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Where to stay in Chamonix – BEST HOTELS AND TOWNS

Deciding where to stay in Chamonix can be a tiring task because there are many options and the cost of accommodation can vary widely.

Let me tell you first that it’s not all about the main town of Chamonix. This is a great destination, especially if you are after bars, restaurants and a great nightlife, however, it may not work well on a family trip or if you are looking for easy-intermediate slopes.

In this guide, I suggest the 6 best towns to stay in Chamonix Valley that are all fantastic options and fit different kinds of travellers, for either winter or summer, for skiing or just hiking, walking and enjoying the beautiful views.

But let’s start with a map and a handy summary table to quickly compare all of these destinations starting with Chamonix City Centre.

Where to stay in Chamonix Valley MAP
Best 6 towns in Chamonix-Mont-Blanc

Where to stay in Chamonix-Mont-Blanc – Key points

Area/TownIdeal forProsConsAccessibilitySkiingRestaurantsFamiliesNightlifeCharacter
Chamonix TownNightlife, access to the iconic Aiguille du MidiCentral location, vibrant nightlife, wide range of accommodation optionsCan be very busy, especially during peak seasonCentral location with train stationsAccess to Aiguille du Midi and Brévent-Flégère areaExcellentNot the bestExcellentCosmopolitan atmosphere
ArgentièreCouples, proximity to the Grands Montets alpine stationTraditional Alpine charm, quieter than Chamonix Centre, après ski barsFewer amenities than Chamonix, no major nightlifeLocated about 8km up the valley from Chamonix Mostly red to black runsGoodGoodModerateTraditional Alpine village
Les HouchesFamilies, ski-in/ski-out hotelsFamily-friendly, easy access to ski areaNot central to the Chamonix Valley8-10km south of ChamonixIdeal for beginners and intermediate skiersGoodExcellentLowTraditional Alpine village
Les Praz & BoisLuxury holiday, quiet and serene atmosphereHigh-end chalet hotel options, next to the Flégère alpine stationFewer amenities, expensiveJust outside Chamonix, on the way to ArgentièreProximity to the Flégère and Montets alpine stationsGoodGoodLowPrestigious areas with traditional and modern architecture
VallorcineSecluded time, traditional Alpine village experienceSecluded and peaceful, close to nature, good for hikingFurther away from Chamonix 35 minutes by train to Chamonix, near the Swiss borderPopular for cross-country skiingVery LimitedGoodNoneTraditional Alpine village
Les TinesQuiet time, easy access to both Chamonix and ArgentièreQuiet and peaceful, close to the golf course Too quietLocated between Chamonix and ArgentièreEasy access to the Flégère and Montets alpine stationsLimitedGoodNoneQuiet area with a peaceful environment
Best areas and towns in the valley
Ski chair lifts in action in Chamonix
Chair lifts in action in Chamonix

My 3 best hotels in Chamonix Valley

Town Centre – Widest choice of accommodation in Chamonix area

  • Best place for nightlife, with easy access to bars, restaurants, cafes, and shopping.


  • central location,
  • vibrant nightlife,
  • wide range of hotels and Airbnbs,
  • close to the Aiguille du Midi cable car.


  • can be crowded, especially during peak season

Chamonix City centre is the beating heart of the valley. It’s the best area to stay for nightlife, restaurants, bars and of course great skiing in winter and fabulous trekking in summer.

True, hotels and apartments do not come cheap in town, and this is one of the drawbacks of planning your holiday here. However, there is quite a wide choice of accommodation, catering to any budget, from economical to luxurious stay. For a real budget stay, keep reading because you will have to look elsewhere.

One of the main advantages of staying in in town is its proximity to the Aiguille du Midi cable car, which provides access to the legendary off-piste Vallée Blanche descent. This is not easy downhill, as you can imagine, in fact, you should be quite skilled with your skis or snowboard.

The northwestern edge of Chamonix, towards the Brévent-Flégère area, is known for receiving the most sunshine in town and offers stunning views of Mont Blanc.

