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There is no easy answer. As usual, Google has started a map website showing areas in different colours based on the “photo index” popularity.

New York comes out as the most photographed place in the world, followed by European cities as Paris, Rome and Barcelona. Buenos Aires is in the top 10, a well deserved place for this awesome capital.

I would have definitely thought that Australia would be also in the top 10, however it has missed that for just four positions with Sydney (number 14). Let’s have a closer look to Australia to see that Melbourne comes second. Check out the interactive map, it is really a good fun


This website, called Sightsmap, is really a good source of information however it has its own limits in the data source, only Panoramio at the moment. Integrating other photo services and social environment, Instagram on top of the list, would improve the map greatly and we really hope that Google will follow this route

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