ticket providers.

Check the ferry schedule and price

The Stefanos Crater is the largest crater of the caldera.
The Stefanos Crater is the largest crater of the caldera.
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