Views of the snowy mountains from the center of Chamonix.
Views of the snowy mountains from the centre of Chamonix.

Being in Chamonix means that you can ski on both the east and the west side of the valley, however, beginners may find the slopes here too challenging and Les Houches may actually work better for that.

If you plan a skiing week, I suggest buying the Mont Blanc seven days pass that although more expensive, will allow you to visit all skiing resorts, including Courmayeur on the Italian side of Mont Blanc, one of my favourite spots in the Italian Alps.

Having a car will make things much easier, however, you can also count on the local bus transportation system to move around the resorts. The timetable is widely available but keep in mind that buses can be very busy during the early morning and once the resorts close (4:30-5 pm)

Unfortunately, the Town centre can get very busy, especially during the peak season (around NYE/Christmas, Eastern time, and most weekends between January and April). The smaller villages and towns in the valley (more on that later) are a better option if you are after a laid-back and relaxing stay.

Here are 4 of the best Chamonix hotels:

Hotel Mont Blanc Chamonix ($$$$) One of the best luxury hotels, superbly located, facing Mont Blanc, with an amazing swimming pool and spa.

La Folie Douce Hotel Chamonix ($$$): Fantastic location with stunning views of the Mont Blanc, vibrant atmosphere, and excellent entertainment. Outdoor swimming pool, spa and wellness facilities.

Aiguilles de Chamonix ($$$): 2BR nestled in central Chamonix, comfortable beds, and a fully equipped kitchen. Easy access to ski lifts, restaurants, and attractions.

Studio Lumineux ($$$): Modern, clean studio in a central location. Stunning views over the Mont Blanc, well-equipped kitchen.

The Hotel Richemond is another great place to stay, although it is more often than not booked out.

Walking around Chamonix Town
Walking around Chamonix centre

Argentière – Next to the Grands Montets ski area

  • Best place for couples, proximity to the Grands Montets ski area, off-piste skiing


  • traditional Alpine charm,
  • quieter than Chamonix centre,
  • good selection of restaurants and après ski bars.


  • fewer amenities than Chamonix,
  • can be a bit quiet for those looking for vibrant nightlife

One of my favourite places to stay in the Chamonix-Mont-Blanc valley is Argentière, a picturesque village located about 8km up from Chamonix.

It offers a more traditional Alpine charm compared to the cosmopolitan atmosphere of the main town. The chalets and hotels here are typically Savoyard in style, with more space and larger gardens than those in Chamonix.

From Argentière you can access Les Grands Montets Ski Domain, up to 3275 m. Unfortunately, in 2018 there was a big fire that destroyed part of the skiing cable car. The good news is that finally with the new year service will restart with a new station.

If you’re an experienced skier looking for a challenge, Argentière is an excellent choice. In this area, you will find mostly red to black runs. Once again, for beginners and families with kids, Les Houches is a better option.

Of course. also in this case, you can decide to visit different ski resorts using public bus transportation, which is the biggest draw of staying in this valley.

Despite its laid-back vibe, the village offers a good selection of shops, restaurants, and après ski bars with live music.

However, Argentière has fewer amenities than Chamonix, and its nightlife is quieter.

Here are 3 of the best hotels in Argentière:

Maisonnette Argentée ($$$): Cozy 2BR, clean, well-equipped, great location, friendly host, beautiful view, quiet, comfortable bed.

Chalets Pyrene Mont-Blanc ($$$): 1BR with exceptional hosts, stunning Mont Blanc view, fully equipped kitchen, clean, strategic location, warm welcome

Residence de Lognan ($$) Comfortable studio, excellent location, close to ski lifts, well-equipped, clean, great value for money

Sunny day on Lac Blanc lake on the western side valley of Argentière
Sunny day on Lac Blanc Lake on the western side of the Argentière valley

Les Houches – Chalets & Hotels near the slopes

  • Best place for families, ski-in/ski-out hotels and chalets


  • family-friendly,
  • good amenities,
  • easy access to the Les Houches Alpine station.


