Best places to stay in Livigno [top areas in winter & summer]

This is my favourite destination in the Italian Alps, I have been skiing there since I was a kid. It was time for me to write a complete guide to where to stay in Livigno.


Because Livigno is quite a big town. It’s actually a valley where, if you get your location wrong, you may end up far from the fan spots, the ski lifts area in winter and the aquatic centre in summer.

You will end up using the car or public transportation instead of having a relaxed stay.

Table of Contents

This definitive guide will help you to understand all the areas with a handy map. Moreover, I will also highlight my secret places for a fantastic local meal and a few drinks after dinner.

And you know the best? It’s all updated (no old stuff or closed places)

Mountains around Livigno
Mountains around Livigno

Best areas to stay in Livigno

Selecting the right area to stay can make your holiday in Livigno a smooth experience or a complicated one. Especially in winter.

The temperature in the coldest months of January and February can easily go down to -30 degrees Celsius at night.

This means that if you need to use your car, especially in the morning, you need to warm it up quite a bit (lots of wasted time instead of enjoying your vacation).

In summer it’s less of a problem, however, keep in mind that parking, everywhere, is so expensive (keep reading for a handy tip on 2 free parking areas 😉 )

Best areas to stay in Livigno
Best areas to stay in Livigno
  • Livigno Centre: this is probably the best area to stay in Livigno, but also the most expensive one. The centre is close to the traffic making it a fantastic pedestrian area, very popular for shopping (more on this later), drinks, restaurants and cafes. Parking the car outside the pedestrian area is expensive, make sure that the accommodation includes it. I highly suggest an undercover one in winter.
  • Valandrea Area: very close to the pedestrian area and next to the Valandrea ski lifts park (from there you can also access the Carosello skiing area). It’s a great spot with better value for money. In summer it works even better in my opinion because you can walk from there to the beautiful Federia Valley (my favourite easy trekking option) and to Livigno Lake. You are also close to the Aquagranda, a fantastic Aquatic Centre where you can enjoy pools, slides, saunas etc, perfect in any season.
  • San Rocco Area: this is the best place to stay in Livigno if you are after a week of full-immersion skiing or snowboarding. Your accommodation is next door to the Carosello 3000, probably the most beautiful skiing area and surely the one where you can have good snow from late November to April, sometimes even early May. The drawback is that you would need to catch a bus to go to the centre of town. You can ski from Carosello to the centre but it’s a bit too far for a walk (2.5km). Prices of the accommodation are similar to Valandrea’s.
  • Trepalle Area: high up in the mountain, you will find yourself far from everywhere except for the Mottolino skiing area. Accommodations are the best value you can find in Livigno (Trepalle is actually a village by itself). In winter it will take about 20-30 minutes to reach the centre of Livigno, and it could be a challenging drive with all the snow. Trepalle is also a great location if you are looking for a beautiful chalet, possibly secluded, very romantic and with a spectacular view of the high mountain.
Sunset on Livigno
Sunset on Livigno

There are accommodations everywhere of course and they are all well served with a public bus where you can carry also your skies/snowboard.

The 4 areas above are the ones I would personally suggest to book your hotel.

You can also decide to stay between San Rocco and the Centre, however, especially in winter, you will find yourself always relying on public transportation or taxis.

There are also a few hotels along the main road coming from Bormio/Como (SS301).

A few of them are close to a slope and you can start your skiing straight away. 

You will be however away from the city centre.

Two skiing resorts: Mottolino and Carosello

Livigno has two skiing areas:

  • Carosello 3000: on the west side of the Livigno Valley, connected to the Valandrea area. It’s a huge area where you will find slopes of any sort, from the easy “blue” to the more challenging “black” ones.  This is my favourite area also because it tends to have more sun during the day. 
  • Mottolino: on the east side of the valley. The start of the ski lifts is around 500 meters from the centre. This is the fun area of Livigno with a great big snowboard/ski park. It’s the place for the young crowd looking for jumps and tricks. In summer you can take your bike on the lifts and experience some fantastic downhill.

