Trincomalee photos - best time and places

Trincomalee photos – best time and places

Last updated on September 21st, 2018 at 04:04 pm

If you are still undecided on visiting the North East of Sri Lanka then these Trincomalee photos may help you to take the final decision.

For this post, I teamed up with Tania Nallathamby, a traveller and photographer that loves to explore Sri Lanka and discover new destinations as Trincomalee

Hello Tania, and thanks for showing us this beautiful part of Sri Lanka. So, why did you decide to travel to Trincomalee?

“Trincomalee, thanks to its beautiful attractions, is increasingly becoming an interesting tourist location.

You can easily spend days here visiting the beautiful beaches and the historic sights and obviously taking some photos of Trincomalee :)”

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What is the best time for travel photography?

“Trincomalee can get very hot depending on the time of year you travel there.

I visited in September and most days were bright sunshine and in the mid-thirties.

Accordingly, the best times to take good photographs are very early in the mornings (7am is even too late in my opinion )and very late in the afternoons.

You’ll avoid shadows in your portrait photos and you’ll bypass the excessive perspiration too”

Do you have any particular place you would suggest?

“Most visitors go to Trincomalee for the beaches. White sands, swaying palms, fisherfolk…what’s not to love?

You’ll come away with some beautiful sunrise and sunset shots. Just remember to keep your horizons straight!

Koneswaram Temple is a famous site to visit whilst in Trincomalee. You have to go through Fort Frederick to get to the top of Swami Rock to see the temple.

On the way to the top, you will see plenty of spotted deer around the place. They are pretty docile and I even saw some tourists touching them. I wouldn’t recommend this personally.

Shoulders and knees should be covered when visiting the Koneswaram Temple. I had on a skirt slightly higher than my knee and a shop owner just outside the temple gave me an old sari to tie around my waist during my visit.

No photography is allowed inside the temple but there are plenty of photo opportunities outside.

You can also get some good shots of Lovers Leap just outside the temple, whilst imagining the many romantic tragedies that have reported to have happened here.

Trincomalee Bay is one of the world’s finest natural harbours. You can capture some great shots of the bay in and around Fort Frederick”

Where to stay in Trincomalee

This is still not a popular destination as such however more travellers are venturing as north on the east coast.

I would personally suggest querying the booking system as and HotelsCombined as new hotels have been added on a regular basis. It’s a new destination in its infancy.

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