  • further away from the other ski areas in the Chamonix Valley.

Les Houches is one of the largest towns around. It’s sort of based on small villages connected by the main road (D213), the Rue de Bellevue which changes its name to Rue de l’Essert.

It’s one of the best towns to stay in Chamonix-Mont-Blanc for families, with good amenities, restaurants, and bars, and it’s home to the valley’s easiest slopes.

Les Houches is also home to some of Chamonix’s few ski-in/ski-out chalets, making it a convenient choice if you’re looking to maximize your time on the slopes.

The ski runs here are gentle and wide, ideal for beginners and intermediate skiers. In the summer, the town offers exceptional access to beautiful hiking routes.

The biggest drawback of Houches is probably its location, around 8-10km south of Chamonix. If you are planning to visit the entire valley, and possibly even go to Courmayeur, then you should factor in more travelling time.

In a few words, it’s a good place to stay and enjoy, but not a great base to explore the Chamonix Valley.

Here are 3 of the best stays in Les Houches:

Chamonix Needles ($$$): Excellent location, traditional decor, well-equipped 2BR, stunning views, near the cable car, perfect public transport.

Chalet Toudbiole ($$$$): Superb views, quality equipment, great location, 5BR perfect for big families or groups, master suite bonus

The Rustica ($$) 2BR (6 people) apartment in a quiet location, well-equipped kitchen, clean, ski bus stop outside, stunning views, welcoming hosts.

Chamonix Valley - On top of the Les Houches ski area
Chamonix Valley – On top Les Houches

Les Praz & Les Bois – The chalet area

  • Best place for a luxury holiday, quiet and serene atmosphere


  • high-end chalet options,
  • next to the Flégère alpine station,
  • beautiful views of the Mont-Blanc mountain range.


  • fewer amenities than Chamonix,
  • more expensive.

Les Praz and Bois are two prestigious areas just outside Chamonix, on the way to Argentière. This is where you will find the most boutique and luxurious chalets.

And it’s not only about an opulent stay, it’s also about the serene and relaxed environment, really the best area to stay in the valley for a quiet time.

One of the main advantages of staying in Les Praz and Bois is their proximity to the Flégère area. This area is known for its sunny weather during the winter and offers stunning panoramic views of the entire Chamonix Valley, from Le Tour across to Les Drus, Mont Blanc, and down to Les Houches.

The accommodation options in these areas are typically high-end, with most hotels, apartments, and chalets offering exceptional views from their private terraces. The architecture is a blend of traditional and modern, making the entire area a little mountain paradise.

However, keep in mind that these areas have fewer amenities than Chamonix. You’ll find a couple of small shops, bars, and restaurants in Les Praz, but for a wider selection, you’ll need to head into town.

Also, accommodation in these areas tends to be more expensive, reflecting their prestigious status.

Trekking in the Chamonix Valley in the French Alps
Trekking in the Chamonix Valley in the French Alps

Here are 2 of the best chalets in Les Praz & Bois

House Berenice ($$$$): Professional and warm welcome. Superb 3BR and clear view of Mont Blanc. Very comfortable. Impeccably clean

Amazing Chalet ($$$$$): Exceptional place (4BR, 12 people), perfect location, well-equipped, welcoming host, each room with own bathroom, quality materials and equipment, ideal for friend gatherings.

Vallorcine – A secluded stay in Chamonix

  • Best place for a secluded time, traditional Alpine village experience


  • secluded and peaceful,
  • close to nature,
  • good for cross-country skiing and hiking


  • fewer amenities,
  • further away from Chamonix

Vallorcine is a small, traditional Alpine village located at the end of the Chamonix Valley, near the Swiss border. Honestly, you will not find much there, besides a peaceful and secluded stay immersed in a beautiful landscape.

In saying that there is a train station in town that will connect you to the Chamonix Aiguille du Midi train station in 30 minutes, and to Martigny in Switzerland, a city with around 20,000 inhabitants, in about 1 hour.