Unfortunately, the two areas are not interconnected with a lift. You need to either walk between the two or take a bus (the better option).

I would personally suggest dedicating a full day to either one or the other, instead of wasting time travelling, by bus, between the two ski resorts.

My favourite place for pure skiing on the slopes, enjoying the sun and having a nice meal, with some live music, is Carosello/Valandrea.

Vice versa, if I want to go in the halfpipe or have a few tricks on the many professionally prepared jumps (much less in these days) then Mottolino.

If you stay in Livigno for a week, I suggest having a couple of days at Mottolino and the remaining part in Carosello.

View from Carosello 3000
View from Carosello 3000

If you are visiting Livigno with kids, then head to the Lupigno Center, in the centre of town.  This is an amazing organised outdoor playground.

With a day ticket, you can have access to the full area, including a jumping castle, trampolines, kids lift where you can take the sledge (included, although in limited quantity) and so many other things to play.

A real kid paradise.

Where to stay in Livigno for families

Nowadays I travel with my little boy and my wife when I go to Livigno. 

In my opinion, the best place to stay in Livigno with kids is either the Centre or Valandrea.

The choice is mostly based on your budget. The Center tends to be more expensive

Another snowy day in Livigno
Another snowy day in Livigno – Valandrea

I love these two areas because:

  • the pedestrian area is absolutely very handy for a kid, much easier to walk around
  • next door to the kids’ slopes in winter with the Lupigno Centre, a must for some outdoor fun
  • proximity to the aquatic centre, a great option on those cold foggy days, either in winter or summer
  • plenty of restaurants options
  • forget about the car or the bus, all within walking distance

If your kid is starting skiing then go to the New Ski School. The short beginner lift is free of charge and you can use it even if you don’t do the lesson, which is great.

For Lunch head to the Baita Dal Ghet, awesome food at the most affordable price in Livigno I believe (and the aperitivo is for free and DIY). 

And if you are looking for some groceries then head to Al Portico Supermarket.

Best place to stay in Livigno for skiing

My choice goes to San Rocco/Carosello. 

The area has plenty of accommodation and restaurants and, most importantly, is within walking distance to the start of Carosello 3000.

Skiing in Carosello 3000
Skiing in Carosello 3000

Even if you don’t ski, take the gondola to the top on a sunny day to have lunch and listen to some live music at 3,000 meters, with a beautiful view all around, a real experience.

Bellavista is one of my usual restaurants for dinner. The characteristic pizzoccheri is just fabulous as well as the salumi and bresaola entree.

The alternative to San Rocco is Valandrea. You can ski from there to the peak if you want.

The place to be for shopping and couples

I would not hesitate here to suggest the centre of town.

Livigno Centre - The pedestrian area
Livigno Centre – The pedestrian area

There is the highest concentration of shops beside the best bars for a few after dinner or apres ski drinks. Bivio Hotel is my favourite spot, with the high tables right on the pedestrian street.

Focolare Restaurant is a great choice for dinner. Besides the great food, they have an extensive list of wine, probably the widest in Livigno

The Miky’s Disco Club, very popular, is also here. Great vibe, perfect for a late night.

And now I have great news.

Livigno is a tax-free area, which means it’s all so much cheaper. 

Top location for a romantic breakaway

I would personally stay in Trepalle, in one of the few chalets off the main road.

View from Trepalle
View from Trepalle

Just imagine yourself in front of a fireplace after a day of skiing, or having breakfast with a view of the outstanding mountains all around.

Keep in mind that Livigno has an elevation of 1,800 meters meanwhile, Trepalle is the village with the highest altitude in Europe, over 2,000 metres. 

And believe me, Trepalle has also one of the most beautiful mountain views in Europe.

For lunch head to Ristorante Gatto Nero

View to the Mottolino Area
View of the Mottolino Area
Gorgeous valleys of Livigno
Gorgeous valleys of Livigno – View from a Trepalle chalet
The end of the Federia Valley

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