In winter the village is very popular for cross-country skiing. You have also access to the Vallorcine/​Le Tour area where you will find around 30 km of slopes, mostly easy to intermediate.

In summer, this is a great spot to start a few hiking trails.

In both seasons, this is a fantastic destination to just relax and unwind, away from the hustle and bustle of the larger towns in the valley.

Of course, Vallorcine has fewer amenities compared to Chamonix or Argentière. The selection of restaurants and bars is very limited, and this is part of its charm. You will feel pretty much straight away part of the village, not just a visitor.

Also, similarly to Les Houches, you are here on the far north end of the valley so you’ll need to factor in travel time if you plan to visit the other resorts.

Here are 2 of the best accommodations in Vallorcine:

The Guest House ($$-$$$): Warm hosts, cozy rooms, stunning views, exceptional breakfast, convenient location, great for outdoor activities.

La Calme ($$$): Spacious 2BR, well-equipped, serene environment, close to the station, warm and comfortable, great for hiking, attentive owner.

View to Chamonix from Aiguille du Midi

Les Tines

  • Best place for a quiet time, easy access to both Chamonix and Argentière


  • quiet and peaceful,
  • close to the golf course,
  • easy access to Flégère and Grand Montets.


  • fewer amenities,
  • not as lively as Chamonix

Les Tines is a quiet area located between Chamonix and Argentière, and just north of Le Bois. It’s another peaceful location with easy access to most of the valley towns and ski resorts.

Les Tines is one of the best areas to stay in Chamonix-Mont-Blanc for golf players. In fact, it’s more of a summer destination than a winter one. The golf course has obviously some stunning views and it crosses the Arve River on multiple occasions, just to make things more interesting.

It’s also close to the Flégère and Les Grands Montets, making it a convenient location for the winter ski season.

Tines is less developed if compared to Chamonix Town Centre or Argentière. You will find just a bunch of restaurants, bars and shops around. For more action, and certainly for some nightlife, head to Chamonix instead.

Tines is well connected with Chamonix either through the train (5-10 minutes) or the bus (~20 minutes to Chamonix Sud Bus Station)

Here are 2 of the best accommodations in Les Tines:

Excelsior Chamonix Hôtel ($$$): Stunning mountain views, excellent service, comfortable rooms, and a great location for exploring Chamonix

Comfortable Apartment ($$$): Cosy 1BR (up to 4 people), well-equipped, with free parking. Ideal for a quiet, restful stay. A bit small for four

Path to the Mer de Glace Glacier
Path to the Mer de Glace Glacier

Frequetly Asked Questions

How many days should you spend in Chamonix?

Ideally, spend at least 3-5 days in Chamonix to fully explore the area, enjoy outdoor activities, and soak in the alpine beauty. In winter I highly suggest spending the entire week

What is the best month to go to Chamonix?

The best months to visit Chamonix are July and August for hiking, and January to March for winter sports, depending on your preferred activities

Is Chamonix worth visiting if you don’t ski?

Absolutely, Chamonix offers stunning landscapes, hiking trails, and charming town life, making it worth visiting even if you don’t ski.

Where to stay in ChamonixMont-Blanc before the Tour du Mont Blanc?

Chamonix is a great place to stay before the Tour du Mont Blanc, offering ample accommodation options and easy access to the trail.

Can you get around Chamonix without a car?

Yes, Chamonix has an efficient public transport system, and many attractions are within walking distance in the town centre.

Do you need a car for Chamonix?

A car isn’t necessary for Chamonix as public transport is efficient, and the town is pedestrian-friendly.

Why is Chamonix so expensive?

Chamonix is a world-renowned ski resort and alpine town, which, coupled with its high-quality services and facilities, makes it relatively expensive.

Why is Chamonix so popular?

Chamonix is popular for its stunning alpine scenery, world-class skiing, vibrant town life, and a wide range of outdoor activities.

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